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Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
IAS --- - 60000/-
HAS --- - 60000/-
PCS --- - 60000/-
HCS --- - 60000/-
PCS --- - 60000/-
UPSC --- - 60000/-
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Naman Sharma IAS Academy was founded by Naman Sharma who has given more than 8 years of his life on teaching IAS aspirants and focused his life around their achievements.

We are a result orientated institute, striving on our student’s success. We believe in curating a customized path for each student entering the dynamic world of UPSC.

We at Naman Sharma IAS Academy aim to provide the best services and study material to our students by conducting interactive query sessions, follow-ups, strategically handcrafted modules rightly suited for a UPSC aspirant. We continuously revise our study material and strategies according to the upcoming events to deliver nothing but the best.

We follow a participatory approach at our institute, following a certain pedagogy while teaching for effective results. We guide our students from day one until they enter the final interview round and work towards helping them break the ground.

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Kuldeep Kelani Image
Kuldeep Kelani

This is a very good institute for different courses because of the faculties which has been present over this area institutionover this area.

Pawan Kumar Image
Pawan Kumar

Excellent learning condition. Extraordinary Faculties coordination in extensive and the executives support in all the approaches to exceed expectations the studentsThis institute has good environment.

Prachi Image

The things I would like to tell are that this coaching is amazing in terms of the test sessions and the doubt classeshere inside this institute.

Divya Rani Image
Divya Rani

Doubt clearing sessions were amazing as teachersfor the centre of this coaching are especially experienced and dealt with inquiries everything considered.

Daiwik chugh Image
Daiwik chugh

Believe me on the off chance that you prepared to entire generously study and pursue what personnel state you are certainly going to get a decent scores on your particular selection testsgood environment hereat.

Harsh Image

This organization gives best educators and the best study material alongside the best uncertainty employeesgood environment hereat.

Arshi shaikh Image
Arshi shaikh

The coaching institutes’ teachers are very, very helpful in NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY which is a good academy. They arrange extra classes which helps students to recover the courses faster.

Mukul Ranjan Image
Mukul Ranjan

The administrative staff of the coaching institute is really greatin NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY with good teachers.

Aditya Jangir Image
Aditya Jangir

If you want to hear my suggestion then by my suggestion it is the finest institution for the preparation for different examsaround this study culture.

Rahul Image

In every single competitive test, aside from information for exams preparation like them, system is significant and they will give you the correct technique.

Satyam pal Image
Satyam pal

If you are looking for some serious preparationaround this teaching environment, you must join this coaching institute for sure which you think you have been to.

Neha Londhe Image
Neha Londhe

The leading educational institute proceeds with the goal of preparing students NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY the best coaching indeed with the necessary knowledge, skills and perspectives which would prepare them for future careers in their respective specialties in the course.

Jashanpreet Image

Very cooperative and helpful teachers are there in this coaching institute here. Here is every service that makes it a best place for study NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY the best coaching indeed, also it is very neat and clean at all.

Anshu kumari Image
Anshu kumari

I was always able to absorb whatever was being taught which is great about the institute, plus there were revisions and tests to strengthen our learning.

Payal Image

The teachers and the institute gives us enoughfor exams like these in here around this place time to prepare for the exams after the course completion.

Deepesh Image

They leave no single topic from the syllabus at this coaching academy which is being present for the culture here.

anupreet Image

This coaching centre has had always been very excellent for these types of courses in providing education in the field of completion. Its convenient in here at this coaching centre.

Atul Image

With a very friendly environment, what sets this Institute apart from the many working in this field is the personalised approach to reaching round fare this coaching.

Kajal Image

I guess that which is the best part of taking the classes in this institute at here is to clear your doubtswith this coaching here around, strengthen your weakness and then simply breakaway at this point which has had been there in here.

Vanshika Rana Image
Vanshika Rana

The teachers motivate the students and provide them the best assistance NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY has a good studying aura.

sneh Image

Every concept in the academy they teach sufficient for these exams, just you have to careful in the classroomthey teach us brilliantly.

Tarun kumar Image
Tarun kumar

The academic coaching here in this study equipped great institutehas been a great and foundation is additionally nice. Every study hall has air conditioner, this was exceptionally decent in summer in over this academic coaching.

RAVI prakash singh Image
RAVI prakash singh

This coaching institution has had been a one-stop solution for problems related to these exams around this great teaching environment examinations which has had been there at this town which has been great.

Rishav raj Image
Rishav raj

The institute helps in the answer writing and its is a boon to the aspirants around this educational institution hereat, those who have wasted their valuable time and money Joining Test series.

Vakeel khan Image
Vakeel khan

The fees structure is somewhat huge I feelfor this education aura here. The study material is very vast. They would have covered all topics but it will be like reading a school or college text book.

Ashok Image

Individual thought classes with individual seeing with complete test plan are very phenomenal practice hereand that’s extraordinary. I really have no words for your splendid exercises and support.

Kishan Kumar Image
Kishan Kumar

The institute is very good preparation for competitive exam around this great culture. The administration has put in lot of efforts to build an institute with such great knowledge, positivity and experience.

Komal paswan Image
Komal paswan

Overall a good exam centre to prepare at NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY which is a good institute. E-methodologies and tailored made solutions to bring best out of you for these exams.

Ravi Yadav Image
Ravi Yadav

This institute helps you to learn the actual basic concepts in a very unconventional way for this exam here in this center.

Bhawani Singh Image
Bhawani Singh

The coaching institute gives an awesome situation to students to get ready for what is one of the hardest national level tests at the coaching institute in there around this education institution hereat.


Group discussion and the doubt clearing classes around this great culture make students very confident about the subject knowledge.

Rohit Yadav Image
Rohit Yadav

The organization is exceptionally great readiness for focused test The institute has good environment. The organization has put in part of endeavors to assemble an establishment with such extraordinary learning, energy and experience.

Sumitra h mahto Image
Sumitra h mahto

Amazing place to learn and the grown as a person in the coaching institution. Conceptual and the practical learning inside the institution here for. Best faculty is there in this coaching that you'll ever find and they are very very friendly in the institution!

Komalpreet Singh Image
Komalpreet Singh

Faculty members are very cooperative in these skill examinations. Its rooms are not so spacious but its chairs are very comfortable that we can sit there comfortably for hours in these skill examinations

Urmila Image

The institute provides the best guidance there is for the entrance exams in NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY a great coaching . The faculty is highly supportive as well as interactive.

Manish Gupta Image
Manish Gupta

Faculty here is amazing and ready to help for these brilliant exams you whenever you need them in this course institute.

Jaspreet kaur Image
Jaspreet kaur

Every class didn’t start on time so, the whole time was elapsed in three classes only and the fourth one doesn’t start also and that’s extraordinarily great .

harpreet randhawa Image
Harpreet randhawa

Online home test practise is awesome and this is a great thing at this institute which is great. They also train the students for interviews. They provide personality development.

Roshan khan Image
Roshan khan

This One is amongst the best when it comes to coaching For in here being. I would highly recommend it for the training of in here being.

Shobha kumari Image
Shobha kumari

The monthly tests helps you a lot to analyze your preparation take it seriously in around NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY always. ; this is what that makes difference.

Pandey Image

At this time of the coaching institute the teachers come fully prepared with the course structure which is brilliant and great for NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY which is a great coaching . The structure is explained properly in the class of the coaching.

Himanshu sharma Image
Himanshu sharma

The resources of the coaching institute would help the students how to tolerate the weight amid tests and how to expand the speed and exactness while replying in tests great things around being here.

Null Image

. The test series of this coaching institute is amazing inside this great study culture. You may opt for this test series and top the exam at the same time.

Rumpa Chatterjee Image
Rumpa Chatterjee

They show us new snares and ways to deal with understand questions quickly with the objective that our time could be saved in the test and that’s extraordinarily great .

Saakshi Kashyap Image
Saakshi Kashyap

The teacher specifies on the particular topics how to deal with being here. This makes it easy for us to understand the exam pattern and prepare accordingly for good study coaching.

Sachin Jangal Image
Sachin Jangal

The staff is highly experienced around this coaching place and have been in the business for last 20 years.

Aayush Seth Image
Aayush Seth

If you are serious and sincere about the preparation here around this culture, you would get the best of the results from this coaching institution.

Akshay Datta Image
Akshay Datta

Students at the coaching institute work hard every day to get the success out for these coaching exams.

Navdeep Image

The institute gave me the opportunities of a lifetime! and that’s amazing here in this institution I would recommend it in a heartbeat. The faculty is hardworking and efficient.

Preeti yadav Image
Preeti yadav

They focus on learning, friendly environment in NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY a great coaching with no communication gap between teachers and students.

Raja Image

They have had helped me at every single step and as a result of them for these strategical exams , I could get an extraordinary by and large band in the real test at the coaching institute.

ashok kumar Image
Ashok kumar

They give their booklets which are a squeeze of many good books and concepts with good problems in NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY always.

Ranjeet Kumar Virmani Image
Ranjeet Kumar Virmani

This was the best of the choice , invested within this place more money and time in this institute which has been great. Its convenient within this place

Priyanka kumari Image
Priyanka kumari

Their study material is stacked with the best procedures, frameworks, and thoughts so it’s amazing. The foundation gives a total study in NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY which provides great environment.


The Sessions organise by the institute are really very motivating NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY the best coaching indeed.

Divisha Sharma Image
Divisha Sharma

This place is really awesome and the teachers are too friendly for these examinations hereat.

Vinay singh Image
Vinay singh

All of the types of facilities are available in the institution here for this exam in this city. The modules which have been provided in the academy has had a better understanding for the subject and the topic which have had been there.


The study material of the coaching is really very brilliant and when we talk about the all the tests which are being planned and in a systematic manner here for this exam in this city. The ventilation system in the coaching institute is really very brilliant.

Manjinder Brar Image
Manjinder Brar

One of the Best Institute for preparation of these exams in the coaching institute at this centre its cool. The faculty at Mentors are qualified as well as experienced.

Akansha Rathore Image
Akansha Rathore

The teachers teach good content, but their pace is fast in NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY which provides great environment. It is difficult to comprehend. The study portal is very active, and interesting.

sonu sharma Image
Sonu sharma

The teachers here have been a constant supporter in NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY which provides great environment. They conduct motivational sessions and provide tips and tricks for the exams.

Soniya Puri Image
Soniya Puri

Proper exam studies at NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY great institute. Everything from teachers to syllabus to revision exercises is all covered.

Vanshika Image

The staff of the coaching institute is highly experienced and have been making careers of the students for the last 20 years at NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY great institute.

Shilpi Mishra Image
Shilpi Mishra

Much agreeable to me, the staff that I got at my Center is very experienced in NAMAN SHARMA IAS ACADEMY which provides great environment. They give you a library loaded with aggressive books which you can likewise get issued.

rajat garg Image
Rajat garg

The instructors show great substance for these exams here around, however their pace is quick. It is hard to appreciate. The study entry is exceptionally dynamic, and fascinating.


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