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Chronicle IAS Academy Fees & Courses

Course Name
Course Fee
IAS Foundation 2018(English Medium)
₹ ******/-
IAS Foundation "Sampoorna" 2018(English Medium)
₹ ******/-
Prelims 2018 Special GS
₹ ******/-
Prelims 2018 Special CSAT
₹ ******/-
Prelims 2018 Special Current Affairs
₹ ******/-
Sociology Crash Course 2017
₹ ******/-
Sociology Regular Classes 2017
₹ ******/-
Geography Optional Course (2017-18) & Test series 2017
₹ ******/-
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About Chronicle IAS Academy

Chronicle IAS Academy is situated at Rajinder Nagar, Central Delhi. The foundation has been rendering phenomenal instructing and stunning outcomes. The level of students getting chose to different roads is very high, which means in this way that there is most likely something unique about the instructing here at Chronicle IAS Academy.

Chronicle IAS Academy has dependably trusted that one can simply be accomplished in light of a methodology nearby arranging diligent work and core interest. The promoters of the training focus feel that achieving the best spot among all Entryway instructing focus has never been simple however it is the sheer duty of the group here that has prompted its prosperity. Ideal from live addresses to composed books that are wonderfully clarified, Chronicle IAS Academy is certain to remain ahead in the race for quite a while.

Courses offered:

  • IAS Foundation 2018(English Medium)
  • IAS Foundation "Sampoorna" 2018(English Medium)
  • Prelims 2018 Special GS
  • Prelims 2018 Special CSAT
  • Prelims 2018 Special Current Affairs
  • Sociology Crash Course 2017 
  • Sociology Regular Classes 2017
  • Geography Optional Course (2017-18) & Test series 2017
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Chronicle IAS Academy Reviews

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1 to 10 of 92 Reviews
Harpal Image

This Is really a good institute win this examination interactive classes held daily which encourages us a lotin this examination.

Mani Image

1. They are not only teaching at good pace but also make sure students are understanding whatever is being taughtin this examination.

Hemant Image

1. The faculty teaches us the connection between all the subjects, and how it's important for us to know everything to be a good civil servant, and a good human being, and do well to our societyin this examination.

Rinky Tomar Image
Rinky Tomar

1. The current affair monthly compendium is amazingin this examination. They are the best if you are serious about clearing the exams

Navjyoti Bagga Image
Navjyoti Bagga

1. If you aspire to live your dream of becoming an officer its a perfect place to live itin this examination.

alok kumar Image
Alok kumar

1. All the current affairs materials are up to date and the relevant information with respect to the examination are all given meticulously and precise for those exams which you are preparing.

Kashish Image

1. We all know that job is one of the prestigious jobs In my view academic institute is most important for this because by academic institute we all capture our with a proper way for those exams which you are preparing.

Gh mohd Image
Gh mohd

1. Administration here also quite ok not much good not much bad. You will hardly get the time to meet the director many have already complained for those exams which you are preparing.

Snehal kokil Image
Snehal kokil

1. One thing is not good of this academic institute is high fees and those who is looking for low fees academic institute should not join for those exams which you are preparing.

Anuj Jain Image
Anuj Jain

1. Their administration is also good as they help to provide every information to students and management is also good for those exams which you are preparing.

mahesh Image

The staff instructs at a high pace as in this exam. It is hard to comprehend themes now and again.

Mayank Arora Image
Mayank Arora

This foundation is extremely great in giving training in the field of fulfillment as in this exam. The idea to bargain the inquiry is amazing and gives visual and sound association both.

Simranjeet kaur Image
Simranjeet kaur

. The ideas are instructed with traps helping us to unravel them rapidly. The instructors as in this exam have been a consistent supporter as in this exam. They direct persuasive sessions and give tips and traps to the tests.

Dev hudda Image
Dev hudda

It has given me an extraordinary vocation as in this exam. They showed me from essential to cutting edge level. They engaged every one of my questions the same number of times I asked them. My involvement with them has been astounding.

Nidhi Image

The institute offers great theoretical coverage which is something great about this coaching in textual material along with a number of questions which build the level of toughness gradually.

Sahil Image

They want each and every student to be successful and be able to achieve their dreams inside this for these kinda exams.

Harpreet Kaur Image
Harpreet Kaur

The office has Decent Faculty of Experienced Teachers for these kinda exams. Showing systems for these kinda exams, truly help in remembering in the coaching institute.

Gurkamalpreet singh Image
Gurkamalpreet singh

The Coaching Institute Value changed vision about profession in the coaching institute for these kinda exams.

Devnandan Singh Image
Devnandan Singh

. Much appreciated to all the faculty individuals of the coaching institute for their important help and direction for these kinda exams.


The institute has an incredible atmospover this area for the aspirants over this area and an opportunity to excel in their desired fields.

Rohit Rajpurohit Image
Rohit Rajpurohit

. The students are allowed a chance to confront the focused over this area world through the different competitive tests and exercises of the coaching institute

diksha prasad Image
Diksha prasad

The organization improved my comprehension and truly helped me arrive at my potential! It is an extraordinary organization with a great network in this coaching over this area!

MirraVlasova Image

The best spot for getting your ideas cleared and then the individual over this area regard for each and every aspirant . A positive air with strong educators

Manpreet Mann Image
Manpreet Mann

The coaching institution has had bee truly over this area in tover this area which has helped me to show signs of improvement marks, I myself feel that I have improved a great deal.

Ahmad raza Image
Ahmad raza

The for those exams which you are preparing has provided us all the information and for the rest it’s been great of the organizations being in here which is amazing thing.

Pranjali Image

This for those exams which you are preparing institute has been always providing the best for the students it’s been great which is amazing thing.

Santosh Image

This exam is technical and hard and I think this for those exams which you are preparing it’s been great tends to uncomplex the things which comes underway which is amazing thing.

Harbans singhu Image
Harbans singhu

There are lecture of the subjects which helps us, students, it’s been great to face more and more things for those exams which you are preparing.

Manoj jain Image
Manoj jain

The faculty members over here of the course institute here are sincere and want get the best out of you.

Sibbu Jaiswal Image
Sibbu Jaiswal

PROS-. Passionate. High standards. Leaders. Benchmarking excellence. Supportive. Got your back in this course institute. Thriving. Encouraging growth over here. Fun. Laughter. Real outcomes. Quality. Professional.

Arti Garg Image
Arti Garg

The way of teaching is very different. I don't get bored in the class over here and every day i learn something me in the course institute.

Janvi Bawa Image
Janvi Bawa

Certainly the best course institute for sharpening your skills over here & enhancing your potential.

kapil kumar Image
Kapil kumar

This is one of the best course institutes for career options over here. They provide knowledge to the core.

Saqibali Ansari Image
Saqibali Ansari

A right course institute where one can find a new way to success over here.If one is expecting the best out of his/her life then the idea of this institution is the best to go with.

Sunita Image

Being a part of this coaching institute is an ideal step inside this place , the place is full of positive vibes and the faculty is so eager to help you out and motivates you for achieving what you aspire .

Sheenam garg Image
Sheenam garg

They provide good teaching and coaching which is essential for students who are inside this place.They provide all these facilities at a very considerable rate.

Umama Image

This coaching institute was the best of the choice, invest money and time in this coaching institute in this Chronicle IAS Academy.

Anurag rai Image
Anurag rai

This institute is brilliant and definitely the value for money in this Chronicle IAS Academy.

Amanpreet kaur Image
Amanpreet kaur

Regular tests of the coaching institute conducts help us to evaluate the student’s position and the efforts which we need to further put the effort in this Chronicle IAS Academy.

Subrat Parida Image
Subrat Parida

The staff of the coaching institute is highly experienced and have been in the business for last 20 years in this Chronicle IAS Academy.

pratik Image

The faculty teaches in this Chronicle IAS Academy has had been are at a very high pace. It is very difficult to understand the topics at times.

ambika Image

All the study material is also provided by the coaching Institute at this place to help the students grow and learn which is a great thing.

Alex Livingston Image
Alex Livingston

All the shortcuts and the references which is a great thing are taught in the class and were helpful to crack for that exams.

Bhupender singh Image
Bhupender singh

The environment is in a very good shape for the studies at this place which is a great thing. Every child in the class has been provided with proper guidance and special attention.

Prerna Prem Image
Prerna Prem

The environment of the institute is really very great which is a great thing at this place. It is a healthy learning environment in the institute.

Rahul Attri Image
Rahul Attri

The best part of this coaching institution is when the students have to take the load for learning about the technical exams at Chronicle IAS Academy, since all we have to do is sit and relax later.

jhumru Image

There are the other things in the coaching institute and the things at Chronicle IAS Academy that the coaching institute is the best one which has been present in here.

Shashwat Prakash Image
Shashwat Prakash

These exams’ coachings is this one which is the best of the coaching I have ever seen.

ananya bhargava Image
Ananya bhargava

The teachers in this great coaching are really brilliant at Chronicle IAS Academy and helps the students to get over everything.

vikas sharma Image
Vikas sharma

Quality of the questions which has had been there which have been very good since which has been great then the coaching institute studies for before preparing at this place, and then the paper checking is done by the faculty which has helped me a lot to improve my answer writing skills.

Sayilpreet ksur Image
Sayilpreet ksur

We at this coaching academy which do not face problems like the revisions, concepts, retention and then at the last but not least answer writing which has been great, time management at this place.

Mandeep kaur Image
Mandeep kaur

Great Institute is this one with a great faculty which has had been there. Believes in the practical approach towards learning in the coaching academy at this place.

Arvinder singh Image
Arvinder singh

They have had been only to teach but then make an healthy environment for the learning at the coaching institution which has had been there. Amicable method of the teaching is one of the best thing about it in the coaching at this place.


I believe that the students of this academy and then I love this coaching as much as I do and this is the best part of this coaching institution out there at this place.

Satinder Singh Image
Satinder Singh

I believe that I am on the best part of my life taking the coaching from here at this point of the institute which has had been around that rate for the same time at this place.

Vineet Kumar Image
Vineet Kumar

I guess that this coaching is the best coaching academy which has had been really brilliant in town for many of the reason for one being that your personality is groomed at this place.

Aakriti kumari Image
Aakriti kumari

About the rest of the things which I have had heard about this coaching institute, I believe that the coaching does an amazing job right here at this point of the coaching institute at this place.

Navneet Tanwar Image
Navneet Tanwar

The best thing about this coaching institution is that the teachers here are very supportive in terms of solving the questions at this place and the queries which we come across each and everyday in here at this point.

Uttam Pandey Image
Uttam Pandey

This coaching institute is a place has motivated me to work which is brilliant and great harder everyday at Chronicle IAS Academy . The study material is well created and the concepts are very well explained.

Preetika Image

Motivational sessions are there to be conducted to improve students performances which is brilliant and great. They provide proper guidelines to the students at Chronicle IAS Academy .

Rishu khurana Image
Rishu khurana

Personal attention is being given in the classes with individual monitoring with complete test series is really great practice here in the coaching institution and is a great coaching in this place.

shubham Image

The concept to deal the question with the coaching institution in this place has been really excellent and gives visual and audio connection both and is a great coaching.

chaitanya Image

This coaching institute is one of the best way for getting in this place. Their branch are situated in major cities in India and is a great coaching.

Pervez Image

This coaching institute is very very great preparation for the competitive exam like the banking and is a great coaching in this place.

Chitra malik Image
Chitra malik

This coaching institution has left no single topic from the syllabus of the exam and is a great coaching in this place.

Sanskar Image

The coaching institution has been providing the students with all the updates regarding the exams and train accordingly and is a great coaching in this place.

Sharmila Image

The teachers of the coaching institute and is a great coaching in here have been a constant supporter to the students of the coaching in this place.

Sahil Dhiman Image
Sahil Dhiman

Those who have had appeared that they have had been not ready to split the test at this place , simply need to come at any of these institutes and meet the personnel and see the adjustment in their life they have done an amazing job.

Ruchi kotnala Image
Ruchi kotnala

This is one of the best coaching institute they have done an amazing job and it has very much qualified staff at all the branches at this place.

seby raj Image
Seby raj

They have had found us to the resources truly proficient and experienced at Chronicle IAS Academy . They put in the entirety of their procedures to handle the examination they have done an amazing job.

Utkrist Image

The staff and organization puts in reliable help and they took a normal student like me to an extraordinary dimension in here at this place.

Anchal Image

The personnel knows the execution of every student and encourages them likewise in here at this place.

balwt Image

Their organization are likewise great as they help to give each data to students and the board is additionally great in here at this place.

Hero Image

It has all the earth of studies and sincereness at this place in here and rationally sets you up to face the tests at the best.

Geetanjali Image

Teachers are extremely useful at this place, they will be unable to address every one of your inquiries in class itself however outside the class they are extremely useful for these exams.

Yogita Image

The staff and then the management at the coaching institution are very determined in the coaching institution at this place. The study material of the academy for these exams is so intelligently designed.

Saroj kumar Image
Saroj kumar

The branches of the coaching academy has had bee situated in major cities in India. It is the best way for getting prepared for these exams at this place. They have had been provided with the best faculty for difficult exam and provides motivation present in the coaching institution.

Davinder kumar Image
Davinder kumar

They conduct the tests which have improved my speed of the question solving skills for these exams at this place. The tests include all important questions and numerical skills that are essential tools to clear the exam.

Ram kumar Image
Ram kumar

All of the staff is very well discipline and very well educated for these exams. Academic program of the institute is fabulous at this place. The content has been designed is relevant.

Brijesh Tripathi Image
Brijesh Tripathi

Each and every topic at the coaching academy has had been brilliant in there was wealth with in detail stating from the basics in here at this academic institute. After almost every class in the coaching academy, I sat with the maths faculty and he cleared my doubts patiently in the academy.

Priyanka Image

If you have had been searching for the good institution to prepare for your examinations in public sector, then this is the right place which can guide you to achieve your goals in an effective manner in here at this academic institute.

Aman Image

The faculty of the coaching instition is very helpful and supportive in here. They provide extra classes for clearing the doubts in here at this academic institute.

Neha bansal Image
Neha bansal

I can’t thank them enough for all of the helping of that they have had provided me, with the help, I was very much able to take my quant to a next level in here at this academic institute. I will definitely recommend them.

alisha Image

The in-depth analysis of each Mock paper gave me an insight into my strengths and weaknesses, along with a topic-wise breakdown of the areas that I had to devote more time to get all the way there in it in this town in these coaching institutes.


They have had most of the qualified faculties in this coaching and have best material for the preparations in these coaching institutes.

tarun bala Image
Tarun bala

It was a delightful experience in this coaching institution which has had been there in this coaching at this town. Teaching methods adopted are brilliant and student friendly in these coaching institutes.

subodh kumar Image
Subodh kumar

Conventional tests are gone for the affiliation in this coaching institution. A time table is surrendered well early clearing the test plan. The tests direct help us to assess our position and endeavours we have to besides put.

Ritik Image

The teachers are very cooperative and experienced in this coaching institution. They help us to navigate our energy in a way that we get motivated to crack these entrances.

Mayank Image

Chronicle ias academyis outstandingly easy to pass on and clear our inquiries in this coaching institute. Books are given by the establishment which is arranged by the course structure.

Km Deeksha singh Image
Km Deeksha singh

At this coaching institution the teachers are coming fully prepared with the course structure. The structure is explained properly in the class in this coaching institute.

Chronicle IAS Academy Image
Chronicle IAS Academy

Chronicle IAS also offers free resources like free daily current affairs tests in English & Hindi. Quality of questions is awesome. Even I also enrolled in daily tests which is really helpful in civil services preparation.

shipra saxena Image
Shipra saxena

Join Chronicle IAS Academy’s Regular & weekend batch at Noida and get best IAS coaching in Delhi & Noida. On time course completion by experienced faculty and support till selection.

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