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About Manya Abroad The Princeton Review

Manya abroad the Princeton review, the largest partner of The Princeton Review, facilitates aspirants placement services to worlds some renowned universities/colleges and offers admission or counseling services covering admission process to visa application all aspects of abroad studies. Specializing in the preparation of TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, SAT and PSAT exams, Manya group offers aspirants a congruous version of a vast information network along with an amalgamated prep solution and expert faculty. At Manya the Princeton Review, their motto is today is your future i.e. what you reap today will be your tomorrow. Manya abroad the Princeton review, South extension I Delhi, offers a unique set of training and result proficient teaching to aspirants with every faculty member of their gone through rigorous and professional training. One of the many highlights of its curriculum is classroom learning. Their classroom sessions are high octane and smart ensuring aspirants progress, development and at the same time funny and inspiring. They have both modes of learning i.e. offline and online learning. Both learning modes are equivalently good and distinctively separate with having different feature sets attached to them. Another brilliant feature is their coverage of the whole visa process starting from an impressive application to document processing to a do’s & don'ts of a staying abroad.

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Manya Abroad The Princeton Review Reviews

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Jdjtjg Image

The mocks and module in this coaching institute are good source for the aspirant . Best coaching in the city and i am blessed to be part inside this place.

Manoj Kumar Image
Manoj Kumar

The environment for studies and their individual session inside this place, they clear every doubt and always ready to give time

Poonam Malik Image
Poonam Malik

The institute creates a timetable which helps the students to the peak and takes regular assessments are held in this Manya Abroad The Princeton Review.

yashpreet kaur Image
Yashpreet kaur

More time is invested in the topics of the high weight and it is a positive approach in this Manya Abroad The Princeton Review.

Vishav Sharma Image
Vishav Sharma

Don’t ever miss a lecture of the coaching. Missing even a single lecture could cost a lot in the coaching institute in this Manya Abroad The Princeton Review.


The coaching institution provides us with very good study material in this Manya Abroad The Princeton Review

Riyaz Khan Image
Riyaz Khan

The coursework of the coaching institute arethoroughly discussed with the coaching students. This makes the study of the course process clear and makes us confident in this Manya Abroad The Princeton Review.

Hitesh Image

Besides the test series, special mock tests such as the Replica Tests which is a great thing and like the All India Mock test Series are also held.

Rohit Image

I would not say that the coaching has a world-class facility as they do not have which is a great thing at this place. However, their main focus is towards the teaching as well as the overall development of the child. This makes in helping students in clearing the exam.

Charu Jarial Image
Charu Jarial

The faculty of the institute is highly educated at this place and experienced which is a great thing.

Navneet Image

The test series would help you to meet different problems and difficulties at this place which is a great thing which you would face in the real time.

Saket Image

They have helped the students which is a great thing so students don’t hesitate at this place to ask the questions.

Nidhi singh Image
Nidhi singh

There are different exams which we students can think can give with the help of this coaching institute and that’s just brilliant.

Monika Image

The other things which I like about this coaching part from the coaching institute are that we have got to learn a lot of things in this coaching institute at Manya Abroad The Princeton Review.

Priyanshi thakur Image
Priyanshi thakur

Here at this coaching, we are not just taught about the best courses and the other things, which we have taught of, we are taught things which are beyond our subjects.

Pragati Agarwal Image
Pragati Agarwal

The subjects taught by the teachers is really very great as far as the coaching institute is being seen at Manya Abroad The Princeton Review.

Manoj kumar sharma Image
Manoj kumar sharma

Gate is a technical exam, in order to get numbers in it, we have to go complex and this coaching helps us to solve that complex under one shot at Manya Abroad The Princeton Review.

Gurkirat Kaur Image
Gurkirat Kaur

I revise that in my class notes and then it has been done the answer writing which has been great with their homework program which has been there at this place.

Gurwinder Singh Image
Gurwinder Singh

We got the daily updates which have been based on the best copy among the students for the comparison with the model of the answer which has been great from every of the teacher been sending there at the coaching academy present in this town in here.

Varinde Image

The teachers of the coaching academy finds the calibre in you and tries best to bring out the best in you they motivate you have had been making it really difficult things easy to understand and not only this help you with further studies as well guides you on the right path to achieve better things in the institution in this town at this place.

Anita Dogra Image
Anita Dogra

Amazing faculty has had been there and then have had been a great exposure for competitive exams in this town which is an amazing thing at this place.

Jyoti shukla Image
Jyoti shukla

They provide excellent coaching is this one in a very friendly environment which makes learning interesting at this coaching academy in this town already been there at this place.

Anjali gupta Image
Anjali gupta

I worked my way through the system of test, packages, lectures, discussions and then made great progress over the last two years in this town at this place.

Manasvi Agarwal Image
Manasvi Agarwal

Whats been there at the best, the best part of the coaching institute? The best part is that the institute gives the students the right to do everything at this place which has had been there at the sime time of the coaching institute being there.

yatharth shukla Image
Yatharth shukla

There are serious things which every single student is concerned about but not in this coaching, we can study carefree and concentrated which has had been there at this point and then this point at this place.

Tanya Image

One of the best coaching institutes which has had been there as far as the quality of the prepared notes, the doubt counters and the other things seen in the coaching institution which have been there at this point at this place.

Annu Image

If you are looking for the right coaching institute for the exams which has had been there and then, then this is it, one of the best coaching in this town in the coaching institute being there at this place

manoj Image

The parents can be really relaxed by sending their adults to this coaching and then which has had been there at this place.

Davinder  kaur Image
Davinder kaur

The thing is that this coaching institution is the best one which is present round the corner which has had been here at this point at the same time in this coaching institution around the corner at this place.

Mehak Image

All of the students present here have a positive review about this coaching and same does me and I guess to everyone else too at this place.

Medha Bhardwaj Image
Medha Bhardwaj

If you think that this is the wrong coaching which has had been here at this point, then you must think twice since the previous years selections which have had been many in here at this place.

Sachin Bansal Image
Sachin Bansal

You could understand that everything by the simple tricks you can also have facilities like speed tests and online classes at this place that none of any other institutions provide which is brilliant and great.

Ankush Sheoran Image
Ankush Sheoran

The teachers of this coaching institute which is brilliant and great here have had been a constant supporter at Manya Abroad The Princeton Review . They conduct motivational sessions and provide tips and tricks for the exams of the coaching at Manya Abroad The Princeton Review .

Zaheer ahmad Image
Zaheer ahmad

The study environment of this coaching institute is amazingly great which is brilliant and great at Manya Abroad The Princeton Review . Students are very motivated and teachers are very experienced.

Aadil Image

I really have had no words for the wonderful teachings and the support of the coaching institution and is a great coaching in this place. Thanks once again and kudos to the coaching institution.

Jasmeet singh Image
Jasmeet singh

The teachers of the coaching institute has been clearing all of the doubts of the students and is a great coaching. Even they are updated with the new syllabus in this place, the coaching updates us all.

Sukhjeet kaur Image
Sukhjeet kaur

Even the teachers of the coaching institute has been coming on the time and before the students and is a great coaching in this place, most of the lecture time in the coaching institute is given on the doubt solving.

jeetendra verma Image
Jeetendra verma

The coaching institution has been providing the books for the better results and is a great coaching in this place

Sahil Dhiman Image
Sahil Dhiman

This coaching institution has been brilliant and definitely in this place the value for money and is a great coaching.

Sohan Lal tailor Image
Sohan Lal tailor

This coaching was the best one of the choice in this place, invest money and time in this coaching institute and is a great coaching.

Shalini Image

The staff of the coaching has been highly experienced and have been in the business for last 20 years and is a great coaching in this place.

Adarsh Image

The staff of the institute has been highly qualified and it helps the students to get the best and is a great coaching in this place.

Angel Image

The faculty of the institute has been teaching of the coaching institute are at a very high pace in this place. It is very difficult to understand the topics at times and is a great coaching.

manjit Image

Study Materials is a very very standout amongst the most of the significant qualities of the institutes for a reason because of the fact that one needs to study from those notes just and get subject to those notes as it were they have done an amazing job at this place.

priyanshu chauhan Image
Priyanshu chauhan

The students of this coaching institute think of the flying hues they have done an amazing job, charge structure is according to the standards, each office given by the institute to students to satisfy their fantasies at this place.

Rituraj Bordoloi Image
Rituraj Bordoloi

The traps of the coaching institute has been encouraged you to take care of issue and the English instructor at this place will enable you to build up the systems to tackle the perusing appreciation they have done an amazing job.

Anjali Kalmotia Image
Anjali Kalmotia

The personnel of the coaching institute is very very improved at Manya Abroad The Princeton Review with learning and they orchestrate question sessions to make every one of the ideas obvious to the students they have done an amazing job.

Bhawana chandel Image
Bhawana chandel

The arrangement which has been contained as a great deal of tests of different sorts that were carefully founded on the online Examination design they have done an amazing job at Manya Abroad The Princeton Review .

Divey bansal Image
Divey bansal

The fees structure is quite affordable and the institute provides scholarships. This is the best initiative an institute takes in here at this place.

sunit kumar Image
Sunit kumar

The expenses charged by the establishment is minimal high in here at this place.

Goldi bhagat Image
Goldi bhagat

The cluster measure is substantial in here at this place. The educator's are unfit to focus .

ParDeep Image

Every idea they show adequate for the test, just you need to cautious motel study hall at this place.

Neeru Image

You will barely get an opportunity to meet the chief many have just grumbled. Organization here additionally alright very little great very little terrible in here at this place.

Pooja Image

They have teachers who motivate you and make you believe that it's possible to crack these exams with regular studies at this place.

Pratiksha parashar Image
Pratiksha parashar

The tests which are being conducted here are really based on the exam oriented pattern which is being very very useful in our exams at this place. All of the faculties here are experienced for these exams.

Aatri Image

Everything has had changed since I’ve had joined this coaching institution for these exams. Easy study material has had been there at this place, regular test series have motivated to score well and take interest in the studies.

Diksha Image

It has had provided us with the enough study material so that we could independently prepare from our own for the entrances for these exams at this place.

Sagar Image

This educational institute is value for money at this place. It utilizes our precious time in a very significant manner. The values which they put along with the efforts for these exams put in by the students.

Neeshu Gupta Image
Neeshu Gupta

The lectures from the experts instructors in the coaching academy has had given us a tremendous boost to my preparation in here at this academic institute.The videos were really clear and easy to understand. They really saved my time and I was able to deal with both my job and bank exam preparation.

pankaj Image

I have had been highly recommending this coaching centre to the everyone looking forward to preparing for these exams in here in the coaching academy in there.

yagya dutt thakur Image
Yagya dutt thakur

I have had really liked the teaching style of the test series offered by them. I was able to study according to my convenience and moreover study material was also upto my expectance in here at this academic institute.

Arun Image

People are very polite that is what I have had been liked about them in it. They have had been never saying no to anything. Always have had ready with the solution. Lovely people have had been there for these exams.

sanjeev kumar Image
Sanjeev kumar

The teachers at the coaching academy has had been having a very cooperative and then gives extra time to weaker students for the improvement in subject in here at this academic institute.

Tikam Image

The teachers at this institution which has had always been there and then here are extraordinary in these coaching institutes. All of them possess a strong work ethic and excellent teaching skills in the academy.

Muskan Image

Best academy for the preparation is this one - Excellent study material, personal attention to each student , Faculties are experts in their domain and the best part is pro test series and its analysis in these coaching institutes.

shorey Image

Excellent part of the coaching is that you never get bored and you get involved in studies day by day in these coaching institutes and here is the best mentor who always ready to help you 24×7 you can ask anything anytime without any of the hesitation and at all of the students to get the equal attention which is important for every student of the coaching.

rajnish Sharma Image
Rajnish Sharma

With the change in the pattern of exams a few years ago which moved away from knowledge-based evaluation to analytical skills assessment, the institute became a big beneficiary as its study model is based upon inculcating a deep sense in solving ability in this coaching institution.

Ritik Image

Its current affairs and test series materials are the best and lakhs of students apply for its test series to test their ability and it is of good quality and available at affordable price in this coaching institution.


The workforce trains at a low pace in this coaching institute. It is easy to understand topics at once. Extra sessions are held for the topics that are not so clear.

Prate Image

Doubt clearing sessions of the institutes are the best. They have had provided good advice to the students and teach each and every concept with ease in this coaching institute.

Rajesh Gupta Image
Rajesh Gupta

Resonance all around. This coaching institution for these exams then surely prevails one of the best coaching institution.

Shruti Image

The coaching institution has had been provides very good study material. The teachers of the institute are very helpful and experienced here in this coaching institute. It has a great environment of the coaching.

sneha Image

Thanks for great personal attention and doubt clearing classes. excellent individual monitoring and analysis on learning for these types of exams.

Mohammad Imran Image
Mohammad Imran

They conduct tests which improved my speed of question solving for these exams in here. The tests include all important questions and numerical skills that are essential tools to clear the exam.


The study material provided by them are the best and according to the prescribed syllabus for these exams.

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