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Gaurav Chakraborty Chemistry Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
JEE Mains --- - 120000/-
NEET --- - 120000/-
JEE Advanced --- - 35000/-
JEE (Mains + Advanced) --- - 35000/-
AIIMS --- - 35000/-
AIPMT --- - 35000/-
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About Gaurav Chakraborty Chemistry

Gaurav Chakraborty Chemistry is located at Sector 15 D, Chandigarh. Increased in value by numerous understudies and guardians alike, the quality training and unparalleled foundation are a portion of the purposes behind its prosperity. The instructors are easily amicable and extraordinarily pleasing. The workforce gives cautious thought towards each and every sort and plans best course material to impact them to fathom those request that is to be attempted and those not to be, or, as it were some segment of such examinations. It is enhanced with resources and offers to figure out how to break all the basic tests that pick the fate of an understudy. Pondering the criticalness of these tests, the foundation gives their understudies’ submitted workforce; best course content and fitting examination oversee. The association urges the understudies to get ready for the most pined for tests. We set up our understudies to part tests which are dubious and additionally difficult to clear. We go for building a classroom where there is a trade and not just a workshop room where a monolog is driven.

Courses offered:

  • Chemistry JEE MAIN
  • Chemistry NEET
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Gaurav Chakraborty Chemistry Reviews

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Here you get a proper study material which contains amazing question for you to beat the entrances inside here Gaurav Chakraborty Chemistry.

Gaurav Jassal Image
Gaurav Jassal

Good training focus with an amazingly coordinating staff of the coaching institute exams preparing for . Quality of the instructors who are constantly useful. Great condition for study.

Ramesh Kumar Image
Ramesh Kumar

My approach to the assessed the institutes under different parameters which included - Time gave to every student customized tutoring, atmosphere, contributions by the alumni exams preparing for , student commitment and so on. According to our discoveries, this is positioned exceptionally on a few parameters at the coaching institute.

Vivek ojha Image
Vivek ojha

The personnel at the coaching institute is very magnificent exams preparing for . They are very much experienced, and shows every point inside and out with clarity .

Sachin Yadav Image
Sachin Yadav

The administration of the coaching institute was great and exceptionally accommodating and workforce was likewise steady exams preparing for .

Vikash Ghosliya Image
Vikash Ghosliya

This spot has persuaded me to work more diligently every day here at this academic centre. The contemplate material is all around made and the ideas are great clarified.

Ashok Image

The coaching institution provides us with very good study material inside here Gaurav Chakraborty Chemistry

Rahul Image

The coursework of the coaching institute arethoroughly discussed with the coaching students. This makes the study of the course process clear and makes us confident inside here Gaurav Chakraborty Chemistry .

Rahul Image

Its a target is to give the maximum percentage of the result inside here Gaurav Chakraborty Chemistry, not only some of the student with a high percentage of marks in Jee entrance examination.

ravi singh Image
Ravi singh

Its classrooms are very comfortable even and you would not have any problem interacting with teachers inside here Gaurav Chakraborty Chemistry.

Jyoti Image

There are separate doubt counter for the students for solving doubts by the teachers of the coaching institution and then the coaching institutes have had always been here for this exam.

Somya Image

I was very careful from starting and I attended all the classes and follow instructions of faculty from time to time inside here Gaurav Chakraborty Chemistry.

HenrySep Image

My experience with this coaching institute has been brilliantly amazing inside this amazing institute .

sabya Image

The coaching institute has an Excellent personal attention classes inside this amazing institute for the students

Sushant Kamble Image
Sushant Kamble

Talking about the teachers here in this institute inside this amazing institute, they are the best inside the institute.

Sangeeta Image

The coaching institute inside this amazing institute trains the students according to the requirement of the exam.

Navdeep Image

Here you will discover coordinated instructing for all the three phases of the examination here over this institutional academy this is an marvellous coaching. The rules given by the instructors are useful.

Girish Ajgaonkar Image
Girish Ajgaonkar

. I was bewildered about my calling decisions this here over this institutional academy is marvellous. This foundation has given me a direction and motivated me in fulfilling my goals.


To influence it in explicit to their administrations here over this institutional academy we to can totally depend on their study materials this is an marvellous coaching.

Arti vashista Image
Arti vashista

The coaching gets a great care that we are updated with every single informationaround this study culture which is happening around the globe.

Priya chanchlani Image
Priya chanchlani

There are great requirement of the officials and this coaching make the students who enter inside this institution which is great, the same officials which are running across the nation.

Nimisha Image

And the most important thing that we are seeking and they provide us Conceptual clarity great institution for this and application this institute is too good orientation so that what we learn we can apply the same.

hari Image

When I have had joined the coaching academy for this great culture here it was promised that the course would be completed in 4 months, and it was completed in the same durationfor this great culture here.

Kulwinder singh Image
Kulwinder singh

The teachers at the coaching institution give you a great way to think betterfor around this institution, practice more and then get really acknowledgment by their medals of the students which have had been offered.

Lakshay Image

The course material provided in the coaching institution is very quite good, with detailed notes , question banks and exercises with here in this place. The foundation course provides us competitive environment and so we can evaluate ourselves.

Pooja Rani Image
Pooja Rani

It feels great and privileged to be a part of this association inside the institution.. To excel in boards there's no better option than this academy

Maya Image

What I really like about is their handling of students for these types of courses. Almost able to handle all students. Also a very efficient test series


The institute has given us with the books and study material to students consistently for work out and just as homework inside this institution hereat.

Aarohi Mishra Image
Aarohi Mishra

Group discussion and the doubt clearing classes make students very confident about the subject knowledge Gaurav Chakraborty Chemistry the best coaching indeed.

Deep Kamal Sharma Image
Deep Kamal Sharma

Most questions I.e. practice or mock tests are very likeness that of earlier year paper this is why this coaching is marvellous here over this institutional academy. Generally, we can say it's a topper institution.

Simranjit Kaur Image
Simranjit Kaur

The instructors are extremely helpful and experiencedfor the exams in this institution. They help us to explore our vitality such that we get spurred to break these doors in this brilliant coaching istitution.

vijay Image

Teachers are well experienced and care take of proper content for these exams’ preparation over this Gaurav Chakraborty Chemistry for this course herein.

Suman Rani Image
Suman Rani

The faculty clears all our doubts and motivates us to grow up as an aspiring officer round fare this coaching.

Manasha Sharma Image
Manasha Sharma

There are student oriented timings, morning, after, evening. I love it here around this institution.

Medhavi Mangal Image
Medhavi Mangal

It is a really extraordinary coaching institution in terms of many factors such as the quality of the coaching and the teachers here for this exam.

Gourav verma Image
Gourav verma

Doubt counters of the coaching are always available to clear all your doubts that are not clear in the class or in a hurry here for this exam, there are separate doubt counters for the same.


Good for you if you are preparing from this coaching institution, since this coaching actually stands apart from the other coaching institutes and has had been really awesome too here for this exam.

Devkaran Image

This coaching academy has had been providing the best of the teachers and the best study material which have been provided to us by the coaching institutes and they really do an amazing job out there here for this exam.

Gargi Saini Image
Gargi Saini

Amazing mentors. They are all very professional and helpful for those exams in here. The study material and Portal is very well organised in the course institute.

Dalip Singh Rawat Image
Dalip Singh Rawat

The academic program is really amazingly brilliant in this for those exams which you are preparing. This is the best way to get the job done in no time. The branch of the coaching institute is present in the major parts of the country.

gurveer singh Image
Gurveer singh

The students of the coaching institution are very much of the updated about each and every status in the field of the competition of the exams in this for those exams which you are preparing.

Siddharth naidu Image
Siddharth naidu

This coaching institute has been really worth for the value your money and career and that’s just brilliant for those exams which you are preparing.

Shubham Pandey Image
Shubham Pandey

Mental stage always rules your preparation in this at this great academic coaching. They pay emphasis on this.

Swami Prakash Verma Image
Swami Prakash Verma

They have good knowledge of exam pattern in this at this great academic coaching, syllabus and explain concepts accordingly.

Satyapal Image

This has been a tough exam to make through. This institute makes sure that no stone is left unturned in this at this great academic coaching.

Harshbardhan kumar Image
Harshbardhan kumar

I chose this institute because it designs their own study material to cater to their own teaching methodology and the study material is very helpful in this at this great academic coaching.

Shalini Mishra Image
Shalini Mishra

The staff is very friendly and helpful in this at this great academic coaching.

shashank Image

The institute helps in improving the personality of the student in this at this great academic coaching.

Somya Sain Image
Somya Sain

The coaching institution is being providing with the students with the best of the test series and the doubt counters to help them with a better environment to study for those exams which you are preparing institution which has been around the corner.

Ashish Singh Bagri Image
Ashish Singh Bagri

The faculty’s relentless efforts in keeping you motivated for those exams in here throughout the prep is commendable in the course institute.

Mitali Image

The best role is played by the faculty in shaping the future for those exams in here as sometimes they act as counsellors in the course institute. The faculty is the best part of it.

Ananta Singh Image
Ananta Singh

I have been coming to this course institutes for those exams in here for a couple of months and I find the faculty members to be very approachable and resourceful. They are extremely supportive and encouraging.

Rajarshee Acharjee Image
Rajarshee Acharjee

This is probably the best coaching institute in terms of the everything possible when it comes to the exams which has had been there in this coaching for a long time around probably the best coaching for those exams over this place.

surabhi Image

Every class here at this academic institution didn’t start on time so, the whole time was elapsed in three classes only and the fourth one doesn’t start also.

Kuldeep sharma Image
Kuldeep sharma

Group discussion and doubt clearing classes make students very confident about subject knowledge here at this academic institution.

Anil Menariya Image
Anil Menariya

Taking about admin they are very helpful over and extra classes and other things books and magazines and for the current affair here at this academic institution.

Niva Turna Image
Niva Turna

This institute is very excellent in providing education in the field of competition this institute plays a fabulous role in the field of banking and other sector examination here in this academic institution.

Deepak Image

I believe that the stronger you perform in the coaching institute and then the better rank you get but in terms of the other things you see which is a brilliant feature of this instituteat here, this coaching does a brilliant job for being a part of the same which has had been here at this point.

Nikita aeiry Image
Nikita aeiry

I feel like this is the most amazing which has had been a great thing Gaurav Chakraborty Chemistry, over this place, time specific institute since the students present here always get time for the self-studying.

Simran Image

No wonder they are considered amongst the very best in field of this course bank into here.

Krish ghosh Image
Krish ghosh

They have Guided me well. Weekly doubt sessions helped me extremely to enhance my confidence into here.

Hrithik Deshwal Image
Hrithik Deshwal

Best Study material infrastructure the highlights into here. Extremely pleased to have joined the place.

Pooja Image

One Of the best Coaching Institutes in vicinity. Glad I could learn from such an experienced staff into here.

Balwinder Kaur Image
Balwinder Kaur

The infrastructure of the academy is really amazing in terms of the coaching institute and the study environment which has had been provided there at Gaurav Chakraborty Chemistry in this city.

Fiza Choudhary Image
Fiza Choudhary

Regular tests are being held in the coaching institution which boost up the ranks of the students in a single shot at Gaurav Chakraborty Chemistry in this city.

parneet kaur Image
Parneet kaur

The sheets of the coaching institutes and the races at the coaching institution are really more than sufficient to having had achieve the goal for the same at the coaching institutes at Gaurav Chakraborty Chemistry in this city. There are many things which you could learn in this coaching institute which have had been there.

Vikash Kumar Image
Vikash Kumar

If you want to join the right coaching institutes, for the same one this is the perfect one for the same thing in it which is a brilliant feature of this instituteat here.

Robin Kalotra Image
Robin Kalotra

Great Teachers and best environment to learn and enjoy chemistry. Lecture-wise notes are also given. Great institute.


A wonderful place to kick-start your career in this examination. Very supportive faculties for these exams & people genuinely wanting you to do good at the best of it in the same way it has had been.

Dikshant Vikram Jagtap Image
Dikshant Vikram Jagtap

Great is the team to assist you in every step of the way in this examination; Approachable and very helpful for these exams.

dilpreet kaur Image
Dilpreet kaur

Some teachers are really very best and then helpful for these exams and stretch to their limits and means to help you in every way possibly in this examination.

Utsav raj Image
Utsav raj

They have provided the best guidance of the course from scratch for these exams in this examination. All points were explained related to fees ,online tests and much more.

Vikas Choudhary Image
Vikas Choudhary

The coaching institution institute has got the best of the faculty to take the things down for those exams which you are preparing in this for those exams which you are preparing.

Dheeraj Yadav Image
Dheeraj Yadav

I think that this coaching institution has one of the best teachers in the country. The teachers help the students in way that they may perform betterment of the coaching institute for those exams which you are preparing.

Gaurav Image

It has been providing the best of the class with highly qualified teachers in the institution present for those exams which you are preparing.

Himanshu Image

Talking about the study programs and then the course curriculum of the coaching institution, then it is designed to adapt the exam in this coaching institution for those exams which you are preparing.

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