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Waves Institute for Physics Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
+1,+2 physics --- - 35000/-
9th-10th(maths,science) --- - 35000/-
JEE(ADVANCE+MAIN) --- - 66000/-
JEE ADVANCED --- - 35000/-
JEE MAINS --- - 35000/-
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About Waves Institute for Physics

Wave tutorials is an IIT-JEE coaching institute present at sector 20 D of Chandigarh. The coaching features 2 years foundation course for class XI and one year course for class XII students. Wave tutorials have hi-tech classes, lecture recording, library facility, Ncert preparation classes, comprehensive study material, Practical Laboratory, KVPY and Olympiad preparation, aptitude test preparation, doubts sessions which help students in a lot of ways to achieve their dream colleges. Well qualified teachers give a top-notch education which if a student follows honestly would take him to among the top ranks of JEE.
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Waves Institute for Physics Reviews

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Academic programs are really awesome, here the pattern of teaching and taking tests is one of the best. Students have a test in every 15 days which provides a great platform to make a bright future inside here Waves Institute for Physics.

Manish Kumar Image
Manish Kumar

They actually have had focused on every single student exams preparing for . Its an affectionate correspondence so you can stroll in whenever, get arrangements whenever, get your questions cleared or simply sit to strategise, and regardless of whether you don't, they will.

Anita patidar Image
Anita patidar

The student of the coaching institute commitment is exceptionally high exams preparing for which brought about part of distributed learning in this manner which has been expanding the circle of affiliation separated from the homeroom nearness.

Aryan Gogia Image
Aryan Gogia

The study materials, mock tests, and other online assets are at the standard with the exams models and were extremely useful for exam exams preparing for .

Tanish yadav Image
Tanish yadav

The coaching Institute conducts to the Fruitful sessions exams preparing for by the exceptionally learned and benevolent workforce.

Manpreet Singh Image
Manpreet Singh

Best spot to take up instructing for preparation here at this academic centre. The personnel is exceedingly qualified and keeps nature persuading.

Manisha Image

The coaching provides a competitive atmosphere for the students and adequate infrastructural facilities for those exams which you are preparing.

Vinod kumar Image
Vinod kumar

To do better and well in academics students can join for those exams which you are preparing. For gaining excellent knowledge, good skills, how to manage your studies with extra activities like sports and other activities.

Jyoti kundara Image
Jyoti kundara

The student who wants becomes successful or want to go to the medical area can choose this institute for his preparation to clear the competitive exam for those exams which you are preparing. Every year the result is very good.

Prakash Maru Image
Prakash Maru

So much improvement has been in me with their help, resulting in it now being easy to prepare any further competition inside here Waves Institute for Physics.

Jyoti Image

You should have been really clear class itself here for this exam. The doubt counters of the coaching takes a lot of time. The coaching academy has been managing the doubt counters really very brilliantly.

Sarla sharma Image
Sarla sharma

You can get your doubts cleared an infinite number of times and the faculty just welcomes you with a smile whenever you go to them inside here Waves Institute for Physics.

Steve James Image
Steve James

There are Personal attention classes that are given at the coaching institute inside this coaching this amazing institute.

Yatharth Image

The students of the coaching institutes are provided inside this amazing institute with the integrated test series.

Bhawna kalra Image
Bhawna kalra

The staff is very highly qualified inside this amazing institute. The teachers appoint experts who have been in the line for last 15-20 years inside this coaching.

shiv charan yadav Image
Shiv charan yadav

The faculty of the institute makes the best effort inside this amazing institute to take every student along with themselves.

Harpinder Nagra Image
Harpinder Nagra

The workforce knows the execution of each student and energizes here over this institutional academy them as requirements are this is an marvellous coaching. This foundation holds tweaked checking based structure, which gives dumbfounding results.

Rajat Image

. The instructors continue rousing students to work more diligently here over this institutional academy and to include present different exercises that would assist us with boosting our spirit this is an marvellous coaching.


To accomplish a huge dream like this it is vital to pick the best direction here over this institutional academy moreover this is an marvellous coaching. The system of this establishment is exceptional and rearranged in nature.

Tanvi malik Image
Tanvi malik

The coaching arranges all the material for us, the newspapersaround this study culture, the magazines and everything else, which we are needed to know.

Kaushik Image

I love that the part where the teachers get involved in the student’s personality development in here and help them to face what they actually want to enter this coaching institution which feels really great on our part inside this institution which is great.

Som Dutt Image
Som Dutt

I tried in many institute great institution for this but this academy this institute is too good is the place wthis institute is too good i got full satisfaction.

anuj Image

The teachers of the coaching academy I have had been able to solve each doubt of the student with great pleasure and passionfor this great culture here.

shreya sharma Image
Shreya sharma

The study material of the institution that will be given-you will be given sheet and racesfor around this institution. Sheets consist of every sort of the theory question and wide range of questions to solve the doubts of the students in this institution which have had been there at that point.

Vivek jangid Image
Vivek jangid

The study material which is being provided by the coaching institute cover sufficient number of numerical problems and objectives for practice purposes which has helped me a lot with here in this place.

Pooja Rani Image
Pooja Rani

Their individual attention is provided to all of us, Regular tests, interactive doubt classes and felicitations boosts our confidence inside the institution.In all its a perfect step to score 100 on 100.

Ashish Yadav Image
Ashish Yadav

What suit me is their coaching practicesfor these types of courses. Very practical and full of learning speaking of as general. Thanks a lot

Manpreet Image

The centre gives us the online test each week and they give compliments of little presents for high scorers inside this institution hereat.

SSC Image

The coaching has given me a great career. They have taught me from basic to advanced level Waves Institute for Physics the best coaching indeed.


This foundation is peacefully acclaimed for its contemporary methodology of each forthcoming of the subject this is why this coaching is marvellous here over this institutional academy. They bargains each theme corresponds with the present happenings.

Raman Image

There are awesome employees with great experience and excellent in this brilliant coaching institution for the exams in this institution. Our personnel is in all respects benevolent with the students in the academy.

Ramavtar Image

The way of management was very impressive over this Waves Institute for Physics for this course hereinhere.

Suman Rani Image
Suman Rani

The faculty provides questions and answers from different topics everyday apart from the regular classes which helps student to be in practice even outside the class round fare this coaching.

Praveen Image

Excellent faculty is there as into here Waves Institute for Physics around. The academy helps us to grow amazingly. Best coordination and support from the staff here.

Aditi Srivastava Image
Aditi Srivastava

Several programs are organized for the students and then they also get too much encouraged to study in the coaching institution and also to release all your stress here for this exam.

surinder singh Image
Surinder singh

I've had also been a part of this coaching year ago and I guess that all of them have had been amazing at that part of it here for this exam.

Aman Chaudhary Image
Aman Chaudhary

I took the admission on the basis of the past years selections which I saw and then I guess that I have taken the best decision ever by joining in this coaching institute here for this exam.

Santosh Bhakal Image
Santosh Bhakal

If you have any of the potential to do the hard work and to get the top of the batches in the coaching academy and then you could take the admission here for this exam.

Narayan upadhyay Image
Narayan upadhyay

The institute has created a niche brand by marinating a small batch size and targeting a highly focussed study regime to gain top results at this amazing institution.

Mohan lal Image
Mohan lal

The faculty in the academy pays a lot of attention to the students and you can even change faculty if you are not satisfied with the current one at this amazing institution.

rajat saluja Image
Rajat saluja

Apart from building a solid base while teaching in the academy, the institute has a unique process for evaluating students at this amazing institution.

Aakanksha.N.Urs Image

In this academy , is strict towards making all the students do the given assignments, hence they have fear of studying and zeal to clear the entrance as well at this amazing institution.

Amanjot Singh Image
Amanjot Singh

The environment is very good for the studies at this amazing institution. Every child in the academy is provided with proper attention and guidance.


It has had been the best of the coaching institution amongst the other centre because they provide the student with the right material that is required to crack these exams over at this amazing institution.

Monika sen Image
Monika sen

The extraordinary relationship for these exams prep. Qualified staff and extraordinary outcomes made each year at this amazing institution.

vipul Image

Their sham tests would help you a great deal at this amazing institution. They furnished us with preparing workshops which mixed us a ton.

Vaibhavi Sunil Duble. Image
Vaibhavi Sunil Duble.

They have a better than average module yet I will say staff itself was adequate at this amazing institution.

Manpreet kaur Image
Manpreet kaur

All the present issues materials are ground breaking and the critical information with respect to the examination are through and through given meticulous and precise at this amazing institution.

Anshika Image

The teachers at the coaching institutions are of high class and understands the students very well in the institution present for those exams which you are preparing at this coaching.

Jessica Rajora Image
Jessica Rajora

The guidance of our respected teachers and their teaching for those exams in here, motivating the students that they can do it makes a 5 star for me for the course institute.

Raj Kumar Image
Raj Kumar

The staff always motivates us for those exams in here. You can understand easily by their teaching techniques. They also gave us Backup and Extra Classes for our better Results in the course institute.

Aditya kumar raj Image
Aditya kumar raj

The faculty at the course institute works for those exams in here very hard for our bright future .

Ankur Singh Image
Ankur Singh

Best coaching there for the different exams out there which have been there at this part of the city in the coaching institute probably the best coaching for those exams over this placee.

Rohan phule Image
Rohan phule

This coaching is probably the best coaching when it comes to the test series, probably the best coaching for those exams doubt counters and the other things about the coaching in this coaching institution around here.

Meenu varshney Image
Meenu varshney

My parents decided to send me to this institution. I am extremely pleased to have been able to join the classes here at this institutional academy.

Shradha Image

You can get your doubts cleared an infinite number of times and the faculty just welcomes you with a smile whenever you go to them at this coaching centre.

k Image

The coaching institution which helps you for these exams to prepare for several competitive exams. I personally feel that proper attention is given to students at this place.

Yash Image

The faculty and then the staff is really helpful in this examination. The study material for these exams is well arranged and organised.

Vishal singh chauhan Image
Vishal singh chauhan

I feel very aggressive when I can’t solve a question which has had been a great thing Waves Institute for Physics, over this place; the teachers here help me a lot through this.

Akashdeep Image

Not a single regret came to my mind since I am learning here. I feel it was a fine decision on my half to join into here.

Abc Image

The best when it comes to infrastructure well maintained classrooms are a highlight of this place overall pleasent experience to say the least into here.

JP Singh Chouhan Image
JP Singh Chouhan

They are truly best at what they do. I have never come across an institution into here with such a dedication towards their students. They have the best classes for stats.

Kajal chavan Image
Kajal chavan

I have had joined this institute for the preparation of these exams for almost a one-year classroom program at Waves Institute for Physics in this city. The academic program there was good in this academic institution, they have the facility for the different streams.

Sarpreet Singh Image
Sarpreet Singh

This coaching Institute is one of the best coachings which has been helping children to clear competitive exams which they think that they cannot clear at Waves Institute for Physics in this city.

Anjali soni Image
Anjali soni

You get a really good exposure here at the coaching institution at Waves Institute for Physics in this city, competition you can check your results at an all India level or on your batch level if you see that the results the institution is being providing out there at the coaching institution which is present here.

arpit tripathi Image
Arpit tripathi

There are the monthly tests which help the students of this coaching to take over any question taught at Waves Institute for Physics in this city.

Neelam Image

I have had been nervous regarding the exams which I have had seen coming in the upcoming months, this coaching helped me to clear the same which is a brilliant feature of this instituteat here.

rashd Image

The teaching staff for these exams of the coaching institute is amazing at Waves Institute for Physics. We have been studying all the way along with amazing guidance from the faculty.

Deepika Kumari Image
Deepika Kumari

I have had been through a lot of academies which is a brilliant feature of this instituteand I have been guessing that this is one of the most perfect one as per my choice at here. In this year and in this coaching.

Dikshant Vikram Jagtap Image
Dikshant Vikram Jagtap

The faculty of the coaching is a way too brilliant and then very helpful for these exams in this examination, even caters to individual needs through one on one sessions.

Ashutosh Image

The Faculty of the coaching institution is mind blowing and is always concerned in this examination for these exams about each and every student’s progress.

Anjali Image

Since it was nice experience and so much cooperative faculty for these exams in this examination and very good environment.

Manjeet Singh Image
Manjeet Singh

All of the teachers of the coaching institution are very helpful in nature and understanding in this for those exams which you are preparing.

Manish Gupta Image
Manish Gupta

The teachers have been motivating the students for those exams which you are preparingto the part of the coaching where they may crack the competitive exams for those exams which you are preparing.

Indu Image

The teachers of the institution are so great that they are the ones who can teach well to students for those exams which you are preparingaround.

Kartik Image

The program has been in quite effective, and accurate to make a student stand best for those exams which you are preparingaround the corner.

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