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Pharmacognize Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
GPAT --- - 15000-20000/-
NIPER --- - 15000-20000/-
PHARMACY --- - 15000-20000/-

About Pharmacognize

Pharmacognize is located at Sector 15, Chandigarh. Pharmacognize is a premier institute which provides its services in various pharmacy competitive exams like GPAT, NIPER, BITS etc.

Features of STP CLASSES:

1-TEST SERIES- The institute provides one of the best test series that are familiar to the exam pattern. This helps in making the students comfortable with the examination structure.
2-ELABORATE STUDY MATERIAL- The institute provides the best study material for these exams that are very easy to understand and contain both easy and difficult level of the questions.
3-STUDY ENVIRONMENT- Pharmacognize guarantee that their classrooms give a domain which is favorable for learning by, in addition to other things, giving the better foundation, periodic tests, and appraisals and strict order, and consistently attempt to enhance the results produced by them.
4-EXPERIENCED STAFF- The employees have been prepared to convey the courses dependent on an intelligent showing technique which guarantees correspondence between the students and the staff while imparting education.
5-Our precise scholastic conveyance demonstrates intends to upgrade our understudies' applied information base and enhance their exactness and speed through evaluation and testing.
6-We additionally give our understudies addresses in the recorded arrangement at every one of our focuses, as iTutor helps the students in noting their inquiries and making up for lost time with addresses they may have missed.
Courses offered:
  • GPAT
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Pharmacognize Reviews

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kuldeep Image

It is the great, best, at Pharmacognize intends to give best study tips and training to the students who want to achievement in their life in this coaching institution.

Meenakshi Image

They adopted very different and good way for at the time of preparation in here which is great. They provided healthy work environment inside this place which is some brilliant stuff.

Jitender Image

It has provided us enough study material in here which is great inside this place so that we can independently prepare from our own for various banking which are there.

Lakshya dubey Image
Lakshya dubey

Every classroom are air conditioner this was very nice inside this place in summer which is some brilliant stuff in here which is great. The institute has high class libraries from where the books can also be issued.

Aman Image

They provide proper guidance, relevant study material inside this place , practice tests and motivational sessions in here which is great which is some brilliant stuff.

Abhishek Image

They provided all the updates regarding the exams and train inside this place accordingly in here which is great which is some brilliant stuff.

RK Image

The best and the fartest of the things have been taken town by this coaching, when it comes to the questions Pharmacognize, for these exams really a brilliant coaching institute for the students which has had been a great thing.

Abdul Image

If you wish to study in the real coaching at this place, this is the one.

Bharti Image

The DPPs, and the tests helps us to cover all the topics very clearly so that the students get good marks at this place.

Sahil Yadav Image
Sahil Yadav

Best coaching in town with experienced teachers and prepared notes at this place.

Shivam Image

Their administration of this institution is also good as they help to provide every information to students and management is also good at this place.

Shivani Image

They provide help to all students so that students don’t have hesitation to ask the question. In this coaching institute it is most imp thing as all students comes from different field so they need more support of the faculty at this place

Arun Kaundal Image
Arun Kaundal

One positive feature you will get here is meeting with different state’s and students from various study and backgrounds by which you can form where you stand in the competition while tests happen at the centre in this coaching institution.

Aajesh Image

Simply sitting inside the institute will make you feel like a place only to grasp knowledge in this coaching institution at this place. All the teaching staff are so well educated and disciplined that just simply looking at them make u respect those legendary people.

Ari Image

This spot has initiated me to work even more relentlessly consistently in this coaching institution at this place. The study material is all around made and the contemplations are amazing cleared up.

Hi Kkhfdgk Image
Hi Kkhfdgk

It gives best and exceedingly qualified instructors who can instruct well to students and unravel their everything riddle in this coaching institution at Pharmacognize.

nisha Image

It provides the free session of the yearly toppers and study material to all its accesses here. Overall it’s the best institute for exam prep.

Shikha Image

They give online test each week and they give compliments of little presents for high scorers in this coaching institution at Pharmacognize.

Shubham soni Image
Shubham soni

The idea to bargain the inquiry is fantastic and gives visual and sound association both in this coaching institution at Pharmacognize. Furthermore, we can ready to especially refresh about the present status in the field of rivalry.

kiran Image

It is useful for beginners at Pharmacognize. Instructors are exceptionally useful in this coaching institution. They cleared every one of my questions. The classes are routinely led.

Arvind Image

It's been a really great experience so far with the coaching and then the content taught in classes is really satisfactory and the classes are fun too for these exams at this place.

Ameen fatima Image
Ameen fatima

Syllabus smartly distributed and will really ease up these exams studies at Pharmacognize. Teachers a perfect fit for these exams

priyanka thakur Image
Priyanka thakur

These exams’ preparation has never been so much of the cakewalk at Pharmacognize. It turned out very well with help of this institute. Each and every aspect of the institute is properly designed.

Monika Image

Some teachers of this institute are very reluctant and they don’t put in much efforts for these exams as others at Pharmacognize.

Raj Krishan Image
Raj Krishan

This is an exam where you have to be hyper focused in the area of the coaching institution for the same out of the brilliant work at this place in here.


I strongly suggest every aspirant and student to join them for getting best coaching which is a great thing being here.

gourav Image

Regular attendance is being taken at the coaching institution in this place and then a monthly report is being presented in front of you by the best of the students at the coaching institutes for the same.

rajesh kumar Image
Rajesh kumar

The coaching institution has had been really brilliant in hiring the most caring teachers in the industry in here in this place.

Palwinder Image

Most of the in the coaching is really brilliant in this place. Since they are the best teachers who are working here in this coaching.  

Parag Gupta Image
Parag Gupta

There are the monthly tests which help the students of this coaching to take over any question taught in this place.

Atul sharma Image
Atul sharma

The teaching pattern of teachers of the coaching institutions have had been quite great in here at the coaching academy in this place. The communication between the coaching and then each of their students are really very brilliant. 

suresh Image

The coaching has have an excellent coaching material in this place which is provided to all our students, which has had been serving which has been great as the supplement to the classroom teaching and then enabling for the students to keep in touch with what has had been being taught in the class and then practice questions in which it was there.

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