7 ways to boost brain power while studying

Have you ever gawked at a book while you were studying, only to realize that you had retained very little information after an hour?

It’s time for you to start using your whole brain!

You should realize that, as you reach adulthood, you will most likely only use the left side of your brain when studying, which is the mathematical side (where you think in black and white).

Children use the whole brain, which is probably why they perform better in small evaluations!  Uses both sides, is the only truly reliable way. Think of colors, use your imagination, think clearly and like a baby; that’s all, it’s simple information (but more than that).

Clean your desk if you think you can perform well with a cluttered desk rather than an ordered one. You must have a folder for each subject and lay your bed (these three elements curiously make you remember more).

Just relax

Start studying as soon as possible after school. As soon as you enter the door, leave your backpack on the floor, climb the stairs quickly, take a shower (if you need it) and start studying immediately after.

 Listen during class. Believe it or not, people who have a better performance in any subject listen during the class, although it seems that they do not.


By paraphrasing, you can make information easier to control, making you better remember what you have learned.

For your homework, use the fonts you have available (the main ones are textbooks and class notes). Rewrite them in your own words. It sounds a bit silly, but you’d be surprised to know how many people have a poor academic performance because they do not read the books.

Mark your notes and read them

It will make you look and feel smarter as you read the textbook.

Have a note and a pen near you, write down all the points you are going to study. It will prevent your mind from wandering and make your brain more involved in studies. It is a trick that has been proven.

 Associate your theory with a practical example

If you are going to study history, try to make a story related to it. It will help you to know her well

Be interested in the subject, but do not be so focused on being interested in it. You must say “My God, really?” From time to time, even though you feel like an idiot. Then write down what you did not know and say, “Wow, that’s awesome.”

You must have the ability to relax with your textbooks.

Evaluations are not the end of the world, so take a deep breath and relax.Do not spend more than an hour studying without taking a break, because the mind gets tired and you will not pay attention to the subject.

Do not study on an empty stomach or on a full stomach. Eat something light before you study.

Take notes about what you are going to study. This will help you remember what you learned about what you are going to study. You can also review the notes from time to time to remember what you studied. You can not forget what you learned after remembering it for a day.


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