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Takshila Institute

3rd Floor, RDC Ghaziabad

Takshila Institute

D-1, MG Tower, 3rd Floor, RDC, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, 201002


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Takshila Institute Course Fees

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Takshila Institute Course Fees
Course Duration Fees
Integrated Program(Medical) 1 Yr 129000 /-
Integrated Program(Engineering) 1 Yr 140000 /-
integrated classroom program (Engineering) 2 Yr 240000 /-
Integrated Program(Medical) 2 Yr 236000 /-
Foundation Course of 8th,9th and 10th 35000 /-

About Takshila Institute

When comparing Takshila Institute and others, it's important to consider a few factors:

Takshila Institute is set up at 3rd Floor, RDC, Ghaziabad. Pondering the vitality of these exams, the Institute outfits their understudies with a dedicated workforce, best course content and authentic examination coordinate. It is amazingly difficult to break these arrangement tests until the point that the moment that you know the right devices and procedures to do thusly. Understudies are outfitted with associates enhanced with the straightforward and troublesome request. With an awesome and experienced staff, we give our understudies the best setting we up can. TAKSHILA INSTITUTE has given uncommon results consistently. They are given all of the advantages and approach the library in the Institute as well. Distinctive courses accumulate talks and week's end sessions are held to clear all of the inquiries they have and update their understanding and capacities. The examination material is given by the association and covers all the noteworthy spotlights and outline on which understudies need to think. We give both weekdays and week's end educating's and have differing bunches for them.T he workforce gives genuine bearing and mentorship to the understudies. The understudies' tireless work and chosen nature give by then best results. The educators are adequately pleasing and especially strong. The workforce gives cautious thought towards each and every youth and plans best course material to impact them to fathom those request that is to be attempted and those not to be, which the trickiest bit of such examinations. We consider understudies our need and our lone target are to see our understudies successful in every exam they appear for. 

The outstanding highlights of TAKSHILA INSTITUTE are: 

1. Library: TAKSHILA INSTITUTE has more than likely the best library that you can discover then again with other instructional focuses. With a degree of introduction books sitting tight for the understudies, the library gives an approaching condition to understudies to get ready for their situation tests. 

2. Qualified workforce: delegates, both vivacious and old, are enough experienced to credit some assistance to understudies. Qualified from focal, the best foundations you can ever consider such, there is something that every teacher needs to offer.

3. Tests and examinations: An improvement of tests and examinations are driven each fortnight and term for each and every one of our courses at the Center to survey our understudies and set them up for testing the indisputable board and other convincing examinations. We outfit our understudies with a printed model answer paper after each examination, near to the checking plan, which clears up their demand on various interest asked in the examination. We in like way organize scorning examinations in a way like that in which the varying board examinations are driven, with the honest to goodness objective to offer a sensible inconvenience to our understudies, with an arrangement to help fortify their affirmation while going up against the board examinations. 

4. Study materials: Our examination materials contain illustrative speculation and application-based intrigue which associates with us to pass on decision substance. With a course of action to improve the learning framework, the substance of the examination materials is given as premium and relating answers. Our examination materials correspondingly join basic fixations and structures of each subject, pictures and outlines, and question papers from past board examinations to help understudies fittingly handle and hold the substance. To design understudies to confront various telling examinations, we give unmistakable enthusiasm for our exam materials. Further, our examination materials are reevaluated yearly to guarantee that our substance is dependably fortified with the most recent instructive modules. 

5. Competitive Environment: We have an attracted domain with balanced thought concerning separate understudy's execution. 

6. Parent-teacher meeting: TAKSHILA INSTITUTE places stock in straightforwardness. Standard parent educator get-togethers guarantee that the parents get to meet with particular teachers and know where how their tyke is performing.

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