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Raj classes is a great coaching present in the educational city of Kota. Present in Mahaveer Nagar this coaching features board preparations for IX, X, XI and XII class, XI class coaching preparation for IIT-JEE, XII class preparation for IT-JEE preparation, Class XI+NEET preparation, XII+NEET preparation, dropper’s batch for XII pass out students. The coaching also offers CPMT coaching and has its dominance for over 10 years. The coaching institute is led by Mr. R.K. Mishra, who has a brilliant experience in guiding students for years. The mission of the coaching institute is to serve the quality education to the students to achieve their dream college. What attracts students is their brilliant student-oriented services. The study environment is quite great and the competitive environment helps the students to improve their skills and adapt themselves for the exam.
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Udayan Dev Image
Udayan Dev Verified

Here really nice study material is provided by the teachers but the teaching level is not upto the mark but the overall experience is good

Vaibhav Tripathi Image
Vaibhav Tripathi Verified

Institute is good. I really their way of teaching...overall it's good teacher's r vry supportive nd encouraging

Aseem Ranjan Image
Aseem Ranjan Verified

Good institute, though atmosphere is not as much good, still its okay!

Harsh pandey Image
Harsh pandey

This academy has successfully trained aspirants for more than 10 years by making them understand thoroughly the entire syllabus over here at this RAJ CLASSES and is one of the best for entrance examination preparations in this coaching institution.

vikas sharma Image
Vikas sharma

The Ethics of the coaching institute and then the essay module helped me who has been great a lot to carve more and then more marks in the exam in this town in these exams at this place.

Shivank singh Image
Shivank singh

Administration is also superb in here, here all the faculties have great experience and willing to help students in their subject and faculties try to make the best relationship with their students at this place.

Gurjot  kaur Image
Gurjot kaur

This is another kind of the stress free way to prepare as in this exam’ coaching and now I am really liking it.

monika Image

Ethics and the case study in the pain for the many of the aspirants because it has been demanding the creativity in these exams, and then no one couldn’t develop the creativity in being the day in the institution which has been great at this place. I have had taken with the Ethics & Essay module in these exams and which has been there and then I am aiming for the same in the coaching academy which has been there.

Riya Image

Preparing at this place is not that easy task without proper guidance and this institute gives its best in all possible ways at this place.

Sagar Chadha Image
Sagar Chadha

The best advice I may give you to prepare is to go through all the exams in the test series of this coachingfor these kinda exams you are preparing for.

RAJ hans Image
RAJ hans

In this institute, the classes are organised to manage the students effectively RAJ CLASSES RAJ CLASSES, and they also carry a good value for money.

asha Image

The course curriculum is drafted in a manner to make it adhere to the examination standards, and like other coaching centres RAJ CLASSES, cater to guiding the applicants for their prelims, mains, and interviews in this coaching institution.

Tiwana Image

The Courses in the coaching institute which has been great in these exams. Affordable and then the quality wise with the great coaching institution at this place which has had been there in the coaching academy which has had been there in the town.

Ramandeep Kaur Image
Ramandeep Kaur

There's associate examination weekly to check your marks in every chapter this institute provides loads of facilities for the scholar UN agency which is needed to crack the exams at this place.


In this coaching institute, the study material has been really great and brilliant in this particular institute here; the entire chapter has been given up the sequence with it being very easy to read which has been great. All the chapter are given in a short form for faster preparation of this exam.

Devraj Image

I have seen many other coaching but this one is probably the best one in the town for many reasons. The teachers are amazing, the counters are timely and there are multi lingual batches as in this exam.

Shaji T Image
Shaji T

Our teachers always motivate us that how to study if we want to qualify these entrance exams at RAJ CLASSES located hereat.

Navdeep singh Image
Navdeep singh

The coaching is known for its quality education system and study material in this coaching institution, experienced faculty, and detailed explanations on all matters concerned RAJ CLASSES.

Neeraj Image

Here in this coaching institutions, which we have get to do so many of the activities like the answer writing, the group discussions and then so much extra which has had been keeping us with the regular and then has had ben increases the interest at this place and the confidence each and every day of the coaching institutions at this place which has been great in these exams.

preeti Image

They have had contracted extremely experienced and exceedingly gifted resources for instructing students over here.

Ranjeet paswan Image
Ranjeet paswan

The classroom is very good. If you want to make your career in this field and capable of affording Coaching, it's the best place available in this coaching institution RAJ CLASSES. What makes it special is teaching quality and study material it provides.

Rishi Gautam Image
Rishi Gautam

The coaching academy has had been just an amazing place to be at if you sincerely want to achieve something good. The management and the faculty is very cooperative in the coaching, this is a great academy for students herein.


Missing even a single of the lecture could cost a lot of things which has been great since we get the backup classes for these exams for these courses.

reshma Image

The faculty here are not mere teachers at RAJ CLASSES located hereat but heroes for the students studying here.

Dilpreet kaur Image
Dilpreet kaur

Most of the teachers are for these institutes, so they know what kind of difficulties students often face and give them guides at RAJ CLASSES located hereat.

Aazim Image

They also have had been great infrastructure in the coaching institutions in this particular institute here in here in this town around here.


This spot is the best one in the same way of the coaching institute which has had impelled me to work harder every day over here. The study material is all around made and the thoughts are extraordinary cleared up.

Amit Image

The coursework of the coaching institute has been throughly discussed with the students which makes the study process clear which has been great which is a brilliant thing for these exams for these courses.

Ritu Image

The faculty makes an honest effort to take along being here every student which is a great thing.

Rakesh Sharma Image
Rakesh Sharma

Students are very motivated and teachers are very experienced inside this place.

Divyam Image

I am the student of this coaching institute and I could give the best review of this one. The faculty here at the coaching institute is literally amazing in those examinations .

Raman Image

I believe that the best part of the coaching institution probably the best coaching in here is when they prepare us for the same time inside RAJ CLASSES .

Ayush malik Image
Ayush malik

The faculty teaches great things at the institution so far at a very high pace which is some brilliant stuff inside this place. It is difficult to understand topics at times.

Nitin teotia Image
Nitin teotia

This is technical and hard and I think this coaching tends to uncomplex the things which comes underway in this coaching institute and the academy, probably inside RAJ CLASSES .

Labhansh singh Image
Labhansh singh

Teachers are highly qualified & very hard working which is a great thing and are always there for any kind of help needed by the children for their preparations for any kind of exams be it be competitive or board exams here at this cochng centre.

Parul Image

Over all classes are good we have to do more things about in this coaching institution here at this academic institution

Shuaib aalam Image
Shuaib aalam

Choosing this institute to prepare for the time being here. It is one of the most difficult exams and the institute has helped me overcome my fear.

Shubhangi Sharma Image
Shubhangi Sharma

I learnt a lot from here which is a great thing. All faculty members are very experienced and supportive here at this cochng centre.

Pritpal Badhan Image
Pritpal Badhan

Most of the academics area unit is from great colleges in this exam.

Shruti Image

The coaching has provided us all the information, probably the best coaching in here and for the rest of the organizations being in here at this coaching institute inside RAJ CLASSES .

pinki rashmi Image
Pinki rashmi

Educators are incredibly valuable and comprehension over here. The staff gives a true blue plan for each student. The standard tests drove knows the stage student stays at.

Rashi agarwal Image
Rashi agarwal

Nice place to get the real information about the subjects in a very friendly and competitive environment which is a great thing and I can't forget that beautiful moments which I spend here at this cochng centre.

Vivek Rai Image
Vivek Rai

Regular tests are conducted at the institute great things at the institution so far which is some brilliant stuff inside this place. A time table is provided well in advance explaining the test schedule.

Pratibha Krishnan Image
Pratibha Krishnan

Their online prep courses are very convenient and good in here inside this place great things at the institution so far.

anshul lamba Image
Anshul lamba

. The environment is pretty good to study as batches are not much big which is a great thing here at this cochng centre.

Sonu singhal Image
Sonu singhal

This is probably the best coaching institute in terms of the everything possible when it comes to the gate exam which has had been inside RAJ CLASSES .

Phad Image

This institution provides the best facility which is a great thing and advice to the students here at this cochng centre.

Amit Image

Study materials of the coaching which has been provided by Centre is very helpful. Lots of Mock Tests were being arranged by Centre in RAJ CLASSES. Overall, the experience is nice.

Smriti Nagdev Image
Smriti Nagdev

They start with the basic formulas inside this place which is some brilliant stuff great things at the institution so far and then take off with the other topics.

Ajay Image

If you come across any of the doubts from books or the question banks for these exams at his place, you can clear out from this coaching institute.

Krishma Image

The best thing which I have had felt was that all the faculty and staff knows you by your name and there is more personalised attention in RAJ CLASSES, be it doubt clearing or mentoring or any other thing, which I feel is rare in RAJ CLASSES.

Hitesh Yadav Image
Hitesh Yadav

I have been a student of the institute , and nothing can beat the passion over here in this place brilliantly, dedication and sheer motivation of the faculties.

Shweta Kumari Image
Shweta Kumari

Starting from the counselling session, to the last moment revision, be it the faculty or even the non-teaching staff, this institution is the ultimate choice one can opt for to get the best of them all in RAJ CLASSES!

Manroop kaur Image
Manroop kaur

I have great experience at this place over here in this place brilliantly. Teaching faculties are very helpful in nature and they guide like parents.

Ankit kohli Image
Ankit kohli

There is very personal grooming and then there are sessions to judge one's strengths and weaknesses in RAJ CLASSES.

Sandeep Kotmire Image
Sandeep Kotmire

You would have to take the benefit to catch the speed in the preparation of the exam in the coaching academyfor these exams for these courses.

Neha moudgil Image
Neha moudgil

Excellent faculties, excellent environment, and excellent results over here in this place brilliantly. This institute is very good for learning all these subjects.

Anil Image

It is a really really brilliant coaching institute for those who have had been really for the clearing the exam which has been there in the coaching academy in here and around the corner at this place in here.

Akashdeep Image

It's been an amazing journey so far and to have become part of the coaching academy has had been a privilege to me which has had been there at this coaching for these exams at this centre. I'll always have had been very grateful to the teachers for what you have done in the coaching.

Rakesh Kumar Image
Rakesh Kumar

Faculty members of the coaching academy are really very brilliant at this place in here. It is a way to show that the coaching takes a great care of the students which is a really important factor.

Eshima Image

Whole condition of training was so great and classes were held every day in here . They help each one in class time and after the class on the off chance that anyone is frail in any of the subjects so he can take separate arrangement then one personnel shows you in a different class in this examination.

manu Image

The environment is very nice and all the faculties are very experienced over here in this place brilliantly and cooperative.

Study dekho Image
Study dekho

This coaching centre has guided me to the right direction in the coaching academyfor these exams for these courses

Thakor pravin Image
Thakor pravin

The coaching had helped me in achieving my goals to the best in the coaching academyfor these exams for these courses.

Jasdeep Image

The faculty at the coaching academy has been really amazing and help the students to face any of the doubt which they face in around in here in this town at this place in here.

Sunita Chahar Image
Sunita Chahar

The cluster measure is substantial in this examination. The educator's are unfit to focus .

Ashish Image

The expenses charged by the establishment is minimal high in this examination.

Sandeepojha Image

The Courses in the coaching institute which has been great for the examination are good and demand based in this place. Affordable and then the quality wise with the great coaching institution which has had been there in the coaching academy which has had been there in the town.

Hardik Image

The study condition is heavenly over here. Students are very pushed and teachers are incomprehensibly experienced.

Suraj Ahirwar Image
Suraj Ahirwar

The Ethics of the coaching institute and then the essay module helped me which has been great a lot to carve more and then more marks in the exam in this town in this place.

subhash Image

Whatever doubts you are facing in the class at this place in here, make sure that the coaching provides you out of the brilliant work the best of it.

Saumya Chaudhary Image
Saumya Chaudhary

The coaching tells us inside this brilliant institute around here on which part to attempt first and so on.

Raghuvir kumar sahu Image
Raghuvir kumar sahu

We were made to practice the test series on computer so that we would be able to know what is the CBT looks likefor these kinda exams you are preparing for.

Abhishek Image

The faculty is very well educated and hard working at RAJ CLASSES located hereat. They don’t leave any space for doubts. It is the best institute for cracking the exams at this premier institute.

Satinder Image

I am with the least of the much for the confident in the paper which has been great and then the Essay Writing which has been there at being there in this in this place.

Arti Image

It has given us enough examination material with the objective that we can openly prepare from our very own for the entryways so it’s amazing inside RAJ CLASSES is great.

ishita Image

I have been a student of this academy for almost 6 months and I can say that I feel really very confident about the exam nowfor these kinda exams you are preparing for.

Aishwarya Image

They have good material, nice faculty, and good environment. It is no doubt a nice place to invest your time and money at RAJ CLASSES located hereat.

ruchi Image

Our teachers of this coaching institutions have been really very very helpful in here at this coaching institution which has been great in this place. Study materials of the coaching institutions and the classes are really very great in here in this town which has had been there.

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