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Is there any foundation course for the 10th class in the Helix institute?

Sumanbatheja87 Asked Apr 11 '19 at 01:07 AM

My son is in 9th Class and as a secure side, I want to prepare him at the earliest for the NEET course. However, as far as I know the basic coaching classes starts from the 11nth class. I have heard that there is any pre-foundation course which teaches the students right from the 8th class. So is there any coaching classes for the 10 th class students? 

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1 Answer

Yes, there is a 10th class passes, occuring or 9th class passed foundation course where you can admit your child. The fact is that this coaching institution is one of the best NEET coaching institute in Chandigarh. It has given several results before. The fact is that the coaching institute would provide the 10 th class coaching is beneficial for your child, if he wants to be a doctor in the future. 

Clearning up the NEET exam comes with a bundle of hurdles. This way, he would be able to clear them all. If you want further information like the batch timings you may refer to the link below:

Updated Aug 27 '19 at 10:48 PM