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Pragati IAS Fees & Courses

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GS Prelims + Mains
Optional ( geography, history )

About Pragati IAS

Pragati IAS is situated at Old Rajendra Nagar, Model Town helps the students to prepare for the most coveted exams. The point of this institute is to build up a competitive state of mind alongside scholarly base which is driven by quality educating and in addition singular consideration. The consistent criticism framework and routine tests are an awesome method to guarantee that the students can move in the direction of enhancing their shortcoming and at a similar point, center around their qualities. Each test is a complete device to check the execution and make them prepared to confront the exam with certainty. Considering the significance of these exams, the institute provides its students with dedicated faculty, best course content and proper study guide. The faculty pays proper attention towards each and every child and prepares best course material to make them understand those questions that are to be attempted and those not to be. Special classes are moreover held by Faculty on closures of the week to clear huge themes and aggregate questions. No utilization is given with respect to the arrangement. Weekly Tests are held, to add up to up and reconsider the whole information ingested in the week. It holds each student inside legitimate cutoff points to see whether he/she is meeting the pace with the instructing plan.

Courses offered:

  • IAS
  • GS Prelims+ mains
  • Optional ( geography, history)
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Pragati IAS Reviews

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Ajeet kumar Image
Ajeet kumar

They have had left no single topic from the syllabus of the coaching institution in here for this exam’s preparation.

Geetanjali Kaushik Image
Geetanjali Kaushik

Now the exams and that’s extraordinarily great are demanding for all the unique talent which we can develop by developing our own style of writing. Ethics case study and the essay related problems can also get solved through their help.

Supreet kaur Image
Supreet kaur

The coaching institution has been really good and infrastructure is also nice for this exam’s preparation.

Tamana pikhan Image
Tamana pikhan

It has had been provided us with the enough study material so that we can independently prepare from our own for various banking sites of the coaching for this exam’s preparation.

Rohit Image

The Study material of this coaching academy is best and there is no need for the other books for the exams like these.

jsadsaid Image

They have deep knowledge of there field for the exams like these. The coaching institute provides the best environment to study.

lovish Image

I was tuning in about this for a long time yet at long last I chose and joined for exams for these courses. A great deal of concentrate material is likewise accessible on the web and broad communications about the foundation.

RichardAsync Image

If you have had been searching for the good institution to prepare for your examinations in public sector, then this is the right place which can guide you to achieve your goals in an effective manner in the coaching, this is a great academy for students herein.

Simran Image

The coaching faculty which has been teaching of the coaching institute are at a very high pace. It is very difficult to understand the topics at times for the exams like these.

Kamlesh choudhary Image
Kamlesh choudhary

Faculty at the institution is usually good as they have to explain each and every of the concept in the Detail and the make subjects seem so easy in the coaching institute in this town and that’s amazing.

Bharat Bhushan Gupta Image
Bharat Bhushan Gupta

The study material provided by them is up to the point that helps the students to crack the exams here in this education centre.

Sagar garg Image
Sagar garg

It provides the free session of the yearly toppers and study material to all its accesses. Overall it’s the best institute for exam prep for these kinda exams.

jaideep singla Image
Jaideep singla

The coaching academy was exceptionally helpful for the throughout my exam preparation, everything was so systematic during the coaching, this is a great academy for students herein.


It has been very very easy to communicate in this education centre here and clear our doubts.

Nayeem khan Image
Nayeem khan

They train students-how does it feel to face the exam, from this students can judge how to manage time and how to solve the question which part to attempt first and so on here in this education centre.

Hukam Singh Image
Hukam Singh

At this institute the teachers come fully prepared with the course structure in this education centre here at this academic institution

Saroj Ranawat Image
Saroj Ranawat

To make it in specific to their services we can completely rely for these kinda exams on their study materials.

Ganesh Ram Image
Ganesh Ram

Value for money. It is good for those who work hard and also who trust himself/herself here in this education centre. The institute is very good for the preparation of competitive exams.

anuj kumar Image
Anuj kumar

They provide a lot of test series which help to understand the examination pattern in this education centre here at this academic institution


If you want to join the right coaching institute in this examination, this is the perfect one for the same.

Priya Image

This academy in here is one of the best coaching centres because of how deeply they involve their students in the training programs here.

Arpit Image

For these kinda exams you will find integrated coaching for all the three stages of the examination. The guidelines provided by the teachers are very helpful for these kinda exams.

Shailja Image

The institution clear the ways with their amazing faculty. They make sure that each student in every batch gets all the concepts completely and provide the right and updated study material, this is a great academy for students herein.

pankaj Image

The teachers carefully assess your strength and weakness and help you work in this education centre here at this academic institution.

Reetik Kumar Image
Reetik Kumar

The faculties are well disciplined and well educated here in this education centre. All the staff is very cooperative. They have a very reasonable rate which is worth the education provided.

Sabir khan Image
Sabir khan

Don’t understand the degree of what I am going in but when I joined this academic centre understands how tough studies going to be for these kinda exams. So have to give my all plus this coaching centre helps a lot

Palak agarwal Image
Palak agarwal

I have had been nervous regarding that exam, this coaching helped me to clear the same in this examination.

Shaied iqbal Image
Shaied iqbal

It is the best way for getting the success for those exams which you are preparing. Their branch are situated in major cities in India. They provide best faculty for difficult exam and provides motivation for those exams which you are preparing.

Lalit Image

The fastidious preparing the basic coaching which has had been valuable when I went for some, a meeting procedure in here.


Each and every topic at the coaching academy has had been brilliant in there was wealth with in detail stating from the basics, this is a great academy for students herein. After almost every class in the coaching academy, I sat with the maths faculty and he cleared my doubts patiently in the academy.


The doubt counters of that coaching re brilliant and solve the doubts of the students who come and visit in this examination.

Keshar singh Image
Keshar singh

They teach to believe in our own goals. They motivate until we set a definite target in this education centre here at this academic institution

Rinky Image

Seen every student coming and going satisfied the same goes to me just a little off with their study booklets and notes otherwise good for these kinda exams.


The cost, of course, is reasonable here in this education centre. And the infrastructure of the institute is good.

Ustam Saini Image
Ustam Saini

The charges is practically equivalent to one of its rivals and the study material is incredible in the same way in here.

vankudoth Image

The students are updated about the daily things which have been happening in this examination all around the earth. Due to this they get to know about more.

Swati verma Image
Swati verma

Generally the excellent institute for these kinda exams. Profoundly qualified workforce and great outcomes delivered each year.

Aarshi, Image

I was tuning in about this for a long time yet at long last I chose and joined in this exam. A great deal of concentrate material is likewise accessible on the web and broad communications about the foundation.

Deepak Kumar Image
Deepak Kumar

The coaching has managed everything very very brilliantly in this examination, in terms of the management and the teaching departments.

Ayush Thakur Image
Ayush Thakur

. Test arrangement is the best and exact which empowers the possibility to know in this exam. To accomplish huge dream like these exams, it’s as pixie as to pick best direction too

Jamshed Image

Every class didn’t start on time so, the whole time was elapsed in three classes only being here and the fourth one doesn’t start also which is great stuff here at this institute.

Lovely Image

Mock tests led in the study hall encourages students to get acquainted with the test design in this exam.

neeraj meena Image
Neeraj meena

The inclusion with respect to various subjects’ aspects in this exam and morals are on the whole coming very much stuffed.

pallavi Image

Best results record track which is great stuff here at this institute being here. They have always motivated their students to aim high. They don’t let the pressure build up which is great stuff here at this institute. They teach them with ease.

Jaspreet kaur Image
Jaspreet kaur

Teachers will remind you and encourage you by telling the glorious success of the notable alumni’s in here. This is a very good method for taking out the best from a student.

Nikita Prakash Ranaware Image
Nikita Prakash Ranaware

Thanks for great personal attention and doubt clearing classes being here. excellent individual monitoring and analysis on learning which is great stuff here at this institute.

sukriti Image

Their criteria of study is too good and the another positive point is that they provide us with sufficient study material in here.

Aswathy Image

The teaching staff for these exams of the coaching institute is amazing at Pragati IAS in this area. We have been studying all the way along with amazing guidance from the faculty.

Rajesh Kumar Image
Rajesh Kumar

Good sitting arrangement, highly qualified faculty and of course experienced and friendly ones here into here.

Tanya singla Image
Tanya singla

Faculty is very knowledgeable and they teach very good here into here. I’m really satisfied and will surely ask others if they wish to join any institute for exams preparation in the coaching institute.

Rakesh Image

The institute provides Boot Camps which provides the learners with in-depth analysis of their strengths and weaknesses and holds GD/PI sessions so as to prepare the learners efficiently in here.

Dharmendra  singh chouhan Image
Dharmendra singh chouhan

Regular tests are held according to the different syllabuses for these exams and the batches at the coaching institute at Pragati IAS in this area. A time table is provided well in advance explaining the test schedule.

Parmar chirag pareshbhai Image
Parmar chirag pareshbhai

Motivated to excel at any cost. The team strongly desires good results. The faculty for these exams are average into here.

Lovely singh Image
Lovely singh

Very hard working and competent faculty. Learning is fun here into here.

harpreet kour Image
Harpreet kour

The coaching Institute conducts to the Fruitful sessions into here by the exceptionally learned and benevolent workforce.

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