How to Crack IIT-JEE examination

IIT-JEE Examination is one of the most prestigious examination given by the XII passed students who aim to get into the most reputable colleges of India. The exam is divided into 2 phases IIT-JEE Mains and JEE-Mains and JEE-Advance. While JEE-Advance is given after qualifying JEE-Mains JEE-Mains is comparatively Easier than JEE-Advance. JEE-Advance leads you to the best engineering colleges in India including IITs, research colleges IISERs, IISRO, etc. While it needs a lot of metal to get over this examinations students across India coach throughout their academic sessions to crack this examination. While its not compulsory to get a coaching for cracking IIT-JEE students still leave their home and stay in cities preparing for years and years. While some are lucky enough to get in their dream college while lakhs are students cannot make it. Just saying “Lucky” is not worth it as the students who get selected work and prepare day and night with a proper guidance and strategy. So? If you are preparing for IIT-JEE and want to successfully crack the examination you need a proper guidance and an accurate strategy to understand topics deeply and play your cards. This article here tells you from the most basic steps that how you can get through this hard to crack examination and win your dreams. As stated by Chetan Bhagat, “Half of the world’s trees are cut to print books on the topic how to crack IIT-JEE” This article breaks down the basic stereotype of the learning methodology. There are basic 5 points that one must initially know before taking the first step towards the big mountain.

  • Learn – If you think that you know everything and you can take the whole stuff all by yourself then you are completely wrong, you must learn to “LEARN” not mug things up as the exam takes over the basic conceptual knowledge of the topic.
  • Practice – The old saying “practice makes a man perfect” follows here. The examination is not about how much syllabus that you have learned but how much topics you have mastered over practicing.
  • Time management – As being an IIT aspirant I hardly know anyone who knows everything about every topic of all three subjects that is Physics, Chemistry, Maths. To learn things perfectly and efficiently you have to give time to a particular topic and then comes the proper use of the term time management. You have to work things out between your life and the preparation of the exam.
  • Dedication – IIT is not much about a 100 meter race but a marathon you will have to study something everyday. Its not like you are ignited for a week or even for several month and then you leave it over destiny or even get overconfident and leave things up. You have to work each and everyday upto the exam date.
  • Willingness – The most important thing that you will need is your willingness. If you start to take your studies for time pass or you have start to get bored in it surely you will end up failing. You will have to show how dedicated you are in studying things up.

How to crack IIT-JEE

  • Mindset – First of all you will have to make up your mindset before start to jump in this epic battle between 15 lakh students. You will have to follow teachers, stop being jealous of studious students or if you are one of them then Congratulations! And by now you should know that it is not easy at all though not impossibnle but its not at all easy.
  • Stop Quitting – Most of the students are very energetic when they start but when things start to get messy they are left with nothing but disappointment, now what they only see is quitting. Leaving half-way is not an option at all remember, “Pain lasts for some time but the quitting lasts forever”.
  • The first step – The first step that you need to take is study about the examination. Before starting the examination preparation you must study the eligibility criterion, syllabus, study about various colleges, selection criterion, etc. First of all studying this one out is not a waste it will definitely give you a broad idea that what this examination is all about and secondly it would give you a kick if you are interested 😉
  • The coaching factor – Its not at all mandatory that you go up places like kota to burn your candle up. Its nowhere written that you can’t crack IIT-JEE examination without the coaching institutes. All you need is a brilliant study material even if I say the coaching material and the teachers that you need to follow to study. Talking about bords most of the students studying in kota or other places study boards by their own so why can’t you?
  • Strategy Planning – Strategy in IIT-JEE preparation leads to success. You should make strategy according to the time of preparation you have. Which subjects is to be covered when and for how much time everyday. How much time you should give to the subject. How much practice you need to do over topics are some of the key points of a strategy. Handling of board examinations should also be a top priority as it helps equally in achieving your dream.


How to prepare Physics for IIT-JEE


First of all your target should be reading out all the NCERT books of your XI and XII class. It is good step as it will provide you a basic base for your preparation. Physics is alike applied mathematics. The IIT-JEE physics is not as your basic theoretical physics that you have been studying: upto your X class. Though it has some theory but the questions vs theory ratio is 8:1. The theoretical questions that come are very very basic and would require your deep conceptual study whereas the numerical part would force you to pressure all your strings in your brain and even one question can have a multiple topic indulgence.


How to prepare Chemistry for IIT-JEE


For chemistry too the first step would be the understanding of all four NCERT books of class XI and XII. Mostly questions arise from the NCERT books that are too basic that if you have thoroughly studied it, then you would have an upper hand in the examination. Then comes the individual preparation of the chemistry parts i.e. Physical, organic and inorganic. Physical part is always easy to handle as every student comes up with the basic knowledge of maths, if you know the formula and concepts and then its done. Organic chemistry is much of a mugging up and understanding both while inorganic chemistry needs understanding. There are several books that you have to follow up to get things done.


How to prepare maths for IIT-JEE


For maths solving only ncert books is not at all quite enough. It requires more skills than that. For maths one must understand the topics deeply down from basics and apply their brains in the problems. It happens with quite everyone that either one finds mathematics too easy or too hard. So you must focus on standard books on mathematics and if you are preparing all by yourself then going for online tutorials would do the job for you.


Some tips on How to Crack IIT-JEE  Examination

  • There is no requirement that every question out there has to be correct if you score even 50 % then there is a strong chance that you will get through in IIT-JEE advanced.
  • There are questions which don’t contain any negative marking like match the followings. So those questions are must have to be attempted.
  • There are certain questions that can be guessed out. Like if 3 options are same and one is different then probably the answer is from one of those 3 options. While in those 3 options 2 options are there where there is just a change in units or a minute change in the figure. So make a guess and opt one.
  • Avoid going for the least and the most number while opting the numerical filling questions.
  • If you are familiar with the computer based examination then you should opt for that because you get 4 dates to choose from plus there is unlimited rough paper you get while at the pen and paper based examination you would get a limited no. of space.
  • Sometimes there are questions which are unique that it doesn’t require that require deep thinking, you would think that you are right at the one second instant and fill the bubble but the answer selected is absolutely wrong. The right answer is always the least probable answer out there.

So folks, this was all about the examination tips that you need to follow rest is you need a motivation and a good mentor to follow to get on the top.


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