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General Studies
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All India Prelim Test Series
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About Sriram's IAS

Sriram’s IAS, North West Delhi is a leading institution dedicated to Civil Services Examination preparation and specializing in General Studies. Sriram’s IAS has made great strides over the years in providing education of the highest quality and in developing tomorrow's leaders. Over the last three decades, Sriram’s IAS has emerged as one of the leading institutes in India with the vision to be the center of excellence and the mission to develop innovative and ethical future leaders. The work of bureaucrats is becoming increasingly complex and this is fulfilled exclusively by the institute. Today's environment, characterized by disruptive politics and technology; increasing integration of the world's economies; and major social changes all over the world, particularly India, is extremely complex. Therefore those who aspire to become leaders of tomorrow will need to acquire specialized knowledge, skills, and attitude. Teaching for the Civil Services Examination demands renewal on a continuous basis. Information and developments bombard the candidate from all sides. Making sense from the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) (Constitutional body) perspective is a demanding task. Most students and even more so, teachers fall short for this reason. The institution, however, never did. Nor will their outstanding students. The reason is simple: Sriram’s IAS have a substantially long experience in teaching. The institute is committed and sincere. It does not rest on their past laurels. They treat every class as a challenge for themselves. The process of preparation is stretched over approximately two years. It begins with mastery over all the subjects that make up General Studies. Every class has a lot to take away for all three steps in the exam process: Preliminary, Mains and the Personality Test (Interview). The focus, of course, is on Prelims and the Mains. Students take a plunge into the preparation just after university education, where they are not habituated with going through the rigors of information gathering, sorting, understanding, prioritizing, improvisation, and presentation. Therefore, in every class, the faculty discusses the given chapter in a manner that it should appeal to a good, inquisitive, above average, young and determined student. Conceptual clarity, current applications, and India-centeredness, where necessary are the elements of such a discussion. Dumbing down never helped anyone. So the institute solely leaves substantial room for discussions.

An aspirant’s successful preparation starts with being regular for every class, being in step with faculty, reading the newspaper daily as indicated by the director, diversifying their knowledge base as they go along, etc. About the Optional. Once the General Studies foundations are strong, Optional has to be started by the students. Otherwise, they will find the balance difficult. Why General Studies should be started first? This is because it carries 1250 marks whereas Optional is only 500 marks. Optional needs time to understand and basic foundation can be laid with the help of GS classes, at least for some of the popular subjects. Therefore, students are advised not to select the Optional in a hurry and on hearsay. Further, if they had studied a subject at the undergraduate or postgraduate level and it figures in the UPSC's list of Optional subjects, they are lucky and are recommended to opt for it. The exception can be a technical student seeking a social science subject or literature. Otherwise, they will need to get to know the field of Civil Services Examination preparation. It may take a few weeks or months. Therefore, in the New System, optional preparation has to start after the students have generously dug into General Studies. In simple terms, under all circumstances, well almost all, G.S classes are the Kickstarter. Students should never go by hearsay. They are expected to apply your mind, be logical and finalize the optional. It can otherwise play the spoilsport. Once students are at Sriram's IAS, there are no differences between students from the so-called prestigious educational institutions and others. The institute guarantees that they would level the field for their students. Their branches spread across Delhi in Old Rajinder Nagar and Delhi University, North Campus. The institution is placed in such areas where the preparation for the civil services examination is the easiest—keeping in mind that students have all kinds of substantial study materials for the examination easily accessible to them. Sriram’s IAS prepares their students in such a way that they do not have to seek for further guidance from any place else when it comes to the preparations for civil services examinations. 

Courses Offered:

General Studies: Students are continuously assessed on the Prelims as well as Mains Pattern in the classroom. Added to that SRIRAM's (the only institute) offers All Indian Pre and Mains Test Series to its classroom students without any extra payment. Personal attention, effective teaching, senior faculty and also adaptability to the changing trends stand the institute out. Tons of information that can otherwise be very confusing is simplified by their world-class faculty to meet the needs of students of all types of caliber.

CSAT: General Studies at the Preliminary level is divided into two papers- GS-I and GS-II. GS-II is popularly known as CSAT. CSAT, from 2015 Preliminary, is a mere qualifying exam. The entire weight is on Paper-I of GS. CSAT classes are held a few weeks after the General Studies (Paper-I) classes commence so that candidates get familiar with the examination and the pattern, for them to pick up the subjects better. The link between the two papers is unmissable. The Paper-II Course lasts almost 3 months.

Mains Test Series: Main test series generally starts after Prelims Exam result.

Mains Optional Subjects: The institute provides coaching in various optional subjects such as History, Public Administration, Anthropology, Political Science, and Sociology.

As you can see, Sriram’s IAS, North West Delhi provides all the prerequisites to making a successful career for a student in the civil services examinations. This is what makes it the leading institute all over the nation in terms of the much coveted civil services examinations. This is the reason why students from all over the country come here to obtain their extraordinary guidance in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. 

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Sriram's IAS Reviews

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Hardeep Singh Image
Hardeep Singh

Management here is wonderful ,they always have a better alternative in here. They give much priority to the students.

Riya Image

The teachers of the coaching institute don’t take responsibility and has had been a brilliant thing and are not easy to approach which has been great.

Kamran Image

The staff of the institute has been highly qualified and it helps the students to get the best and is a great coaching.

duni chand Image
Duni chand

Doubt clearing sessions are held for the coaching institutes are the best of the kind and is a great coaching.

Shivam Image

The faculty is very good and the focus is on the right subjects of the academy in there, this is a great academy.

Ajay kashyap Image
Ajay kashyap

The teachers at the coaching academy has had been having a very cooperative and then gives extra time to weaker students for the improvement in subject in the academy, this is a great academy.

yuvraj Image

The quality of the education at the coaching that they have had been providing to their students is just amazing, this is a great academy.

tanu khera Image
Tanu khera

The arrangement which has been contained as a great deal of tests of different sorts that were carefully founded on the online Examination design they have done an amazing job.

Nanita kumari Image
Nanita kumari

Awesome spot for preparing for the UPSC which is a great thing. Great study environment. Great learning experience for the UPSC aspirant.

shubham jangra Image
Shubham jangra

All the preparation and the classes have been organized to screen the singular development which is a great thing.

Rajesh Kumar Image
Rajesh Kumar

There have had been the pool of the faculties what they have had been in there and their expertise in the subjects are exemplary, particularly in Public admin, and Geography- which I have taken as optional in my Main Exams in this coaching and the town which has been great.

Koushal sohal Image
Koushal sohal

The faculty of this coaching institute is basically nice, as some of the teachers are being there in the perhaps that the best I’ve had ever seen, which has been great while the few others are really on average at the point which has had been there.

ehheheheh Image

With the coaching institution which would have been there in the coaching being there, you would get study material that too are additionally composing which has had been there and based on the previous papers along with which has been there in it in their answers from educator in being there in this town in being there which has been great. This one is the best one I could find till now.

Akshay mote Image
Akshay mote

The fact is that all the things in the coaching institution are being going well which is a brilliant thing for it and I don’t expect anything more about the thing sin this coaching institution at the same time of the coaching

Prateek sharma Image
Prateek sharma

Our suggestions in this coaching institution, the things are taken to be really very seriously for being at that part which is a brilliant thing for it. What else can we ask for, from a coaching institution.

rakesh Image

The coaching institute has had been for one of the greatest sign of the mentorship by offering the students the best they can do for the best time in the coaching which is a brilliant thing for it. I believe that on their part this is the best thing that they can offer to us really at this point being there.

Amandeep Image

On the part of being the student which is a brilliant thing for it, I suppose that this coaching, has had been on the best part present here in this town which has had been there.

sumandeep Image

There is no student discrimination in this coaching which is a brilliant thing for it. All are treated equally and this is a really brilliant thing on this part.

Anchal Image

The coaching institution of the coaching institution has had been providing candidates with the best course contend with the decided staff with all the way along in there at the coaching in this academy inside this coaching institute.

shagun Image

I believe that the students of this academy and then I love this coaching as much as I do and this is the best part of this coaching institution out there.

Anil Bhasker Image
Anil Bhasker

The parents can be really relaxed by sending their adults to this coaching. :D:D :D and then which has had been there.

Mehak Image

As there are small batches in this coaching institution, personal attention has been provided to every student in here.

neeraj bhasin Image
Neeraj bhasin

The current affairs part of the coaching institute is really amazing followed by the GK, Geaography and the history part.

vivek rai Image
Vivek rai

The students who have a dream of being an IAS with weaker English, this coaching is a boon for you.

Deepak Image

The coaching arranges all the material for us, the newspapers, the magazines and everything else, which we are needed to know.

Sanjana Image

I love that part where the teachers get involved in the student’s personality development and help them to face what they actually want to.

Vaibhav Image

In this coaching institute, the study material has been really great and brilliant; the entire chapter has been given up the sequence with it being very easy to read. All the chapter are given in a short form for faster preparation of this exam.

Sonam Image

What’s more in the box for you in the coaching is that you may do a lot extra if you are willing to do it. So go for it.

mangveer kaur Image
Mangveer kaur

Persuasive sessions are led to improve students exhibitions in there. They give legitimate rules to the students with respect to the test design which has had been there, tricks to been to illuminate questions in there.

Bishal Image

I am really really happy to tell you that it is the best path to clear out the civil services with guidance of our great mentors at this institution which has had been in there. They are the ones who guide you to clear out this level of upsc with full confidence in this coaching academy.

Sahil verma Image
Sahil verma

Every student is treated individually that's why class strength is kept to be limited. Really a great place to learn in the coaching academy.


Best place is this institution in this town of the coaching to take up the coaching for the preparation of for the IAS exam which has been really hard.

vishu Image

The coursework in the coaching institution is throughly discussed with the students which makes the study process clear.

yukesh Image

Their study material in the coaching institution is full of important questions and concepts covering all essential topics.

hjghj Image

Best place in the coaching institution to take up coaching for preparation.

Prakash Singh Image
Prakash Singh

It is additionally useful for innovation in the academy. Faculties are exceptionally agreeable. Its classrooms are so roomy.

Nand kumar yadav Image
Nand kumar yadav

The training is regarded as deserving of its place in the best-instructing focuses as the students who breeze through the tests are Hindi medium students in the academy – acquiring a higher ascent these numbers as the years go on.

Smriti Image

The educational modules are consistently assessed, amended, and refreshed to keep it on a similar dimension as the present test designs in the academy.

sumit Image

The course is organized and has various booklets to suit it. The course is finished in time giving a lot of uninterrupted alone time study in the academy.

Narinder pal Image
Narinder pal

Best place in this town to take up the coaching institute for the preparation of for the IAS in here.

akanksha jha Image
Akanksha jha

The teachers of the coaching take the responsibility of students and are easy to approach in the coaching.

dilkhush meena Image
Dilkhush meena

Very solid staff is here at the coaching institution. The majority of the centres are being told totally. The affiliation is flooding with supporters who help you through each thick and dainty.

Alisha sharma Image
Alisha sharma

Most of the inquiries for the practice or mock tests are very resemblance that of prior year paper. By and large, we can say it's a topper institution.

Abhishek Image

With the change in the pattern of the IAS exams for a few years ago which moved away from knowledge-based evaluation to analytical skills assessment, the institute became a big beneficiary as its study model is based upon inculcating a deep sense in solving ability


The coaching administration is really very good and the efficient. Infrastructure is very good. I had a great time preparing for the entrance exams.

Gursevak Image

The tests of the coaching institute which has been conducted to help us to evaluate our position and efforts we need to further put.

harjit Image

Best of the place to take up the coaching institute for the preparation.

shivam Image

Perfect combo is there of what you would need of the coaching institutes. I'm grateful and thankful to have made the decision I did.

yashwant singh Image
Yashwant singh

The coaching faculties here at the coaching institute are excellent and really helpful. I'm having a good experience with faculty guidance as well. The best knowledge anyone can get from here at the coaching institute.

Suveer Kumar Image
Suveer Kumar

Not only for the doubts but also if anyone would want to clarity over anything that is related to competitive exams, need some advice in preparation or has issues concentrating.

Aditya Image

25. IAS preparation of the coaching institute has had turned out very well with help of this institute. Each and every aspect of the institute is properly designed in the coaching.

Noorjahan Image

Regular tests are there to be have conducted at the institute. A time table is provided well in advance explaining the test schedule.

gurpreet singh Image
Gurpreet singh

The study material of the coaching institute is full of the important questions and the concepts covering all the essential topics.

balbir Image

Best place is this one to take up the coaching for the preparation. The faculty of the coaching insteitute is highly qualified and keeps the environment motivating.

mahinder kumar Image
Mahinder kumar

They gave every one of the reports with respect to the tests and train appropriately. The personnel attempts to bring each understudy. It typical instructing focus with a one of a kind educating procedure of the coaching institute.

nitin Image

The tests of the coaching institute are directed depend on test situated example which is valuable in our tests. Every one of the resources here are experienced.

Anuj Image

Picking this coaching institute to get ready for the IAS tests. It is one of the most troublesome tests and the institute has helped me beaten my dread in it.

Amit Rana Image
Amit Rana

Persuasive sessions are led to improvement of the students exhibitions. They give legitimate rules to the students with respect to the test design, tricks to illuminate questions from the question paper but it doesn’t work like that.

Parveen Kaur Image
Parveen Kaur

The coaching academy has been giving us an opportunity unlike other institutes for preparations to get a one-on-one doubt and strategy clearing sessions with great quality faculties present irrespective of how one is performing on a daily basis.

Priyanka Image

Every student of the coaching institute is being treated individually that's why for the class strength of the coaching institute is kept to be limited. Really its a really great place to learn

Varinder bir singh Image
Varinder bir singh

The coaching institute provides a very very good environment for students to prepare for what is one of the toughest national level exams in the country.

Adarsh Bhardwaj Image
Adarsh Bhardwaj

This coaching academy is very great and better than other institute it also having upsc/gpsc classes and it has 100%result.

naresh Image

Sincere and then conscientious efforts to prepare candidates for the SSB interview for NDA,CDS, AIR FORCE and Navy . Highly recommended.

sidharth sharma Image
Sidharth sharma

Teaches of the coaching institute very effective. Tries to bring the student's understanding from very basic level.

komal verma Image
Komal verma

S there are very small batches, personal attention is provided to every student.

manoj sheokand Image
Manoj sheokand

All of the teachers and other staff are supporting. They are always ready to help every individual to improve on his/her weakness.

Rajat Image

Faculty and the teachers of the institutes are very supportive and helpful. They have the best potential to guide and lead students the best possible way to achieve their knowledge.

virender Image

Continuous feedback of Mock test and assignments really helped a lo in the coaching institute. Discover yourself at this academy.

karnika Image

I discovered it extremely difficult to unravel the inquiries, the educators never abandoned me, they caused me to comprehend the recipes and tricks to tackle t

Ajay Image

The institute is great and foundation is additionally decent. The homerooms are all around outfitted. The staff in the institute is profoundly experienced. The students are likewise helpful.


The institution has given an altogether different dimension to the most sturdy exam of India - UPSC.


I would say everything is perfect .their teachers,teachers interaction ,services provided by them, amazing results.

yudhvir Image

It provides best guidance with best faculty.They clear your basics in each and every subject.

sheetal Image

The main thing about the coaching institution is faculty focuses on each & every student that is possible because of the limited strength of the institute.

Suramya Image

The instructors pursue a student focused encouraging philosophy and their academic practices are profoundly established in qualities.

priyanka negi Image
Priyanka negi

They have provided the best facility and best teacher. Here , study environment is very good and interactive.

Darshan Image

The class started with the basics and progressed by covering various other topics. Each topic was taught well with examples for better understanding of every topic.

Rishav Image

They are totally focused to UPSC exam and provides nearly everything which is require for CSE preparation i.e. best faculty, Class test (regularly on Sunday) evaluation & discussion. In-house magazine is a superb collection of Current Affairs.

Ramanjot singh Image
Ramanjot singh

Lecture are very nice! Faculties are great at teaching understanding and have friendly atmosphere.

Joseph Image

Concepts along with tricks are fully covered. The support staff is very helpful as well.

Baljeet Image

The step-to-step guidance provided by the the teachers and mentors at the institute is beyond explanation.

sumit kumar Image
Sumit kumar

The institute has good faculty with ample guidance and study material along with adequate support from the faculty.

priya Image

Teachers are very good and management takes quick actions on feedback.

Abhishek Kumar Image
Abhishek Kumar

All faculty of this coaching institute are really extremely talented and they have taught very well. Also these faculty have lots of patience to clear doubts.

Arshiya balana Image
Arshiya balana

Already cleared GS, then mains and stuck at interview round but come all the way because of their teachers and staff

suman Image

Improved my knowledge to top level. this IAS centre gives you a real hope with their awesome teaching group

shahil Image

Some grinding I have been to ever, this IAS centre a perfect fit for IAS preparation. Note are world class

santosh Image

I have been in touch with 9 other providers and if you want to become a real life coach who creates real transformation for your clients, this is the most beautiful, self-reflective and insightful place to achieve that. I feel I have honoured myself and my heart’s purpose by pursuing this training.

sumit kumar sharma Image
Sumit kumar sharma

Grind is their motto and if you are one of the IAS aspirant then definitely IAS coaching institute to prepare from

ashish Image

Resonance all around. This IAS institute surely prevails one of the best.

Rajinder Image

Our teachers are really very helpful. Study materials of the coaching and classes are really great.

sourav Image

The IAS exam is one of the most difficult exams in the country and this coaching helps me through that.

Sanjay gupta Image
Sanjay gupta

Test series which has been conducted on the weekly basis have been a huge success.

gaurav bajaj Image
Gaurav bajaj

It gives amd instructing to every one of the three dimensions of the test – the prelims, mains, and the interview or identity test.

Deepinder singh Image
Deepinder singh

A choice is given in Hindi or English medium with both the ordinary groups and at the end of the week of the bunches.

govind Image

Their work Ethics and essay module helped out a lot to carve more and more marks and the personal mentoring as a brilliant initiative.

Dr..kuldeep Image

Their Ethics and essay module helped a lot to carve more and more marks and the personal mentoring as a great initiative.

Priyanka Image

It has given me an extraordinary vocation. They teached me from the basics to cutting edge level. They helped me solve every one of my questions irrelevant of the number of times I asked them. My involvement with them has been astounding.

krishen paul thakur Image
Krishen paul thakur

The institution is great and framework is additionally pleasant. The group study sessions are very much outfitted. The staff in the institution is very experienced.

nishi Image

I picked this institution since it structures their very own examination material to take into account their very own encouraging philosophy and the study material is extremely useful.

vibhuti Image

I joined them 6months ago, I have learned a lot and got higher in confidence and I am sure of cracking the exam.

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