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Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
UPSC --- 3 Yr 1025000/-
HCS --- - 130000/-
IAS --- - 35000/-
PCS --- - 35000/-
HAS --- - 35000/-
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Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY Chandigarh set up our students to part exams which are dubious and also difficult to clear. The staff and the specialists at the institute work perseveringly to make it a point that their students have no room left for questions in their brains. Each test is an extensive instrument to check the progress of the student and make them prepared to confront the exam with certainty. 

Contemplating the centrality of these exams, Institute gives their students gave staff, best course content and authentic examination oversee.  Regardless of whether it is a classroom or a genuine situation we give assets filled information, content material, and the test arrangement. The institute accomplishes the best of the students’ abilities and information and places them being used to getting phenomenal outcomes, characterizing their future We go for building a classroom where there is a talk and not just a course room where a monologue is driven. The teachers are viably responsive and especially obliging.

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Anurag Image

The institute is only waste of time and money in this coaching institution. I got no benefit studying here over this area in the coaching institution.

sanjay yadav Image
Sanjay yadav

They start with the basic formulas this is extraordinary and then take off with the other topics.

Aaryan Khurana Image
Aaryan Khurana

Excellent faculty and reasonable fee for entrance exams coaching which is a great thing. Highly recommended for this centre at this coaching.

beautysingh Image

The coaching institute provides a very good environment for students to prepare for what is one of the toughest national level exams in the country Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY has really great environment around.

Ankita maheshwari Image
Ankita maheshwari

With this coaching institute, you would get study material that too are additionally composing which is great about the institute and based on previous papers along with their answers from educator being present here.

Apoorv verm Image
Apoorv verm

The association has a steadfast method to manage to educate just for execution in choice tests in around this coaching.

Aman Image

The teachers don’t take responsibility and are not easy to approach which is good at this institute within this place.

Amit Zanje Image
Amit Zanje

The staff of the coaching institute had been really highly qualified for these exams here around over here.

Arvind Kumar Yadav Image
Arvind Kumar Yadav

Choosing this institute to prepare for these exams at this place in here. It is one of the most difficult exams and the institute has helped me overcome my fear for these types of exams here in this center.

Jashanjot singh Image
Jashanjot singh

The staff of the institute has been highly qualified and it helps the students to get the best and its better for this course on this place.

Radha rani sahu Image
Radha rani sahu

The faculty of the academy here leaves no stone unturned to shape up the career of the students and then our career in at herein this institute.

Himanshu kumar Image
Himanshu kumar

All of the facts of the faculties here are being very experienced which is brilliant and great inside Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY located in this city.

Nikhil mane Image
Nikhil mane

The director of the this institute is helpfulMaan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY the best coaching indeed and will guide you happily anytime.

Asha Choudhary Image
Asha Choudhary

The best institute i am studying in. Teachers are very helpful getting here around this institution and works for even the weakest student.

Ramandeep kaur Image
Ramandeep kaur

Dedicated faculty, committed intent and genuine concern for prospective candidates which is very amazing here in this environment of institute. Sincere and conscientious efforts to prepare candidates.

Tiyasha Chowdhury Image
Tiyasha Chowdhury

This coaching institute has excellent faculty here for this being here. I would recommend everyone to join this institute for these exams.

Rishika pandey Image
Rishika pandey

According to me this coaching is the best one which I think I could find in the nearby areas and the same of taking the coaching at the same time of being present here for these exams herein.

Manavjot Gill Image
Manavjot Gill

The coaching institute has had a single minded approach to teaching purely for the sake of performance in entrance exams for this unbelievable education.

Priyanshu singh Image
Priyanshu singh

I have seen and compared this coaching to the other coaching institute Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY located in this city and this one really stands tall and apart which is the best part of this coaching institute.

manisha Image

The classes are organized and they manage the students very well while serving them for the price they charge for this amazing environment.

Priti Kusumkar Image
Priti Kusumkar

Good for you if you are preparing from this coaching institution, since this coaching actually stands apart from the other coaching institutes and has had been really awesome too here around this institution.

Kajal Meena Image
Kajal Meena

At this institute the teachers come fully prepared with the course structure in this perfect institute.

Akash Chaurasiya Image
Akash Chaurasiya

I am with the least of the much for the confident in the paper which has been great and then the Essay Writing which has been there at being there in this around the study ambience.

Jyoti Khanna Image
Jyoti Khanna

This spot has roused me to work more diligently every dayThis institute has good environment. The ponder material is all around made and the ideas are great clarified.


The coaching institute has a single minded approach to teaching purely for the sake of performance in entrance exams at Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY which is a good institute.

Ayushi Gupta Image
Ayushi Gupta

This spot has awakened me to work all the more industriously consistentlyand that’s extraordinary. The contemplate material is all around made and the thoughts are extraordinary cleared up.

Rupinder Singh Image
Rupinder Singh

This is the best place to drive towards your ambitions great institution for thisthis institute is too good.

Abhishek meena Image
Abhishek meena

Some teachers are very reluctant and they don’t put in much efforts as others for the time being in this institute.

Shivam Raj Image
Shivam Raj

The particular academic coaching here in this study equipped great instituteis well control and accomplished in over this academic coaching. All staff are exceptionally agreeable. They have a truly sensible rate..

Shelika Dhall Image
Shelika Dhall

The teachers in the academy are very experienced and highly qualified. Also, the study material is of a high standard they teach us brilliantly.

Disha Saini Image
Disha Saini

Faculty members are always, always ready to clear all your doubtsMaan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY has a good studying aura. Don’t matter that it is small or not.

Sanjay kumar Image
Sanjay kumar

Faculties are well experienced and very much effective in clearing every doubt for this brilliant academic centre.

Namrata Tiwari Image
Namrata Tiwari

I took the coaching for 6 months from here and now I am confident enough to cope up with everything for around this institution.

mudit Singh sisodia Image
Mudit Singh sisodia

The arrangement contained a great deal of tests of different sorts that were carefully founded on the online Examination design for exams preparation like them.

Vivek Image

This place is really awesome and teachers are too friendly which is a great thing for around this coaching centre.

Prashant Mahajan Image
Prashant Mahajan

If you are looking for some coaching down here inside this institute in this town, then you should probably take admission in this coachinghere inside this institute. Its rally a brilliant coaching institute.

AjeemAzad Image

The alliance holds a serious condition of the coaching institution which drives of the students to accomplish their potentialfor this great course around here.

Lalit Image

Their Customised and personalised approach is really a big differentiation facet inside the institution.

Tanu Katara Image
Tanu Katara

Teachers here are really concerned about their students careerMaan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY is the best coaching indeed.

Dev Image

The institute is great and foundation is additionally nicethis coaching is good for this. Every study hall has air conditioner, this was exceptionally decent in summer.

Ankit Kumar Image
Ankit Kumar

It is a heaven institute for those who have a determined dream of becoming an successful person or clearing for these examsin Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY which is a great institute..


The institute is a brilliant one and infrastructure is also great in Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY which is a good academy. We are comfortable in Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY which is a good academy.

Mandavi sharma Image
Mandavi sharma

I believe that I am on the best part of my life taking the coaching from herearound this study culture.

Sachin kumar swami Image
Sachin kumar swami

I found it really hard to solve the questionsaround this coaching place around. , the teachers never gave up on me , they made me understand the formulas and tricks to solve the questions.

Shamsher singh Image
Shamsher singh

The study environment is greatat this great institute for this level and this is a great thing. Students are very motivated and teachers are very experienced which is a great thing.


The institutes’ teachers in the coaching academy help us to get better being at this place here. You have to go through each chapter to excel in the exam.

Rudra Image

I have always liked the materials and classes of this coaching inside these kind of exam papers because their material gives you basic and effective knowledge which is very important.

Vijender Singh Image
Vijender Singh

Teachers will remind you and encourage you by telling the glorious success of the notable alumni’s inside these kind of exam papers. This is a very good method for taking out the best from a student.

Might Image

They do have courses and several other courses inside these kind of exam papers. All the courses have very nominal fee. Totally Worth it!

Mahendra Kumar Yadav Image
Mahendra Kumar Yadav

It is an extraordinary institution that helps growing minds achieve their dreams inside these kinds of exam papers.

Gagandeep kaur Image
Gagandeep kaur

They take care of their home work even and that’s amazing hereat. It is a Focused and dedicated institute. Best institute.

kashish kumar Image
Kashish kumar

I found the institute good at studies and that’s amazing hereat. Good infrastructure and schedule of the course.

Jyoti Image

They care of your money, valuable time and that’s amazing hereat. Join once for the better result.

Lovely tiwari Image
Lovely tiwari

All of the lectures start from basics and quality is ensured in the class. Also brainstorming doubt sessions are very very arranged with faculties whenever students require inside Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY is great.

Surinder singh Image
Surinder singh

Teachers of the coaching institute have been really helpful and provided good guidance to students. A really good environment for learning and best institute for learning new concepts inside Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY is great.

Anjali kumari Image
Anjali kumari

The tests which have had been conducted with a very quick evaluation of marks and rank and quick information of the result through this is appreciable inside Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY is great.

Ganesh choudhary Image
Ganesh choudhary

The coaching institute provides the books and the study material being at this place here.

Bhavnish singh Image
Bhavnish singh

They cover each topic in such a way that it will be helpful in all levels of preparation inside these kind of exam papers.

Hariom sharma Image
Hariom sharma

The real concept to deal with the questions of the exam is a way too excellent. It gives us a visual and an audio connection on both of the sides of the coaching academy being at this place here.

Parul Image

This is the brilliant coaching academy environment to study in the coaching institute being at this place here. All staff members in the coaching are well disciplined and brilliantly educated.

satveer Image

This coaching academy has been worth the value of your money and the career being at this place here.

Pappu kumar Image
Pappu kumar

There is an excellent institute especially the test series program inside here Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY around. The teachers are really helpful and supportive. Totally worth my money.


The coaching Institute has a Good Teaching Staff, Small size of batches, and the Best Study material inside here Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY around.

Shuvam Jaiswal Image
Shuvam Jaiswal

Very conducive environment for learning here. I found the teachers very approachable and friendly which makes learning fun inside here Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY around.

Chetan kamal Image
Chetan kamal

Not only have I begun to tighten my hold over the subject here, but I really feel that my confidence levels are going up inside here Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY around.

Kamal Kumar Image
Kamal Kumar

At the time of the exams, and its good afterall this coaching co-operates with us and we can ask doubts anytime we want.

Rajveer gill Image
Rajveer gill

All the staff of the coaching institution has had been has been really helping and co-operative, are well discipline and very well educated. The Academic program of the coaching institute is fabulous here in this institute .


The coaching institute is damn good for this coaching institution and the infrastructure of the institute is also very brilliant here in this institute .

Rahul Patil Image
Rahul Patil

Very good institution is this one with really a lot of things to learn, teachers are very supportive and helpful, regular doubt solving sessions are organised and student who really want to get in good college should go at Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY around this city.

Jitendra Kumar Image
Jitendra Kumar

This place is really awesome and teachers are too friendly at this centre of brilliance .

Prakriti Choudhary Image
Prakriti Choudhary

I have had strongly suggested every aspirant of the coaching and student to join them for getting best coaching which is brilliant and great at right Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY herein.


The coaching institute has been conducting the tests which improved my speed of question solving and also helped me to develop the self confidence and its better for this course over at this place.

Prajkta Mahore Image
Prajkta Mahore

Every student is treated individually that's why class strength is kept to be limited Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY located in this city. Really a great place to learn in the coaching academy.

Kajal Image

They have the most unique way of teaching students great study culture hereat. And a highly practical one so that each one can be a master of their own trait

Rakesh Image

The academic level is high. Personal attention is provided to each student at Maan’s CHANDIGARH IAS ACADEMY and its brilliantly fine. The coaching has proven to be very good for weak students.

Siddhant Image

The coaching institute has been great place for the aspirants of the coaching institution. But, in order to achieve success here for thiese exams or anywhere in life, dedication, focus and 'will for the change' are the first priority which has had been given in this great education background.

Shivani Image

The best advice I may give you to prepare is to go through all the exams in the test series of this coaching brilliant environment in this institution around.

Rajashri Image

They conduct workshops and seminars regularly to boost the students with their preparations in those examinations.

Umesh Thakur Image
Umesh Thakur

I have great respect for teachers here they are very helpful and supportive towards us brilliant study culture by this institute.

Ravindra Singh Image
Ravindra Singh

This coaching institute was the best decision of life including, invest money and time in this institutes in it here in this institute institute.

Shivani Image

. The notes given in the coaching are really amazinginside this amazingly great institute. The teachers work hard for you to study better.

Ajay Image

I m totally happy with the staff and everything of this training and this instructing is truly stunning for this exams in these coaching.

Radhika Thakur Image
Radhika Thakur

Revision exercises of this coaching institute is really one step ahead plus tutors here guiding to the right direction for these couple of exams

Vishal Kumar Image
Vishal Kumar

Rigorous for the training yet a necessary one for current exam status and its good of course . Time management is required since many cannot complete the exercise fully within the time given.

Kiran mane Image
Kiran mane

The administration is very vast with this place . There are no such prob in the administration and the admission procedure is very easy.

Riddhi Image

To make it in specific to their services we can completely rely on their study materials exams you are looking for.

Shaanvi Image

The coaching institute is more than just an academic experience. The encouragement and motivation that you get here is exceptional for this institute here.

Prince choudhary Image
Prince choudhary

The online test series were properly structured and organised with great quality questions for this institute here, which helped me a lot in preparation in this coaching institute.

rashmi singh Image
Rashmi singh

This coaching institute place made so many students selected. Motivating and inspiring people all around. Easy transportation for this institute here.

Nikhil Khune Image
Nikhil Khune

Its current affairs and test series materials are the best and lakhs of students apply for its test series to test their ability and it is of good quality and available at affordable price inside these kind of exam papers.

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