10 Ways to Crack GATE without coaching

The GATE exam is vital for every engineering student. Lakhs of students appear in GATE examination to get through various PSUs, or their dream college for further studies. There are thousands of coachings which claims to provide efficient and profitable results as output and as a results lakhs of students invest their time and money in coachings while most of them fail to achieve success or a good rank. To get through GATE here are the following steps you must follow to crack GATE successfully without even coaching.

Go through the complete syllabus

The very first step before preparing for GATE exam is to go through its complete pattern and syllabus by downloading the correct syllabus from its official website. It would give you a broad idea about the exam.

Clear the concepts

If you want to clear GATE with a really good rank you need to start preparing for it from atleast your 2nd year or atmost your 3 rd  year of engineering itself. Clear all the concepts of your syllabus as they are closely related to the exam you are about to face.

Collect the respective books and study material

You need to revise and collect your respective subject’s books and study material which you need to study and clear out the concepts. You can easily consider the problems with your college teachers while preparing for gate as it is easy to get any teacher in the college rather than finding out and preparing for it after engineering. Reference books are another good source to acquire a good source of information in the exam.

Solve papers

GATE papers are easily available on internet as sample papers or if you want to download previous year’s question papers you can find them on GATE’s official website. You can also go through their solutions as they are present there. Solving papers will give you a robust idea that what is the pattern of the paper and how it is going to come. When you get through the papers your half stress and horror will be gone.

Answering different forms

GATE questions are very tricky its not uncanny to face different forms of one questions you have had studied in your engineering class. It might happen that the question that you have read in your class comes in another form in GATE. ALL the MCQs. Present before you would be same in one case or another there is just one characteristic that separates the right answer from the wrong ones.

A good study pattern (SMART Study)

Many people start to prepare for GATE before 6 months or even before a month, you can be successful if you do smart study. Divide your time according to your no. of subjects and start to prepare for them likewise. If you have command on one particular subject then you must invest its time to another one as you can easily study that in lesser time.

Biasing towards subjects

Some subjects carry unlike marking over them making them important or weight over other subjects. Distribute your smart study over important topics. There are always some important topics that you need to study more like scheduling in Computer Science. Some topics are always sure to come be well prepared with those.

Last minute study

It’s a GATE exam not a board exam or engineering exam that you will clear through last late night study. Never ever study late night before the exam date. You will surely panic in exam as the tricky questions will blow up your mind. Even if you are very well prepared and you have metal to crack GATE Exam with top rank and you have light you candle up until 4 am late at night you are surely going to fail that day.

Negative marking

GATE does have negative marking in it. Attempt a question if you are fully sure of it. Don’t ever think that one or two questions won’t make a difference. Even one wrong question can send you back by thousands of ranks.

Don’t Panic

The most important point is not to get panic. Even if you see a hard question don’t let the question get over you remember that if you are fully prepared for the exam, if the question is hard for you it is going to be hard for your competitors too. Stay calm, solve questions with proper attention and concentration and get your dreams come true!






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