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CLASS 8th-10th
CLASS 11th&12th
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About Takalkar Classes

 Takalkar Classes is located at Narhe Road, Narhe Pune. These days the competition is cut-throat when it comes to attaining a seat in the government jobs. The seats are limited but the applicants are unlimited. We have a professional faculty and follow strict guidelines of the exams. We offer a variety of courses in various fields. We aim at making our students successful by putting in all our efforts and time. We are enriched with resources. Building understanding amongst the students and the faculty makes it easy for both to express and understand the subject matter. The faculty is determined and never steps back from their responsibility. We aim at building a healthy environment. We also provide subject material to our students and teach them tricks to quickly solve lengthy or time-consuming questions. The Institute thrives on accountability, hard work, teamwork, integrity, passion. It is carved with the sole motto of providing proper guidance and step –to –step methods to make it easier for the students to understand their fields and content of entrance examinations to get through them with flying colors. They aim at using all the available resources to provide knowledge to their students and have one of the best faculties in the town.

Courses offered:

  • Class 8th-10th
  • Class 11th&12th
  • NEET
  • CET
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Takalkar Classes Reviews

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Vikram Image

Trainer was superb which is really very amazing here for examsfor those exams which you are preparing around. Real time case studies presentations was too good. I highly recommend to all prep students.

Suni singh Image
Suni singh

Batch size short enough to give you individualized teaching also study material very analytical for gate exam covers all topicshere at this academic centre

Jasmine Image

In my suggestion it is the finest institution for the preparationin this education centreofthe exams.

Sunil jangir Image
Sunil jangir

At this institute, the teachers of coaching institute has been come fully prepared with the course and the fee structure for the coaching institutes for the exams like those.

Abhilasha singh Image
Abhilasha singh

Infrastructure facilities are impeccable to begin with then their teaching staff very enriching and supportivehere at this academic centre. Thanks a ton

Aaditya soni Image
Aaditya soni

. The coaching Institute provides teaching in a really good manner over for these examinations in these coachings. You can understand everything easily as they teach tricks to solve the questions.

Laxmi Image

Teachers of each and every subject are very supportive and motivating which is really very amazing and keeps you engaged in some way or other here for examsfor those exams which you are preparing around.

Zaid Image

Missing even a single lecture can cost a lotin this coaching institution here for these exams for these courses

Saket Image

This is the best institute for preparation of in the coaching institute This is an amazingly fine institute. The teachers plan test systems and discuss about it with their students.

Priyanka Image

This is the best coaching. Everything is good faculty around this centre here around, members, staff's. This is best place to achieve dreams.

Meetu gogia Image
Meetu gogia

Teaches very effective which is really very amazing here for examsfor those exams which you are preparing around. Tries to bring the student's understanding from very basic level.

Ravi mahey Image
Ravi mahey

I have had joined this institute for the preparation of these exams for almost a one-year classroom programat Takalkar Classes in this area. The academic program there was goodin this academic institution, they have the facility for the different streams.

Rajkumar Image

More time is invested in topics of high weightage and it is a positive approachin this coaching institution here for these exams for these courses.

vv. v b. B b Image
Vv. v b. B b

The coaching academy has had been providing the motivation programs which are present in the coaching for the students in the academy for these kinda exams. This is best because student have worked hard for a long time ,so student needs motivation in the academy.

sagar gulia Image
Sagar gulia

This is place which Will help you finding the real youin this education centre. Here you will get to know about your qualities and Fields you are best in and can give your best.

Sumit kumar Image
Sumit kumar

This coaching Institute is one of the best coaching which has been helping children to clear competitive exams which they think that they cannot clearat Takalkar Classes in this area.

Navjot kaur Image
Navjot kaur

The fee is affordable at this coaching institute around in here at this coaching. l have a suggestion that they should provide a hostel facility so that the students from long distance can avoid day to day travelling.

Harjot Singh kang Image
Harjot Singh kang

It has had given us to the enough study material with the objective that we can uninhibitedly prepare from our own one of a kind for the paths in the same way of the coachingthey have done an amazing job regarding this.

Tejal Lalit Bhatiya Image
Tejal Lalit Bhatiya

Their study materialin this coaching institution here for these exams for these coursesis full of important questions and concepts covering all essential topics.

Naina lavaniya Image
Naina lavaniya

The classrooms of the coaching institutes are very neat and environmental is really good for the preparation of the exams over for these examinations in these coachings.

Nishtha Natak Image
Nishtha Natak

I have had got the help from the coaching centre staff and faculty at all times, food faculty here. The schedules and classes were repeated time to time and backups available in the coaching academy.

Aryan Image

The teaching faculty of the institute inside this amazingly institute around and the content of the test series is excellent.

Akash garg Image
Akash garg

Teachers are very right to the point for this studious environment. No needs of extra books institute solutions are sufficient to topple this exam.

Palwinder singh Image
Palwinder singh

It is a wonderful coaching institute, best; aims to donate the best study tips and education to the students who desire to succeed in their life over for these examinations in these coachings.

vaibhav kushwah Image
Vaibhav kushwah

The teachers tell the students inside this amazingly institute around some of the small tips for their life.

Sonu Mishra Image
Sonu Mishra

Individual Attention is to be given, which is being generally absent in these instructing classes in enormous urban areas (that have 50+ students in each cluster) is accentuated at being here at the coaching institutethey have done an amazing job regarding this.

Prince Image

Teachers are very supportive and motivate you each and every day to achieve your goal over here in this place greatly.

Nikhil Image

Everything has been changed since the day I've joined this foundation at this amazing coaching institute. Straightforward assessment material This is an amazingly fine institute, standard test plans have impelled to score well .

Anjali Image

The teaching faculty was so good and hi-tech mikes were used so that students are able to listen to the teachers over here in this place greatly.

Archit Image

This is the best piece of the establishment in the coaching institute. It was an entirely different experience to learn from here This is an amazingly fine institute.The foundation gives video lectures They are helpful

Prerna Image

It is very easy one to communicate and then the clear our the doubtsas in this exam. Books are provided by the institute which are designed according to the course structure.

Anita Kumari Image
Anita Kumari

The establishment contracts the best educators and they showed you in the most ideal manner with the best materialinside this amazing institute.

Bijayani Image

The coaching institute gives the beginning platform for weak students so that they can improve their self over for these examinations in these coachings. The coaching institute has own books for exam preparation so that students do not need any other books.

Hemant Patil Image
Hemant Patil

The assessment material given to me by the coaching institute by the institution spread sufficient number of numerical issues and objectives for preparing purposes which has helped me a lot This is an amazingly fine institute.

Gurjinderkour Image

Inside this amazing institute all the personnel are especially agreeable and proficient who show well and help students to learn numerous tips and tick to take care of and handle issues and numerical for each partinside this amazing institute.

Jaspreet kaur Image
Jaspreet kaur

They have good infrastructure there and you would like to study for these kinda exams in Takalkar Classes.

Deepika yadav Image
Deepika yadav

The staff of the coaching institute is highly experienced and have been making careers of the students for the last 20 yearsat Takalkar Classes around this city.

Anshul agarwal Image
Anshul agarwal

Their Customised and then the personalised approach is really a big differentiationin this examination in here which has had been there.

Upinder Image

It was my dream to be a teacher and thiscentre as in this exam ensures my success via their efficient coachingas in this exam.. Thanks a lot for this.

Subhrayan Barman Image
Subhrayan Barman

They also have had been great infrastructure in the coaching institutions in this particular institute in here in this town around here.

jasdeep singh Image
Jasdeep singh

Except for geography none of the subjects were upto the mark into these exams here. They have a good module but I will say faculty itself wasn’t up to the mark Takalkar Classes has good environment around.

Shweta Image

This is the best establishment of the coaching institute This is an amazingly fine institute. They give improvement classes when it comes to clearing the entrance test.

Vinay Kumar Sinha Image
Vinay Kumar Sinha

Batches in the academy are scheduled throughout the week to allow students to join whichever batch they find convenient in examinations like these.


We are happy with the prepared notes and the booklets here at this amazing academic which are being provided to us by the coaching institute which is amazing thing.

Jasvir kaur Image
Jasvir kaur

It has been an ideal spot for who needs to learnthey have done an amazing job regarding this. It helps the students in learning for rivalry tests.

Brijbhushan shukla Image
Brijbhushan shukla

Teachings staff a very peculiar oneas in this exam. A student oriented faculty with great communication skills.

nk Image

The institute also charges an affordable fee in the academy, which can be payable in instalments too in examinations like these.

Shivani Sharma Image
Shivani Sharma

Rich studies full of practical exposure for your preparationas in this exam. Also great interview preparations are done here

Aman kumar Image
Aman kumar

They don’t provide any standard level study material, so that one could practice on particular topics which is a brilliant work done by the institute.

Shiv Kumar Image
Shiv Kumar

The infrastructure is excellent and teaching methodologyand that’s amazing is very good and above all that you get the best faculty.

Maniram Image

This edu-corporate has been teaching learners of multiple age-groups since 20 years of its establishmentfor these kinda exams in Takalkar Classes.

Aparna Image

The clusters and the classes of the coaching institute are being organised so well that students can hit offset with different things they have done an amazing job regarding this herein.

Dinesh Image

Adaptive learning technology is different and very helpful in the preparation for these exams in the academy in examinations like these.

Waseem akram Image
Waseem akram

The teachers are nice and all the classes are effectual around in here at this coaching. They even give extra time after class to clear our doubts.

Nilesh prajapat Image
Nilesh prajapat

Great learning experience around in here at this coaching institute. Absolutely focussed.

Rohit kumar Image
Rohit kumar

It is generally excellent decision for who is planning for these exams which is something brilliant about this coaching. I considered in this instructing place for 8 months of the coaching institute and I felt exceptionally glad to study.

Sneha Image

The teachers teach good content, but their pace is fast in this course. It is difficult to comprehend. The study portal is very active, and interesting.

mahesh ahuja Image
Mahesh ahuja

The most prior incentive is the test series of this coaching institution, is that the coaching institute gives a private attention to each of the student in this examination in here.

boby kumar Image
Boby kumar

The coaching has provided books for better results over for these examinations in these coachings. Fees are not very high. The faculty is highly experienced.

siresha gogul Image
Siresha gogul

They are having the best team of faculties & also good hostel facilities around in here at this coaching. I would like to highly recommend this institute for the coaching classes.

Simran Image

Best platform for those students who is eager for government job preparation around in here at this coaching. Here atmosphere for preparation is excellence.

Dr Shiv Narayan Sharma Image
Dr Shiv Narayan Sharma

The faculty of the coaching academy has had been great for these exams at this centre. Focus has been really curated to be converged mainly on the preparation of the exam and then the tactics associated with it been there.

Faiqa Image

Professors gave extra doubt solving classes just to ensure our success which is great about this institute. This is the best place to learn.

Gurpreet kaur Image
Gurpreet kaur

All teachers of the coaching academy in here are very helpful in nature and understanding being at this place here.

Urmila Image

The institute fulfils the dream of many students by giving proper knowledge and education to themand that’s amazing

Saniya Abbas Image
Saniya Abbas

Mental stage constantly deals with your preparation. They pay highlight on this which is something great about this coaching around. They teach to believe in our own goals. They goad until we set a particular target.

Shivam Sharma Image
Shivam Sharma

This coaching institute is the most gifted and experienced instructors of arithmetic, English thinking and general mindfulness which is something brilliant about this coaching.

sejal jain Image
Sejal jain

They ensure that you start concentrating on a philosophy. Jumbled study prompts wastage of time and money. They leave no single point from the courseit’s a good institute for these subjects.

Trushit Bhoi Image
Trushit Bhoi

Brilliant faculty is there at this coaching institution. Very supportive and knowledgeable. Always solved my queries and problems, this is a great academy for students. It's the best anyone could get in there at the academy.

Anfal balwari Image
Anfal balwari

The faculties of the coaching institute are well experienced and having good and deep knowledge around in here at this coaching. First rate infrastructure.

Suraj singh Image
Suraj singh

Teachers are really helpful, they may not be able to addressand that’s amazing all your queries in class itself but outside the class they are really helpful.

Pamul Image

The coaching institute starts with the basic formulas for these exams which are being taught and then take off with the other topicsat Takalkar Classes around this city.

Aslan Image

Inspirational sessions are directed to improve students displays which is something brilliant about this coaching. They give suitable standards to the students as for the test configuration, traps to clarify questions.

Ajeet Kumar Image
Ajeet Kumar

The mentors of the coaching institute for these exams have been the best mentor for me for every reasonat Takalkar Classes around this city.

Balaji Kumar Sahu Image
Balaji Kumar Sahu

The teaching here is totally based on practical life. It has a great teaching team that teaches well to every individual over here in this place greatly.

Chinmay Bhardwaj Image
Chinmay Bhardwaj

They have had been skilled experts to guide the students who are about to choose their future in here, this is a great academy for students.

Hammad Arshad Image
Hammad Arshad

High quality study materials, superb test series, best results which is really very amazing here for examsfor those exams which you are preparing around.

Shreya Gupta Image
Shreya Gupta

First of all thanks a lot for all of your precious timeas in this exam. Conducive environment right for efficient and progressive learning. Great hats off. Thank you

Vishal kushwaha Image
Vishal kushwaha

It has had given me a great career head at the coaching which is brilliant and great. They taught me from basic to advanced levelinside here Takalkar Classes . They entertained all my doubts as many times I asked them. My experience with them has been amazing.

Rajesh Kumar Image
Rajesh Kumar

The coursework is totally discussed with the students which make the study strategy clear which is something brilliant about this coaching.

Himanshu sharma Image
Himanshu sharma

Team effort you are going to find as in this exam centre with a great faculty for all the subjects all coordinated


The coaching institute conducts the tests which are improving my speed of question solving for these examsat Takalkar Classes around this city.

Ojas birari Image
Ojas birari

As there for examsfor those exams which you are preparing around are small batches here for examsfor those exams which you are preparing around, personal attention is provided to every student.

Vinita Rani Image
Vinita Rani

It is very easy to communicate and clear our doubts in this coaching. Books are provided by the institute which are designed according to the course structure for those exams which you are preparing which you are preparing.

Vitthal Haridas Shah Image
Vitthal Haridas Shah

Test series of this institute is significant and helps us to tackle the previous year’s question of the coaching which is something brilliant about this coaching. Their motivational sessions are demonstrated exceptionally accommodating for the students.

Pankaj Image

When I have had joined the coaching institute it was promised for these exams that the course would be completed in 4 months and it was completed in the same durationat Takalkar Classes around this city.

Jagat Singh Image
Jagat Singh

They show us new snares and ways to deal with understand questions quickly with the objective that our time could be saved in the test which is something brilliant about this coaching.

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