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Drona Classes is well known amongst people as the Result Generating Machine in Competition Exams with brilliant brains and experience of quality teaching under one roof.We believe that each individual is unique and requires individual guidance. The intense focus on each individual’s strengths and weaknesses is at the core of our modules.

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Aishwarya Mungiya
the coaching dosnt seem to be a good coaching...just kaam sa chal raha hai...inhe bus syllabus karaane se matlab hai student se nahi....
Anasuya Bhattacharjee
all they care is about the money...they never ever care about the students ....they dont even have a proper power supply..most of the time the ligfhts are out in the evening batches....
Snehika Jaiswal
the coachingv lacks the conceptual knowledge....asks students to mug up the notes....the teachers do not know the paper...they arent accurate that they tell students to mug up...plus there is no management
good coaching.....average studying culture...and helping teachers.....the price is economical according to the quality of education they provide but the quality can be much better....