10 Ways to write better

Have you ever been struck with fear when you are asked to write an essay for your homework or an answer in exam? You know what to write but you just know the heading. Even it is a simple letter or an email or even a blog for professional purpose. Writing is much like a phobia to a lot of people, especially for those who have not been in touch to it on a regular basis so how you are going to do it? The good point is that writing needs no extraordinary skills as anyone can do so. So I am writing here 10 ways to write better by which can be helpful to anyone who is going through this article

Make yourself clear on the basics

When I say be clear on the basic doesn’t mean that you have to join a creative writing class but getting a good knowledge of the grammar, vocabulary and spelling would do the job whatsoever language it is.

Research like it’s a part of your job

For effective writing you should read very carefully or research the content on which you are willing to write on. Expand your raw material to a much challenging level and don’t be limited to the blogs and internet, a good book will also be great and a tough one will increase your skills up to a great level.

Dissect the writing stuff that you like

Be it a book or a magazine you like, a newspaper or even a good written blog. You need to understand that why do you like that particular thing of words? Do it in a traditional way. Take a pen highlights the things that you like and try to find out why do you like them.

Try to copy writers you love

Intimating has nothing to take from plagiarism. Plagiarism means copying someone else’s work and submit it by your name. DON’T EVER DO THAT. Your favourite writer can help you a lot to reach a good level of writing. As you have interest and you enjoy it, you can easily learn professional writing.

Outline your work

Outlining should be your top priority. Make a rough draft before you start to write down anything on computer or even paper. By outlining you would be able to figure out what to do? How to start? How to write the body? And answer to other questions quickly and efficiently.

Edit your work

Even professionals make mistakes. Do read your work again and again, give it a final touch and win the world. Before submitting your work go through it again and make sure you don’t commit any mistake because that might make you to loose your impression.

Eliminate unwanted words

Eliminate unwanted or unnecessary words. Make your writing concise and precise. For example use, “I am pursuing medical course” rather than “I am pursuing MY medical course”. Here the word my can be omitted.

Don’t take much time to finish your work

Take time to do your research and go through whatever you want but don’t be too hypnotized that you forget that everything that you do should be in a deadline. Don’t go through your school lesson so deeply that you forget about other subjects.

Add your content

Most of the answers or content is boring out there because most of the writers copy or repeat the same stuff that is already there. Add your thoughts! Add your imagination, your points, your ideas and never be afraid to say what you think!

Go past and Think that what you have done

Everyone gets better as time passes by. When you practice hard you get to know that you are better in a way or other than yesterday. Take a short journey to your past and think that what you have become through hard work. Treat yourself and congratulate yourself on your success, because this gives confidence.




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