Top Courses after Graduation – Part I

In the previous article about the top courses that one can pursue after graduation, we had provided some holistic options to our readers to explore a whole new world of opportunities. Well, if you feel that you do not fit into the category of courses which were listed there, you can read this blog since we bring to you another set of courses you can choose to pursue after graduation.

Top Courses after Graduation

Take a look at these courses:

Travel and tourism:

There are a lot of people that are just not meant for desk jobs. They like to roam around and earn a living. For them, a career in travel and tourism is most recommended. This field gives you a chance to interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and explore new worlds. One can do a professional degree either through a regular course or via correspondence. There isn’t much that one needs to divulge in with respect to academics. It is all about having a knack for going places. Although you would have to initially join a travel firm or company, you can soon start independent operations after gaining experience.


You open social media and you would find a whole lot of bloggers trying to make their mark on the internet. Being a blogger is a great way to showcase your interests. At the same time, given the amount of competition in this field, grabbing the interest of the audience is a hell lot of a task. Blogging doesn’t require a formal degree. However, if you have knowledge about using and operating blogs in addition to knowing the fine nuances of the software you use, it would surely be of great help. These days, food bloggers, travel bloggers, fashion bloggers and the likes are flooding the internet.


A career in the legal field is one of the most respectable careers in the entire world. For those of you who have a knack for going into details and arguing with your heart and soul, being a lawyer is nothing more than a career dream come true. You can always go for a 3 year law course after graduation. After attaining a degree, you can either move towards litigation or start a career in the corporate sector. You can also become a legal consultant in a multinational company. The start in the career might be gradual but once you are able to grasp the fine concepts in the industry, there is nothing that can stop you from charging rates that you desire.

With a humungous number of pending cases in the judiciary, there is no dearth of clients. All you require is the will to serve them in the interest of justice.

Social sector:

If you co relate your happiness with those who are needy, then entering the social sector makes for a good career choice. These days, there are a lot of high profile NGOs that offer an equally lucrative career growth as compared to those who work in the corporate sector. The feeling of seeing others happy is priceless. If you wish, you can always start your own NGO as well. Please note that you require no pre qualification in this field except for a benevolent heart.


The craze for a government job has always been at a high for students. Be it a career as a probationary officer or an allied job, each year a number of aspirants try their luck. Well, there is no doubt about the fact that the perks and allowances in this field are amazing. If you feel that you fit well in a government job, you can always start preparing for bank entrance examinations after graduation. An interesting fact here is that there are plenty of jobs and equal number of entrances. The syllabus is more or less the same for most exams. The starting salary in this sector ranges from INR 20,000 to 30,000.

Education sector:

Everyone can become a teacher but not everyone is a teacher! One can always pass exams and qualify to teach a class of students but it is only a few who leave an ever lasting impact on the minds of their students. Once you graduate, you can always opt for the B.Ed. program which qualifies you to teach in schools. You can also prepare for the coveted UGC exam and join a college as a teacher.

In addition, if you are looking for a job that you can attend part time, a career as a teacher in a coaching center is highly lucrative. The scope of careers in coaching centres is extremely high given the number of students and young men and women this country consists of.

Civil services:

One of the toughest exams is the civil services exam. The minimum qualification required for this exam is a graduation degree with the requisite number of marks. Once selected, you can get a chance to serve in your desired field such as administrative service, foreign services, etc. There are 3 levels of the civil services exam namely the prelims, mains and the interview. The competition is severe since a lot of students try their luck each year. One has to dedicate himself completely in order to make a mark.

Defense sector:

For all those unaware, there are a lot of careers in the defense sector that one can choose from even after graduation. You can check out the relevant websites and know about such posts, their min. qualification and other important details. Since you join services after having a degree in hand, the scope in this field is quite high with respect to the benefits and allowances that one gets. So if you too want to be one amongst those serving the country, you can always try this career option.


You don’t need any educational requirement to pursue a career in modeling. In this field, starting early can give you a sure shot edge over others. You can always start part time since the start in this field involves a decent amount of learning time. Spend more time understanding the career and its prospects rather than jumping to the pecuniary benefits that modeling offers. Have a good physical appearance with which you can throw a charm? Become a model.


For those preparing for certain exams and looking for a steady income, a BPO serves a good option. The choice of choosing the time of your shift leaves you with ample opportunity to pursue your own interest in the left over time. This area might not have a far reaching career prospect but then it is always advisable to supplement your living with a decent income which you reach a certain age. The feeling of earning and spending your own money makes you more confident as well as independent. Do check out BPOs in your vicinity to secure a job.

So this was all about the best courses that you can choose from after graduation. Do not forget to read Part I of this series to know a few more career options. In addition, you can also review the blog in the comment section. We would be more than happy to accommodate your views.

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