How to crack BANKING competitive exam?

Competitive exams are almost given by every student these days. They are not that difficult to crack if you prepare well for them.

Banking sector has grown a lot over the years and finding a job in this field is a big task because of the competition involved. But the good part is that the recruitments are done across the nation. And also that you can go for private sector as well as public sector, which widens your scope.

All banks conduct tests for job vacancies in the bank. First there are prelims and then Mains and later personal interviews.

First of all you should be aware of the good books by good authors that will help you to succeed. You can refer to Sarvesh K Verma, or Arun Sharma, or of M Tyra.


For the test you also have to be very good at calculations and your command over English.

There are different sections in the test.

1. Reasoning

It basically means how fast can you reason the answer or how logically can you reason your answer. You have to apply correct logics and it can only be done with a lot of practice and quickness. You cannot assume what kind of reasoning questions will be asked so you should be prepared with all your topics and logics.

2. English

English is one of those sections in which people don’t score much, so you should read the newspapers every day. Also you can read novels, which will help you with good vocabulary. You must go through dictionary and thesaurus too. Start from the basic grammar and words if you aren’t that familiar with the language. And if you have a good command over the language then it will be a cake walk for you.

3. General Awareness

That’s the key to crack every competitive exam, you have to be well aware of all the current happenings and general news. And it can be learnt from various sources from newspapers to reading all the latest general knowledge books, keep on grasping. Be aware of all the latest inventions and novels that will be releasing. Everything counts in general awareness. Learn what’s beneficial for your exam!

4. Quantitative Aptitude

You have to be very quick with mathematical problems. You can improve this by doing a lot of practice. Keep on solving maximum type of sums and different methods as much as you can. The trick is also to be very fast, Don’t waste time on other sections much so that you get proper time for solving mathematical problems with the best methods applied.

5. Computers

In this era of technology it is not that difficult for the youth to finish this section in a few minutes. Start your study from the basic of computers and then till the basic softwares. Keep yourself updated with the latest gadgets. New technology is introduced every day so keep a record of it. This section should be comparatively less time consuming and easy.

How to crack banking exams

Here are some tips to be efficient in the exam:

1. Attempt questions from all the sections, do not just linger on the reasoning and quantity.

2. Try and solve as many questions as possible in your practice sessions.

3. TIME MANAGEMENT- This is the most important of all, during the preparation and also during taking your exam, manage your time well, divide the syllabus and finish it on time. If you don’t know a certain question, don’t waste time on it. Move onto the next.

4. Do more of mental calculations than with pen and paper.

5. Read the questions carefully in one go.

6. After your clearance of the written test, prepare for your interview thoroughly. Be confident and positive in your answers. (You can read more about preparing for interviews here )

The good part is that the pattern doesn’t change much and hence you get a rough idea of how your exam is going to be like. Look onto the old exam papers. Prepare a proper examination module and go for it.

All the best!


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