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Takshila Institute Fees & Courses

Course Name
Course Fee
Classroom Program: 3 Years Integrated Foundation Course
3 Yr
Classroom Program: 4 Years Integrated Program
4 Yr
Classroom Program: 1 Year Integrated Course
Classroom Program: 2 Years Integrated course
2 Yr
Classroom Program: Capsule Course
Classroom Program: Crash Course
Classroom Program: Dropper Course
Weekend Program: 1 Year Course
Weekend Program: 2 Years Course
2 Yr
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About Takshila Institute

Takshila Institute is located at Kalusarai, New Delhi. The foundation has reliably kept up its name in the main establishments for medical and engineering preparation and has created incredible outcomes consistently. Increased in value by numerous understudies and guardians alike, the quality training and unparalleled foundation are a portion of the purposes behind its prosperity. The instructors are easily amicable and extraordinarily pleasing. The workforce gives cautious thought towards each and every sort and plans best course material to impact them to fathom those request that is to be attempted and those not to be, or, as it were some segment of such examinations. It is enhanced with resources and offers to figure out how to break all the basic tests that pick the fate of an understudy. Pondering the criticalness of these tests, the foundation gives their understudies submitted workforce, best course content and fitting examination oversee. The association urges the understudies to get ready for the most pined for tests. We set up our understudies to part tests which are dubious and additionally difficult to clear. We go for building a classroom where there is a trade and not just a workshop room where a monolog is driven. The diligent work put in by the staff and the understudies are observable through the results of the understudies. With development enabled structures and likewise wonderful teaching, the accentuation is on remaining submitted towards its objective. The mission is to propel the cultivated specialists to provide genuine guidance, controlling the understudies to diminish the obstacles and besides go for accomplishing results by giving gainful rules. The establishment accepts at achieving accomplishment by giving the best instruction and results to their understudies. The expense charged is ostensible when contrasted with the learning bestowed by the establishment. 

Highlights of the Institute that make it sparkle more splendid among every other organization are: 

1. Teaching strategies: Our representatives have been set up to pass on the courses reliant on an astute indicating method which ensures correspondence between the understudies and the staff while instructing.

2. Customary Tests: There are standard tests led for understudies at Centers, offering the chance to the understudies to test their insight. The test papers are set up by employees and went for planning understudies for genuine placement tests and enables them to benchmark their execution against different understudies. The test additionally encourages us to recognize and draw in understudies in Class 11 and 12 with the potential to score well and make choices in their coveted medical and engineering course to enlist in our courses.

3. Study material: Our investigation materials contain illustrative theory and application-based request which empowers us to pass on great substance. With an expectation to enhance the learning system, the substance of the examination materials are given as request and contrasting answers. Our investigation materials moreover fuse imperative concentrations and diagrams of each subject, pictures and portrayals, and question papers from past board examinations to help understudies viably fathom and hold the substance. To get ready understudies to face diverse forceful examinations, we give various request in our exam materials. Further, our examination materials are upgraded each year to ensure that our substance is unendingly invigorated with the latest instructive projects.

4. Doubt clearing-sessions: These sessions go for clearing the thoughts of understudies, thusly discounting inquiries. Specific strategy of subject-wise successful teachers intends to empower the understudies and urge them to ask issues and inconveniences looked by them.

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Takshila Institute Reviews

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Ankit yadav Image
Ankit yadav

It's an incredible advance ahead for students which is something brilliant about this coaching and everybody whoever is related to such a dynamic institution. I feel pleased to be a piece of it.

Mayank Chaturvedi Image
Mayank Chaturvedi

1. The study material of the coaching provided by the institute covers all basic concepts and includes a lot of solved examplesat Takshila Institute in this area to help you understand the fundamentals of each area in this town.

Sandeep shekhawat Image
Sandeep shekhawat

1. The institution has given an altogether different dimension to the most sturdy exam of India in the coaching institution which has had been thereat Takshila Institute in this area.

Stanzin Zomskit Image
Stanzin Zomskit

1. Concept clarity has increased manifold and my confidence too has got a boost in the coaching which has had been there at the coaching institution at this oneat Takshila Institute in this area.

Ankita Image

The workforce at the coaching institute herearound in here at this coaching , and have had an extraordinary profundity in their subjects and clears questions whenever, even via telephone

Simran Suneja Image
Simran Suneja

One of the best coaching institutes in town, with the quality of the educators, who are accessible at whatever point requiredaround in here at this coaching , astutely arranged classes to enable us to get ready systematically and genial staffs who help us experience the procedure all the more easily.

Pankaj jangir Image
Pankaj jangir

Their achievement can be ascribed profoundly embodiment of the course they are giving which disposes of all the apparent shortcomings of other training focusesandfor those exams which you are preparing.

Meetali thakur Image
Meetali thakur

The staff of the coaching institute in here here gives mock test papers that help us to comprehend the example of question paperthey have done an amazing job regarding this.

Puja sisodiya Image
Puja sisodiya

1. It is the best institute to prepare for the exambeing at this place with affordable fee structurewhich is great stuff here at this institute. This institute has the most amazing staff.

Ritu sharma Image
Ritu sharma

1. The institute is only waste of time and moneywhich is great stuff here at this institutebeing at this place. I got no benefit studying here.

Akhil Khajuria Image
Akhil Khajuria

1. Best place to take up coaching for preparationwhich is great stuff here at this institutebeing at this place.The faculty is highly qualified and keeps the environment motivating.

Rohitash meena Image
Rohitash meena

1. Very experienced and knowledgeable faculties who clear doubts whenever asked which is really very amazingand more importantly motivatehere all around for these exams for these courses.

Aman Image

1. Their study material and quality of teaching is according to my assessment which is really very amazing the best in the townhere all around for these exams for these courses.

Vineet lawaniya Image
Vineet lawaniya

The preparation in this examination has turned out very well with help of this institute which is a great thing. Each and every aspect of the institute is properly designed in this examination.


Motivational sessions are conducted to improve students performances which is a great thing. They provide proper guidelines to the students in this examination.

Sandeep Image

Best place to take up coaching for preparation and this is a great thing in this examination. The faculty is highly qualified and keeps the environment motivating.

Preeti sheoran Image
Preeti sheoran

It’s a best option for beginners which is really very amazing and who are not getting results after preparation for a long time here for exams for exams for these courses.

Ramesh chand yadav Image
Ramesh chand yadav

Their coaching institute study material is full of important questions for these exams for these courses which has been great and concepts covering all essential topics which is a brilliant thing.

Simran Image

The study environment is great at Takshila Institute located here. Students are very motivated and teachers are very experienced.

sidhant Image

They have a rule of Weekly distribution of reports for the mock tests conducted for the students at Takshila Institute located here.

Jeevanjot Singh Image
Jeevanjot Singh

Its current affairs and test series materials are the best and lakhs of students apply for its test series to test their ability and it is of good quality and available at affordable price at Takshila Institute located here.

armaan Image

They give a special training on ethics before the mains exam which is just mandatory or we can say like a should try kind of classes to be attended at Takshila Institute located here.

Sunidhi Sharma Image
Sunidhi Sharma

I have joined a year ago for common administration examination and for these exams for these courses. The Faculty is great for practically all papers of these subjects will be secured by the executives themselves which are exceptional.

Jyoti Image

. Inspirational sessions are directed to improve student’s displays so it’s amazing at Takshila Institute located here. They give suitable principles to the students as for the test configuration, traps to clarify questions.

omvesh Image

They ensure that you start concentrating on a procedure so it’s amazing. Sloppy study prompts wastage of time and money at Takshila Institute located here. They leave no single point from the timetable.

Chenky Image

It is the best establishment to prepare for the test with a sensible charge structure so it’s amazing. This establishment has the most staggering staff at Takshila Institute located here.

Anshika Sharma Image
Anshika Sharma

The charges structure is exceptionally moderate and the association gives stipends so it’s amazing. This is the best movement an association takes at Takshila Institute located here.

Pallvi Image

Doubt clearing sessions was amazing as teachers are very experienced and handled doubts of all students as in this exam.

Ayush saini Image
Ayush saini

The syllabus is completed in time to give all its perspective guidance as in this exam to the aspirant who joined in the institution

Tejaram Godara Image
Tejaram Godara

Its branches are present all over India as in this exam. It is also good in technology. Faculty members are very cooperative.

Reema Image

The teachers are always available to give us the personal guidance in accordance with the exam at Takshila Institute located here. In my view, any of the aspirants always need a mentor for the guiding and giving them the right strategy to crack the exams like this one.

Sandhya kumari Image
Sandhya kumari

As you know that the exams are hard to crack, you must surely join at Takshila Institute located here.

jasleen Image

This exam is a demanding for all the unique talent. Which we can make by our own style of the writing. Ethics in the case study and the essay related problem could also get solved through their help at Takshila Institute located here.

Pooja saini Image
Pooja saini

Best of the place to take up the coaching centrein this exam which has been great over here to for the preparation which is an amazing stuff over here.

Amit Image

I have experienced that the coaching is one of the best coaching in time around here in this academic institution

Neelam Rana Image
Neelam Rana

The study condition is phenomenal in this coaching institution over here at this Takshila Institute. Students are exceptionally induced and educators are especially experienced.

Kishanlal jat Image
Kishanlal jat

We as a whole understand that organisation part work is one of the regarded livelihoods In my view preparing is most indispensable for this in light of the way that by teaching we all in all catch our own with an authentic way over here at this Takshila Institute.

Mohit Image

Instructors are experienced. They train with a bundle of intrigue over here at this Takshila Institute. Moving tends to given by the workforce are displayed staggeringly satisfying to us.

Ruchika Image

The charges structure is moderate and the affiliation gives blessings in this coaching institution. This is the best development an affiliation takes over here at this Takshila Institute.

karan singh Image
Karan singh

Test series is excellent and infrastructure standards are class above with best of everything in only one institute here over this place.

Mohd Rehan Image
Mohd Rehan

Notes are one of the important aspect of any competitive exams here over this place. This institutes has a very good notes to give your studies a boost complemented by their good teachers too

Abhishek Kashyap Image
Abhishek Kashyap

Make sure you practice as much as they says and you are through the exam. Just follow this tip for here over this place.

Joginder Image

Great and awesome faculty with a very effective over this coachingcentre methodologies right to the test series and classroom coaching

Harsh Image

First of all thanks a lot for all of your precious time in this coaching over here. Conducive environment right for efficient and progressive learning in the coaching centre. Great hats off. Thank you

ishan krishan Image
Ishan krishan

The faculty of this centre is basically nice over this centre, as some teachers are perhaps the best I’ve ever seen, while a few others are average at the point.

Nikita yadav Image
Nikita yadav

Our teachers are really very helpful over this centre. Study materials of the centre and classes are really great.

Ritik Image

The faculty of the centre guiding us are best over this centre. They are always available to give us personal guidance, In my view, any aspirant always needs a mentor for guiding and give them the right strategy to crack the exams.

Sandeep Image

It provides regular as well as weekend classroom programmes for the students over here at this coaching centre .

Rajat Image

You can get your doubts cleared an infinite number of times and the faculty just welcomes you with a smile whenever you go to them over here at this coaching centre .

Satyam tiwari Image
Satyam tiwari

It has one of the best administration teams. A well-maintained record about any student can found here over here at this coaching centre . Mentoring of the students is also awesome.

Sanjeev Image

The teachers don’t take responsibility and are not easy to approach and over here is one of the best coachings..

DIKSHA Katoch Image

It is very easy to communicate and clear our doubts, and over here is one of the best coachings..

Ravi Raj Sharma Image
Ravi Raj Sharma

Motivational sessions are conducted to improve students performances and over here is one of the best coachings..

Anchal Image

Everything has changed since I've joined this establishment. Simple examination material, standard test arrangement have spurred to score well and look into studies in this academic coaching institute over here.

Numesh pait Image
Numesh pait

Classes are huge, I mean it! Good enough batches have batch strength of 150 and many students of other batches too come to attend few classes over here in Takshila Institute. .

Devendar pargi Image
Devendar pargi

The study material that will be given-you will be given sheet and races over here in Takshila Institute. . Sheets consist of every sort of theory question and wide range of questions to solve

Naman Image

This is one of the best classes that I can refer students who are not just preparing to attempt these entrance exams, but secure good marks to fall in the merit list over here in Takshila Institute.

Neelam Image

The fees is pretty much the same as its competitors and the study material is fantastic over here in Takshila Institute.

Gopan Image

Best and unique part is that they cover a 50 question assignment in class on every topic they cover in a session over here in Takshila Institute.

Aparana Singh Image
Aparana Singh

By the time I sat for my exam, I had given 10 tests in the class over here in Takshila Institute. This had helped me prepare my fundas, my strategy for the exam and also the mental preparation.

Balwinder singh Image
Balwinder singh

I was lucky enough to get people with good communication skills and helping tendency over here in Takshila Institute.

Vivek Image

The administration is quite good. If you are good in study, but unable to pay the fee they help them in this Takshila Institute here.

Shashank Shekhar Image
Shashank Shekhar

I was very careful from starting and I attended all the classes and follow instructions of faculty from time to time in this Takshila Institute here.

Joyce Image

You can get your doubts cleared an infinite number of times and the faculty just welcomes you with a smile whenever you go to them in this Takshila Institute here.

Nidhi Sharma Image
Nidhi Sharma

The students here become smart in terms of the preparation for the institutions and the other exams which are being present in this coaching academy probably the best coaching over here over this place.

Nikhil Image

The coaching institute is one of the best one not in just the exam, probably the best coaching over here but also for the other exams if you ask me for for this institution around this place over here.

Kanika khurana Image
Kanika khurana

Apart from the things which are going inside the coaching institute over here, probably the best coaching over here we also get the support on the outside of the coaching institute too which has had been there in this coaching.

Dalwinder singh Image
Dalwinder singh

I think that I am here with the best coaching ever possible for someone preparing, probably the best coaching over here for these exams which has had been provided in this coaching academy over this place.

Raj Image

The academic coaching over herehas been a great and foundation is additionally nice. Every study hall has air conditioner, this was exceptionally decent in summer in over this academic coaching.

Neha Kumari Image
Neha Kumari

The teachers have been possessing excellent conceptual clarity and go lengths to solve each and every doubt in the mind of students in over this academic coaching.

Rashi Image

Sunday chapter wise test has been conducted regularly in over this academic coaching. A series of preliminary exams are also held to score high in the exams.

Pawan Image

You have to choose the best academic coaching over hereout of many in over this academic coaching over herewover this academic coaching over hereyou would find good stuff to study. The faculty over this academic coaching over hereis experienced and cooperative.

Sunena soni Image
Sunena soni

The teachers are very friendly and always ready to help in the coaching institute over here over herehere all the way over here all the way over here. They never skip classes, and complete the syllabus one week in advance for the weekly tests.


Taking about admin they are very helpful over and extra classes in here which is great and other things books and magazines and for the current affair is great.

Sagar Pratap Image
Sagar Pratap

Every class didn’t start on time so, the whole time was elapsed in here which is great in three classes only and the fourth one doesn’t start also is great.

Jagteshvar Jot Singh Image
Jagteshvar Jot Singh

This establishment is an impetus for money this is a brilliant institute. It utilizes our important time in an extraordinarily essential manner over this institution is marvellous. They regard the undertakings put in by the students.

Sunita Yadav Image
Sunita Yadav

This foundation urges you to pick up capability over this institution with the genuine principal thoughts in an extraordinarily odd way this is an marvellous coaching.

Manpreet Kaur Image
Manpreet Kaur

The coursework is totally discussed with the students which make the study strategy clear over this institution is marvelous.

Kriti Image

If you are really looking for some amazing coaching, then you should probably take admission into this coaching in this academy a brilliant thing at this amazing coaching over this place in here.


I am writing this on behalf of all the students in this coaching, this coaching does a really amazing job which has had been here in this coaching academy over this place in here.

Debjeet Image

If you come across any kind of the difficulty at this coaching, this coaching institute would do so in no time. I believe that this coaching is the best out of every other coaching present around which could be seen over this place in here at this point.

Karan Image

. The staff and association put in solid help and they took a typical student like me to a mind-boggling measurement then so it’s great.

Anshul singla Image
Anshul singla

. This is the best establishment then so it’s great. They give character improvement classes when the tests.

Ajay Kumar Image
Ajay Kumar

With the coaching institution which would have been there in the coaching being there, you would get study material that too are additionally composing which has had been there and based on the previous papers over the Takshila Institute in here.

Rabia Image

The faculty of the coaching institution which has had being guiding us with the best which has been great over the Takshila Institute in here. They are always been available to give us all the personal guidance.

Oriya sharma Image
Oriya sharma

In this coaching institute, the best part is that the things are prepared really very well out there in between the coaching academy around the corner of the institute probably over the Takshila Institute.


The coaching helps us with the interview session which is the most important session which comes along the way being there over the Takshila Institute in here probably the best coaching in here.

Divij Image

This coaching has taught us how to unfrost things when we are jammed in a query which has had been there coming around for us in here probably over the Takshila Institute.

Sidhant Image

The foundation accentuation on current undertakings and vocabulary over this place. Study materials are accommodated the equivalent.

Amit Image

Teachers are really helpful, they may not be able to address all your queries in class itself but outside the class they are really helpful over this place over this place.

Kirti Tushir Image
Kirti Tushir

The preparation of the coaching institute has had turned out very well with help over Takshila Institute Each and every aspect of the institute is properly designed in the coaching. which is brilliant and great

Aman Rajput Image
Aman Rajput

Its a target is to give the maximum percentage of the result over this Takshila Institute here, not only some of the student with a high percentage of marks in Jee entrance examination.


Its study material is designed by the experienced faculty which contain questions matching exactly with the actual pattern of the targeted paper over this Takshila Institute here.

suman kamboj Image
Suman kamboj

The teaching faculty in the institute is very co-operating. They are always ready to help you. Usually, the institute will conduct a test in every 2-3 weeks over this Takshila Institute here.

Mohit Image

The faculty there are highly educated and know all the concepts over this Takshila Institute here. They know how to keep students active in class.

Satyaprakash singh Image
Satyaprakash singh

The institute has its doubts classes running always. so you won't have to worry about clearing doubts over this Takshila Institute here.

Aryan sarraf Image
Aryan sarraf

I am very happy to have joined here. Classes were usually organised well here over this institutional academy. Teachers are very perticular with time though.

Shareen Image

Different branches have different faculty. And each faculty is with different aptitude. It is said to be one of the finest institutes over here in Takshila Institute.


The meticulous training for these exams was useful when I went for many a interview process over here in Takshila Institute.

Sonia mann Image
Sonia mann

Their study material is to the point plus they give online test sessions every Sunday over here in Takshila Institute.

Vinau Image

Non teaching Staff are very cooperative which is really very amazing here for exams for these courses, they allow us to study rooms and library even on holidays.

Muzamil Miraj Zada Image
Muzamil Miraj Zada

Teachers are highly qualified & very hard working and are always there for exams for these courses for any kind of help needed by the children for their preparations which is really very amazing for any kind of exams be it be competitive exams here for exams for these courses.

Ripan Parmar Image
Ripan Parmar

Watch yourself when there is test series of the coaching institute, since it is the most important part for the preparation of the exam for exams like those.

sunita devatwal Image
Sunita devatwal

The coaching teachers’ know how to make the students efficient and smart to solve the tricky questions for exams like those.

Nitin Kumar Image
Nitin Kumar

Environment of classes is well in this coaching institution here at this academic institution.

Ithias Ali Image
Ithias Ali

This institute is a one-stop answer for issues identified with the examination inside this place.

Bhanu Image

There are things like the daily doubt counters which help the students to get the best out of the coaching institute which is amazing thing here.

Manik Dedha Image
Manik Dedha

The staff of the coaching institute and organization puts in reliable help and they took a normal understudy like me to an extraordinary level for exams.

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