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Nirvana IAS Academy Fees & Courses

Course Name
Course Fee
GENERAL STUDIES (Pre–cum-Main) Along with CSAT
1 Yr
1 Yr
1 Yr
Any 1 Optional Subject out of LAW , POLITICAL SCIENCE, HISTORY
Complete Package GENERAL STUDIES (Pre-cum-Mains) Along with CSAT + 1 Optional Subject
Interview Guidance
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About Nirvana IAS Academy

One of the leading names in IAS coaching, Nirvana IAS Academy, North West Delhi is renowned for their unique Intensive Research and Practice Oriented (IRPO) method which enables civil services aspirants to realize their dream. Nirvana IAS Academy has very carefully curated their teaching methods with their professional and top-class faculty, all highly experienced in their respective domain. The institute has a robust record for producing a large number of successful candidates every year in the most coveted Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)’s civil services examinations. Every year they witness a multitude of students from every corner of the country to seek guidance from their highly esteemed faculty. Nirvana IAS Academy has left no stones unturned in providing students with the best possible guidance in cracking one of the most difficult exam papers in the world. As important as solving the question papers is the level of preparation of the candidates. And, this can only be ensured when they have proper guidance in clearing the top exam in the nation. Being an A-class officer of the nation is not an easy job and this is why it demands rigorous hard work on the part of the aspirants. Once the students have a well-thought-out strategy, they are put in the right direction to walk through to clear this exam. The highly prestigious faculty of the institute work day in and day out to make sure that their students are not lagging behind in any way. They are always available to take students’ doubts through e-mails and/or phone calls. They very brilliantly try to remove all the obstacle for the students academically in order for them to clear the examination with a good rank. Nirvana IAS Academy strongly believes that not only is clearing the exam enough but what is equally important is achieving a top rank in it. Decades ago, the environment of preparation for this examination was such that there was a dearth of study materials. But today, students are facing an abundance of study materials and this is a bane and a boon for the aspirants at the same time. So, it becomes imperative that students have a good judgment about the study materials that they have to study. Nirvana IAS Academy gives brilliant guidance to the students to help them choose the right kind of study material in order to avoid wastage of time with the wrong study materials. This helps them immensely in saving time for their preparation and clear this coveted examination. Nirvana IAS Academy tries to help the students cope with the hype surrounding this examination. The institute provides a comprehensive guide to the students so that they do not feel the need of looking any place else for further guidance. They prepare the students in such a way that they are fulfilled with all the requirements for the examination. The only thing that the student needs to do on their part is to be sincere and consistent. The institute also has a solution for that. They also help students tackle the problem of information overload. For instance, if from a book of 800 pages is read the student but what is really important from that book would only fulfill 40-50 pages, that means students have wasted a lot of time in reading things which do not matter. This is where a good institution is necessary for students to help them filter their materials. Nirvana IAS Academy very carefully conducts extensive researches on these study materials and the changing trend of the exam and provides the students with crisp and study-ready materials for them to absorb. The study materials they provide at the institute is enough for the students to clear the examination. In addition to that, they are also encouraged by the faculty to read newspapers for a better understanding of the current affairs and so that they can easily grasp concepts. This also helps immensely during the interview process, for which they also provide extensive and exclusive guidance to the students to build a personality which is better suited for this prestigious job. 

Nirvana IAS Academy teaches time management very precisely to the students and teaches them to utilize their time for what is important. So, instead of wasting time by reading hoards of books from where only 20 percent is important, the institute saves their time by providing them only with what is the most important from the point of view of the examination. In addition to that, the students can use the remaining saved time by practicing test papers and quizzes which forms a very significant part of the examination. In fact, a large percentage of the preparation consists of writing test series and doing answer writing practices. The institute very well knows what is the most important thing to do when it comes to the UPSC CSE and keeping that in mind they prioritize things for their students’ better preparation. They make sure that when the day of the examination arrives, students are fully confident about their performance and would crack the examination with flying colors. Further, when there is the possibility that there are hundreds of students for a particular course, it becomes a concern for their students that whether they would receive proper attention and guidance. Nirvana IAS Academy has very skillfully taken care of that problem by making sure that not more than 50 to 60 students are included in one particular batch. Understanding the demands of this exam, the Institute realizes the importance of giving personal attention to each and every student. This can only be ensured in small batches and this is how they ensure their excellent performance in the field of providing spectacular IAS coaching to the aspirants.  

Subjects Offered by Nirvana IAS Academy, North West Delhi:

General Studies: The institute provides coaching for the General Studies paper of UPSC Prelims and Mains.

CSAT: The institute provides coaching for the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) paper of UPSC Prelims.

History: The institute provides coaching for the Optional papers of History for UPSC Mains.

Political Science: The institute provides coaching for the Optional papers of Political Science for UPSC Mains.

Law: The institute provides coaching for the Optional papers of Law for UPSC Mains.

As you can see, Nirvana IAS Academy, North West Delhi provides all the prerequisites to making a successful career for a student in the civil services examinations. This is what makes it the leading institute all over the nation in terms of the much coveted civil services examinations. This is the reason why students from all over the country come here to obtain their extraordinary guidance in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

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Nirvana IAS Academy Reviews

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Abhishek Image

Very very cooperative staff is there, Experienced faculties with vast knowledge, fully syllabus covered study material, test series everything whatever required for an IAS aspirant they provided me.

Vansh tomar Image
Vansh tomar

IAS preparation has been turned out very well with help of this institution which has been great and an amazing thing to do.

karan sigh pathania Image
Karan sigh pathania

Great faculty is there at the coaching institute and the great administration which is very flexible with the demands of the students here. Couldn't have asked for anything more.

Ramandeep Image

The parents can be really relaxed by sending their adults to this coaching which is a brilliant thing for it. :D:D :D and then which has had been there.

rohit Image

Doubt clearing classes and tricks to solve the question are amazing here. These traps helped me to rapidly clear the examination and cross check my answers.

ANKITA tiwari Image
ANKITA tiwari

Best UPSC coaching class is there which the coaching faculty with highly knowledgeable & outstanding teaching skill.

devender Image

This place is the best one and has had motivated me to work harder every day.

aashiq ali Image
Aashiq ali

I have had been in this coaching for a long time now and I may tell you that this one is the best coaching in this town because of the number of reasons.

Amandeepkaur Image

This in the coaching institution is a place has motivated me to work harder every day.

Parav Image

The faculty teaches in the coaching institution at a very high pace. It is difficult to understand topics at times.

Hussanpreet Singh Image
Hussanpreet Singh

Teachers are very much helpful and they are really concerned about the selection of each and every student.

Anirudh malhan Image
Anirudh malhan

It continues adjusting in the academy and keeps up aware of the execution of instructors through yearly surveys.


The institute has the best mentors , who guide the students to reach to their goals and fulfill their dreams in the coaching institute

shiv Kumar Image
Shiv Kumar

Coolness all around. Very cool teacher competitive crowd with experience and resourceful teachers

Ramandeep kaur Image
Ramandeep kaur

Every lecture or the concepts which are being taught in an amazing way is brilliant. Full syllabus coverage is done, nothing is compromised with syllabus.

qwerty Image

The staff of the coaching institute had been really highly qualified.

parveen Image

Regular tests are conducted in the coaching institution. A time table is provided well in advance explaining the test schedule.

Rahul mor Image
Rahul mor

The faculty is well order and very knowledgeable. Scholastic program is amazing.

Neha Khanna Image
Neha Khanna

The coaching institute has been helping in improving the personality of the student according to the test. The coaching institute helps the students to take on the exams and is a great coaching.

vikash Image

Answer writing is the most needed thing for the UPSC Preparation, if we are talking about the practice, it should have been on a daily basis. They make sure of it with the responsibility.

Kirandeep Image

This IAS Academy has effectively prepared wannabes for over 10 years by influencing them to understand altogether the whole schedule in the academy and is a standout amongst the best for common administrations examination arrangements.

monika Image

The holidays of the coaching institute are less, and then there is discipline and the classes run day and night which is a brilliant thing for it. What could be better than this. This coaching is far better than the other classes out there in the coaching academy.

ranjit singh Image
Ranjit singh

The coaching has not been the waste of time and money but also I got multiple benefits of studying here and is a great coaching.

Harbans Image

The foundation centers around intelligent learning sessions with employees who trust that making an urging domain can prompt achievement in the academy.

Vasu Dev sharma Image
Vasu Dev sharma

The infrastructure of the coaching institute is really great and the teaching faculties are well experienced.

Harpreet Singh Image
Harpreet Singh

The teachers are like the wizard here, they know how it works which is a brilliant thing for it. They love their jobs of groing us.

sandeep Image

There are monthly suggestions and the feedback rounds where we can share what we feel about the teachers of this coaching through all the angles possible in there inside the coaching academy which has been totally coming around in there which is a brilliant thing for it.

Pardeep Singh Image
Pardeep Singh

The instructors are extremely helpful and experienced in the academy. They help us to explore our vitality such that we get spurred to break these doors.

Rimpy Image

Thanks a ton for all the difficult times at this centre. A really excellent IAS centre with fine faculty to guide you

vishal kumar Image
Vishal kumar

Answer writing is the most needed thing for UPSC Preparation, if we are talking about practice, it should be on a daily basis. They make sure of it with responsibility.

Gagandeep Kaur Image
Gagandeep Kaur

All teachers are very co-operative and try their best to solve the Queries of the students.

Prabhjot Image

The tests given by the students are evaluated by the Faculties in the span of two days.

nishu Image

The course and the test series of this Institute are varies. It provides, mains, pre cum mains. Beat Study materials are also provided in This IAS Coaching institute.

Munish singh Image
Munish singh

The coaching institution has had given the general excellent of the study material in there. The educators are useful and experienced. It has an incredible domain. Their study material of the coaching academy has been loaded with the significant inquiries and the ideas which has been covering every single basic theme.

komal verma Image
Komal verma

Here at the coaching you not only improve your personality, also it enhance your capability and help you to explore your multidimensional approach to any challenge so that you understands life.

Mansi Bhutani Image
Mansi Bhutani

The institute gives generally excellent study material. The educators are useful and experienced. It has an incredible domain. Their study material of the coaching institute is loaded with significant inquiries and ideas covering every single basic theme.

shweta Image

As you know that the Government exams are being really very difficult to crack but if you would prepare best then it would become easy with the things which has been great. To crack these exams you need to join the best coaching institute which will guide you with the best stuff to study in this coaching academy and town.

Pawan Image

Coaching center provides a relevant idea and also provide environment about the interview of IAS after mains and prelims.

Ananya Singh Image
Ananya Singh

Teachers at the coaching institute are very friendly to each students. You are constantly being monitored and can raise any issue to the authority and never be ignored.

chitra lamba Image
Chitra lamba

Its a very wonderful place to learn things. They gave us a real time experience of what we will face in SSB.

Shivani Image

This place at the coaching which has been motivated me to the pitch to work harder every day.

Kiran Image

The way faculties teach in this coaching institute will give light on how the subjects are to be dealt with.

satendra nigam Image
Satendra nigam

Here in the coaching, we get so many activities like answer writing, group discussions and so much which keeps us regular and increases the interest and confidence every day.

sidharth sharma Image
Sidharth sharma

The teachers of the coaching institute are nice and all the classes are effectual. They even give extra time after class to clear our doubts.


Awesome place is this one at the coaching institution. Awesome atmosphere. Awesome teaching friendly environment. I had not been disappointed. Good learning and good experience. U would enjoy the whole journey. Just join here.

dilpreet kaur dhillon Image
Dilpreet kaur dhillon

The faculty have this amazingly well stress-buster personalities which can calm any student, and bring a certain stability to him/her.

Inab Image

Dedicated faculty, committed intent and genuine concern for prospective candidates of the coaching institute.

Ashish kumar Image
Ashish kumar

The coaching institution has been really very good. You are made to learn each and every concept of the coaching institute which has been here inside this institution.

Vijay Image

If you ever hear a negative review about this coaching, you can be relaxed that this one is the best coaching institute currently present in here in this town and this is a great point.

kapil Image

IAS preparation has been turned out really really very well for me since I have done the coaching through sincerely. This is what I have got with the help of this coaching institute.

Abhinay Jamwal Image
Abhinay Jamwal

I have had been really really awesome experience with the part of the coaching institution been already there at this point of the same. Best institute is this one for the banking aspirants of the coaching academy in here.

Jaskaran Singh Image
Jaskaran Singh

At this coaching institute the educators come completely arranged with the course structure. The structure is clarified appropriately in the class .The coursework is throughly talked about with the students of the coaching institute which makes the study procedure clear.

ishpal singh Image
Ishpal singh

The coaching institute has created a niche brand by marinating a small batch size and targeting a highly focussed study regime to gain top results in the coaching.

Ashish Image

The course is so organized and has the various types of the booklets to suit the academy. The course is so finished in the time, giving a lot of the uninterrupted time to study alone

Jagriti yadav Image
Jagriti yadav

It is a very brilliant coaching center with Nirvana IAS Academy the best coaching which not only concentrate on studies but also on overall personality of the individual.

sumit Image

Extraordinary individual consideration is there and the doubt clearing classes are given to the students. Phenomenal individual observing and investigation on learning.

Karl gahloth Image
Karl gahloth

This has always been establishment is calmly acclaimed for its contemporary approach of each expected of the subject. They deal with each subject relates to the present happenings.

Pramod Image

It is the best institute to prepare for the exam with affordable fee structure which is a brilliant work done by the institute. This institute has the most amazing staff.

Avinash Nigam Image
Avinash Nigam

The well experienced and dedicated staff has helped me achieve my goal. They always keep motivating students.

pooja garg Image
Pooja garg

The coaching institute is generally excellent planning for competitive test. The organization has put in parcel of endeavors to manufacture an institute with such extraordinary information, energy and experience at the coaching institute.

Anu Image

The video addresses have always been shocking in and the study material given by the instructor is splendid with their work control.

kavita sangwan Image
Kavita sangwan

This coaching institute is a place has motivated me to work harder every day.The study material is well created and the concepts are very well explained.

Saif Ali Image
Saif Ali

Excellent coaching for bank exam, SSC exam and also railway exams. Very good guidance to competitive aspirants. I have improved my skills a lot, after joining this coaching centre.

sandy Image

The faculty teaches of the coaching institute at a very very high pace of the coaching institute. It is very very difficult to understand topics at times.

Nisha batra Image
Nisha batra

Every lecture or concepts are taught in an amazing lay in the coaching academy. Full syllabus coverage is done, nothing is compromised with syllabus.

Jeet Image

Instructors of the coaching institutions are experienced. They train with a bundle of intrigue. Moving tends to given by the workforce are displayed staggeringly satisfying to us.


They offer escalated dn the instructing for all subjects in a way that is a piece of the UPSC test, which incorporates 9subjects in the 1st paper.

Roshan Image

Best coaching institute is this one for preparation for upsc and other competitive exams. Experienced staff.

abhaya Image

The tests of the coaching institute which conduct help us to evaluate our position and efforts we need to further put.

Amandeep Image

It has been such a great place to build the self- confidence and to improve your academic skills in this institution.

Goldi Bagga Image
Goldi Bagga

The best thing I have ever come across in an IAS coaching is coming with the brilliant terms as far as I have seen for the same time of it in there.

Harpreet Image

There are PD classes where students get to increase their comm skills.

Vivek Image

They provide quality coaching which helped me to crack the exam and helped me acquire a good rank.

Mitesh Image

Infrastructure facilities of this IAS centre very impressive on a another level with best of teachers you are going to find

Maitrayee dubey Image
Maitrayee dubey

It gives relevant information in limited time with proper help. The teachers are helpful and gentle. A nice place to study.

Manisha Image

I believe that if the person in this coaching follows the mentors really well, he could do anything.

Aarti Image

I guess that this coaching is the best coaching institute in town for many of the reason for one being that your personality is groomed here.

aaina Image

Speaking of their study solutions very good form the IAS exam point of view especially for the GS exam

vinod gochar Image
Vinod gochar

The students are not just allowed a chance to get familiar with the ideas in a down to earth way yet in addition they appreciate a pressure - free environment where they can truly thrive.

Ritu Image

Had a awesome experience with the coaching institute. Best institute for banking aspirants.

Aayush saini Image
Aayush saini

Easy and difficult level problems were solved in the class and weekly test were also conducted in the coaching institute.

Raj thakur Image
Raj thakur

The staff is exceedingly qualified. They delegate specialists who have been in the line since last 15-20 years. The tests led help us to assess our position and endeavours we have to additionally put.

Gurvinder singh Image
Gurvinder singh

Good faculties and the coaching is here at the institution. Weekly tests are there which helps us to learn something more! Really it's guiding us all the way to go through it !

deepak Image

Each and every of the teacher would give you ample amount of time and help you with the each and every query however trivial it maybe in the coaching.

Robin kamra Image
Robin kamra

The tests directed depend on test situated example which is valuable in our tests. Every one of the resources here are experienced.

Abyruba bajaj Image
Abyruba bajaj

I would have had been liking it to thank the institute wholeheartedly for their motivation, guidance and support in the coaching institution , this is a great academy

Basant B Purohit Image
Basant B Purohit

The institute makes a timetable and takes normal evaluations are held .They've been the best guide for me. 8

Simar Image

I can say now that they really are: they will support you all along the way with a person centre style and the highest level of preparation helping you becoming a confident person.

Manoj Kumar Image
Manoj Kumar

Proper IAS studies. Everything from teachers to syllabus to revision exercises is all covered.

Haider khan Image
Haider khan

The institute is great place for IAS aspirants. But, in order to achieve success here in UPSC or anywhere in life, dedication, focus and 'will for the change' are the first priority.

Rachana Image

Each and every of the topic discussed clearly, mock test also for evaluate ourself where we are and how much we need to improve ourself in there, this is a great academy.

Prabhat Deep Suryan Image
Prabhat Deep Suryan

This banking course is by far the most challenging thing I am doing. Very overwhelming at the beginning. However it was the best thing I have done. I have learnt so much over the duration of this course.

malika Image

DEDICATED, INTELLIGENT, PRECISE COOPERATIVE and EFFICIENT, this is what the faculty of this coaching makes the session even more interesting.

Kritika bhatt Image
Kritika bhatt

Faculties at the institution are very great, that they are always ready to guide their students and to teach them unique tips and tricks to crack the exam effectively and efficiently, this is a great academy.

smriti guleria Image
Smriti guleria

This place has had been motivating me to the pitch of everything to work harder every day.

narinder singh Image
Narinder singh

It has had been a really wonderful place which being providing with being the best study tips of the coaching academy and then being the education to the coaching students whom the desire to the succeed in their life in the being out there.

sonia bisht Image
Sonia bisht

The students of this coaching academy are being are updated about the daily things which have been happening all around the earth which is a brilliant thing for it at the same point in here present. Due to this they get to know about more in this coaching institution.

tanu khera Image
Tanu khera

Special emphasis is to be given on the students’ area from where different and precarious questions can be set up in the coaching institute they have done an amazing job.

Vicky Image

The IAS Academy has a standout amongst one of the best instructing focuses due to which profoundly they include the students in the preparation of the programs which is a great thing.

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