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Elite IAS Fees & Courses

Course Name
Course Fee
Foundation Course(1yr)
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
GS Integrated Course
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
GS(Mains + Prelims)
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
GS Mains
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
GS Prelims
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
Optional History, Geography,Public AD, Economics
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
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About Elite IAS

Elite IAS is located at Old Rajender Nagar, New Delhi. The institute is improved with assets and gives information to splitting all the essential exams that choose the destiny of an understudy. The hard work put in by the personnel and the understudies are unmistakable through the aftereffects of the understudies. It wished to enable youthful applicants to make a cut in the pined for organizations that render instruction in the field of training and pharmaceutical. With innovation empowered frameworks and in addition fantastic instructing, the emphasis is on remaining submitted towards its objective. Elite IAS blossoms with responsibility, diligent work, cooperation, uprightness, energy and also understudy instructor relationship.

Courses offered:

1. Foundation Course(1yr) (Indian Administrative Services (IAS))

2. GS Integrated Course (Indian Administrative Services (IAS))

3. GS(Mains + Prelims) (Indian Administrative Services (IAS))

4. GS Mains (Indian Administrative Services (IAS))

5. GS Prelims (Indian Administrative Services (IAS))

6. Optional History, Geography, Public AD, Economics (Indian Administrative Services (IAS))

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Elite IAS Reviews

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Achariya Madan Image
Achariya Madan

The faculty of the coaching institution makes an honest effort to the take along every student in the class and is a great coaching on this place.


The staff of this coaching institution has been very helpful on this place, experienced and is energetic towards the students and is a great coaching.


Best place in this town which has been taken up the coaching for the preparation and is a great coaching on this place.

Alam Cheema Image
Alam Cheema

The teachers of the coaching have taken the responsibility of the coaching students and are really very easy to approach and is a great coaching on this place.

Aanchal jha Image
Aanchal jha

Motivational sessions are being conducted very very much on this place in the coaching institute to improve the students performances and is a great coaching.

Priya sharma Image
Priya sharma

Numerous kinds of the one of a kind strategies are utilised to build up your character all in all which will assist you with prospering in life not to mention breaking the test for these kinda exams.

Rajvardhan singh rao Image
Rajvardhan singh rao

The learning climate is one of the excellent for these kinda exams. This coaching institute shows you 'HOW' to think which has a great deal of effect and draws out the internal pioneer in you and the exercises truly increment the self-assurance.

Bhagwant singh Image
Bhagwant singh

The organization has a magnificent faculty who flourish to bestow for these kinda exams their best to the students for these kinda exams. Questions are constantly invited and taken into account for the management.

Sushil garhwal Image
Sushil garhwal

To all my future triumphs in life I certainly for these kinda exams would give to the offer to this institute for making me a superior individual.

Mohit Kumar Image
Mohit Kumar

Normal worksheets are tfor these kinda exams for the training and test are taken to check the pace for these kinda exams and consistency of the students. Educator treat students same as she deal with her very own youngster.

divya Image

The educator is dedicated in addition to she is sweet to every one of the students for these kinda exams. She causes every one of the students to then the clear their ideas in maths and science.

Priyanka maheshwari Image
Priyanka maheshwari

This institute is very good for the preparation for the competitive exam which has been into here.

Jaskaran singh Image
Jaskaran singh

The best thing is that it takes a regular test and check each and every individual performance of the student into here.

shweta Image

The institute provides their own study materials and also provides us with a time table into here, guiding us a way to study them so that we complete our syllabus in time.

vivek Image

This institute is a great place to prepare into here’ entrance. It provides the most brilliant doubt clearing faculty to the students.

Sahil Image

The coaching has been providing for the students with all the updates regarding the exams and train accordingly into here.

Mohini Patinge Image
Mohini Patinge

The coaching institute has been providing the proper guidance to the relevant study material, practice tests and the motivational sessions into here.

Sudhir Image

These exams’ preparation has been turned out really very well for me since I have done the coaching through sincerely into here. This is what I have got with the help of this coaching institute.

Chavada Suresh Image
Chavada Suresh

Its really helpful to gain knowledge in depth over here. Also the way they make us understand the concepts is exellent.Facuty is well experienced & friendly in this course institute.

Chandra rajput Image
Chandra rajput

This is the best commerce institute for the students who wish to learn, develop and excel in their lives. With its highly professional and qualified faculty members, you would find guidance in every which way possible here into here.

Dashrath dhakad Image
Dashrath dhakad

They are providing excellent atmosphere to students for these subjects as well as teachers are always motivating their students here into here

Kisan Image

The teaching as well as non teaching staff is very cooperative. It is the best institute for preparations of entrance exam here into here.

Shubhrant kumar gome Image
Shubhrant kumar gome

The teaching method, adaptability, flexibility and other basic factors which would make one feel at ease are the inherent qualities of my instructors here into here.

Anand saroj Image
Anand saroj

The competitive environment there shows you the competition level and one gets into it and learn here into here. Go and start a journey with them into here institute.

Daahir mohamed nuur Image
Daahir mohamed nuur

This institute consists of good teachers and well-defined staffs and they can able to deliver the concepts clearly here in this education centre.

Deepanshi_justa Image

I joined the institute faculty was also very good at that time here in this education centre. I had cleared cutoffs of different exams but did not makeup to final selection so I decided to again take the revision batch at the institute.

Sumaya Khanum Image
Sumaya Khanum

The institute is good and infrastructure is also nice here in this education centre. Every classroom is air-conditioned. This is very helpful in summers.

Rajendra Singh Rajpurohit Image
Rajendra Singh Rajpurohit

Enrolment to their online test series program is quite easy and they also provide exam centres for it here in this education centre.

Rajinder sharma Image
Rajinder sharma

The faculty members of this institute are top class here in this education centre. The management of this coaching is very best, they clear all your doubts.

Samriti khullar Image
Samriti khullar

The institute makes you feel the competition and also prepares you for the competition. It is the best institute for the preparation of these competitive exams and also prepares one for the boards also here in this education centre.

Reeman Dhull Image
Reeman Dhull

Coaching helps the student to achieve their aim here in this education centre. This coaching understands it better than another coaching.

Suman bana Image
Suman bana

The standard over there is simply great in this exam. The resource simply give their most ideal in all approaches to cover every one of the points and furthermore gives tips and traps to recollections certain ideas.

Navdeep kaur Image
Navdeep kaur

The schedule is finished so as to give all its point of view direction to the wannabe who participated in the foundation in this exam.

jaspreet Image

They give an extraordinary preparing on morals before the mains test which is simply obligatory or we can say like one should attempt sort of classes to be visited in this exam.

kannan Image

This is the best spot which has had propelled me to work more enthusiastically every day for these kinda exams.The study material is all around made and the ideas are very much clarified.

Banty Image

The coaching institution has had extremely experienced staff for these kinda exams. They mark your positive and negative zones and help you to improve.

Harsimar Image

Test series is very rich and intellectual over here at this place. As far as learning concerned very prosperous and experience a practical approach

Vivek Verma Image
Vivek Verma

Efficient coaching institute with lot of effort on building academic as well as interview skills over here at this place.

Varun Image

First of all thanks a lot for all of your precious time over here at this place. Conducive environment right for efficient and progressive learning. Great hats off. Thank you

Susmita Mondal Image
Susmita Mondal

Doubt centre class apart because they have one of the best teachers to look after your queries and doubts over here at this place.

Suraj Siyota Image
Suraj Siyota

Team effort you are going to find over here at this place with a great faculty for all the subjects all coordinated

Nitika Soni Image
Nitika Soni

This coaching institute foundation has extraordinary point which is the preparation test for us at this place. I think this is extraordinary reason for this institute to be so successful.

Saurabh singh Image
Saurabh singh

The daily update sessions are really very brilliant. Help us to cope up with some great stuff.

Ashish Pathak Image
Ashish Pathak

The coaching is really too good and I recommend that if you wish success and results here, then you must try to get admitted in to make a bright future!

Akash Image

The mock tests would have helped you a lot. They have had been provided us with the training workshops which motivated us a lot of the skilled teaching for these exams.

atirek Image

Excellent faculty and they support you in every aspect in here, they cleared all of my doubts whether related to study or personal problems.

Shishupal singh Image
Shishupal singh

They have had a really great management/coordinator team if you have any of the doubt you can share it with the coordinator after the class and they will arrange a separate class for doubt on weekend. They have taught the best and guide the best.

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