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Kiwi and Maple Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
IELTS --- - 35000/-
Personality Development Program --- - 35000/-
SPOKEN ENGLISH --- - 35000/-

About Kiwi and Maple

Hello there! Globalization has opened up unending vistas of quality education. Today, youth have the option of pursuing education in diverse academic fields, in the universities and colleges spread out in different countries. The sheer diversity of courses, their availability in multitudes of institutes, and a plethora of information leave students baffled over making the right choices at the right stage of their education level. This is where Kiwi & Maple provides the helping hand to the students to choose the diploma, degree &Masters courses according to their liking and ability in the best college or university. Our thorough knowledge of the international educational arena coupled with our professionalism, meticulousness in handling each and every application, and expertise in paperwork makes the entire procedure of seeking admission and transition from India to the destination country error-free and smooth. Our value-based work methodology is simple, transparent and efficient. We value each client equally special because as you join Kiwi & Maple, you are the most important entity and there is tireless effort to help you achieve what you have dreamed of and your success becomes our success.
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Kiwi and Maple Reviews

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Vasudha Image

This coaching is the best one in this town due to the variety of reason which you may see in this coaching academy at Kiwi and Maple.

Raman Sahni Image
Raman Sahni

The time allotted to each class is an hour but each class runs only 20 to 25 minutes which is some brilliant stuff in here which is great inside this place . This causes very delay in course completion..

Mohak sharma Image
Mohak sharma

All the facts faculties here are experienced which is some brilliant stuff in here which is great inside this place.

Aryan Dubey Image
Aryan Dubey

It normal coaching centre with a unique teaching methodology inside this place in here which is great which is some brilliant stuff.

Ashish Image

Mental stage always rules your preparation which is some brilliant stuff inside this place in here which is great. They pay emphasis on this.

gurjeet singh Image
Gurjeet singh

In these types of exams is not an easy exam but with this coaching at his place, it can be easy with no problems.

atul yadav Image
Atul yadav

The affiliation has extremely experienced staff in this coaching institution. They mark your positive and negative zones and help you to improve at this place.

gagandeep singh Image
Gagandeep singh

The educators keep animating students to work all the more persistently and to incorporate present diverse activities that would help us with boosting our soul at this place.

megha Image

To achieve a tremendous dream like this it is fundamental to pick the best bearing also Kiwi and Maple. The arrangement of this foundation is extraordinary and modified in nature.

Ajay kumar Image
Ajay kumar

Most inquiries for practice or mock tests are very resemblance that of prior year paper in this coaching institution Kiwi and Maple. By and large, we can say it's a topper institution.

Amol Image

The teachers are very cooperative and experienced in this coaching institution Kiwi and Maple. They help us to navigate our energy in a way that we get motivated to crack these entrances.

Ayushi Srivastava Image
Ayushi Srivastava

There are times, when the things might turn out the wrong way, in that time at Kiwi and Maple, you may take the help of the teacher for everything in this coaching academy.

Gautam Sharma Image
Gautam Sharma

The study environment is really very brilliant in here in this coaching academy at Kiwi and Maple.

Mohit Maan Image
Mohit Maan

I got my Canada visa enquiry from them. Give me satisfactory services

Sna Image

The best and the fartest of the things have been taken town by this coaching at Kiwi and Maple, when it comes to the questions, really a brilliant coaching institute for the students in this coaching academy.

Pritam Singh Image
Pritam Singh

The teaching methodology here at the coaching is really very brilliant in this coaching academy at Kiwi and Maple. The students get to understand each and every topic very clearly.

Anita Image

Best in town with experienced teachers and prepared notes in this institution at Kiwi and Maple.

Sonam singh Image
Sonam singh

Be it teachers, mentors, admins or staff everyone is their to help you succeed. They have the best technology interfaces to support your preparations for these exams as well as in the same way at this place.

Dharm Singh Image
Dharm Singh

Mental stage of the student always rules your preparation no matter if it is these exams. They pay emphasis on this at Kiwi and Maple.

k Image

This coaching was the best decision of life for these exams including at Kiwi and Maple, invest money and time in this institute.


The teachers of the coaching institute carefully assess your strength and weakness for these exams and help you work on it at Kiwi and Maple.

Deep Shikha Khiwani Image
Deep Shikha Khiwani

The institute provides a lot of test series which help to understand the examination pattern at Kiwi and Maple for these exams.

ankit Image

Altogether this exams’ coaching institute gives you a whole approach to the exams covering every aspect right form personality to academics at Kiwi and Maple.

Hemant Image

They start with the basic formulas and then take off with the other topics being here which is a great thing.

Khushboo Image

If you think that the mock tests of this institution are not worth it then you are wrong in this place. The test series of the coaching institute is one of the best test series in this town.

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