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Safal Classes Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
RPEC --- - 8000/-
REET --- - 7000/-
PATWAR --- - 5000/-
SI --- - 5000/-
CONSTABLE --- - 4000/-
SSC --- - 5000/-
AAO --- - 4000/-
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About Safal Classes

Safal Classes is to provide an edge to students and sharpen their skills, give them a clear picture of what to expect at Competition level examinations and assist them in their preparation.
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Safal Classes Reviews

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vrinda sharma Image
Vrinda sharma

Ssc coaching is good and the teachers are also decent....staff selection comission is something that requires hard work for good rank and tghis coaching helps a lot....there are more coachings nearby this one like rival coaching and much more......but i guess the matter provided by this coaching is good enough...

pankaj shah Image
Pankaj shah

There are a lot of coaching is kota and all supplies the same material and teachers shift from one coaching to the there is no difference in any of the coaching rest.....all the coachingsm are average and there is no diffrentiation in any of the coaching...thats what i think

shrishti suman Image
Shrishti suman

Kota doesnt have some sort of big coachings but the coaching material...the teachers and other services provided by this coaching is economical and the base is that students can study next by their own...

sanjushree mandal Image
Sanjushree mandal

The teachers make a student skilful enough t o study by his own...they provide the name of the books...the matter....the good guidance under an affordable price in the teaching matter and other things are same in every coaching so that is not a big issue in it...

rajesh verma Image
Rajesh verma

Teachers are very of the good and management takes quick actions on feedback.

priya Image

Personal interactions with the teachers and the coaching is there and the counsellors contributed to a very friendly environment to study in.


The mentors are there to help you at every step. If you are willing to give your 100%, the academy ill assure you success by standing beside you throughout the process of selection in the exam.

Ragini chandel Image
Ragini chandel

The classes of this institution are really great and all the teachers are very helpful and guide me throughout the classes in clearing my doubts.

Rahul Image

They have had provided me best notes to prepare for my entrance exam. I am very thankful to them.

gunjanpreet kaur Image
Gunjanpreet kaur

The institute provides coaching for almost all types of courses and entrances examinations in India and overseas.

FAIJAN Siddiqui Image
FAIJAN Siddiqui

It provides the free session of the yearly toppers and study material to all its accesses. Overall it’s the best institute for exam prep here.

Rafi Image

The longer you take time to get admitted in this coaching, the longer you wait for your selection as in this exam.

Gagandeep kaur Image
Gagandeep kaur

The best coaching in the town till now as in this exam, since the best part of the coaching is to train the students to the best of their end.

Sarvesh kumar Image
Sarvesh kumar

Everything has changed since I've joined this foundation over here. Essential examination material, standard test approach has influenced to score well.


Their study material is stacked with the best frameworks, structures, and considerations over here. The foundation gives a total study.

Farhat Image

The resources which have had an incredible method for the education and dependably guarantee that the idea is comprehended my students over here.


The association of the coaching institution is very commonly astounding getting ready for the test. The association has put in a bundle of undertakings to gather an establishment with such uncommon learning, motivation, and experience over here.

Neel kumar Image
Neel kumar

The classes are sorted out and they deal with the students great while serving them at the cost they charge over here at this place.

Amritpal kaur Image
Amritpal kaur

Almost everything is students, yet the workforce group is dependably there to help you in any capacity required in this brilliant coaching institution over here at this place. There is sufficient space to develop and think of new thoughts.

Pooja Image

. They help you at every single dimension of your arrangement and shows real worry towards helping you get past the exam tests which particularly in case you're an apprentice over here at this place.

rajat dhiman Image
Rajat dhiman

The is the best of the institute in the area to offer right guidance, knowledge and tutoring to the students. All teachers and specially the director over this Safal Classes are very dedicated and experienced.

Hema nandini Image
Hema nandini

This is a really Excellent institute with great facility in context to teaching skills over this Safal Classes, overall individual attention on each students. Their core aim is to pick each student's weak area and to work on those areas which effect students ranking.

Avinash Ranjan Image
Avinash Ranjan

Met some really great people dedicated to delivering necessary support to young fellows over this Safal Classes. Highly recommend attending an event if you have the opportunity of the coaching.

Shubham dixit Image
Shubham dixit

The staff is very cooperative , ready to help at once over here in Safal Classes.

Ajay Pachauri Image
Ajay Pachauri

One of the finest institute to prepare for the entrance exam with personalised attention over here in Safal Classes. The teachers are more than happy to take your doubts and clear your concept.

Gokul bissa Image
Gokul bissa

I really appreciate the kind of pain they takes for their students and few staff members help out of the way too, I am an average student and required more support in terms of doubts clearing, whenever I asked I got the doubt session on one to one basis over here in Safal Classes.

Vishal Image

The institute has given us with the books and study material to students consistently for work out and just as homework in over this academic coaching.

Neeraj kumawat Image
Neeraj kumawat

This academic coaching over hereis an exceptionally magnificent in giving instruction in the field of rivalry this institute assume an impressive job in the field of these examination.

Ruby jangir Image
Ruby jangir

In this institute, the classes are organised to manage the students effectively over here at this Safal Classes over here at this Safal Classes, and they also carry a good value for money.

Sonu pandey Image
Sonu pandey

. The coaching is known for its quality education system and study material in this coaching institution, experienced faculty, and detailed explanations on all matters concerned over here at this Safal Classes.

Jatin Image

The faculty here is just not mere teachers but heroes for the students studying here because of the level of motivation they provide in this exam.


You can understand everything really easily as they teach in Safal Classes located here located herethe tricks and the tips to solve the questions provided by the coaching institutes.

Sarika Yadav Image
Sarika Yadav

The coaching institute also conducts regular tests for the students in Safal Classes located here located hereso that to improve themselves and to find out their mistakes in Safal Classes located here. It is a kind of the self assessment.


The coaching institute gives online tests everyweek in Safal Classes located here located hereso that we may grow.

MD Amzad Raza Ansari Image
MD Amzad Raza Ansari

We could choose our own timing according to our convenience in Safal Classes located here. There are flexible batch timings here. .

Soni Image

One could come in by many times and study there at Safal Classes located here, discuss with their group or with the faculty.

Himanshu Image

Motivational sessions of the coaching institute which has been great are being conducted to improve students performances which is a brilliant thing for these exams for these courses.

Shivani Image

The teachers of the coaching institute don’t take responsibility and has had been a brilliant thing and are not easy to approach which has been great for these exams for these courses.

Rakshita shukla Image
Rakshita shukla

I have constantly like the materials and classes of this instructing on the grounds that its materials gives you essential and compelling learning which is vital in this examination.

Akhil Sachdeva Image
Akhil Sachdeva

I took the best choice when I picked this foundation for readiness of my test in this examination. They have splendid staff and aggressive study condition.

Aditi Image

The foundation accentuation on current undertakings and vocabulary in this examination. Study materials are accommodated the equivalent.

Kirtee Tripathi Image
Kirtee Tripathi

Very great establishment for the prep in this examination. Very qualified workforce and great outcomes delivered each year.

Study dekho Image
Study dekho

It gives a beginning platform to the studentsfor these exams for these courses. For the weaker students so that they could improve their selves in the coaching academy.

Kunal Agrawal Image
Kunal Agrawal

The teaching administration in the coaching academy is quite unique in its own wayfor these exams for these courses.

Savita Rani Image
Savita Rani

The institute conducts the mock tests that help students to know where they stand in the exam in the coaching academyfor these exams for these courses

Pawan Kumar Image
Pawan Kumar

The longer you take time to get admitted in this coaching, the longer you wait for your selectionfor these kinda exams you are preparing for.

sahib singh Image
Sahib singh

I am working so it’s hard for me to keep up with the coachingfor these kinda exams you are preparing for. The coaching arranges the extra classes and the backup classes for me so that I would study here. Amazing.

Hitesh pal Image
Hitesh pal

Watch yourself when there is test series of the coaching institute, since it is the most important part for the preparation of the examfor these kinda exams you are preparing for.

Sahil Sharma Image
Sahil Sharma

The classroom is very good. If you want to make your career and capable of affording coaching, it's the best place available in this exam and it’s really great. What makes it special is teaching quality and study material it provides.

Arshi jain Image
Arshi jain

The coaching is known for its quality education system and study material in this exam, experienced faculty, and detailed explanations on all matters concerned.

Ankit singh Image
Ankit singh

Its interview guidance programme in this exam is amongst the best in the town, regarded highly by almost all in the industry.

Kartik Khandelwal Image
Kartik Khandelwal

Their online classes are more beneficial for students like me who is doing job which is a great thing in private sector and want to make career here at this cochng centre.

Muskan Singhania Image
Muskan Singhania

This is the best place to drive towards your ambitions which is a great thing here at this cochng centre.

Nidhi meena Image
Nidhi meena

Very experienced and knowledgeable faculties which is a great thing who clear doubts whenever asked and more importantly motivate here at this cochng centre

Hetavi Image

Regular tests, alumni assistance and convenient batches have helped me to focus on my goals which is a great thing here at this cochng centre.


Very co-operative staff which is a great thing here at this cochng centre. They can understand someone problem and also give solution.


I have had been extremely grateful to my faculty and then the centre in the coordinators for being there for me 24×7 and guiding and counselling me throughout this year long CLAT journey of mine in the coaching institution, this is a great academy for students herein.

Ayush malav Image
Ayush malav

Our teachers of this coaching institutions have been really very very helpful in here at this coaching institution which has been great in this particular institute here. Study materials of the coaching institutions and the classes are really very great in here in this town which has had been there.

Rajni Image

The teachers of the coaching institutions are always motivated us with lots and then have helped us tremendously to reach the high pedestal level being there which has been great in this particular institute here.

Trump Image

All the faculties are highly qualified and they are well talented. teacher properly know the meaning of time so they didn’t come late in class at Safal Classes located hereat.

Avi Baghla Image
Avi Baghla

It is reasonably ahead of its competitors, given that its content and faculty are best in the industry at Safal Classes located hereat.

Siddharth rajarwal Image
Siddharth rajarwal

Faculties are very good, hardworking and very helpful for students at Safal Classes located hereat.

Uplakshya pal Image
Uplakshya pal

This institute is just unbeatable in all standards and parameters of education all the mentor are highly skilled and talented it was my personal experience all mentor are very helpful at Safal Classes located hereat.

niraj raj Image
Niraj raj

They give their booklets which are a squeeze of many good books and concepts with good problems at Safal Classes located hereat.


The things is which I used to see probably the best coaching in here, I can anymore with this coaching’s perspective inside Safal Classes .

Sweta sharma Image
Sweta sharma

If you believe that you are at the best coaching then you are wrong since this is the best coaching, probably the best coaching in here that I may find inside Safal Classes .

Nitesh Image

This is the best coaching no matter what whatever you say, since the teachers here are the best here in the part of the coaching institution being around for the same probably inside Safal Classes .

Indu Image

We are not just prepared here for the exam but for the other exams too which are the best here in our part of the coaching academy and the institute probably inside Safal Classes .

Sahani lalbahadur jaiswar Image
Sahani lalbahadur jaiswar

The staff trains at a high pace. It is difficult to grasp subjects from time to time so it’s amazing inside Safal Classes is great.

Arun Kumar Image
Arun Kumar

The teachers circumspectly review your quality and inadequacy and help you tackle it inside Safal Classes is great. Extra time is placed assets into subjects of high weight and it is a positive technique so it’s amazing.

Rutuja Sudhakar choudhari Image
Rutuja Sudhakar choudhari

You can grasp everything by just misdirects you can similarly have workplaces like standardized tests and online classes that none of some different associations give so it’s amazing inside Safal Classes is great.

Ramji Lal Gurjar Image
Ramji Lal Gurjar

Motivational sessions are conducted to improve students performances great things at the institution so far which is some brilliant stuff. They provide proper guidelines to the students inside this place.

Hadiya Khan Image
Hadiya Khan

Personal attention to each student during classes inside this place adds a touch of flair great things at the institution so far to the methodology and inspires them to work even harder which is some brilliant stuff.

Prajkta Dongre Image
Prajkta Dongre

The teachers don’t take responsibility great things at the institution so far inside this place and are not easy to approach which is some brilliant stuff.

Abhimanyu Image

This place has motivated me to work harder every day which is some brilliant stuff great things at the institution so far inside this place.

Mohammad shahwaz alam Image
Mohammad shahwaz alam

They provide proper guidance, relevant study material inside this place , practice tests and motivational sessions great things at the institution so far which is some brilliant stuff.

Palwinder kaur Image
Palwinder kaur

Excellent institute has had been for the entrance exams preparation for these exams at this centre. It is so because of its small Bach size of the coaching academy in there in this town in here.

Ram Kumar Image
Ram Kumar

The tests given by the students are evaluated in those examinations by the Faculties in the span of two days.

Vijay Image

The coaching institute is on the go to answer inside this brilliant institute around here some of the biggest and difficult questions in biology.

Tanish Singh Image
Tanish Singh

This place has motivated me to work harder every dayfor the time being here.The study material is well created, and the concepts are very well explained.

Piyush Dadhich Image
Piyush Dadhich

Highly focused faculty, hand chosen study material, regular tests have led the institute to produce best results in certain examsfor this good institution.

Santosh kumar Image
Santosh kumar

The coaching institute provides us in exams like these are their own study materials.

Katrina Gupta Image
Katrina Gupta

All the staff, present in the coaching institute are well disciplined and are very well educated for itexaminations you are looking for. Academic programs of the coaching is fabulous.

Shraddha ojha Image
Shraddha ojha

It is a value for money institutefor this academy centre and the education imparted is up to date.

Bhawna Image

Teachers at the coaching centre don’t clear the doubts of the students in a one way or twoIts convenient in here at this coaching centre . Even they are not updated with the new syllabushere around this great academy here around.

Santosh Prasad Image
Santosh Prasad

The institute has long distinguished for the best preparatory coursethis academy is brilliantly amazing and results for various entrance examinations.

Neha Image

In this for exams preparation like themit’s been great the topics are being taught really brilliantly in here.

ikram Ahmad Image
Ikram Ahmad

This is a really great prospect. And getting the right this coaching institute is necessaryfor these courses in this coaching. One of the best coaching centres in here to pursue your studies. Great faculty to give an edge to your studies

Sagar mal Yadav Image
Sagar mal Yadav

The extra doubt class is also a good facility provided by the institute for Safal Classes the best one here. The teacher is so brilliant and qualified that they make your concepts so clear.

Anjali Image

The establishment covers all of the papers which are starting at now engraved in the past papergreat educational environment here.

Shivani kumari Image
Shivani kumari

Faculty members of the coaching academy are really very brilliantSafal Classes is a great coaching for this examination. It is a way to show that the coaching takes a great care of the students.

Amanpreet kaur Image
Amanpreet kaur

This is the best institute for preparation of in the coaching institutefor the exams right here. The teachers plan test systems and discuss about it with their students

pratibha prasad Image
Pratibha prasad

I have joined this institute for the faculty they have in Safal Classes it’s a good institute. They were also very good at that time I joined.

Ravindra Image

The coaching institute has had given incredible study material and one - on-one discourse/criticism sessionsfor these strategic exams.

Sunny Image

With a robust team of academicians and research scholars assisting students with respect to study material, they are always available to clarify doubtsgreat coaching environment.

Soniya pradhan Image
Soniya pradhan

The coaching not only prepares us for the exam for this great institution culture around this over this place, probably the best coaching for this great institution culture around this but also for the other exams which come along the way of the coaching institution being for this great institution culture around this at this point.

krishna kumar Image
Krishna kumar

The positivity that the coaching institute provides is beyond every motivation Safal Classes is the best coaching here indeed.

Navjeet Image

The coaching institutes teachers are very, very helpful in helping with the doubts. They arrange extra classes which helps students to recover the courses faster in this for these type of courses in this coaching.


They also give 10 minutes test every day for the students before the winding of class for the exam papers. If we dedicate full concentration we could able to crack the exams here.

Dinesh Gurjar Image
Dinesh Gurjar

The teacher specifies on the particular topics how to deal with. This makes it easy for us to understand the exam pattern and prepare accordingly for exams being there.

Shital sinha Image
Shital sinha

I m completely satisfied with the staff and everything of this coaching and this coaching is really amazing for Safal Classes which has been good.

Vishnu Mishra Image
Vishnu Mishra

This academy arranges all the material for us, the newspapers, the magazines and everything elsewith this coaching presence, which we are needed to know on the behalf of this coaching institute at here.

Tanzeem Sayyed Image
Tanzeem Sayyed

It helps the children to face various challenges related to career. They provide the appreciable facility and service for inside this institute. The teachers and staff are very cooperative and supportive towards there students.

Mansi mann Image
Mansi mann

The faculty of this coaching institute is basically nice, as some teachers are perhaps the best I’ve ever seen, while a few others are average at the point this is extraordinary really.

Vikram kumar Image
Vikram kumar

Teachers are very helping and always ready for solving the queries.. No institute can compete them in teaching of theory subjects at this institute which is great.

Virender Thakur Image
Virender Thakur

They administrate extraordinarily for these exams at this centre of education. All are as a result well request and proficient. All staff is exceptionally planning.

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