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Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
IAS --- 1 Yr 100000/-
HAS --- 1 Yr 100000/-
PCS --- 1 Yr 100000/-


The teachers of KPS CIVIL SERVICES Chandigarh pay attention to each individual that helps the student focus and concentrate better on their targets and successfully achieve them. Distinctive workshops, bunch talks and week’s end sessions are held to clear the majority of the inquiries they have and overhaul their knowledge and capacities. With a fantasy of helping young candidates make their dreams work out, of course, the institute has dependably beaten the plans of best preparing core interests. The parent-educator get-togethers and cooperation watching assist the students with ending up general and the inspirational sessions help bolster sureness. 

The examination material is given by the foundation and covers all the genuine spotlights and outline on which students need to think. We have a professional faculty and follow strict guidelines for the exams. We offer a variety of courses in various fields. We aim at making our students successful by putting in all our efforts and time. We are enriched with resources. Building understanding amongst the students and the faculty makes it easy for both to express and understand the subject matter. The experienced faculty provides proper guidance, directs the student to reduce the obstacles and also aim at attaining results by providing constructive guidelines. The faculty is easily approachable and open to any doubts. Determination and hard work are what makes a pers course. 

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vishesh Aggarwal Image
Vishesh Aggarwal

It’s a Hartley advice to all of the students and the parents that seeing my review that student should take admission in this institute, just because it doesn’t only give the best training but also motivates the student to do a lot to the coaching institutefor the time being here.

Falguni Sharma Image
Falguni Sharma

Make your exams’ studies impactful at KPS CIVIL SERVICES which is a good institute. Elite staff and best of all exams’ study notes

Harshit yadav Image
Harshit yadav

Incredible individual thought classes with consolidated test course of actionand that’s extraordinary. Test course of action relies upon the veritable test configuration giving a comprehension to the students.

Rahul Image

It’s a best option for beginners great institution for this and who are not getting results after preparation for a long time this institute is too good.

Ishu Dagar Image
Ishu Dagar

Sunday chapter wise test has been conducted regularly in over this academic coaching. A series of preliminary exams are also held to score highhere in this study equipped great institute in the exams.

Ankur Image

They have had helped the students so that students don’t hesitate to ask the question in cat coaching. This is the most important thin gas all student comes to a different field, they need to more support of the faculty in the academy they teach us brilliantly.

Deepikamangal Image

The fees at the institute might not be affordable but each one must attend the test series sincerely which is actually very helpful to the studentsKPS CIVIL SERVICES has a good studying aura.


The subjects’ classes of the coaching are really very great and talking about the English class, the they offer the best one in townfor around this institution.

Inder Ram Image
Inder Ram

The staff here gives mock test papers that help us to comprehend the example of question paper for exams preparation like them.

LOKESH Prajapat Image
LOKESH Prajapat

The establishment has high class libraries from where the books can likewise be issued. It is useful for fledglings. Educators are extremely usefulThis institute has good environment. The educators are available to questions. They persuade their students to buckle down.

Sachin Ratnu Image
Sachin Ratnu

This spot is the best one in the same way of the coaching institute which has had impelled me to work harder every dayfor this great course around here. The study material is all around made and the thoughts are extraordinary cleared up.

Shalini Kumari Image
Shalini Kumari

Every idea of the coaching institution which they have had instructed is adequate for the selection test, just you need to cautious in the homeroomfor this great course around here.

Sumit Image

I like their test series and coaching it help me to cover up all syllabus in time along with depth knowledge and in least time I learned techniques inside the institution.

Shevangi bhardwaj Image
Shevangi bhardwaj

Remember the name of the coaching centrefor these types of courses. Proper Infrastructure facilities plus a good group of teachers to guide you

Ajay Potlia Image
Ajay Potlia

In a nutshell, there is words high class training at less cost inside this institution hereat. It have numerous branches all over.

Bhagyashree Image

I've had also been a part of this coaching year ago and I guess that all of them have had been amazing at that part of it here around this institution.

Taran Image

If you think that you can be the best without the coaching then you should atleast get the notes KPS CIVIL SERVICES the best coaching indeed

Kunal dugaonkar Image
Kunal dugaonkar

The coaching institute has its own books for the exam preparation in KPS CIVIL SERVICES which is a good academy.

Bhupinder Bhinder Image
Bhupinder Bhinder

The coaching institute takes a great carearound this study culture about the current affairs for the students.

Pawan Kumar Image
Pawan Kumar

The strength of the batches are really high varies from 30-450 anyway with this institute. So, it depends upon the classroom size, not suitable for those who have habit of interacting with people or to study in a small munch of students.

ravi meena Image
Ravi meena

The coaching institution has given us the homework as well since It would help us to grow in this over this area.

Vinay kumar Image
Vinay kumar

I chose this institutearound this coaching place around. because it designs their own study material to cater to their own teaching methodology and the study material is very helpful.

Anchal Image

All of the staff of the coaching institution is well discipline and very well educated. Academic program is fabulous within this place. The content designed is relevant.

aditya Image

The environment is pretty good to study as batches are not much bigthis institute is great for this. If you really want the best join there.

Kunal kumar Image
Kunal kumar

It been very veryextremly normal coaching centre with an unique teaching methodology this is a good teaching methodology. Its convenient in here

Pradeep yadav Image
Pradeep yadav

Teachers are very useful and understanding. The staff gives legitimate consideration at every student. The standard tests led knows the stage student remains Good teaching environment institute.

Khushi Tiwari Image
Khushi Tiwari

It has given me an extraordinary vocation for the time being here. They showed me from essential to cutting edge level. They engaged every one of my questions the same number of times I asked them. My involvement with them has been astounding.

Roshani Image

They have had been totally focused for the exam and provides nearly everything which is require for the preparation i.e. best faculty, Class test (regularly on Sunday) evaluation & discussion. In-house magazine is a superb collection for the materialover this KPS CIVIL SERVICES for this course herein.

Durgesh Raj Image
Durgesh Raj

The institute has a single minded approach to teaching purely for the sake of performance in entrance exams this is extraordinary.

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