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About Mahendra Educational Private Limited

Mahendra Educational Private Limited Lucknow is the name that aims at creating a classroom, not a seminar room because the dialogue is more effective than a monologue. The involvement of students is very important to make the concept clearer. The Institute also notifies the students regarding various exam dates and the syllabus to be covered. With technology-enabled systems as well as high-quality teaching, the focus is on staying committed towards its goal.

The hard work put in by the faculty and the students are visible through the results of the students. Determination and hard work are what makes a person successful. At times, we try to enter into a field but get stuck at some points and look for help. These entrance exams are more challenging, different and demanding. It wished to help young aspirants make a cut in the coveted fields or institutes that render knowledge in the field of education.

So, understanding the need of every individual our experienced faculty puts in efforts to make them clear these exams. The experienced faculty provides proper guidance, directs the student to reduce the obstacles and also aim at attaining results by providing constructive guidelines. The faculty is easily approachable and open to any doubts.

Each module of Mahendra Educational Private Limited Lucknow has self-practice questions at the end. You can assess yourself after each round of study to know where you stand. Most selection tests have plenty of questions from these test papers. Here they make the vision of aspirants clear by doing and don’t. Since the data and preparation required for such a framework is enormous; Institutes would essentially need to manufacture a learning powerhouse with differing aptitude and consultants. The reason behind this is the amazing study environment and the brilliant faculty which forms the base of the coaching institute.

The mission is to grow professionally solid keeping money and back professionals for the most part through the path of instruction, preparing, examination and proceeding with professional advancement programs. This urges them to have any kind of effect on the instruction given by them, relentlessly attempting to advance finding new and more viable approaches to teach and add to the development of the students, keeping the two models and desire high for the understudies and the establishment. The institution has since ever been demonstrating its notoriety and has dependably attempted to convey the best. With innovation empowered frameworks and also top-notch instructing, the emphasis is on remaining submitted towards its objective.

The expense charged by the academy is extremely ostensible and has decent notoriety, framework, and personnel to manage the hopefuls towards their objective. The institute provides the “MASTER IN THEIR SUBJECTS” faculty who is best known for shaping and giving attention to every individual that makes the institute the best for any student dreaming for great scores. Located in the hub of education of the city Rajat Academy is the best to be advised.  Mahendra Educational Private Limited Lucknow aims of the institute is to achieve success by making aspirants successful. With significant lots of association in this field added to their collection, they have developed a reputation for their quality teaching procedures that help them to grasp the specific necessities of every student at their institution. Since its commencement, it has been conferring education and guaranteeing their achievement of a huge number of students. The charge structure is very moderate. The staff is well experienced.

We suggest that you take a voyage through this place so you can accept what we say. The institute is built with the motive of training the students to achieve their desired goals. The faculty is highly trained and experienced in their respective fields. The institute provides test series and entire research material essential for exam preparation. They have a group of experienced personnel that make contemplate material for the students and are refreshed with every one of the progressions that happen from time to time. They give course material coordinating the global examples alongside video and sounds for legitimate reasonable learning. They go for building a classroom where understudies can communicate with the instructors and clear the entirety of their questions.



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Mahendra Educational Private Limited Reviews

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Rudrakshi Image

The coaching institute teachers are fully responsible about the students for these exams at Mahendra Educational Private Limited which is a brilliant institution .

Mansa sharma Image
Mansa sharma

Excellent institute has had been for the medical / engineering entrance exams preparation. It is so because of its small Bach size herein of the coaching academy in there in this town in here.

Vivekbodhi Patode Image
Vivekbodhi Patode

The faculty is quite good and supporting, environment is quite good. One of the best institute around this centre herein.

Samiksha Image

Instructors are experienced. They train with a bundle of intrigue for this exam over this centre’s. Moving tends to given by the workforce are displayed staggeringly satisfying to us.

Chinu chawla Image
Chinu chawla

This establishment urges you to get ability for this exam over this centre’s with the veritable essential musings in a phenomenally odd manner.

Jatinder singh Image
Jatinder singh

The environment of the coaching is amazing in this examination in here. You are allowed to open your mind and think creatively about the problem. Helps me a lot.

Raheen Image

Faculties are well experienced and very much effective in clearing every doubt at this academic centre around.

Gauri Sood Image
Gauri Sood

Environment of the classes of the coaching institute, Its convenient for these type of exams is very well which has been great for these type of exams.

Ankit kumar Image
Ankit kumar

The study condition is phenomenal. Students are exceptionally induced for this exam over this centre’s and educators are especially experienced.

Addy Dhillon Image
Addy Dhillon

They have had taught us the new tricks for these type of exams, Its convenient for these type of exams and ways to solve questions quickly so that our time could be saved in exam which has been great.

Arman khan Image
Arman khan

They really work hard for you to study better. They give you many assignments for these kinda exams here. It was a great experience. I did a lot of hard work. The notes of teachers are fabulous.

Alka Image

Every classroom are air conditioner this was very nice in summer is great around over this area. The institute has high class libraries from where the books can also be issued.

Pravin kumar Meena Image
Pravin kumar Meena

The coaching institute is on the go to answer in exams like these some of the biggest and difficult questions in biology.

Lovepreet singh Image
Lovepreet singh

The Institute organizes career counselling sessions on a regular basis in which you will be guided on how to study and other information regarding your career for these kinda exams here.

Ankita kadam Image
Ankita kadam

It has had been delayed a lot in completing for these type of exams the whole syllabus which has been great. Its convenient for these type of exams.

Rohitash Gurjar Image
Rohitash Gurjar

This coaching is beyond for students who really need nurturing. If you are here for the coaching only and not tuition kind, go for it at this academic centre around.

V K Bandooni Image
V K Bandooni

Every class didn’t start on time so, the whole time was elapsed around over this area in three classes only and the fourth one doesn’t start also is great.

Vani Image

The teachers of the coaching institute are carefully assess for these type of exams your strength and weakness and help you work on it which has been great. Its convenient for these type of exams

Anchal Image

Over all classes are good we have to do more things about it is great around over this area. The faculty is very helpful. They put in maximum efforts to achieve good results

Simardeep Bhogal Image
Simardeep Bhogal

It's has am amazing environment and the best faculty at this academic centre around the teacher always encourage us to strive hard and help us to achieve our goals.

Ragini Prajapati Image
Ragini Prajapati

This exam is a very tough exam to make the things for these kinda exams here here in here at. This institute makes sure that no stone is left unturned.

Deepika mishra Image
Deepika mishra

And the most important thing that we are seeking and they provide us Conceptual clarity and application orientation so that what we learn we can apply the same at this centre of education.

joeez2 Image

It is reasonably ahead of its competitors, given that its content and faculty are best in the industry at Mahendra Educational Private Limited located around here.

Tej pratap Image
Tej pratap

This coaching really gives you an edge for these kinda exams.. Your calculations are improved manifold. Learn shortcuts and tips to get a fast calculation. Great Institute

Supeet Gupta Image
Supeet Gupta

They teach us new tricks and ways to solve questions quickly so that our time could be saved in exam and its great job done by this institute.

Aafreen Image

I have had been through a lot of academies and I have been guessing here in this in here at this institution that this is one of the most perfect one as per my choice. In this year and in this coaching.

Ankit Raj Image
Ankit Raj

The academy focuses on interactive learning sessions with faculty members who believe that creating an encouraging environment can lead to success in examinations like these.

tanya gupta Image
Tanya gupta

The faculty teaches over for those exams which you are preparing of the coaching institute are at a very high pace. It is very difficult to understand the topics at times.

khushi Image

The students get to learn all of the engineering in here which they think they would need 4 or more years to learn here over for those exams which you are preparing.

Navjit Singh Image
Navjit Singh

I have had doubts in the writing part and the other parts of the coaching did all the things it could do to solve it for the better in the coaching institute for the same time here in this in here at this institution.

Anu Image

The staff of the coaching institute is very helpful at Mahendra Educational Private Limited which is a great institute, experienced and robust for these exams.

Aanchal Image

There are very much of the multiple doubt counters here in this in here at this institution present in this institution which has had been here at this coaching.

Sunny Image

It is really great coaching for the beginners for these exams at Mahendra Educational Private Limited which is a great institute. Teachers of the coaching institute are very helpful.

sumit Image

The faculty of this coaching institute makes an honest effort over for those exams which you are preparing to the take along every student.

Subeg singh Image
Subeg singh

The coaching institute is very good for those who work hard and also who trust himself/herself institute for these kinda exams here here in here at.

tanya kashyap Image
Tanya kashyap

Learning at this coaching institution was an incredible encounter for these kinda exams here! They have very knowledgeable and experienced staff. You move in as a trifler and move out Erudite.

Manpreet Kaur Image
Manpreet Kaur

The institution is to be sure unmatched with regards to opening new vistas of the learning for these kinda exams here.

Mohammad Zuhair Anwer Image
Mohammad Zuhair Anwer

The students of this coaching academy arte being are updated here in this in here at this institution about the daily things which have been happening all around the earth at the same point in here present. Due to this they get to know about more in this coaching institution.

Rama saini Image
Rama saini

It is also good for technology. Faculty members are very cooperative. Its rooms are so spacious in examinations like these.

Hanshu Image

For the best exam, the teachers, the infra, probably the best coaching in this particular institute here and the other things are favourable to the students of this coaching institute being present in this particular institute here at this point around here.

Tushar bANSAL Image
Tushar bANSAL

The tests of the coaching institute has been including for these exams training courses which are based on the exam oriented pattern which is very useful in our exams as seen by the eye of it at Mahendra Educational Private Limited which is a great institute.

andyzm2 Image

Faculty is in a very helping and cooperating for these exams in this type of course. Content and quality of content is very nice.

Shaziya Tasneem Image
Shaziya Tasneem

The coaching institute which has been a really special point where it is a speed test in at here. I think this is a very good point of this coaching institution in at here.

Shivani Bhardwaj Image
Shivani Bhardwaj

So many institutes are their, everyone is giving coaching but I found home in this academy but i got quality education here and that’s amazing here.

Gaurav Kumar Vedwal Image
Gaurav Kumar Vedwal

It conducts workshops and general discussions too, providing space to clear all the technical difficulties one may have in examinations like these.

Rajwinder kaur Image
Rajwinder kaur

The administrative staff of the coaching institute is really great in this institution in at here.

Rajan meena Image
Rajan meena

There are smart works and then there are hard works and this coaching has proven to be the best out of the smart work being present at the same part of it probably the best coaching in this particular institute here at this time of the coaching.

Sheenam Kamboj Image
Sheenam Kamboj

All staff of the coaching institute are very well discipline and very well educated here in here at. Academic program is fabulous for these kinda exams here.

Jeet Image

The teaching methods of the coaching are such that you would which is great stuff here at this institution have to develop an interest in some of the boring concepts.

Sapanpreet kaur Image
Sapanpreet kaur

Everything has changed since I've joined this foundation so its amazing. Basic examination material, standard test course of action have impelled to score well inside Mahendra Educational Private Limited is great.

Sachin raj Image
Sachin raj

I have had found it really hard to solve the questions for these kinda exams here, the teachers never gave up on me here in here at, they made me understand the formulas and tricks to solve the questions.

Sakshi Choudhary Image
Sakshi Choudhary

This is the best institute and that’s amazing here. I took coaching from here and found it very focused in this academy and helpful.

Deepak manuja Image
Deepak manuja

All the faculty having very good knowledge around this centre herein. Keep it up.

Harpreet Kaur Image
Harpreet Kaur

Very good guidance. I have just went for enquiry and i talked to the students and that’s amazing here. Good response.

Manya Lakhani Image
Manya Lakhani

Fees of the coaching institute were not very high for these kinda exams here here in here at.

Komal Choudhary Image
Komal Choudhary

Really nice place to learn without them I won't be have been able to make it the college of my dreams around this centre herein.

Kaustubh Desai Image
Kaustubh Desai

The examination material given by the association spread a satisfactory number of numerical issues and objectives for preparing purposes which have helped me a lot so its amazing inside Mahendra Educational Private Limited is great.

Varinder kumar Image
Varinder kumar

You could understand that everything has been really easily as they teach the tricks and the tips to solve the questions provided in these coaching institutes in at here.

inderjit singh Image
Inderjit singh

There is a sound box(receiver) in the class, 2 speakers in the class, 1 monitoring camera in the class and then, 1 wall clock in each of the classroom which is great stuff here at this institution , and the faculties use microphone to deliver their lectures inside this coaching.

Yash Hasija Image
Yash Hasija

The coaching institute provides me with the video lectures inside this coaching. They are rally very helpful which is great stuff here at this institution .

Kishor Image

With the change in the pattern for these exams a few years ago which moved away from knowledge-based evaluation to analytical skills assessment in examinations like these, the institute became a big beneficiary as its study model is based upon inculcating a deep sense in solving ability.

Rahul Shinde Image
Rahul Shinde

This coaching isntitute provides the proper guidance, relevant study material prepared, practice tests for the self assessment and the motivational sessions in this coaching which is great stuff here at this institution .

Nikhil Image

The main focus is on teaching and that’s amazing here. Highly Disciplined, Good Environment ,Hard working Faculty .

Bhanwarlal Image

Faculties are also the best as they never criticise the student but motivate around this centre herein. They try their best for the welfare of students.

Shambhavi bandhkar Image
Shambhavi bandhkar

Instructors are very helpful, they will in all probability be unfit to address all of your request in class itself yet outside the class they are incredibly valuable in examinations like these.

hermant Image

The faculty and the teaches at a very high pace for those exams which you are preparing which is an amazing stuff over here. It is difficult to understand topics at times.


Teachers are highly qualified & very hard working and are always there for any kind of help needed by the children for their preparations for any kind of exams be it be competitive at this academic centre around or board exams.

Meenakshi bhati Image
Meenakshi bhati

The faculties have a great way of teaching and always ensure that the concept is understood my students for these kind of exams in Mahendra Educational Private Limited around here.

Renu Duhan Image
Renu Duhan

It was a great learning and experience for me in this particular institute, especially the faculty is very excellent.

Akshay meena Image
Akshay meena

All are very co- operative to make a confidence at this academic centre around to crack exams.

Anand Image

The classrooms of the coaching institution in here are well furnished which is great stuff here at this institution .

Laxmi Image

This course helped me a lot in this particular institution, it changed a lot of things in my life now, I can teach in a good way because I finally know the good procedures that must be taken and the good techniques.

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