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CLASS 5th-12th

About Toppr

 Toppr is located at Baner, Pune. These days the competition is cut –throat when it comes to attaining a seat in the government jobs. The seats are limited but the applicants are unlimited. We have a professional faculty and follow strict guidelines of the exams. We offer a variety of courses in various fields. We aim at making our students successful by putting in all our efforts and time. We are enriched with resources. Building understanding amongst the students and the faculty makes it easy for both to express and understand the subject matter. The faculty is determined and never steps back from their responsibility. We aim at building a healthy environment. We also provide subject material to our students and teach them tricks to quickly solve lengthy or time-consuming questions. Understanding the requirements of the students, the academy provides work sheets or course material to prepare for the entrances. It has professional staff which guides the students and helps them to make a wise decision. Determination and confidence are essential to crack these entrances. A student should be sure of their answer. The institution provides a platform to the students to check their ability and on the basis of those, they get to decide the field they would like to enter in.

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sahil kumar Image
Sahil kumar

The material provided by the institute is effectively and efficiently crafted by teachers who have been mentoring students for over 20 years now and is very helpful for those exams, full of tricks to get quick solutions.

Simran saini Image
Simran saini

It is important to give preference to your attendance. If you don’t attend classes you will miss the topic and will be difficult to catch on for those exams. They also make a call at home to enquire why the student was absent.

jasmeet Image

The institute holds a competitive environment which motivates the students to reach their potential for those exams.

Sanjeeda Image

The teaching pattern of teachers of the institutions have been quite great in here at the academy for these kinda exams. The communication between each of their students are really great.

Prabhjot Kaur Image
Prabhjot Kaur

The teaching faculty here in this institute is completely based on practical life for those exams. It has a great teaching team that teaches well to every individual.

Vipasha Image

Apart from the classes they also provide you with study material for those exams, which includes advance as well as basics, which is very helpful for students.

Satish Kumar Image
Satish Kumar

The institute has special point which is the practice test for us in this course. I think this is very good point of this institute.

Anish Chopra Image
Anish Chopra

The best part of this coaching institution has been is when the students have to take the load for learning about these types of the exams here at this amazing academic, since all we have to do is sit and relax later in this coaching.

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