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EKpathshala in Chandigarh gives the coaching for IIT-JEE, Jee- Mains, CLAT and Hotel Management. The JEE- mains and advanced classes are taken by the expert teachers that have over years of experience and expertise in their field enough to analyze the papers. The study material along with the teaching schedule and lectures are prepared by these expert faculties. Meanwhile, CLAT classes are taken by the expert trainers too, who teach the students with a student-oriented methodology. The hotel Management sector's exam has aptitude and reasoning questions along with the subject English which is taken separately by the teachers. The institute organizes weekly and monthly tests which help students to self-assess themselves. Also, there are regular doubt sessions so that nobody lacks.

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vinivesh21798 Image
Vinivesh21798 Verified

They the study too easy for the student

Rohan Gupta Image
Rohan Gupta

The staff of the coaching academy has had been highly qualified for these exams in there at the coaching academy. They have appointed the experts who have been in the line since last 15-20 years. The tests conducted help us to evaluate our position and efforts we need to further put in there.


They clears doubts of every student and classes are regular here.


They teach us new tricks and ways to solve questions quickly here so that our time could be saved in exam.

Ankita Image

It delays a lot in completing the whole syllabus here.

Vipin Image

Over all classes are good we have to do more things about it here.

Lucky Thakur Image
Lucky Thakur

Doubt clearing classes and then short-cuts are awesome here.

Manpreet Image

This institute uses our valuable time in an extremely noteworthy way here. They esteem the endeavors put in by the students of the coaching academy.

Sanjiv kumar Image
Sanjiv kumar

Great learning condition here. Remarkable Faculties coordination in enormous and the board and the support in every one of the approaches to the exceed expectations to the students of the coaching.

Shelly Singh Thapa Image
Shelly Singh Thapa

The study material of the coaching here is full of the important questions and the concepts covering all the essential topics.

Kartik Sharma Image
Kartik Sharma

Regular tests are conducted at the coaching institutes are conducted at this coaching institutes here. A time table of the coaching institute is provided with well in advance explaining the test schedule at the right time.

Ankur keshri Image
Ankur keshri

There are online prep courses of the coaching institutes are very convenient and great grip.

Aditya Image

The coaching has been starting with the basic formulas and then it has been taking off with the other topics here.

chhavi Image

The coaching institution has been the best of the mentor for me in terms of education and the lifestyle here.

Shivanshu saini Image
Shivanshu saini

The coaching institute has been conducting the tests which improved my speed here of question solving and also helped me to develop the self confidence.

Mohinder Image

. Missing even a single class can cost a lot here. Their online prep courses are extraordinarily beneficial and extraordinary. The staff is exceedingly experienced and has been in the business for the latest 20 years.

Upasana Image

They administrate extraordinarily here. All are in actuality well request and proficient. All staff is planning.

sabhya Image

. Brilliant tests practices sought after here to illuminate test here. The vulnerability sessions are specially arranged and time tables are passed on well early.

kuldeep Image

. They lead tests which improved my speed of request understanding here. The tests fuse hugely basic request and numerical capacities that are essential gadgets to clear the test.

anmol Image

The association leaves no vulnerability in the minds of the students and no stones unturned to drive them to achieve incredible engravings here.

rupali sharma Image
Rupali sharma

The notes and aggregates given by the establishment here are sufficient to get thought and practice totally.

Adarsh thakur Image
Adarsh thakur

All the facilities regarding academics are appreciated all the weekly tests and staff coordination is appreciated here as well in the coaching institute.

Garima Image

It's not only the efforts of the team but also that the materials here in the coaching institute provided is comprehensive and helpful.

Aarti Image

Faculty of the coaching institute is very cooperative and helpful.They also conduct here different group activities to improve the speaking skills.Best institute for spoken english.

Gaurav Image

The environment provided at the institute in the way is certainly homely for these exams in this examination. You would come in contact with teachers and mentors who would not shy away from helping you in any which way to be done.


Be it the faculty, the staff or the peers in the class for these exams, I've had always been felt great interacting with them in this examination. The journey with the institute is something I'll cherish forever.

Anuj kumar Image
Anuj kumar

If you are sick and even when you are not able to attend the classes in the coaching for some feasible reason, this coaching helps you to do the best in it by giving you the extra classes which has had been given here at this point of the coaching institution here at this academic centre.

Kabir Image

There are monthly magazines which help us to stay updated of the world around us here at this academic centre and this is a really beneficial stuff for the same.

Nitai Image

As you enter the coaching institute, you start to get a feel of being an officer and this is really a marvellous feeling for the same time of it here at this academic centre.

Aditya Agrawal Image
Aditya Agrawal

The experts are everywhere, but since no matter which subject here at this academic centre are you choosing, this coaching would deliver you the best.

Abhinav Kumar Image
Abhinav Kumar

When you are out of the coaching all you do is study with focus in this coaching institute which has had been at the same time of the same one here at this academic centre. This is what this coaching do to you at the same time on the coaching institute at the same time of the coaching.

Deep Chand Image
Deep Chand

It is commended for its student-teacher ratio, not admitting more than 90 students which is something great about this coaching in a single batch.

Prince kumar Image
Prince kumar

The institute thrives on the brilliant faculty that dominates the centre which is something great about this coaching. They provide excellent study material.

Ankit singh Image
Ankit singh

The academy focuses on interactive learning sessions with faculty members who believe that creating an encouraging environment can lead to success which is something great about this coaching.

Sandeep nehra Image
Sandeep nehra

It is also good for technology. Faculty members are very cooperative which is something great about this coaching. Its rooms are so spacious.

mangigar Image

The institute has created a niche brand by marinating a small batch size and targeting a highly focussed study regime to gain top results which is something great about this coaching.

Mohit Kumar Image
Mohit Kumar

Doubts are clear every weekend session into here. Thoroughly discussed classes with ample time giver for clearing any issues.

Tushar Image

When you don’t get to understand any of the topic which has had been a great thing, you may simply rush to the doubt counter Ekpathshaala, over this place.

Kavita Image

The best of the things have been taken town by this coaching, when it comes to the questions, really a brilliant coaching institute for the students which has had been a great thing Ekpathshaala, over this place.

Raising kukswal Image
Raising kukswal

. All the present issues materials are forward-thinking and the important data regarding the examination are altogether given fastidious and exact this is an marvellous coaching here over this institutional academy.


We all realize that administration part work here over this institutional academy is one of the esteemed employments In my view training is most vital for this in light of the fact this is an marvellous coaching that by instructing we as a whole catch ours with a legitimate way.

gaurav rawat Image
Gaurav rawat

Their bogus tests would help you a lot this is an marvellous coaching. They outfitted us with getting ready workshops which stirred us a ton here over this institutional academy.

Nishita jain Image
Nishita jain

Here faculty is very much cooperative and knowledgeable in Ekpathshaala located around here which teach well and help students learn many tips and tick to solve and tackle problems. numerical for every chapter.

Sanya Seth Image
Sanya Seth

Quality classes, Test series and are the best in Ekpathshaala located around here. One of the best place to learn and grow. Great work by the current affairs team of the teachers.

Vivek Image

They spread each subject with the goal that it will be helpful in all components of arranging in this examination

Nikhil Arya Image
Nikhil Arya

The institute has laid a key emphasis on correcting some mistakes made by other institutions in this examination. Now, with a motley of courses being offered and impressive results paving its way.

Atish Patole Image
Atish Patole

Its present endeavors and test game plan materials are the best and lakhs of students apply for its test course of action to test their ability and it is of good quality and open at a moderate expense in this examination

Ashupandey Image

This institute is very excellent in providing education in the field of completionfor these exams for these courses.

Krishna Image

The institute is not a very good choice as per my experience there as I saw that the staff showed bad behaviour and madedecisions based on personal biasfor these exams for these courses!

Ram krishan Image
Ram krishan

It is the best way for getting the job done in there. Their branch are situated in major cities in Indiafor these exams for these courses. They provide best faculty for difficult exam and provides motivation

gitesh bedi Image
Gitesh bedi

This coaching institution has many of the branches across the entire country. You can get admitted at whatsoever place you want in this for these exams for these courses.

Manpreet kaur Image
Manpreet kaur

The coaching institution has its own books for these exams for these courses preparation for these exams for these courses institute present for these exams for these courses.

Deepak singh Image
Deepak singh

I would recommend that everyone, in this institution is exactly what if you are looking for helping teachers and a really friendly environment for these exams for these courses.

Mamta Image

The students of this coaching institute think of the flying hues, charge structure is according to the standards, each office given by the institute to students to satisfy their fantasiesas in for these exams.

Raghav Gautam Image
Raghav Gautam

It has been an ideal spot for who needs to learn. It helps the students in learning for rivalry testsas in for these exams.

alka Image

Individual Attention is to be given, which is being generally absent in these instructing classes in enormous urban areas (that have 50+ students in each cluster) is accentuated at being here at the coaching instituteas in for these exams.

Tisha Image

Experienced faculty provides best coaching and easy techniques to crack each n every exam. Indeed a great place to learnfor these kinda exams.

Akhil Image

Very supportive and motivating environment with the zeal to spread knowledge into actionfor these kinda exams. One can excel any course under a single roof.

Nidhi Image

The atmospfor these kinda exams is very optimistic and entire staff work on group goals of successfor these kinda exams.

Bobindra Singh Image
Bobindra Singh

Very helpful staff. All the topics are taught thoroughlyand its good.

Manish Image

My experience with the institute has been pretty goodand its good.

Aastha jha Image
Aastha jha

Their administration is also good as they help to provide every information to studentsand its goodand management is also good.

gourav kumar Image
Gourav kumar

The Study materials of the coaching institute and its good and Session for Practising is very useful for exams.

Admission Overseas Image
Admission Overseas

Good for the environment with nice experienced friendly teachers and its good. The best place for people who are determined to study for neet.

Chetram Prajapat Image
Chetram Prajapat

If you are really want to do something in the field of the exam come to this coaching on this place.

Devendra badgotiya Image
Devendra badgotiya

This is demanding for all unique talent which we can develop by our own style of writing. Ethics case study and essay related problems can also get solved through their helpon this place.

Shreya Chawla Image
Shreya Chawla

Preparing for the exams, choose the best coaching institute won this place you will find good stuff to study. The faculty on this place is experienced and cooperative.

Anita giri Image
Anita giri

The faculty of the coaching institute has been ready to support you round the clock. The labs are well equipped with proper number of computers in working condition for these examsin this examination in here.

md ajad Image
Md ajad

The Faculty of the coaching in is just amazing for these exams and apart from having complete knowledge of their respective subjects, they are also genuinely concerned about the progress of each and every student ( and i am not exaggerating) in this examination in here.

Trupti Devpriy Meshram Image
Trupti Devpriy Meshram

Amazing faculty and great services .Everything is well planned for these exams and all queries are sorted on time to timein this examination in here.

Aman Image

The faculty and the teaches at a very high pace which has been greatfor these courses in this convenient coaching. It is difficult to understand topics at times.

Manasi tilekar Image
Manasi tilekar

Their online prep and the courses have been very convenient and good which has been great.For these courses in this convenient coaching.

Veer Image

Regular tests are being conducted at the coaching institute in a way like never before For these courses in this convenient coaching. A time table is provided well in advance explaining the test schedule which has been greatfor these courses in this convenient coaching.

Prince Sarkar Image
Prince Sarkar

The study material which has been provided by the coaching institution is at all of coaching institutes itself which has had been there at the time of the coaching institutes which have been aroundat Ekpathshaala in this area.

Ravi Goswami Image
Ravi Goswami

There are many of the Orientation sessionsat Ekpathshaala in this areaare also organized in which they told what strategies you would make and what you have done to get sure success in the coaching institution.

Rohtesh Image

The coaching academy is proving that everything is possible out there if you follow the guidance of the teachersat Ekpathshaala in this area.

maulik Image

The students who have a dream of clearing that exam, this coaching is a boon for youin this examination in here.

Suman Image

If you are looking for the right coaching institute for the exam, then this is it, one of the best coaching in this townin this examination in here.

Pardeep Image

The issue with the students is that they don’t give much concentration in the class and later on complain to the authorities while they should sit attentivelyin this examination in here.

Piyush Image

The teachers are master in their subject they clear the doubt of student and they also learn the student how to prepare for the exam inside here Ekpathshaala.

Kanwaraj Image

Special attention towards each student is given inside here Ekpathshaala. And I’m personally very happy with the service they provide.

Pinkesh Kumar Image
Pinkesh Kumar

Believe me, if you follow your mentors blindly there then you will be able to crack jee main as well as advanced with a good rank inside here Ekpathshaala.

Rekha Image

The best part of this academy is that the coaching has been providing a brilliant support to the students in a way like I have felt never before into here.

Akshay bodi Image
Akshay bodi

I have a habit of asking too many questions and that too in the class into here. The teachers are very brilliant which solve them for me taking no hassle.

Sunny Punia Image
Sunny Punia

There are student-oriented timings, morning, after, evening. I love it into here.

Saurabh Image

The teaching staff within the institute is extremely co-operating. They're forever able to assist you for those exams which you are preparing. Usually, the institute can conduct a check in each 2-3 weeks in here.

Sakshi Yadav Image
Sakshi Yadav

Its study material is meant by the toughened college in here that contain queries matching precisely with the particular pattern of the targeted paper for those exams which you are preparing.

Ravneet kaur Image
Ravneet kaur

It's extremely smart coaching job center in here. They have good academics and healthy study setting for the scholars for those exams which you are preparing. .

Ashutosh Gupta Image
Ashutosh Gupta

All of the facts of the coaching institution and then the faculties in here the coaching are experienced and is a great coaching in this examination.

Gyanranjan Raj Image
Gyanranjan Raj

The time at which the coaching classes has been allotted to each class is an hour but each class runs only 20 to 25 minutes and is a great coaching in this examination.

Mamta Image

Over all of the classes which have been good, we have had to do more things about it and is a great coaching in this examination.

Ram mosu Image
Ram mosu

The problems which have been occurring in there is that the coaching institute has been facing and which has been great then tests which are really certainly the best and then has had given you a very good exposure in there over time at this coaching.

Manoj Image

I wish that each coaching becomes which has had been a great thing the same one as this one as my concepts are really very cleared now over time at this coaching.

Shweta Dev Image
Shweta Dev

The best part of this coaching is the doubt counter which has had been a great thing which has had been here for like every day over time at this coaching.

Gorav Image

This coaching is the best one in this town due to the variety of reason which you may see which has had been a great thing over time at this coaching.

Jayraj Maurya Image
Jayraj Maurya

I feel like this is the most amazing which has had been a great thing over time at this coaching, time specific institute since the students present here always get time for the self-studying.

Gurlal Chand Image
Gurlal Chand

I have been taking coaching since past but this coaching over time at this coaching.


It gives the free session of the yearly toppers and study material to all of it gets in exams like these. When all is said in done, it's the best establishment for test prep.

Md Arshad Azam Image
Md Arshad Azam

Its current affairs and test series materials are the best and lakhs of students apply for its test series to test their ability at Ekpathshaala in this area and it is of good quality and available at affordable price in this coaching institution.

Tamanna Image

Apart from the monthly magazines, probably the best coaching in here we are provided with the latest updated which are being present around in here at this coaching.

genevaep4 Image

The staff in the coaching institution is highly experienced in this coaching institution here here at this academic centre and have been in the business for last 20 years.

kaylatt1 Image

The environmental surrounds is very very great for the preparation of the exams here at this academic centre institute around.

Deepak Image

I have had studied in this coaching institution for the 8 months and I have felt really very happy in this here at this academic centre.

Isha Gupta Image
Isha Gupta

This is an institution where learning is guaranteed and the staff of the coaching institute which is very useful and empowering around for those exams which you are preparing .

Santosh Rajpoot Image
Santosh Rajpoot

It is lauded for its student-instructor proportion, not conceding in excess of 90 students in a solitary clump and for these type of exams.

Moin Khan Image
Moin Khan

The educational modules are consistently assessed, amended, and refreshed to keep it on a similar dimension as the present test designs and for these type of exams.

anand Image

The institute is great and proficient and for these type of exams. The framework is excellent. I had an extraordinary time getting ready for the selection tests.

Vinay Sharma Image
Vinay Sharma

The institute has made a speciality brand by marinating a little cluster measure and focusing on a profoundly focussed study routine to increase top outcomes and for these type of exams.

rajesh Yadav Image
Rajesh Yadav

All over the teachers of the coaching institution are very humble and supportive. It is a good investment for those exams which you are preparing around.

Hardeep Randhawa Image
Hardeep Randhawa

One of the best coaching institutions which I believe for those exams which you are preparing around. They have different and effective way of studying. And they just not focus on study, they focus on mentoring as well.

Dinkar Image

I believe that the most important thing which I am coming across is that the coaching institute has got the right teachers for subjects here at this amazing institute, which is amazing thing and its good afterall.

Mohit Verma Image
Mohit Verma

Apart from this coaching this coaching also provides the help in the other exams and its good afterall, which is a great thing.

Pallavi Image

The best part of this coaching is that we have learned the basics of the subject, which is amazing thing and it’s great and its good afterall.


All of the teachers and the management of the coaching academy has had been really being great and then always cooperate which has had been with the students of the coaching institution here for these kinda exams hereat.

Ketan Image

This is the best academic institute classes for these examinations around here. Here faculties are always available to solve your doubts. A very disciplined and nice environment.

Dinesh Choudhary Image
Dinesh Choudhary

It has had been a really brilliant experience with us being here at this coaching institution. The teachers are well qualified and have some amazing skills are there for these kinda exams hereat. The atmosphere of the class is very favourable.

Riya Sharma Image
Riya Sharma

There has been the time of the coaching or taking the coaching when the coaching academy was providing the conceptual knowledge for these kinda exams hereat. The faculty is highly experienced and cooperative while taking about this coaching institution.

Amisha Image

The online doubt clearing sessions at the coaching academy which has had been there in the platforms are simply very awesome because of many things which has had been for these kinda exams hereat.

Anil gabale Image
Anil gabale

Doubt clearing sessions are the best and its great about this institution. They provide good advice to the students and teach each and every concept with ease.

Jatin Dabas Image
Jatin Dabas

The institute has a single minded approach to teaching purely for the sake of performance in entrance exams and its great about this institution.

Pradeep Kumar Das Image
Pradeep Kumar Das

They have good knowledge of exam pattern and its great about this institution , syllabus and explain concepts accordingly.

Harkirat singh Image
Harkirat singh

The teachers of the coaching institutions are always motivated us with lots and then have helped us tremendously to reach the high pedestal great and brilliant institute here.


This course helped me a lot which is really very amazing here great at this academy brilliant institute, it changed a lot of things in my life. Now, I can teach in a good way because I finally know the good procedures that must be taken and the good techniques.

Pooja Image

Dedicated faculty, committed intent and genuine concern for prospective candidates which is really very amazing here great at this academy brilliant institute. Sincere and conscientious efforts to prepare candidates.


Every class at the coaching institute started on time so, the whole time was elapsed in three classes only and the fourth one start also at time for this kind of exams hereat over here.

Nilam Image

Taking about the admin department of the coaching institute for these courses around at this coaching they are very helpful over and extra classes and other things books and magazines and for the current affair.


Teachers know the capability of the student and spurs the student to do diligent work and achieve their objective great education environment here around.

Sanchit Image

They adopted very different and good way for at the time of preparation for these examination types. They provided healthy work environment for these examination types.

Vishwajeet kumar singh Image
Vishwajeet kumar singh

For this examination environment both of the composed just ideal, faculty is exceptionally versed and experienced and consistently attempt to give test situated direction for this examination environment.


They clears doubts of every student and classes are regular which is good at this institute with this place. Every single topic is covered by the faculty. The teachers provide study material which is relevant.

Manjit kaur Saini Image
Manjit kaur Saini

The teachers carefully assess your strength and weakness and help you work for these coaching exams on it for these coaching exams.

Rajesh Yadav Image
Rajesh Yadav

Fees of the coaching institution are not very of the high. The knowledge imparted by the coaching institute is beyond expectations for the time being here. The teachers of the institute possess amazing skills.

Romit kumar Image
Romit kumar

The tests conducted are based on exam oriented pattern which is very useful for these coaching exams.

payal Image

I like the class and pattern of the study which is really very amazing good ambience in the institute. I have much confidence after join this institute.

Tanuja Kumawat Image
Tanuja Kumawat

The teachers are of high class and understands the students properly here and let them discover new techniques and short out problems of students into here Ekpathshaala around.

Preet Image

The coaching institute institute has got the best of the faculty in the coaching academy to take the things down for these coaching exams.

Sidharth Image

They show us new devices and ways to deal with understanding questions quickly with the objective that our time could be saved in the test so it’s amazing at Ekpathshaala and its brilliantly fine.

nidhi kumari Image
Nidhi kumari

They have a good management/coordinator team if you have any doubt you can share it with the coordinator after the class and they will arrange a separate class for doubt on weekend here for those exams. They teach the best and guide the best which is really very amazing.

Dharmendra Singh gurjar Image
Dharmendra Singh gurjar

Very reliable and great coaching centre if you looking at this coaching with this environment for top top rank. All sections are comprehensively covered over this place..

Abhishek kumar Image
Abhishek kumar

Academic programs are really awesome, here the pattern of teaching and taking tests is one of the best. Students have a test in every 15 days which provides a great platform to make a bright future inside this course at Ekpathshaala.

Riddhi nandwana Image
Riddhi nandwana

I tried in many institute but this academy is the place where i got full satisfaction for these examinations hereat.

Amar singh Image
Amar singh

If you are really very much into something in the field, without thinking anything about anything, in there in town which has been great here for this exam in this city.

Himanshu Kumar Yadav Image
Himanshu Kumar Yadav

The mentors associated with the Subject which have had apt knowledge for these exams over their domain at this great institute for this level.

Shiv Deep Image
Shiv Deep

Excellent individual consideration classes with incorporated test arrangement for these papers. Test arrangement depends on the genuine test design giving an understanding to the students.

Gopal kr Image
Gopal kr

It's has had been an amazing environment and the best faculty the teacher always encourage us to strive hard for this examination purpose and help us to achieve our goals in this coaching institution which has been around.

Suraj Image

The coaching institution has the best of the teachers who know that how to make the students of the coaching institution which is really great for the understand the subjects and how to score good marks and that’s amazing here in this institution.

Krishna Image

The staff is exceedingly qualified for these exams here around. They delegate specialists who have been in the line since last 15-20 years. The tests led help us to assess our position and endeavors we have to additionally put.

Atul Image

One to one interaction is a huge booster round fare this coaching , it keeps you alert and motivates you to do perform better .

shivani Image

The best institute for the preparation of competitive exams for the Coaching herein around. Highly qualified and experienced faculty, excellent atmospfor the Coaching herein around with updated study material and the highest success rate in the town.

Chaitya Image

The institute has a single minded approach to teaching purely for the sake of performance in entrance exams for these great institute here at, great coaching is this one.


Regular tests are there to be have conducted at the institute at Ekpathshaala, great study session here. A time table is provided well in advance explaining the test schedule. which is brilliant and great

Umashankar Kumar Image
Umashankar Kumar

The faculty’s relentless efforts in keeping you motivated throughout the prep is commendable in the coaching institute around this educational institution hereat.

Rony Das Image
Rony Das

If you have had studied harder enough to get in touch with the teacher, then you may ask the doubts of the coaching on the very personal numberfor exams like these in here around this place.

Ekta Image

The institute provides a fun and calm atmosphere for every students for these types of courses. The faculty members are amazing at what they do.

Punam Kolekar Image
Punam Kolekar

The study material provided is very good. The staff is really supportive for these types of courses. We just don't study, there is fun as well. Results are amazing.

Ambuj Singh Image
Ambuj Singh

Teachers of the are very helpful & cooperative as well, though the size of classrooms are not as bigger as any other institute but you would get personal interaction of the faculties over this Ekpathshaala for this course herein.

Raju Rathod Image
Raju Rathod

I believe that the best part is when you are provided with the updatesaround this study culture, doubt counters and everything else at the regular basis.

Amol Kokil Image
Amol Kokil

The teaching staff’s level is high. Personal attention is given to each of the student in Ekpathshaala which is a good academy. The coaching has literally proven that to be very good for the weaker students.

vivek Image

If you study hard enough to get in touch with a teacher, you may ask the doubts on the very personal number Ekpathshaala the best coaching indeed

Shruti Image

I believe that this for preparation of these exams is the most brilliant for preparation of these examsit’s been great which we have come across all the way through it which is amazing thing.

Alisha Image

Best workforce which could be found in each branch to make your future splendid inside this institution hereat. I enlisted a year ago and I got chosen .

Himanshi Image

The faculties of this coaching institution has had been really very cooperative and then has given us with the enough time to each of the subject in the coaching institution which has had been there in this coaching academy in here at this pointfor the study environment.

Anchal Image

Nice methodology plus they have very good infrastructure facility all the right modern tools one can expect for the competitive examsfor these types of courses.

Ria Image

They have had the best faculty for mathematics, reasoning and the English. They will build your concept to crack any competitive exam in here, food faculty here.

Raj Image

The way faculties teach here will give light on how the subjects are to be dealt with inside the institution.


The faculties here are likewise experienced and show us new traps and approaches to comprehend questions rapidly with the goal that our time could be spared in testgreat coaching with good stuff around.


They didn’t provide any standard level study material good methodology is this , so that one could practice on particular topics at the coaching institute. Its convenient in here

Avishkar Image

Regular tests are conducted at the institutein this perfect and good institute. A time table is provided well in advance explaining the test schedule.

Sarvesh kumar Bansal Image
Sarvesh kumar Bansal

It normal coaching centre with a unique teaching methodologyand this is a great thing at this level in the institute.

Shailendra Kumar Singh Image
Shailendra Kumar Singh

Even the teachers did not come on time, most of the lecture time used to go wastefor the exams they offer

Tarun Reddi Image
Tarun Reddi

They grasped through and through various and incredible way for at the period of the course of actionit’s a great institute for these subjects. They gave a sound work environment.

Atharva Shivade Image
Atharva Shivade

The coaching institute holds a healthy study environment Good teaching environment institute which motivates the students to accomplish their potential.

Akansha kumari Image
Akansha kumari

The teachers of the coaching institute don’t take responsibility and are not easy to approach which is what I like about here at this great place.

Parimal Image

This is one of the best branch of the institute with here in this place. It is really impressive to take coaching from here. The coaching institute provides video lectures. They are very helpful

Kalpna kumari Image
Kalpna kumari

I took the admission on the basis of the past years selections and I guess that I have taken the best decision everfor around this institution.

Bhawani singh sodha Image
Bhawani singh sodha

This is not just an exam, isn’t an easy exam to crack which is brilliant and great. The efforts put in by both the students and the faculty counts at Ekpathshaala, great study here.

Raju yadav Image
Raju yadav

The sheets, the races, provided are more than sufficient to achieve the goalEkpathshaala has a good studying aura. There are lots of things to describe but in short, this is best in my opinion, experience and the time that I spend.

Ankit Kumar  Rajvanshi Image
Ankit Kumar Rajvanshi

One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers which is really very amazing, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings here for the pressure handling of exams.

Niranjan jain Image
Niranjan jain

They help you to experience every section of your weaker point. The students are set aside a few minutes table which encourages them assemble an everyday practice which is being present this is extraordinary.

Vikas kumar Image
Vikas kumar

The faculty of this coaching institute is basically nice, as some of the teachers are being there in the perhaps that the best I’ve had ever seen, which has been great while the few others are really on average at the point which has had been there in those exams around this great teaching environment.

Vaidehi Chouhan Image
Vaidehi Chouhan

Expenses are not high. The learning gave is past wants it’s a great institute for these subjects. They have astounding aptitudes. The teachers put in most extraordinary undertakings to clear up the thoughts.

Gabe Godinho Image
Gabe Godinho

Daily practice papers are also given so as to check the progress of the students great institution for thisthis institute is too good. Overall ,It is good.

Rohit Image

A great place to learn and teaches you what one requires to equip to thrive in the competitive environment for these exams. Learned a lot of skills there besides the basic course syllabusfor the great teaching strategy in this institute. The learning is fun there in the coaching institute.

Anju Image

Group discussion and the doubt clearing classes make the students veryconfident about subject knowledge which is brilliant and great for Ekpathshaala the best one here.

Ishita Image

Make your institute’s studies at the coachinghas been impactfulinside this beautiful culture here. Elite staff and best of all of the subjects’ study notes

Abhishek sharma Image
Abhishek sharma

Very very good teachers are tat this academic centre which is cool, all the way through .Small batch size and quality education at this academic centre which is cool, all the way through.

Rupinder Kaur Image
Rupinder Kaur

It is really very easy to communicate with the teachers and to clear the doubts of the students for these exams at Ekpathshaala which is a good institute. Books are being provided by the institute which are designed according to the course structure of the institute.

Haripriya Shekhawat Image
Haripriya Shekhawat

The coaching institute has provided us enough study material for these exams so that we can independently do the preparation from our own for various study at Ekpathshaala which is a good institute.

Neha Rani Image
Neha Rani

The experts are everywhere, but since no matter which subject inside this institution which is great are you choosing, this coaching would deliver you the best.

Yashvini Teotia Image
Yashvini Teotia

My experience with this coaching institute has been brilliantly amazing this academy has been amazing.

Sakshi Sharma Image
Sakshi Sharma

The faculty of the institute is incredible and it is a planned course with part of experience. Gained such a great amount from all the faculty.

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