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About Singh Study Circle

Providing a wide range of coaching courses, Singh Study Circle is best known for engineering entrance exam coaching. The institute was established in the year 1985 but the Rohini branch came up much later. Since then, the academy is dedicated to quality teaching and maintaining an academically healthy and conducive environment for the students. Its features include mock tests, online series as well as study materials. In addition, the institute is also providing coaching for various other exams like MBA, BBA, BCA, Law, Media exams and so on.

Courses Offered

The following courses are offered at Singh Study Circle.
1. IIT JEE Main and Advanced Courses
One year and two-year courses are available for engineering entrance exams. 

2. AIPMT/NEET Courses
Two-year courses for students of class 11 and one year courses for students of class 12 are offered. 

3. Other Courses
Coaching classes for various other exams including government job exams like Railway, SSC exams, entrance exams like MBA, BBA, BCA, and media exams are also offered.

The students should choose their course, branch and institute based on their needs, requirements and convenience.
To sum it up, Singh Study Circle makes is a coaching center that prepared students for a wide variety of exams.

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Singh Study Circle Reviews

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Kamal Image

Many even wait for the admission in this institute here. The standard over there is just awesome.

Pawanjot singh
Pawanjot singh Image

The faculty knows the performance of each student and helps them accordingly for these exams. This coaching institution which has been holding personalized with then the monitoring which has been based system, with the provides excellent of the results in there.

Anil Image

Pre-planned course manual everything is spot in here, teaching standards are very high apart from me missing few classes

sofia Image

The Institute has the best facilities. They provide thr aspirants in here with a very healthy environment for study.

rajat Image

All the study material is also provided by the coaching Institute to help the students grow and learn which is a great thing.

Gurleen Kaur
Gurleen Kaur Image

This is a really very good for all of the students who desire to get admission as well as different type of facilities provide in the institution.

Riverjot kaur
Riverjot kaur Image

You cut off from the outside world; this is what this coaching does to you. Pretty amazing? Well yes, this is what I think is the most important thing when you go out to join the coaching institutes.

Neerja Image

Regular tests of the coaching institutes are conducted at this coaching academies. At a time table of the coaching institute is provided with well in advance explaining the test schedule in the coaching institutions which are being present here.

sam Image

They help you at every single dimension of your arrangement and shows real worry towards helping you get past IAS test particularly in case you're an apprentice in the academy.

Satveer Brar
Satveer Brar Image

Regular tests of the coaching are being conducted at this coaching institutes. A time table of the coaching institute is provided with well in advance explaining the test schedule.


Mental stage is what consistently controls your planning at the coaching. They pay accentuation on this.They instruct to have confidence in our own objectives. They propel until we set a distinct objective.

Sachin Pal Singh
Sachin Pal Singh Image

The best part of the coaching institution are the mentors of the coaching institute, who are the perfect concoction of professionalism and cordiality.

Kulbhushan Image

20. Excellent part of the coaching institution is that you never get bored and you get involved in studies day by day and here is the best mentor who always ready to help you 24×7 you can ask anything anytime without any hesitation with the teachers and all students get equal attention which is important for every student.

ashish Image

40. The classes of the coaching institute are well efficient and my mentors and supporting staffs are cooperative.

Ash Image

I would strongly recommend this Institute to other people who require additional creative skills with limited time availability in the coaching institute.

Abhi Image

The quality of teaching is outstanding. This institute provides great learning for academics as well as self development of a person.

Neha Image

The Staff and surroundings is added advantage to students.

Navneet Kumar
Navneet Kumar Image

Have undergone the complete course and I must admit the faculty members are highly qualified and the teaching methods are excellent.


It’s very for the good for then it is very nice to explore new words and vocabulary i think everyone should join it to learn new and make their way in the world of English.

Yash Image

Professional way of teaching and the faculty members are friendly enough to clear even small doubts.

jashan tiwana
jashan tiwana Image

This academy has had been seriously good. They support in all the things.The teachings skills are very good. They have had been even given the guidance for our future.The teachers are not only teachers they are also like our friends in this coaching institute.

Ashu Image

The little bunches give expected guiding to students.

Parul parihar
Parul parihar Image

Class are there at the coaching institute are scheduled in a way so that students feel no pressure. They are aptly spaced and occur for a duration of 3 hours.

Bheem singh
Bheem singh Image

It is a great institute in prominent locality with excellent faculty and administration . One to one interaction with students and problem solving in a very effective manner.

Riya Image

Excellent educating, delighted staff and supportive instructors. This institution is profoundly Recommended to everybody.

lovepreet gill
lovepreet gill Image

The study material is very useful. I have learned many new things in the past three months. I could see an improvement in my tests which I have attended in this coaching institute.

Ashok kumar
Ashok kumar Image

Faculty is very helping and cooperating. Content and quality of content is very nice in the coaching institute.

supriya Image

Tricks and methods of reasoning are very helpful and make the topic easy. The way English taught is very comprehensive and easy to understand.

neha jishtu
neha jishtu Image

Well maintained faculty and comfortable environment for students here .

zeenat kalia
zeenat kalia Image

I must admit that this coaching institute is the best tuition in the world. I hold one of the best memories of my school life at this place.

Kiran Image

The coaching institute is very helpful and supporting in every aspect of coaching. Specially the staff and faculty.

somu Image

The material provided is excellent and the test series is competitive enough to give you a real feel of the exam.

Jagtar singh
Jagtar singh Image

The teachers at the coaching institute here always try to take out the best from each and every student.

sahil Image

Good environment, friendly and cooperative staff members . I have learnt a lot here and it's good to be a part of it.

Neelam Image

You’ve made a positive difference in my life I never forgot this one thing you said to me I’m still using a skill you taught me. You’re the reason I accomplished this.

Kavita Rani
Kavita Rani Image

The faculty and teachers actually care whether or not the students are studying. The effort put in by the staff is remarkable.

Sanjay kumar
Sanjay kumar Image

Probably the best institute in trade with best faculties and best classroom culture a student can get.

Rahul choudhary
Rahul choudhary Image

Give a hell if you don’t go to these coaching. Excellent in all areas no lacking of anything. Teachers are peach and so that their study books

Trisha Image

They don’t teach us rather trained us to be the best whether its course, interviews skills or any other part of studies simply the best

anil Image

Before coming to this institution I was not having a clear vision for my career. But here I got the clear idea and direction about my career that how to prepare myself to face the reality.

diksha Image

It may happen that at this place you will get to know about the shortcomings of your child. Which you did not have thought of.

Ranjna Image

Infrastructure facilities top notch with faculty consists of potent class. Just a little less conducive to go for gate coaching

Satinder Image

During the time, when you are confused what to do and what not to do, the faculty of the academy was always reachable and we could contact them whenever we had any doubt.


One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings.

Monika Image

Test series is very responsive really jogged up all your basics and concepts. Overall a real nice place to prepare for IAS.

Gursimrat Image

It is the most systematic institute I have ever seen for the medical and engineering about 17 years and institute’s teachers are very regular and systematic and a way too understandable.

Harmandep Singh
Harmandep Singh Image

Their material for the studying has been is detailed covering certain important topics, though not elaborate. Don’t expect to understand it much, though the faculty certainly takes out extra time to explain things you didn’t understand.

kanaiya lal
kanaiya lal Image

They have a deep knowledge of the field. The coaching institute provides the best of the environment to study.

Raminderpal kaur
Raminderpal kaur Image

The IAS coaching institute provides a good study material. The teachers at the institute are very experienced and helpful.

Harjot sharma
Harjot sharma Image

The test series of this coaching institute is just worth the test. You would be an expert, taking it.

abhi rawal
abhi rawal Image

Teachers of the coaching institute are respected to the teachers.

vishal Image

It is the best institute with high class faculty.

armaan Image

The institute centers around intelligent learning sessions along with the employees who trust that making an urging domain can really prompt achievement.

Nitin bhardwaj
Nitin bhardwaj Image

Courses are here at the coaching for the IAS are brilliant. Affordable and the quality wise it is great.

Surinder Image

The coaching organises various events to interact with the bright students and the toppers of previous years.

Avneet Image

Just you have to be too much careful in the classroom and learn every concept and revise that at home.

Divyanshumishra Image

Courses here at this coaching for IAS are good. Affordable and quality wise great.

Banti Kumar
Banti Kumar Image

The mentors gather study material from different sources and provides us the most ideal information.

gaurav Image

Personal opinion regarding every student amid classes adds a dash of style to the approach and rouses them to work much harder. They provide guidance to improve and attain best results.

Sonia Image

The study material that will be given-you will be given sheet and races. Sheets consist of every sort of theory question and wide range of questions to solve.

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