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About Dastak Coaching Institute

Foundation Strength is very important when dreaming of a colourful future.  Dastak Coaching Institute Prayagraj with its excellence has consecutively proved itself over decades. The teachers arrange various doubt sessions for the students, helping them to fully understand the points they feel stuck at or difficult to solve. The institute also provides demo classes for the students. Each student is provided with personal attention. The fee charged at the institute is nominal when compared to the knowledge imparted. The institute has beautifully designed modules that lay out the entire syllabus of an exam. Their books are high on quality and do not compromise on standards. Each chapter is well explained. With its highly educated and well-trained faculty members along with an excellent educative environment, students find it easy to focus on education hence resulting in good.


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Dastak Coaching Institute Reviews

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Sarita patil Image
Sarita patil

These coaching institutes publicize on an enormous scale around over in for those exams which you are preparing, just to make impressions that they are the best. The talks directed are exceptionally useful.

divakar shahi Image
Divakar shahi

The mock tests of the coaching would help you a ton around over in for those exams which you are preparing. They furnished us with preparing workshops which inspired us a ton.

Aditi singh Image
Aditi singh

Grind is their motto and if you are one of all the aspirant then definitely for this coaching institute to prepare around this institution area

Akashdeep Verma Image
Akashdeep Verma

Generally this one is the excellent institute for the prep around over in for those exams which you are preparing. Profoundly qualified personnel and great outcomes delivered each year.

Vedik Image

For the best exam, the teachers, the infra, probably the best coaching institution right here for exams and the other things are favourable to the students of this coaching institution right here institute being present for exams at this point around here.

Komal shekhawat Image
Komal shekhawat

I picked this association since it structures their own one of a kind examination material to consider their own one of a kind empowering logic and the study material is amazingly valuable and it has been doing great.

Tanisha Kiran Image
Tanisha Kiran

Standard tests are there to led at the institute around over in for those exams which you are preparing. A period table is given well ahead of time clarifying the test plan. The test led encourages us to assess our position and endeavors we have to additionally put.


Since the coaching institute’s batch strength is not that big, you get your personal queries solved by the teacher themselves for these examinations around here.

Nidhi babbar Image
Nidhi babbar

If you think that you wouln’t be comfortable in this coaching in this here at this place at this institution, then you are wrong. This coaching has got everything which would make you have the best of the experience.

tamanna Image

The coaching schedule differs according to the batch you choose and varies from 4 months to 14 months in this coaching institution at Dastak Coaching Institute around this city herein.

Osheen Image

These associations advertise on an extensive scale, just to establish connections that they are the best. The addresses coordinated are incredibly valuable which is great stuff here at this institution.

Aman Image

It continues adjusting and keeps up aware of the execution of instructors through yearly surveys and at this academic institution.

Komal Image

Yes, I think its an amazing coaching since it provides the students in this here at this place at this institution with all the help possible for such a hard exam like these ones.

Bhupendra Image

You wound’s have to worry about the availability of the teachers which is I guess the best thing about the coaching institute in this here at this place at this institution. For the rest of the things, you would have to cope up by yourself.

Poonam Chhabra Image
Poonam Chhabra

The training is regarded as deserving of its place in the best-instructing focuses as the students who breeze through the tests are Hindi medium students – acquiring a higher ascent these numbers as the years go on and at this academic institution.

Abhishek Image

An affordable coaching which gives you everything you ask for in this here at this place at this institution. The price tag of the coaching institution is a way too less than the quality of the education being provided.


If you think that the mock tests of this coaching would help you, then you are right. These tests have increased my abilities to solve the questions for the purpose of these papers.

Om prakash meena Image
Om prakash meena

It gives instructing to every one of the three dimensions of the test and at this academic institution – the prelims, mains, and the interview or identity test.

supreet Image

Tin this here at this place at this institution are plenty of the reasons that why you should join this coaching. This is because the more you work hard, the more you would get to know in this here at this place at this institution. But this coaching makes it a lot easier by giving you the best teaching possible.

Somaiya Khan Image
Somaiya Khan

Conventional tests are a way for the institution for these types of exams. A period table is given well early clarifying the test plan. The tests direct help us to outline our position and tries we need to in like manner put.

Kehkasha Image

Every idea they instruct is adequate for the selection test, just you need to cautious in the homeroom being at this place is great.

sapna singh Image
Sapna singh

Great learning environment to set your preparation with a great teaching department and a good test series here at this academically brilliant institute.

Surjeet singh nony Image
Surjeet singh nony

The tests conduct help us to evaluate our position in this institution here and efforts we need to further put is great.

deepak nangliya Image
Deepak nangliya

Awesome spot. Great study condition. Great learning experience and at this academic institution. You would appreciate the entire voyage. Simply join here.

Dharam Image

The study material of the coaching institute & teaching methodology adopted are far better compared to institutes for these examinations around here.

Ravi banjara Image
Ravi banjara

One time fees and life time study is unique feature of this institute at this centre of brilliance.Time bound test and capable faculty for the exams leads to sure result.

Shubham Chawla Image
Shubham Chawla

My batch mates were also very competitive at Dastak Coaching Institute and its fine. They provide extra classes for weak students and helped them to get rid of their problems.

Jaskaran Image

Excellent learning environment is there at the coaching institute. Outstanding Faculties coordination for these kinda exams here in large and management support in all the ways to excel the students over here.

Naina anant ghanekar Image
Naina anant ghanekar

Almost everything is students, yet the workforce group is dependably there to help you in any capacity required and at this academic institution. There is sufficient space to develop and think of new thoughts.

Harsh Image

My friend has had gonet there and after four years he came back and give him a statement about academic programs to there yes that is very inspiring and the rule of academic there is very strict and it is mandatory for all candidate there to obey them for these papers.

Sushmita Image

Place with the great mentors and the faculty and support staff. This is really an institution one can look upto for preparation for these types of exams for these examinations around here.

Bhairav Gangarde Image
Bhairav Gangarde

Hard working group with a mind to convert average students into toppers and crackers here at this academically brilliant institute. Very positive faculty via their whole coaching period.

Puneet Saini Image
Puneet Saini

Regular tests are held according to the different syllabuses which is something brilliant about this coaching around and the batches at the coaching institute. A time table is provided well in advance explaining the test schedule.

Dinesh Gurjar Image
Dinesh Gurjar

They have had provided a very student friendly atmosphere where anyone can learn from the basic level and clear the concepts properly for these examinations around here.

Bhavya Bhavsar Image
Bhavya Bhavsar

It is a pioneer institute in this field and since its establishment and it’s a brilliant job done by the institute , the institute has imparted extensive coaching and assistance for the prelims, mains, and interviews.

Arvind garasiya Image
Arvind garasiya

This coaching institute is very excellent in providing education in the field of competition this institute plays a fabulous role in the field of banking and other sector examinations being at this place here.

Rishabh Tyagi Image
Rishabh Tyagi

What I really like is their attitude for exam coaching. Competitive and winning mind, yeah that’s all you need for the exam which is something brilliant about this coaching around

Jasdeep Kaur Image
Jasdeep Kaur

Make your exams’ studies impactful. Elite staff and best of all exams’ study notes which is something brilliant about this coaching around.


Faculty of this coaching institute is quite good. Good for personalised attention. Best part was one to one doubt clearing sessions for these examinations around here.

Lalitha Image

Very experienced and knowledgeable faculties who clear doubts whenever asked great institution for this and more importantly motivate all around this place with this amazing coaching.

Vinay Image

Their study material is stacked with the best frameworks, structures, and considerations for these types of exams. The foundation gives a total study.

usha Image

I use to feel getting ready for centered tests would be troublesome for these types of exams. The staff helped me vanquish my fear.

Aditya Image

We get here the flexible batch timings which we students can enjoy taking classes over in for those exams which you are preparing.

Suraj Gupta Image
Suraj Gupta

Their study material and quality of teaching is according to my assessment great institution for this the best in the town all around this place with this amazing coaching.

Tashu Image

Course Structure and Teaching Logic makes them different great institution for this. No one talks about their teaching logic in the way they do all around this place with this amazing coaching.

Aditya sharma Image
Aditya sharma

I positively endorse this foundation It has been very promising to the association has been really amazing for these types of exams. Their contraptions and tips have helped me improve my capacities and speed.


Everything has changed since I've joined this foundation for these types of exams. Essential examination material, standard test approach has influenced to score well.

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