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Success Stories 2019-2020: SSC CGL Tier 1 Qualifiers

Success Stories 2019-2020: SSC CGL Tier 1 Qualifiers

All students who passed the 2019 SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam, which was extremely competitive, deserve a hearty round of applause. More than 9255 Top ranker students passed the test and are now qualified to take the Tier 2 Exam. We are pleased to report that Top Ranker has been these kids' road to success. Check out what our qualifiers have to say about the coaching and direction.

Qualifications for SSC CGL 2017 and Success Stories

For the SSC CGL 2017, the Top ranker recognizes the eligibility of 8900 applicants in total. The selection of 1260+ individuals from the Top ranker is something we are happy to announce and celebrate. Here is a quick piece about their approach to instructing and motivating upcoming exam takers: 

1. Gaurav Upreti, AIR-117

This is the testimony of Uttarakhand resident and SSC CGL 2017 top candidate Gaurav Upreti, who received the position of AAO and ranked AIR 117. Before studying for the SSC CGL, Gaurav completed a B.Tech. in Electronics and Communications and spent almost two years working in the IT industry.

He regards that as the essential slogan for passing the AAO exam, along with the proper approach and instruction. The candidates should concentrate more on Economics and Accountancy than on Maths, English, General Studies, or Economics.

He advises that following NCERT Books on both the Micro and Macro Economics YouTube channels can be beneficial for the Economics portion.

Consult any book and go through it again to increase your maths score.

He continues by saying that working while preparing for SSC CGL is possible, but the aspirant should use his or her time carefully.

4 hours of study per day is sufficient. Gaurav asserts that it is crucial to complete the mock test series and the previous year's papers.

The aspirants will get a sense of the unpredictable changes in patterns from it. Solving papers from the prior nine to ten years is crucial. If the candidates have a weak foundation, online or offline coaching will be beneficial, according to Gaurav.

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2. Abhishek Panwar, AIR-105 

MEA was my ideal position, thus when I was hired for the MEA position, it was a relief for me regardless of my level. It's a major accomplishment for me. I anticipated getting a rank in the top 200 in AIR.

According to Abhishek, success for an aspirant depends on receiving the right counsel. The advice might come from any coaching facility or a more experienced candidate. Additionally, an aspirant need to read the correct literature and use the right methods.

Additionally, completing the Mock Test Series is quite beneficial. To avoid reading the wrong books and using the wrong study materials, candidates require proper supervision.

The way we perceive the circumstance is up to us. Things shouldn't be interpreted negatively. We are the ones who take action. Passing the SSC CGL was my ultimate goal. I tended to concentrate on SSC CGL 2018 when I encountered all of these insecurities. Don't give up or be disappointed if you want something but things are getting harder.

3. Dushyant Lamba

This is the success tale of SSC CGL Topper Dushyant Lamba, who described his path and how he got on the list. Dushyant shared his approach and journey in the hopes that it will serve as an example for all SSC CGL candidates.

According to Dushyant, his journey began in a single tiny room, and with Amit Bhaiya's support and direction, as well as his DNA classes, he was able to significantly progress.

The "Toprankers" team provided me with enough study materials and high-quality Mock Tests Series, which helped me improve my ability to match up with the needed SSC CGL, he continued, so I truly want to thank them for my selection.

4. Satish Kumar, AIR- 1352

I met the requirements for the Examiner position through the SSC CGL 2017. I believe that before starting any preparation, one must thoroughly understand the fundamentals and concepts. Practice last year's papers, maintain a daily plan, take mock tests, and analyze any weak areas. In their mock exams, SSCTube offered a wide variety of different maths question kinds and combinations. In each mock exam, questions based on fresh ideas were also added.

5. Rakesh Majee

I'm Rakesh, hello. I'm from Purulia, a severely underdeveloped area of West Bengal. I was unable to gain access to the popular tutoring site.

I made the decision to get ready on my own. In the CGL 17 prelims, I scored 140, which was insufficient to guarantee my inclusion on the final list. I was motivated to perform well in the mains, and I needed a strong test series to do so.

Then I learned about Top rankers, and it gave me the information I needed. Quantitative mocks were superior to English mocks in every way. It greatly aided me. I will always be grateful to TOPRANKERS for choosing me. I'm grateful.

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