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About Fact Career Plan

Fact Career Plan is located at Raja Garden, Madipur. The institute provides training for interviews as well which helps a student to understand how to present themselves before the examiner. Fact Career Plan is one of the most trusted places one can approach to fulfilling their desire and goals for settling abroad. The fact Career plan provides coaching for spoken English to beginners and learners. Their goal is to help their students become masters of the Language. The fee charged at the institute is very affordable. They help their students to become well versed with the pattern and the syllabus of the exam that is necessary to clear to get a seat in the top universities abroad. They have special provision for mock test for working professionals with proper discussion to help the students to analyze their weakness and work on them.  It is very important to seek expert guidance to make sure that every step that you take towards the decision that would define your entire life is carefully measured. The institute follows the most important rules of professionalism, i.e. Honesty, integrity, and worthiness. It believes that the clients are their responsibility and priority. They stand by our clients throughout the process and help them fulfill their dreams.

Courses offered:

  • Visa handling
  • Admission counseling 
  • GRE
  • SAT
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Fact Career Plan Reviews

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Shruti Image

I really have no words for the wonderful teachings and support. Thanks once again in this Fact Career Plan.

pankaj Image

The teachers clears all the doubts of the students. Even they are updated with the new syllabus, the coaching updates us all in this Fact Career Plan.

Akshay Image

The coaching institute in this Fact Career Plan is good for those who work hard and also who trust the institute.

priyanshu kumar
priyanshu kumar Image

The fees structure of this coaching institute is not very high in this Fact Career Plan.


It gives and instructing to every one of the three dimensions at this place of the test – the prelims, mains, and the interview or identity test which is a great thing.

Richa Image

The academy has been preparing officers for over 10 years by guiding them to understand the whole schedule and course with the help of the teachers at this place.

Shubham singh
Shubham singh Image

Institute keep on updating the study material at this place which is a great thing which is to be in touch.

mahima Image

To break the test in the cutting edge parts of this training institute which is a great thing, it could be more of the help at this place.

Rahul Image

It really is the best one among all at this place. This is because of the faculty, the methodology, flexibility, results, and the personal attention which is a great thing.


With the strong group of the academic scholars at this place and the research of the researchers which have been helping the students concerning the study material which is a great thing.

shruti Image

We are not just prepared here for the exams which are here but for the other exams too which are the best here in our part.

Shivangi Image

This is the best part of the coaching since we always do it with the help of the teachers at Fact Career Plan.

Baljit singh
Baljit singh Image

The students here become smart in terms of the preparation for the different exams.

bhanu gupta
bhanu gupta Image

There are things like the gate coaching institute being there at Fact Career Plan inside the coaching institute along with the other things in the coaching.

rakesh Image

If you believe that you are at the best coaching at Fact Career Plan then you are wrong since this is the best coaching that I may find in here.

Manik Image

The institute pushes us really hard so that we have not to suffer to learn about the things for the same at Fact Career Plan.

satish kumar
satish kumar Image

The best of the things have been taken town by this coaching, when it comes to the questions, really a brilliant coaching institute for the students which has had been a great thing at this place.

Nidhi Image

The other facilities which has had been there in the coaching, and that too in there they have had been there and then there are offering like study materials are up to date, Online ID for objective type test helped me a lot( since I am a working professional it saved my lot of time) is there which has had been there which has been great at this place.

ANUJ Image

A very great coaching academy is this one which is present at the prominent locality with excellent faculty and the staff in there presently which has had been amazing thing at this place.

Shivani Image

You can't find the real and a better coaching and the environment of study in the coaching institution is what could be said the least one in the other coaching institutes than this one at this place.

Navjot Image

This is one of the best coaching institution in here. The way of teaching and the methodology is very precise and clear all kind of doubt which we ask from the academy which has had been there at this point at this place.

Kapil Image

The coaching institution of the coaching institution has had been providing candidates with the best course contend with the decided staff with all the way along at this place at this place.

varsha Image

The atmosphere of the class is very conducive which has had been there at this place. All of the teaching and non teaching staff discharges their duty seriously in the coaching academy.

shivansh Image

This is one of the best coaching academies for providing coaching for entrance exams which are being held in this country for the state and national level which is an amazing thing to be at this stage at this place.

Prashant Image

There has been the time of the coaching or taking the coaching when the coaching academy was providing the conceptual knowledge at this place. The faculty is highly experienced and cooperative while taking about this coaching institution.

lalit singh
lalit singh Image

The best part of this coaching institution is when the students have to take the load for learning about the technical exams at Fact Career Plan, since all we have to do is sit and relax later in this coaching institute in this town.

harleen Image

There are very much of the multiple doubt counters present in this institute at this place

Nivedita Image

According to me this coaching is the best one which I think I could find in the nearby areas and the same of taking the coaching at the same time of being present here at this place.

Gagandeep.kaur Image

If you are sick and even when you are not able to attend the classes in the coaching for some feasible reason at this place, this coaching helps you to do the best in it by giving you the extra classes which has had been given here at this point of the coaching institution in here.

Jagdish Image

Mental stage of the students have had always rules your preparation which is brilliant and great. They pay emphasis on this at this place.

Aman Kumar
Aman Kumar Image

Its being normal coaching institution which is brilliant and great with a unique teaching methodology at this place.

Raman Chauhan
Raman Chauhan Image

They have had cleared the doubts of every student and classes are regular which is brilliant and great. Every single topic is covered by the faculty at this place. The teachers provide study material which is relevant.

Shrishti Image

The preparation of the coaching institute has had turned out very well with help of this institute at this place. Each and every aspect of the institute is properly designed in the coaching. which is brilliant and great

Simran Image

Some of the teachers at the coaching are very reluctant and they don’t put in much efforts as others which is brilliant and great at Fact Career Plan .

Poonam Image

Amazingly reliable staff is here at the coaching institution they have done an amazing job. Most of the bases are told all at this place. The connection is flooding with supporters who help you through every thick and dainty.

Shokeen khan
Shokeen khan Image

The association of the coaching institution has had a steadfast method at this place to manage to educate just for execution in choice tests, they have done an amazing job.

Bhawna Image

The study material and the practice question level of the coaching institute are likewise sufficient. The expense charged is ostensible they have done an amazing job at this place.

Kishore kale
Kishore kale Image

They have had guided us for the different placement tests and employments in different areas. They show traps for clearing the test they have done an amazing job at this place.

Arkaja Akshi
Arkaja Akshi Image

Their timings of the coaching institutes are exacting and the staff is truly proficient at this place. They are useful, as well they have done an amazing job.

Himani Aggarwal
Himani Aggarwal Image

The teachers which are here and have been a constant supporter for these exams at this place. They have had been conducting the motivational sessions and then provide the tips and the tricks for the exams.

Aditi Image

The coaching institution has had been very very experienced staff in there at this place. They have had been marking your positive and negative areas and help you to improve for these exams


They conduct regular tests of the coaching institution and then for the evaluation for more of the student’s performances for these exams. Personal attention has to be provided to the students in there at this place.

Devanshit Image

The teaching style of the coaching institution has had been very very impressive in there at the coaching academy. It is seminar based not coaching based for these exams. The institute has a great study environment at this place. The staff of the coaching academy has had been very very punctual and then being helpful.

Pankaj Image

The coaching institution has been holding a competitive environment which has had been motivation the students which is there to reach their potential for these exams at this place.

Bhumika Image

Due to the coaching institutes and of my interest in the study increases which I understand everything with very easily and I am really motivated to study hard in this coaching institution in these coaching institutes.

Anmol Rao
Anmol Rao Image

They provided us with training workshops which motivated us a lot in these coaching institutes.

Harsh pundir
Harsh pundir Image

The institute provides comprehensive study in these coaching institutes.

chandan Image

Timely completion of the syllabus, doubt class session, the test series were really really helped me a lot to prepare in here at this academic institute.

Azhar Image

The study material provided by the institute is very difficult and exhausting, preparing you for the worst case scenario in these coaching institutes in here.

manpreet Image

There are backup classes and the doubt counters in here which are the best of their kind.

bnm Image

The coaching institute is a way too brilliant in here. This is because of the study environment in here.

nisha bahradwaj
nisha bahradwaj Image

I was confused about my career options for these exams in here. This institute has provided me a direction and motivated me in fulfilling my goals.

Pranay Sharma
Pranay Sharma Image

Missing even a single lecture can cost a lot in the coaching institution here.


It is an awesome experience of my life with the very cooperative teachers in this coaching.

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