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One of the most prominent names in IAS coaching across the nation, Nirvana IAS Academy, West Delhi is renowned for their unique and actionable Intensive Research and Practice-Oriented (IRPO) method which enables civil services aspirants to realize their dream. Nirvana IAS Academy has very brilliantly curated their teaching methods with their professional and world-class faculty, all majorly experienced in their respective domain. The institute has a robust record for producing a large number of successful candidates every year in the most coveted Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)’s civil services examinations. Every year they witness a multitude of students from every corner of the country to seek guidance from their highly esteemed faculty. Nirvana IAS Academy has left no stones unturned in providing students with the best possible guidance in cracking one of the most difficult exam papers in the world. As important as solving the question papers is the level of preparation of the candidates. And, this can only be ensured when they have proper guidance in clearing the top exam in the nation. Being an A-class government officer of the nation is not an easy job and this is why it demands rigorous hard work on the part of the aspirants. Once the students have a carefully planned strategy, they are placed in the right direction to walk through to clear this exam. The highly prestigious faculty of the institute work day in and day out to make sure that their students are not lagging behind in any way. They are always available to take students’ doubts through e-mails and/or phone calls. They very brilliantly try to remove all the obstacle for the students academically in order for them to clear the examination with a good rank. Nirvana IAS Academy strongly believes that not only is clearing the exam enough but what is equally important is achieving a top rank in it. Decades ago, the environment of preparation for this examination was such that there was a dearth of study materials. But today, students are facing an abundance of study materials and this is a bane and a boon for the aspirants at the same time. So, it becomes imperative that students have a good judgment about the study materials that they have to study. Nirvana IAS Academy gives brilliant guidance to the students to help them choose the right kind of study material in order to avoid wastage of time with the wrong study materials. This helps them immensely in saving time for their preparation and clear this coveted examination. Nirvana IAS Academy tries to help the students cope with the hype surrounding this examination. The institute provides a comprehensive guide to the students so that they do not feel the need of looking any place else for further guidance. They prepare the students in such a way that they are fulfilled with all the requirements for the examination. The only thing that the student needs to do on their part is to be sincere and consistent. The institute also has a solution for that. They also help students tackle the problem of information overload. For instance, if from a book of 800 pages is read the student but what is really important from that book would only fulfill 40-50 pages, that means students have wasted a lot of time in reading things which do not matter. This is where a good institution is necessary for students to help them filter their materials. Nirvana IAS Academy very carefully conducts extensive researches on these study materials and the changing trend of the exam and provides the students with crisp and study-ready materials for them to absorb. The study materials they provide at the institute is enough for the students to clear the examination. In addition to that, they are also encouraged by the faculty to read newspapers for a better understanding of the current affairs and so that they can easily grasp concepts. This also helps immensely during the interview process, for which they also provide extensive and exclusive guidance to the students to build a personality which is better suited for this prestigious job. 

Nirvana IAS Academy teaches time management very precisely to the students and teaches them to utilize their time for what is important. So, instead of wasting time by reading hoards of books from where only 20 percent is important, the institute saves their time by providing them only with what is the most important from the point of view of the examination. In addition to that, the students can use the remaining saved time by practicing test papers and quizzes which forms a very significant part of the examination. In fact, a large percentage of the preparation consists of writing test series and doing answer writing practices. The institute very well knows what is the most important thing to do when it comes to the UPSC CSE and keeping that in mind they prioritize things for their students’ better preparation. They make sure that when the day of the examination arrives, students are fully confident about their performance and would crack the examination with flying colors. Further, when there is the possibility that there are hundreds of students for a particular course, it becomes a concern for their students that whether they would receive proper attention and guidance. Nirvana IAS Academy has very skillfully taken care of that problem by making sure that not more than 50 to 60 students are included in one particular batch. Understanding the demands of this exam, the Institute realizes the importance of giving personal attention to each and every student. This can only be ensured in small batches and this is how they ensure their excellent performance in the field of providing spectacular IAS coaching to the aspirants.  

Subjects Offered by Nirvana IAS Academy, North West Delhi:

Law: The institute provides coaching for the Optional papers of Law for UPSC Mains.

Political Science: The institute provides coaching for the Optional papers of Political Science for UPSC Mains.

History: The institute provides coaching for the Optional papers of History for UPSC Mains.

General Studies: The institute provides coaching for the General Studies paper of UPSC Prelims and Mains.

CSAT: The institute provides coaching for the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) paper of UPSC Prelims.

As is quite discernible and evident, Nirvana IAS Academy, West Delhi provides all the prerequisites to making a successful career for a student in the civil services examinations. This is what makes it the leading institute all over the nation in terms of the much coveted civil services examinations. This is the reason why students from all over the country come here to obtain their extraordinary guidance in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

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