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Sanswee IAS Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
IAS --- 1 Yr 35000/-
PCS --- 1 Yr 35000/-
HCS --- 1 Yr 35000/-
HAS --- 1 Yr 35000/-
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About Sanswee IAS

Sanswee IAS academy, located in sector 37C, Chandigarh, is the city's one of the top institutes which provide coaching for IAS, PCS, HCS, HAS. SANSWEE IAS STUDY CENTER provides an innovative technology to crack this examination. The technology has been developed on the basis of experiences of a group of successful candidates in the CSE Examinations. It guarantees success to a mediocre student if he/she believes in & work on the technology under their expert guidance. The team of the teaching staff of the institute is a group of well experienced and well dedicated towards the students. The study material provided to the students is also brief and to the point and made it simpler for better understanding. The hard work of both the staff and students has made the instituted today to be ranked among the brilliant institutes of Chandigarh.
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Sanswee IAS Reviews

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madhu Image

In this coaching institute around here, the best part is that the things are prepared really very well out there in between the coaching academy around the corner of the institute probably the best coaching for exams over this place.

Neetu Soni Image
Neetu Soni

You can ask and discuss anything related study and career, any time at this coaching place. The faculty is always tat this coaching place to help you.

Vinay duhan Image
Vinay duhan

The congenial and friendly environment of learning in class make this academy different from others at this coaching place.

Anchal Mandal Image
Anchal Mandal

Small batch size makes the class interactive and very helpful at this coaching place.

Vikas Image

Excellence in lectures and prodigious study material with the steering of practiced And professionals staff makes dream come back true at this coaching place.

Aishavi Mishra Image
Aishavi Mishra

Simple solutions a lot easier to make the syllabus simple and can be done in the 6 month period approx. also classroom sessions very understanding and resourceful at this academic institution

Yogesh mohite Image
Yogesh mohite

I discovered it actually difficult to tackle the inquiries, the instructors never abandoned me , they influenced me to comprehend the equations and traps to explain the inquiries besides this institution.

Simran Tomar Image
Simran Tomar

The tests led depend on test arranged example which is extremely helpful in our tests. Every one of the resources here are experienced besides this institution.

Anal Gupta Image
Anal Gupta

They embraced altogether different and great path for at the season of arrangement. They gave sound workplace besides this institution.

Raya Image

Mental stage dependably manages your readiness besides this institution. They pay accentuation on this. They educate to have confidence in our own objectives. They spur until we set a distinct target.

Manoj Image

All staff is well order and very knowledgeable besides this institution. Scholastic program is astounding. The substance planned is applicable.

Nishant Sharma Image
Nishant Sharma

This coaching foundation has high class libraries from where the books can in like manner be issued. It is helpful for youngsters. Teachers are amazingly valuable into here in this institution. The teachers are accessible to questions. They have had induced their students to lock in.

Kaveri Rana Image
Kaveri Rana

The best part of this coaching institution, probably the best coaching for exams is when the students have to take the load for learning about the exams for exams over this place, since all we have to do is sit and relax later in this coaching institute in this town.

Rudra badlamwar Image
Rudra badlamwar

This is the place at this coaching place people come to make their career with guidance and great effort of the teachers who are very caring about Students at this coaching place.

mandeep kaur Image
Mandeep kaur

It has given me a great career. They taught me from basic to advanced level in this coaching institution here over in for those exams which you are preparing

Gaurav Garg Image
Gaurav Garg

Taking about admin they are very helpful over and extra classes and other things books and magazines and for the current affair in this coaching institution here over in for those exams which you are preparing.

Rushabh Deshmukh Image
Rushabh Deshmukh

Every class didn’t start on time so, the whole time was elapsed in three classes only and the fourth one doesn’t start in this coaching institution here over in for those exams which you are preparing.

Surjeet kumar Image
Surjeet kumar

The tests conducted are based on exam oriented pattern which is very useful in this coaching institution here over in for those exams which you are preparing.

Sayak Das Image
Sayak Das

It is good for beginners. Teachers are very helpful in this coaching institution here over in for those exams which you are preparing.

Mandeep Image

The institute creates a timetable which helps the students to the peak and takes regular assessments are held inside here Sanswee IAS .

Aayush Choudhary Image
Aayush Choudhary

I believe that the best part of this coaching institution is that when you are provided with the updateshere in this at this great academic institution, doubt counters and everything else at the regular basis at the same time of the same one.

Karina Kapoor Image
Karina Kapoor

The coaching institute provides us with the daily cut out of the newspapershere in this at this great academic institution consisting of the important news which has had been there in this city.

Bijender Image

Personal attention on every candidatein this examination. Personal guidance is also provide to those aspirants who need it.

Alshifa Mustaqeem Image
Alshifa Mustaqeem

Less number of students in a batch gave more opportunity for direct teacher -student interactionin this examination.Daily current affairs and articles sent were very helpful.

Harwinder kaur Image
Harwinder kaur

They provide the students with study books which are strictly based on the examination patternin this examination.

Harsh Maurya Image
Harsh Maurya

Missing the one of the best even a single class of the coaching institutes could cost a lot. Their online prep courses are useful and extraordinaryfor this great course around here. The staff is significantly experienced and has been in the business for the last few years.

Sumit Nishad Image
Sumit Nishad

The standard is simply magnificentand that’s extraordinary. The resources simply give their most ideal in all approaches to cover every one of the points and furthermore give tips and traps to recollections certain ideas.

Abhishek Rajput Image
Abhishek Rajput

Nice place to get the real information about the subjects in a very friendly and competitive environment great institution for thisthis institute is too good and I can't forget that beautiful moments which I spend this institute is too good.

Hritik saini Image
Hritik saini

Test series of this institute is significant and helps us to tackle the previous year’s question of the coaching this is extraordinary. Their motivational sessions are demonstrated exceptionally accommodating for the students.

Sumanjeet Image

Best platform for those students who is eager for government job preparation which is really very amazing here for the pressure handling of exams. Here for the pressure handling of exams atmosphere for the pressure handling of exams for preparation is excellence.

Charu Sharma Image
Charu Sharma

The institute attend the best teachers and they teach you in the best way with the best materialSanswee IAS has a good studying aura.

Sachin Kumar Maurya Image
Sachin Kumar Maurya

The notes of these exams’ are enough to crack the for around this institution. I am preparing for the stages of the exams.

Skc Image

Every classroom of the coaching institute has had in the air conditioner this was very nice in summer which is what I like about here.

Sudhakar Image

We may have many coaching institute in the cityfor this great institution culture for the purpose of preparation but thing that makes this academy different from others.

Vidyawti Kumari Image
Vidyawti Kumari

The institute is good for those who work hard and also who trust himself/herself institutein this perfect and good institute.

Chanchal Kumawat Image
Chanchal Kumawat

The faculty and staff of the coaching centre are extremely intelligent and diligent who can explain concepts better than anyone elseThis institute has good environment.

Nikita Image

I have seen the past results of tis coaching institute and the past student’s reviews about the coaching. And now I am reviewing this as the best coaching institution in this townhere inside this institute.


The institution provides More conceptual clearance with facility of repeat weekend classes in this examination. This facility of theirs is the best.

admin Image

This institution provides the best facility and advice to the students inside the institution.

Diksha Verma Image
Diksha Verma

The faculties here are likewise experienced and show us new traps and approaches to comprehend questions rapidly with the goal that our time could be spared in testthis coaching is good for this.

Nilesh Narayan lade Image
Nilesh Narayan lade

The monthly tests helps you a lot to analyze your preparation take it seriouslyin Sanswee IAS which is a great institute. ; this is what that makes difference.

Akhand rai Image
Akhand rai

The coaching institute has provided us with study material in Sanswee IAS which is a good academy located herewhich is helpful for the exam.

jatin Image

I have had been studying here for a lot of time now and I believearound this study culture that every student should trust this coaching institute.

Ayush Tiwari Image
Ayush Tiwari

Mental stage always rules your preparation. They pay emphasis on thisaround this coaching place around

Raushan sinha Image
Raushan sinha

The teacher here is very well experienced and his teaching method helps student's a lotSanswee IAS the best coaching indeed.

Akshay joshi Image
Akshay joshi

They ensure that you start studying with a strategy this is extraordinary. Unorganised study leads to wastage of time and money.

Sangeeta Image

The establishment has an uncommon point which is the preparation test for us for these courses for these exams. I think this is the commonly astonishing reason for this foundation.

Abhishek Image

The teachers are so experienced that they follow the trend of the exam and then figure out that what type of the questions may come for them in the future exams here around this institution. So this is what I liked the best.

Muskaan Minz Image
Muskaan Minz

Sunday chapter wise test has been conducted regularly. A series of preliminary exams are also held to score high in the exams and that’s extraordinarily great.

Radhika Image

They don’t teach us rather trained us to be the best whether its course here, interviews skills or any other part of studies simply the best

Venish parewa Image
Venish parewa

It has given me a great career. They taught me from basic to advanced level which is something great about this coaching. They entertained all my doubts as many times I asked them. My experience with them has been amazing .

Kirti jatav Image
Kirti jatav

Taking about admin they are very helpful over and extra classes and other things books and magazines and for the current affair which is something great about this coaching.

Dimple Malik Image
Dimple Malik

It is the best institute to prepare for the exam with affordable fee structure. This institute has the most amazing staff for those exams which you are preparing.

raksha shinde Image
Raksha shinde

Best place to take up coaching for preparation, great coaching is this one.The faculty is highly qualified and keeps the environment motivating for those exams which you are preparing.

Tushar Kaushal Image
Tushar Kaushal

In this study material, the entire chapter are given in sequence it is very easy to read. All the chapter are given in a short form for faster preparation for those exams which you are preparing.

Sonu Boora Image
Sonu Boora

It is the best coaching class which provide best knowledge platform to students who are preparing for these exams for those exams which you are preparing.

Sahil preet Image
Sahil preet

This institute consists of good teachers and well-defined staffs and they can able to deliver the concepts clearly for those exams which you are preparing.

Harkirat singh Image
Harkirat singh

For some students with great intelligence level can grow into here as the faculty focuses on them more but I have seen many with low intelligence level but doing great .

Chander Image

Personnel is very experienced and healthily unravel our doubts as in this exam. By and large a lively learning condition is made accessible to the students of the coaching institute here.

Muskan saini Image
Muskan saini

Incredible spot is this one to learn. All the faculties are pleasant and persevering as in this exam.

Akshat Khandelwal Image
Akshat Khandelwal

The examination material given by the foundation here is hard as in this exam, setting you up for the most fretful outcome conceivable.

Shawnswift Image

The coaching institute is the only the waste of the time and the money in the coaching for these kinda exams. I got no benefit studying here.

Ram lal Image
Ram lal

Apart from every single concept it’s been great that I study in this for those exams which you are preparing institute I believe that the best part is that the teacher hear the students here in this greatest for those exams which you are preparing.

Rahul Image

They teach to believe in our own goals here. They motivate until we set a definite target.


More time is invested in topics here of high weightage and it is a positive approach.

Armaan kaur randhawa Image
Armaan kaur randhawa

I chose this institute because it designs their own study material to cater here to their own teaching methodology and the study material is very helpful.

Jatinder Image

The institute helps here in improving the personality of the student.

Vishal chauhan Image
Vishal chauhan

Their study material is full of important questions and concepts covering all essential topics here.

Anu Image

The study condition is extraordinary here. Students are extremely propelled and instructors are exceptionally experienced.

Sukhwinder Image

The charges structure is very moderate and the organization gives grants here. This is the best activity an organization takes.

jitender Image

I also studied frm this institute a grt academic record i praised these people for doing their hrd work n this field

sardar Image

Study matters a lot now a if u wnt to grow up high n make ur life a good one.. Join now

yash Image

Gud job these ppl r doing ... Reputated n study based questions done for exm.... Don't forget the name....try must...

jeevanverma Image

Good furniture wise....a well educated staff.... A well know members of ths institute... Highly appreciated institute

Shirish Image

It is the best instructing class which give best information stage to students who are planning for the exams in this coaching institution at Sanswee IAS in this city.

Abhishek rana Image
Abhishek rana

The study materials are totally unique and are created by their very own staff, in-houseat Sanswee IAS located around here

Roshan chayal Image
Roshan chayal

This one is one of the best for these exams for these courses in this town for this it’s been great

Daman Image

This for these exams for these courses is probably the best for these exams for these courses when it comes to the test series it’s been great, doubt counters and the other things which is a great thing to be.

Manpreet kaur Image
Manpreet kaur

There are things like the exams’ prepared notes which helps the students to the best part for thisfor these exams for these courses institute in there at the same point which is amazing thing it’s been great.

Kanak Image

The for these exams for these courses not only prepares us for this exam it’s been great but also for the other exams which come along the way which is amazing thing.


The best part of this for these exams for these courses is to helps us it’s been great which is amazing thing even when we are not in the distress mode.

Shivani jangle Image
Shivani jangle

Faculties of the coaching institution has had been very knowledgeable & best in their profession. Institute has big campus equipped with hi-tech classrooms at Sanswee IAS in this city.

Lovely Image

The infrastructure of the coaching has had been the excellent and teaching methodology is very good and above all that you get the best faculty present at Sanswee IAS in this city.

Vishal Image

The coaching institution has had been really smart and dedicated teachers. They always keeps on inspiring and motivating to do better in our lives at Sanswee IAS in this city.

Aaska Singh Image
Aaska Singh

They have had been really given really good practice questions, with units divided in terms of toughness and type of questions at Sanswee IAS in this city.

Rahul Gaba Image
Rahul Gaba

Classrooms have an excellent student to teacher ratio which has had been there. It has been a great learning experience so far at Sanswee IAS in this city. Faculties always motivate you to give your best.

sumit chahan Image
Sumit chahan

A well faculty .... A known institute.... Go ahead.. U wll get oll gains.....hardly any losses u come across....tryyy hard work to give u prfctt for benefits.

Harish javed Image
Harish javed

It is the great, best, at Sanswee IAS in this city intends to give best study tips and training to the students who want to achievement in their life in this coaching institution.

gurwinder kaur Image
Gurwinder kaur

They give online test each week and they give compliments of little presents for high scorers in this coaching institution at Sanswee IAS in this city.


The institute is great and foundation is additionally nice in this coaching institution at Sanswee IAS in this city. Every study hall has air conditioner, this was exceptionally decent in summer.

Sunita Kanwar Image
Sunita Kanwar

The current affairs part of the coaching institute is really amazing followed by the subjects in this examination.

Shalini Image

This place is really awesome and teachers are too friendly which is a great thing here at this centre.

Mohammad sehjad Image
Mohammad sehjad

All of the facts of the coaching institution and then the faculties in here the coaching are experienced and is a great coaching for these exams for these courses.

V.S.Chauhan Image

The coaching institute has been teaching to believe in our own goals for these exams for these courses. The institute motivates you until we are all set on a definite target and is a great coaching.

dhruv Image

The teachers of the coaching institution could really carefully assess your strength and the weakness for these exams for these courses and might help you work on it and is a great coaching.

Komal raj Image
Komal raj

I chose that this coaching institute has been because of the fact that it designs the own study material to cater for these exams for these courses the to their own teaching methodology in the coaching institute and the study material of the institute is very helpful and is a great coaching l.

sherry Image

Here at this for those exams which you are preparing, we are not just taught about the best courses it’s been great and the other things, which we have taught of which is amazing thing, we are taught things which are beyond the gate exam.

joseph Image

The test seires and the doubt counters and everything else for the great hasn’t been so amazing from the day all the things are being set done right for those exams which you are preparing

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