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Sri Chaitanya Institute

Dwarka sector 5 Dwarka

Sri Chaitanya Institute

Shop No. S-4, Manish Mega Plaza, Desh Bandhu Gupta Marg, Dwarka sector 5, Dwarka, South West Delhi, Delhi, 110075


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Sri Chaitanya Institute Course Fees

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Sri Chaitanya Institute Course Fees
Course Duration Fees
JEE Main + Advanced 1 Yr 35000 /-
JEE: 12th Pass 1 Yr 35000 /-
JEE+School 2 Mo 35000 /-
JEE Foundation 4 Yr 35000 /-
NEET Foundation 4 Yr 35000 /-
NEET/AIIMS 1 Yr 35000 /-
NEET/AIIMS 2 Yr 35000 /-
NEET/AIIMS: 12th Pass 1 Yr 35000 /-
NEET+School 2 Mo 35000 /-
JEE MAINS 35000 /-

About Sri Chaitanya Institute

When comparing Sri Chaitanya Institute and others, it's important to consider a few factors:

Sri Chaitanya Institute Delhi is set up to help our aspirants to fulfil their goal. We believe that their goal is our goal. The institute is enriched with resources and provides knowledge for cracking all the important exams that decide the fate of a student. We provide quality, overall services and also advise students when stuck or in need of consultancy.

The teachers arrange various doubt sessions for the students, helping them to fully understand the points they feel stuck at or difficult to solve. The institute also provides demo classes for the students. Each student is provided with personal attention. The fee charged at the institute is nominal when compared to the knowledge imparted. The institute has beautifully designed modules that lay out the entire syllabus of an exam.

Their books are high on quality and do not compromise on standards. Each chapter is well explained. Each module has self-practice questions at the end. You can assess yourself after each round of study to know where you stand. Sri Chaitanya Institute Delhi at most selection tests have plenty of questions from these test papers. The institution has been established with a professional attitude and with a team of highly qualified professionals, as well as a lot of experience, attained from diverse educational and professional Its prime and transportation friendly environment makes it easy and affordable for the students to move to and for the institution. 

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