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JUDICIAL BATCH( English medium)
JUDICIAL BATCH( Hindi medium)

About Rahul's IAS

One of the leading names in Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and Judicial Services exams, Rahul's IAS, North West Delhi as a coaching institute was officially established in the year 2001 by Rahul Sir. With this, a milestone was carved in the coaching revolution. The praiseworthy vision behind their excellent endeavor was and has always been, to provide 100 percent genuine support to the students preparing for these competitive exams. The institute is unique in the way that it offers classroom courses and first-class correspondence material only for Law as a subject for IAS and Judicial exams. The agenda of this coaching institute is not merely to teach and complete the syllabus; rather the larger schema is to deliver as many successful students as is humanly possible. More importantly, they are aimed at instilling human values and compassion into their students, to make them better human beings as the citizens of tomorrow. They do not only consider themselves as a coaching institute but a family, a group of persons motivated to do the best they can for our Nation. A coaching institute is not only for teaching the subjects; rather it is for a great social service to the Nation-by producing the best officers, not only the best in their official duties rather also the best in their societal and National duties.

Rahul’s IAS, North West Delhi promises to teach to the best possible extent. And, to fulfill all their commitments made to their students at the time of admission. Stay rest assured that you have joined the best and the Number 1 Institute of India for Law. Their genuine results, the faith of the students in them, their work culture, their teaching pattern, etc., everything is an evidence of that. One of the primary reasons which make them the best is that their teaching pattern is totally exam focused and in depth. That might appear to be tough for some of the students initially, but that is the requirement of the exams. They have to live by it. The topics which are the most difficult and the most important are taught in the most exhaustive and detailed manner. The easier and less important topics will be taught less detailed and only as much as is required for the exams. In every subject, on some non-important topics, some burden is put on the students to prepare themselves. That constitutes hardly five percent of the syllabus for that subject. Their only appeal to the students is: Be regular and punctual to the classes; be positive and forward-looking; be open to the faculty—in case of any complaint, students can directly write and place the complaints to the authorities; have full faith in the organization that they have joined. The institute always tries their best give the students the best possible teaching, as they are always aware of the quantum of faith and the trust students have bestowed upon them, and moreover, they are always concerned with the fact that they have to remain the best and to produce the maximum number of outstanding results.


The features of the institute’s teaching are as follows:

Topic wise synopsis of all sub-topics and threadbare conceptual explanations and discussions—wherever needed, these discussions are dictated or is repeated to enable students to write it, or a concrete write-up on the discussion is provided.

The students are alert and keen on writing the points when the teacher is explaining. The teaching style of different teachers in the coaching center is different and therefore the students are advised to quickly get accustomed to it for their own benefit.

Important and difficult previous years’ questions and other questions are comprehensively discussed in the class. Model answers of some of these questions are also dictated or supplied in writing. The students are advised to minutely follow these model answers and other answer writing tips and practice the other questions on the same pattern. If a student wants some other questions to be discussed he/she writes and gives it to the teacher who later discusses it in the class whenever he/she finds it suitable.

For the Preliminary exams, they have a sufficient number of subject wise standard test papers. A student has to attempt these test papers in the classroom as and when a test is announced. It is compulsory for every student to attend these test papers. 14 days after the completion of a subject, a compulsory objective and subjective test on the subject is conducted.

All important case laws—Landmark or Current, are properly discussed in the class. These cases are also be supplied to the students for their personal reference. These cases shall be carefully studied and be preserved; any distribution of these cases to outsiders entails a termination of a student’s admission.

Answer writing practice sessions are also held during the classes and the students are advised to take these sessions very seriously. The teacher would discuss the model answer to these questions in the class itself.

During the classes, Rahul Sir and other teachers would also deliver some motivational lectures to boost the students’ confidence and preparations. They are advised to take these lectures positively as they are solely for their benefit only.

If there are any unsolved queries, one must write and give it to the teacher; the teacher checks whether he/she has to discuss it in the class or individually with that particular student. All the relevant queries of the students are brilliantly solved by the teachers.

Every next lecture may have a small portion of question round wherein the teacher asks questions on whatever he/she has taught in the previous lectures. Students are advised to be prepared every day. In case a student fails to respond continuously, the concerned teacher talks to his/her parents.

For G.S., Current affairs and Essays, there are special focused classes by specialists.

For Translation, English, Precis writing, Essay writing etc., there are special test papers for regular practice.

For Current Affairs and the latest legal developments & current case laws, there is a special monthly magazine free of cost supplied to the students.

The classes are absolutely interactive—to entertain all doubts of the students.

There are also special counselors for law and G.S. to provide personally individual guidance to the students.

Courses Offered:

The courses offered by Rahul’s IAS, North West Delhi focuses solely on the judicial batch:

Focus Subjects include: CPC, Cr.P.C, Evidence, Constitutional Law & Indian Polity, IPC, Family Law, Specific Relief Act, Limitation Act, Law of Tort, Jurisprudence, Law of Contract, Sale of Goods, Partnership, TPA, UPZA & other local acts for U.P & Delhi Rent Control Act, Negotiable Instruments Act, Arbitration Act, Registration Act, Essay Writing, General Studies Subjects i.e. Indian History, Economy, Geography, Science & Technology and Local Acts OF H.P, M.P, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Haryana & Punjab. (For these local acts subjects, special extra classes are organized).

Meticulously prepared detailed study material & Latest & Landmark cases will be provided on these subjects (Main Subjects).

Subject wise faculties are as follows: 

Rahul Sir- IPC, CPC, Cr.P.C. ,Evidence, Constitution (Fundamentals), SRA, Limitation, Jurisprudence.

Nidhi Madam- Hindu Law, Muslim Law, Tort, SOGA, Partnership.

Goma Madam- Contract, Indemnity, Guarantee, Bailment & Agency, Some Portion of SRA, TPA, Partnership, SOGA.

Neeraj Sir- Arbitration, Registration, NI Act, TPA, Polity & Local Acts.

Tripathi/Mishra Sir- Current affairs, Essay.

There will not be any classes for- Company Law or any other Law apart from the above mentioned.

For current affairs- A current affairs magazine is provided free of cost every month and there are fortnightly classes on the latest current affairs and legal issues.

For G.S. Classes there is a team of four specialized teachers.

For Essay, there is a specialist teacher to teach Essay writing skills. Several (more than 100) model Essays are also supplied to the Students.

For translation and English, Hindi, Précis writing, hundreds of practice papers are provided in the form of handouts & Practice test papers.

For both G.S., Current affairs & Law, there are regular objective and subjective tests.

Students can also avail the facility of individualized objective/Subjective test papers at the institution’s office.

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Rahul's IAS Reviews

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Sujal Vikrant Sawant Image
Sujal Vikrant Sawant

The coaching institutes’ teachers are a way too professional into here in this institute. They know how to make students comfortable and smart.

Suraj Image

Just you have to be too muchand over this course in here careful in the classroom and learn every concept and revise that at home at this place.

Bharat   sharms Image
Bharat sharms

They first started to teach with the basic then went to the ahead at this place so that every student gets to revise all formulas and every type of question at all levelsand over this course in here at this place.

Seema Image

The teachers always gives us special and extra time on the doubt counters with this Rahul's IAS here.

Shubham Kumar Image
Shubham Kumar

The coaching has given me a great career. They have taught me from basic to advanced level with this Rahul's IAS here.

Aryan Image

Over all the classes are good we have to do more things about it with this Rahul's IAS here.

Sandeep kaur Image
Sandeep kaur

During the finish of your preparation in the coaching institutethey have done an amazing job regarding this, do join the test arrangement organised by the coaching institute has never ever been to, which is the best in the market.

Amit Turan Image
Amit Turan

The educators of the coaching instititutethey have done an amazing job regarding this here have been such a great experience however you likewise must be devoted in studies on the off chance that you need to break the tests

ayush Image

We have a decent timetable with better administrationandfor those exams which you are preparing. Test arrangement is made by the resources which are in a comparative example to the past papers

Tejas Laddhad Image
Tejas Laddhad

At this institute the teachers come fully prepared with the course structurebeing at this placewhich is great stuff here at this institute. The structure is explained properly in the class

Raveena Image

The institute provides very good study materialwhich is great stuff here at this institutebeing at this place. The teachers are very helpful and experienced being at this place. It has a great environment.

Naveen Kumar Prajapati Image
Naveen Kumar Prajapati

This coaching is beyond for students who really need nurturing which is really very amazing. If you are here all around for these exams for these courses for the coaching only and not tuition kind, go for ithere all around for these exams for these courses.

yatheeswar.p Image

Faculties are well experienced which is really very amazingand very much effective in clearing every doubthere all around for these exams for these courses.

kanak bansal Image
Kanak bansal

All are very co- operative to make a confidence which is really very amazing to crack examshere all around for these exams for these courses

Ankit kumar Image
Ankit kumar

The coursework is throughly discussed with the students which makes the study process clear and this is a great thing in this examination.

Pramod varma Image
Pramod varma

The institute provides very good study material and this is a great thing in this examination. The teachers are very helpful and experienced. It has a great environment.

Sethi Image

The study environment of the coaching institute is very brilliant which has been great to. Students are very motivated and teachers are very experienced which is a brilliant thing for these exams for these courses.

Blowjobdus Image

It has an excellent team who give their best in educating their students which is really very amazing here for exams for exams for these courses. This institute has given the maximum no. of top rank in the past two years.

moti Image

The teachers are really very intelligent which is really very amazing here for exams for exams for these courses. The way of teaching is incredibly amazing.

Shreya Jain Image
Shreya Jain

I think that it’s one of a kind as it helps you to get your doubts assessed every day and it likewise gets a competitive environment at Rahul's IAS located here.

Samini Image

My batch mates were also very competitive at Rahul's IAS located here. They provide extra classes for weak students and helped them to get rid of their problems.

Kalyani Image

The teachers teach concepts in innovative ways and ensure that all topics are covered with a lot of focus and depth at Rahul's IAS located here.

BIPUL Kumar nath Image
BIPUL Kumar nath

It behaviors workshops and general talks as well and for these exams for these courses, giving space to clear all the specialized challenges one may have.

Reena Yadav Image
Reena Yadav

. It has a group of centred workforce that guarantee the fulfilment of schedule, conveyance of study material and notes, and directing tests as often as possible and for these exams for these courses.

Ashish Image

The foundation has an unprecedented point which is the preparation test for us so it’s amazing. I think this is an extraordinary reason for this association at Rahul's IAS located here.

Rajneesh Yadav Image
Rajneesh Yadav

The study condition is phenomenal so it’s amazing at Rahul's IAS located here. Students are very pushed and teachers are incredibly experienced.

Ravneet kaur Image
Ravneet kaur

Extremely incredible association for the prep. Exceptionally qualified staff and incredible results made every year so it’s amazing at Rahul's IAS located here

Abhishek Image

They give a special training on ethics before the mains exam which is just mandatory or we can say like one should try kind of classes to be attended as in this exam.

Kaveri Bansal Image
Kaveri Bansal

If you are searching for banking preparation then you should go for this institute as in this exam, the way of teaching of their faculties are enough for the preparation

Parm bhardwaj Image
Parm bhardwaj

It’s a great step ahead for students and everyone whoever is associated with such a dynamic institution. I feel proud to be part of it as in this exam.

Pawan kasotiya Image
Pawan kasotiya

The best thing here is that you would get the complete schedule at Rahul's IAS located here of the sessions every time.

jsshaktawat Image

One of the best options, if you want to crack exams because here you would learn the best tricks and the tips at Rahul's IAS located here.

Inderjot singh Image
Inderjot singh

The study material is great. Various subjects like the exams & the Ecology are worth joining the institute at Rahul's IAS located here.

Pooja Image

The staff of the coaching centreis very friendly and the helpful which has been great over here to which is an amazing stuff over here in this exam.

Jagdeep singh Image
Jagdeep singh

If you want to crack the exam you are looking for, be carefree and join this coaching institute around here in this academic institution.

karina Image

There are flexible batch timings around here in this academic institution These timings are chosen according to the students.

Ramandeep singh Image
Ramandeep singh

The staff and affiliation put in strong help and they took a regular student like me to an amazing estimation in this coaching institution over here at this Rahul's IAS.

Shivansh Image

Here you will find facilitated teaching for all the three periods of the examination. The principles given by educators are valuable in this coaching institution over here at this Rahul's IAS.

Sachin meena Image
Sachin meena

This is the best foundation over here at this Rahul's IAS. They give identity improvement classes when the test dates are close.

Deepali Image

The establishment covers all of the papers which are starting at now engraved in the past paper over here at this Rahul's IAS.

Mahi Image

Definitely go to institute for government exams I have taken dual coaching programme for the exams. Worthy of every respect they have in the market over this place.

Rakesh Image

Test series very very good and with unlimited chance here over this place. Faculty friendly and super intelligent a good centre for hardworking students

Ashampreet Image

The specefic centre for the exams has an exceptional point which is practice test .I think this is generally amazing purpose of this institute over this place in here. This tests has improved my speed.

Vikas Kumar Mishra Image
Vikas Kumar Mishra

There are pool of faculties what they have and their expertise in the subjects are exemplary, particularly in Public admin, and subjects which I have taken as optional in my Exams , I am going to appear over this centre in here.

Hemant sharma Image
Hemant sharma

The administration is quite good over here at this coaching centre . If you are good in study, but unable to pay the fee they help them.

Narinder Image

I chose this institute and over here is one of the best coachings. because it designs their own study material to cater to their own teaching methodology and the study material is very helpful.

Sandeep Kumar Image
Sandeep Kumar

The institute helps in improving the personality of the student and over here is one of the best coachings..

Ashok kumar Image
Ashok kumar

The faculty teaches at a very high pace. It is difficult to understand topics at times, and over here is one of the best coachings..

Rohit Image

The teachers are very dedicated, inspirational, friendly and approachable in the coaching institute over here over heregiven here all the way over here all the way over here.

Bhanu chauhan Image
Bhanu chauhan

They ensure that you start concentrating on a procedure then so it’s great. Sloppy study prompts wastage of time and money. They leave no single point from the timetable.

Jessica Image

This coaching institution provides the best facility and advice to the students here for exams for these courses which is really very amazing.

Akshi Image

Very experienced and knowledgeable faculties who clear doubts whenever asked which is really very amazing and more importantly motivate here for exams for these courses.

khushmeen kaur Image
Khushmeen kaur

This institution makes things very easy with the right strategy. I feel really well here for exams like those.

Mohan kumar Image
Mohan kumar

The batch strength of this institution is really very low for exams like those; this makes every student of the institution really more of the comfortable in asking the doubts from the teachers.

Brijesh kumar singh Image
Brijesh kumar singh

An elite IAS coaching institute but what really makes difference for me is their interview classes

Archana Image

This IAS Academy is a standout amongst the best instructing focuses due to how profoundly they include their students in the preparation programs.

Amandeep Sharma Image
Amandeep Sharma

This foundation urges you to pick up capability with the genuine principal thoughts in an extraordinarily odd way.

Sakshi Image

The tests conduct help us to evaluate our position and efforts we need to further put.

shagun Image

To influence it in explicit to their administrations we to can totally depend on their present issue materials.

anand singh Image
Anand singh

The schedule is finished so as to give all its point of view directly to the wannabe who participated in the foundation

Raman Image

Online home test practice is amazing. They likewise train the students for meetings. They give identity improvement.

Suresh Image

The different seminars, TOPPER's TALK, online free lectures, INTERVIEW GUIDANCE programme, MONTHLY CURRENT AFFAIRS, quality of questions asked in their test series is higher than UPSC which makes easier for selection in UPSC.


Coaching provides a deep overview of every topic. Booklets topic wise and subject wise, current affairs materials and any other are provided on regular basis during class period. 

Yukti Image

In my view coaching is most important for this exam because by coaching we all capture out with a proper way.

pawan Image

They give special training on ethics before the mains exam which is just mandatory or we can say like one should try kind of classes to be attended.

jatin singla Image
Jatin singla

They have very Cogent and lucid programs under their success rate. Most question I.e. practice or mock tests are very similarity that of UPSC. Overall we can say it's a topper institute.

sonu Image

Personal attention was provided to students and regular evaluation was done at the institute, marking the points to be improved.

amar Image

Teachers know the capability of the student and spur the student to do diligent work and achieve their objective.

pawan Image

Always prepared to help at whatever point required to be it an issue with any inquiry or some other issue.

Manish Image

I've additionally been a piece of this institution and I can say gladly that I've examined in this institution.

Navnit Kumar Image
Navnit Kumar

The establishment contracts the best educators and they showed you in the most ideal manner with the best material.

Mukul singh Image
Mukul singh

It was an extraordinary encounter. I completed a great deal of diligent work. The notes of educators are breathtaking.

Ayush kumar Image
Ayush kumar

The staff is prompt and accommodating. Their mock tests would help you a lot. They provided us with training workshops which motivated us a lot.

Vishakha Image

The personnel is propelling. Different inspirational sessions are additionally held to support spirit.

prinka  rani Image
Prinka rani

Whole environment of coaching was so good and classes were held daily. They help everyone in class time and after the class if anybody is weak in any subject extra time is provided.

Ashu Garg Image
Ashu Garg

This is a standout amongst the best establishment for common administration test prep. The personnel is extremely agreeable and experienced.

Ajay Kumar Image
Ajay Kumar

Its branches are available all over India. It is additionally great in innovation. Employees are helpful.

Teena Image

I even downloaded their counterfeit papers that were excessively fulfilling as though yes I am not getting ready for some pointless inquiries but rather yes I am planning for the hardest test in INDIA and from the best-known establishment.

Akriti Image

Test arrangement is the best and exact which empowers the possibility to know the beat of upsc. To accomplish a huge dreamlike as it’s as pixie as to pick the best direction too

Ankita Image

The schedule is finished so as to give all its point of view directly to the wannabe who participated in the foundation

Kiran verma Image
Kiran verma

They have good knowledge of exam pattern, syllabus and explain concepts accordingly.

Akshara Image

Doubt clearing classes and short-cuts are awesome here. These tricks helped me to quickly clear the examination and cross check my answers.

Deepak Image

Best results record track. They have always motivated their students to aim high. They don’t let the pressure build up. They teach them with ease.

jatin singla Image
Jatin singla

The teacher specifies the particular topics on how to deal with. This makes it easy for us to understand the exam pattern and prepare accordingly.

Agraj Image

They teach us new tricks and ways to solve questions quickly so that our time could be saved in the exam.

Suresh Image

They provided books for better results.each booklet is full of content in a format similar to the question papers. This prepares students for the exam.

Bharat Image

Every classroom is air conditioner this was very nice in summer. The institute has high-class libraries from where the books can also be issued.

Vishant Image

Teachers are really helpful, they may not be able to address all your queries in the class itself but outside the class, they are really helpful.

sonam Image

Except for geography none of the subjects were up to the mark. They have a good module but I will say faculty itself wasn’t up to the mark.

Deepali Image

The faculty knows the performance of each student and helps them accordingly. This institute holds personalized monitoring based system, with provides excellent results.

ushma Image

Test series are the best and accurate which enables the candidate to know the pulse of upsc. To achieve a big dream like ias its as imp as to choose the best guidance also

Sudiksha Image

This institute is quite famous for its contemporary approach of each perspective of subject.they deals every topic correlates with the current happenings.

Versha Image

The institute covers all the papers which are already printed in the previous paper.

Mehak Image

IAS preparation has turned out very well with the help of this institute. Each and every aspect of the institute is properly designed.

Nitin Image

The staff is highly qualified. They appoint experts who have been in the line since the last 15-20 years.

nikhil Image

Doubt clearing sessions are the best. They provide good advice to the students and teach each and every concept with ease.

Sarita Image

The concepts are taught with tricks helping us to solve them quickly.

Anish Image

IAS isn’t an easy exam to crack. The efforts put in by both the students and the faculty counts.

satnam singh Image
Satnam singh

The institute is good and infrastructure is also nice. The classrooms are well furnished. The staff in the institute is highly experienced. The students are also very cooperative.

Aparna Sahu Image
Aparna Sahu

One of the few quality and highly successful ias coaching institute in the area.

jagdish thakur Image
Jagdish thakur

True heroes in the civil services, their teaching style are so good. They are so concerned about leading the students to success.

Baldev Image

The teacher teaches very slow. You will get exhausted.

Samriti Image

The faculty is motivating. Various motivational sessions are also held to boost morale.

Srishti Image

The institute has a competitive environment, motivating students to achieve more.

Ritu Image

Mock tests are so helping the students to get familiar with the exam pattern and atmosphere. Brilliant coaching institute for IAS

Gurmeet Image

Teachers here are very helpful and supportive. I have joined them recently and I am so satisfied with the ongoing journey.

Supriya Garg Image
Supriya Garg

Reputed institute in the region, they have the best faculty with a very noticeable result scorecard every year.

Ashima Image

The management is the leading light for the trainers as well as the students, everything is so systematic and executed in the best possible way.

Monisha Image

The students are first observed for time being, then from the tests and homework inputs, they are worked on accordingly to their IQ levels.

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