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About ICS Institute For Civil Services Coaching

 ICS Institute For Civil Services Coaching is located at Mukherjee Nagar, Model Town. The institution has demonstrated its prominence in quality education. Expecting to reach the same number of students, the institution has kept on extending by setting up focuses on the pan India. The institution has made certainty amongst the students to exceed their expectations in any sort of competitive examination by laying on the mainstays of magnificence, advancement, and responsibility. Prominent and experienced workforce, very dedicated care staff, thorough testing procedures, bolstered by all around looked into thinking about the material are the signs of the foundation. The academy has been intended to advance the students with all-encompassing planning so they can guarantee their success. These projects help the aspirants in honing their fundamental abilities to such a degree, to the point that they could be profited throughout. We energize the aspirants from top to bottom realizing with the goal that they would have the capacity to understand the ideal circumstances from the learning they have procured. The staffs utilize numerous ideal focal points from the information they have obtained. They utilize numerous methods for figuring out how to take actions for bringing development in the end. ICS Institute emphasizes on singular endeavors, which prepares that prompts achievement.

Courses offered:

  • IAS
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ICS Institute For Civil Services Coaching Reviews

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Simran Kumari Image
Simran Kumari

This course institute place made many officials over here. Motivating and inspiring people all around. Easy transportation.

Sunil Sharma Image
Sunil Sharma

The coaching institution has had extremely experienced staff for exams like these. They mark your positive and negative zones and help you to improve.

Monika Mandal Image
Monika Mandal

This place has motivated me to work harder every day which is some brilliant stuff which is something great about this coaching inside this place. The study material is well created and the concepts are very well explained.

Himesh khan Image
Himesh khan

Personal attention is to be given to each of the student in the coaching classes adds a touch of flair to the methodology and inspires them to work even harder for this exam’s preparation.

Ganesh Randive Image
Ganesh Randive

Their way of teaching at this course institute is in such a way that you can crack any exams if you have the notes you prepared during the coaching over here.

Tejal Image

Some teachers are very reluctant and they don’t put in much efforts which is something great about this coaching as others which is some brilliant stuff inside this place.

Suresh Kumar Image
Suresh Kumar

With the help from the coaching, one can cover the whole syllabus through writing daily in 3 months and can repeat the same practice 4 times a year with different type of the questions and that’s extraordinarily great.

Himanshu Image

They have had been ensuring that you have had started studying with a strategy for this exam’s preparation. Unorganised study leads to wastage of time and money.

Sohail Khan Image
Sohail Khan

Consistent, focused, systematic and well- coordinated course curriculum over here,Tireless efforts of experts and committed faculty members to achieve timely completion of syllabus are some of its highlights of this course institute.

Shabnam Image

The expenses of the coaching institute structure is very reasonable and the institute gives grants. This is the best activity an institute takes for exams like these.

Pranjal Image

Every classroom of the coaching has been the are air conditioner this was very nice in summer for this exam’s preparation.

Hariom Tiwari Image
Hariom Tiwari

The most important aspect of this course institute enabling me over here to understand that while preparing for my entrance exam one has to have a clear idea of what to study and what not to.

Ritik dahiya Image
Ritik dahiya

The institute conducts the mock tests that help students to know where they stand in the exam in the coaching academy for the exams like these.

Puran Image

This is place which Will help you finding the genuine you in the coaching institute. Over this area you will become more acquainted with about your characteristics and Fields you are best in and can put forth a strong effort over this area.

Sukhraj singh Image
Sukhraj singh

The staff of the coaching institute and organization puts in reliable help and they took a normal understudy like me to an extraordinary level for exams like these.

Saman khan Image
Saman khan

The faculty makes an honest effort to take along every student inside this place which is something great about this coaching which is some brilliant stuff.

Shubham Image

The Institute organises career counselling sessions on a regular basis in which you will be guided on how to study and other information regarding your career for the exams like these.

Nitika Image

Exams like these have preparation has turned out very well inside this place with help which is something great about this coaching. Each and every aspect of the institute is properly designed.

pushpdeep Image

The shining background is a long lasting ecstasy over this area. An encounter of a lifetime of the coaching institute.

Rakesh yadav Image
Rakesh yadav

The tests conduct help us to evaluate our position and efforts we need to further put which is something great about this coaching.


It's an inventive spot wover this area the individuals figure out how to utilise minds and split themselves .Life evolving knowledge over this area!

Rupali Sharma Image
Rupali Sharma

Mental stage always rules your preparation which is some brilliant stuff inside this place which is something great about this coaching. They pay emphasis on this.

Himani Yadav Image
Himani Yadav

The coaching institute is best for them who has a dream to qualify for the exams like these.

deepti Image

They give a brief analysis of student performance for the exams like these. Their test is of advanced level.


It gives the free session of the yearly toppers and concentrates material to every one of its gets for exams for these courses. By and large it's the best institution for common administrations.

Bkyadav Image

The teachers provide us with various tricks to solve questions quickly and to achieve goals in the best manner for the exams like these.

Deepak Image

The faculty is stunning and truly pushes you to perform well over this area. The material given is adequate enough to the tests. The online ridicules are extremely useful in the coaching institute.

Digvijay  Tiwari Image
Digvijay Tiwari

Choosing this coaching institute which has to been prepare for the exams like these. This coaching institute is one of the most difficult exams and the coaching institute has helped me to overcome my fear.

Jogender Singh Image
Jogender Singh

I think that after everythingit’s been great which I have gone through and come across, this for these exams for these courses is a perfect example for a for these exams for these courses institute.

Amit Image

The best part about the instructing focus is the ceaseless help from the faculty. They check out clearing the doubts of the students both in bunches and on coordinated bases over this area. The cluster size is likewise OK in the coaching institute.

ujjwal Image

Preparing for these types of exams, isn't that simple assignment without legitimate direction and this institution for these exams gives its most ideal in all ways.

Aadesh Charpota Image
Aadesh Charpota

I believe that the most important thing which I am coming across is that the for these exams for these courses institute has got the right stuff.

DonaldFlept Image

Personal attention to each student during classes adds a touch of flair to the methodology here and inspires them to work even harder for those exams which you are preparing.

Samia kohli Image
Samia kohli

The institute thrives on the brilliant faculty that dominates the centre here. They provide excellent study material.

Amit Kumar Image
Amit Kumar

Value for money. It utilises our precious time in a very significant manner for those exams which you are preparing. They value the efforts put in by the students for those exams which you are preparing.

Bhupendra Image

The best part of this for these exams for these courses is that we have learned the basics of the subjectit’s been great, which is amazing thing and it’s great.

Adrija nath Image
Adrija nath

If you are willing to find the best of the classes then this for these exams for these courses is surely the one which is amazing thingit’s been great.

Babli kumari Image
Babli kumari

They provided books for better results for those exams which you are preparing. Each booklet is full of content in format similar to the question papers . This prepares students for the exam.

Ranjeeta Chaudhari Image
Ranjeeta Chaudhari

There are things like the students get to clear all the doubts of the subjects which the students learn for these exams for these courses.

Sudha chauhan Image
Sudha chauhan

The course and the substance of the coaching were structured by the scholarly specialists remembering the power of rivalry which is existing now days in here.

himani narang Image
Himani narang

When I joined the coaching, faculty said the course duration is four month but course did not complete for those exams which you are preparing

Ravneet Image

The course fee is high as compared to other Institutes for those exams which you are preparing. It cannot be affordable by all. It might be a hindrance.

Rajesh Sharma Image
Rajesh Sharma

Apart from the fact that it has been general preparing, I was given special attention once my waitlists began pouring in. Furthermore, the general population of the coaching institutes is being taken by the meeting were graduated class of the institute and know a little about the board or individuals with a gigantic involvement in taking meetings in here.

Ustam Saini Image
Ustam Saini

The resources which have had an incredible method for the education and dependably guarantee that the idea is comprehended my students in here.

Ustam Saini Image
Ustam Saini

The establishment has skilled resources that has had enabled the understudy to even in the instances of any minor uncertainty in here.

Daljit kaur Image
Daljit kaur

Regular tests are being conducted at the coaching institute conducts help us to evaluate the student’s position on this place and the efforts which we need to further put the effort and is a great coaching.

Tersem Image

The faculty of the institute has been teaching of the coaching institute are at a very high pace on this place. It is very difficult to understand the topics at times and is a great coaching.


I love the fact that the teachers at this coaching are so serious about the career of the students inside here at this institution.

Amrit jyot Image
Amrit jyot

I've also been a part of this institution and I can say proudly that I've studied in this institution in here.

sonia tanwar Image
Sonia tanwar

This coaching institution has left no single topic from the syllabus of the exam and is a great coaching on this place.

Arisha Image

One drawback is there is a rush of students in batches of good teachers. Some do not even get it becomes very difficult to follow those classes in here.

Ujjwal Image

It is a really tough exam and to make through prior to all of the obstacles and is a great coaching on this place, this is why you require this coaching. This coaching institute makes sure that none is left unturned.

siddharth thakur Image
Siddharth thakur

The faculty is enriched with knowledge and they arrange doubt sessions to make all the concepts clear to the students in here.

Ajay jain Image
Ajay jain

The series contained a lot of tests of various types that were strictly based on the online Examination format in here.

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