Indian Education System: Problems and Solutions

The Education system of India has been criticized time and again. It is such a vast system that it becomes difficult to pin point one precise fault in the whole functioning.

Education is the main part of everyone’s growth and living. Though India preaches that it wants to be a fully literate country but it is so saddening that India is amongst the lowest literate countries of the world. People are deprived of their basic right, which is also included in our constitution.

No doubt, our education system is becoming more and more commercialized. If a country wants to focus on its development and growth, it needs to check the education system.

Problems in Indian Education System:

The education system of India is more of theoretical. The Education system is divided in three parts; primary, secondary and Higher. Education includes not only the system but also the relationship amongst the students and teachers. It is really sad that in India, education is measured on the terms of marks obtained. Not on the knowledge basis. The students these days also just want to be successful despite the fact that they aren’t getting knowledge which can help in life.

There are still parts of India where there is no education imparted to the children, that’s one of the major flaw in the system of Education in India. The syllabus of the courses in India is vast which doesn’t really let the student study by the right means of education. Our Education system is so competitive and causes so much stress and pressure that we just want to head towards success with a great illusion of success in our minds and probably later on turns to be the wrong path.


Mostly students are taught and have a mindset that as soon as they complete a certain level of education, they should find a job irrespective of the fact that they might not be ready for one yet. Another major issue which the students face is cramming, Indian Education system demands them to mug up things and cram their courses. It is
no more about understanding and gaining knowledge.

There are students who cannot cram and cope up with this kind of system and hence a lot of them commit suicides and the country loses a lot of precious gems.

Indian system does not focuses on the research part, it wants its students to obtain marks and inherit the already done researches and carry them forward without applying their own logic and analysis. This system of Education should be changed as soon as possible for it will benefit the students and the number of students going abroad to pursue their studies will decrease.

What can be done?

It is not that the solutions haven’t been offered before. There are various boards and committees set who kind of rule the education system of India. There is lack of awareness amongst the students about how can they pursue more knowledge and less of cramming. There is a rat race amongst all of us and it started when the Britishers introduced this method of Education in India which had clerks and accountants working on daily basis and then there was no change in the system.

Such jobs still continue and effect our thinking of getting settled in something where we might not be interested but are ready to work to secure ourselves and our families. The teaching method should also undergo a major change where the students are not pressurized but are taught the morals and practicality of life. Reservation system is also one of the major issue which needs to be taken care of.


A lot of students are giving up on their lives just because they are fed up of the system that our country follows.

The newly introduced Smart class system is one of the good initiatives of Indian system which will help the student to grow in all aspects. We by now should know what real education means and what are the various methods by which it can be attained. The conventional parameters need to be thrown out and a sense of curiosity should arise in oneself, only then will ‘Education’ achieve its real meaning and purpose in life.

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