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Chandigarh IELTS Institute Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
IELTS --- - 5000(PER MONTH)/-
IELTS --- - 9800(FOR TWO MONTHS)/-
SPOKEN ENGLISH --- - 4500/-
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About Chandigarh IELTS Institute

Chandigarh IELTS Institute is situated at Sector 22-C, Chandigarh. An Ancient Greek Philosopher Rightly Quoted “The direction in which education starts will determine a man’s future in life”. So, it is very important to seek expert guidance to make sure that every step that you take towards the decision that would define your entire life is carefully measured. Looking at the hype of various courses and confusion in the minds of students, Chandigarh IELTS Institute has deployed a highly qualified team of counselors who will help you in deciding the most appropriate option and answering every doubt that comes to your mind. At the institute, students are Priority. Keeping in mind that each student is different from the other and has different requirements, the institution is offering a wide range of choices that are tailor-made to suit his needs. There is extensive research that goes into offering solutions to the questions be it Financial, Cultural, Educational or Personal. We provide quality, overall services and also advise students. Our main goal is to help them select their course and to secure their seats in the universities of their choice. We try to build a strong 'support line' between the student and the university. We try to provide superior services and honest consultancy.

Courses offered:

  • Spoken English
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Chandigarh IELTS Institute Reviews

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reema goon Image
Reema goon

Great tests have practices which has been pursuing the here to clarify the tests in here. The doubt sessions are all around structured and time tables are disseminated well the ahead of the time in there in the coaching institution.

Rajul Image

They have had been giving every one of the reports with the respect here to the tests and the train appropriately in there at the coaching. The personnel attempts to bring each understudy. It typical instructing focus with a one of a kind educating procedure in the coaching institution in there.

Anurag Image

The main issue which has had been the institution is that the bunch size is very very huge and then no appropriate consideration has had been given to the students here.

Rajan monga Image
Rajan monga

The expenses of the structure is very very reasonable and then it has been the coaching institution which has given has been given in there. This is the best activity an institute takes here.

dilpreet singh Image
Dilpreet singh

The staff of the coaching institute has been very very friendly and helpful in a way that it helps students to the edge here.

Aditya rajpurohit Image
Aditya rajpurohit

The time at which the coachng classes here has been allotted to each class is an hour but each class runs only 20 to 25 minutes.

ManilalGupta Image

Over all of the classes which have been good here, we have had to do more things about it.

Nishant Kumar Image
Nishant Kumar

The coaching institution has had been given me a great career here. They have taught me from basic to advanced level.

Poonam Image

It was totally amazing studying here with the best of the resources here. It is probably the best institute in the city.

Prabhjot Image

The coaching institution has had bee truly here in there which has helped me to show signs of improvement marks, I myself feel that I have improved a great deal.

Sanjeev mankotia Image
Sanjeev mankotia

The abilities of the competitors are getting cleaned through different occasions here of the coaching institute. The institution additionally has a solid organization group, platform the development of the establishment , instructors and the students.

Pixdeep kaur Image
Pixdeep kaur

The examination material given by the establishment is troublesome and draining here, setting you up for the most desperate result possible.

Karamjeet kaur Image
Karamjeet kaur

The Institute grooms and sets you up for the trickiest request and gatherings moreover here.

neetu ravneet kaur Image
Neetu ravneet kaur

The teachers of the coaching institute are very highly qualified here and they know the methodology very well.


Awesome is this Institute for the preparation of these exams . They conduct great learning activities.

surinder Image

I pride myself at my decision for having joined the academy here. The institution has produced a number of successful candidates. I hope that my name will join the list of the coaching institutes.

Gaganjot kaur Image
Gaganjot kaur

In this coaching, students are well disciplined and they study by their heart means fully concentrated on the study here inside this amazing institute.

Mayuri Pawar Image
Mayuri Pawar

There are many teachers appointed to clear your doubts which in itself a very good thing here inside this amazing institute.

Arvind Image

A platform for students and parents which provides an exhaustive performance analysis based on Tests conducted by the institution here inside this amazing institute.

Manvendra Tiwari Image
Manvendra Tiwari

They helped me in achieving my goals in the field of the doctors here inside this amazing institute. This institute provides us with the best faculty members of India.

Lalit Mohan Mishra Image
Lalit Mohan Mishra

It has supportable Administration staff that solve students all types of problems like money problem here inside this amazing institute.

Rohit SINGH Image

It is very easy one to communicate and then the clear our the doubts here at this academic centre. Books are provided by the institute which are designed according to the course structure.

Sunila Rani Image
Sunila Rani

The coaching institute helps in being improving the personality of the student here at this academic centre. They pay attention towards each and every student of the coaching.

Vipan Kumar Image
Vipan Kumar

I have had chose this coaching institute because it has had designed in their own study material to cater to their own teaching methodology and the study material is very helpful here at this academic centre.

Itishree Image

The time of the coaching institute which has been allotted to each class is an hour but each class runs only from 20 to 25 minutes here at this academic centre. This causes very delay in course completion..

Satpal Singh Image
Satpal Singh

Doubt clearing classes are there and the short-cuts here at the coaching are awesome here. These tricks helped me to quickly clear the examination and cross check my answers here at this academic centre.

Mukesh kumar singh Image
Mukesh kumar singh

Best results are there to record the track. They have always motivated their students to aim high. They don’t let the pressure build up. They teach them with ease here at this academic centre.

Shivani Image

You should be really very clear all your doubts in the class itself. Because doubt counters take a lot of time into here. But still, the coaching institute has managed the doubt counters very brilliantly.

Harjeet Singh Image
Harjeet Singh

If you are really looking for some amazing coaching for these exams, then you should probably take admission into this coaching in this academy a brilliant thing being at this place.

Sonam singh Image
Sonam singh

I have had been extremely grateful to my faculty and then the centre in the coordinators for being there for me 24×7 and guiding and counselling me throughout this year long for these exams’ journey of mine for these courses in this convenient coaching.

POOJA karan Image
POOJA karan

The best coaching institution has had been there which I have had seen in my life . Good supportive staff and good guidelines are provided by them for these courses in this convenient coaching.

Neetu Image

There are online prep courses of the coaching institutes are very convenient and great grip and is a great coaching in this examination.

Ojas Bishnoi Image
Ojas Bishnoi

The coaching institution has been a really good knowledge of the exam pattern in this examination, and is a great coaching the syllabus is to and to explain the concepts accordingly.

Namrata Singh Image
Namrata Singh

Mental stage has always been ruling your preparation in this examination, no mater how intelligent you are. They pay emphasis on the same and is a great coaching.


The teachers of the class in the coaching institution and is a great coaching has been clearing the doubts of every student and the classes are held regularly in this examination.

jasbir singh Image
Jasbir singh

They grasped through and through various and incredible way for these exams for at the period of the course of action around in here at this coaching. They gave a sound work environment.

amrit Image

Incredible individual thought and doubt clearing classes for these exams are given to the students around in here at this coaching. Shocking individual checking and study on learning.

Shruti goyal Image
Shruti goyal

The foundation makes a timetable and takes standard assessments are held around in here at this coaching. They've been the best guide for me.

Priyanka Yadav Image
Priyanka Yadav

They offer the option of either English or Hindi medium, with both regular batches and weekend batches in exams like these.

simranjeet Image

The charges structure is moderate and the affiliation gives blessings in this coaching institution. This is the best development an affiliation takes at Chandigarh IELTS Institute in this area.

abhishek singh Image
Abhishek singh

Doubt clearing sessions was a disaster as a single teacher could not explain doubts to all students at Chandigarh IELTS Institute in this area.

Ranjit Singh Image
Ranjit Singh

This coaching is truly made for the students who wants here at this academic centre.

veeresh Image

The institute conducts the mock tests that help students to know where they stand in the exam in the coaching academy here at this academic centre.

Sapana kanwar Image
Sapana kanwar

Here, the teachers of the academy has had been given there the best of the environment which has had been providing by them with the confidence of the students at Chandigarh IELTS Institute in this city.

Abhishek Image

Right from the onset, and the offset of each and everyone starting from the Teachers to the Managers has been very resourceful for these type of exams.

Aastha Image

This coaching is an amazing coaching for the students who wants to prepare best for their exams for these kinda exams.

Sakshi Saxena Image
Sakshi Saxena

I have had been here at this academic centresince it has been one year and my results and performance has boosted to the top of the world.

Rahul Jaiswal Image
Rahul Jaiswal

The coaching institute is being very good preparation for competitive exam, It’s convenient being at this place which has been great being at this place.


The study hall in the coaching institute is generally amazing and for these kinda exams at this place. In the event that you need to make your profession in the exams and the equipment equipped for managing the Coaching,

Gaurav Gaydhane Image
Gaurav Gaydhane

The study materials of the coaching institute is given by the academy are useful. This truly helping me to accomplish my objective around for those exams which you are preparing .

Manoj kumar pathak Image
Manoj kumar pathak

The spot at the coaching institute would give you an agreeable and competitive study condition around for those exams which you are preparing .

Chandan Kumar Thakur Image
Chandan Kumar Thakur

Personal attention was provided t each and regular evaluation was done at the institute marking the points to be improved for those exams which you are preparing.


This place has motivated me to work harder every day which is good at this institute being at this place. The study material is well created and the concepts are very well explained.

Hritik Makkar Image
Hritik Makkar

The environment of the institute is very good and for these type of exams. It is a healthy learning environment. The classes are held regularly in a very systematic manner.

Saniya beg Image
Saniya beg

They provide an online mock test which also helps students to crack the exam they are preparing for and for these type of exams.

Satender singh Image
Satender singh

I’ll not say that they have world-class facilities as they don’t have, their main focus is towards teaching well and helping students in clearing the exams and for these type of exams.

ronniezh1 Image

The counseling sessions are proven to be very helpful for students and for these type of exams. The faculty provides very trick to crack the questions

Dipak Sankpal Image
Dipak Sankpal

The institute keeps updating its study material to be in touch with current trends of entrance exams held around the world and for these type of exams.


This coaching institute shows its talent through there students and hence was found to be the biggest institute regarding medical and engineering courses over in for those exams which you are preparing.

Dipanshu Agrawal Image
Dipanshu Agrawal

This coaching institute is very good over in for those exams which you are preparing. You are made to learn every concept and given daily task that is very helpful and in your best interest.

Sujata Kumar Image
Sujata Kumar

There are many facilities, which are not available in any Institute in our country like doubt removal program by expert, periodic test and result over in for those exams which you are preparing, multidimensional performance analysis, communicative support, faculty feedback system simulation lab for online test, periodic test award, mentorship program, by director, assessment classes, medical consultation, expert counselling, hi-tech security is available.

prabha bansal Image
Prabha bansal

All the teachers are very helping and understanding. Study material is best and no need for other books if you have their study material over in for those exams which you are preparing.

Akash sukram Ishwarkar Image
Akash sukram Ishwarkar

This is the best platform for all of the students of medical and engineering because the institute provides them with all types of facilities and cooperate with them over in for those exams which you are preparing.

Lokesh Choudhary Image
Lokesh Choudhary

I was very careful from starting over here at this particular place around and I attended all the classes and follow instructions of faculty from time to time.

Jaspreet Image

The quality of teaching is excellent and the classes are just awesome at this particular place around . They are equipped with AC

Priyanka Image

The teaching faculty in the institute is very co-operating at this particular place around . They are always ready to help you. Usually, the institute will conduct a test in every 2-3 weeks.

Krishna Image

Its a target is to give the maximum percentage of the result at this particular place around , not only some of the student with a high percentage of marks in the entrance examination.

Vanshika Sharma Image
Vanshika Sharma

Its study material is designed by the experienced faculty over here at this particular place around which contain questions matching exactly with the actual pattern of the targeted paper.

priyanka nahar Image
Priyanka nahar

It is one of the best institutes in correlation with some other institutes and it’s a great job done. The expense charged at the institute is low

Shtisti Singh Image
Shtisti Singh

They have had such a great foundation there and you might want to study there and it’s a great job done.

Sachin singh Image
Sachin singh

It has always been set apart to the part of the standards as a standout amongst the best proficient institute and has cultivated personnel and it’s a great job done.

Anjali Yadav Image
Anjali Yadav

The individuals of the coaching institute with a very very fantastic qualifications are by all accounts the standard in the spot and and it’s a great job done. The staff is accomplished and go from top instructive schools.

Jatin Singla Image
Jatin Singla

Best and the one of a kind part of the coaching is that they spread a 50 question task in class on each theme they spread in a session and and it’s a great job done.

Gayatri Image

Best coaching Institute for the exams. Nice environment for studies for these examination purpose.

Jai Kishan Das Image
Jai Kishan Das

The best instructing foundation for this examination environment. Faculty is excellent and very much experienced. Behaviours ridicules for the improvement of students in the coaching institute.

Parambrata Image

The teachers carefully assess your strength and weakness with this place and help you work on it which is good at this institute.

Pallavi Image

The study material which will be given to you will be given sheet and races Chandigarh IELTS Institute is a good coaching. Sheets have of every sort of theory question & wide range of questions to solve.

Vedika yogesh sonawane Image
Vedika yogesh sonawane

This was the best of the choice at right Chandigarh IELTS Institute herein, which is brilliant and great which has been in being invested money and time in this institute.

Kavita nangia Image
Kavita nangia

Their online classes are more beneficial for students like me who is doing job in private sector and want to make career in different sectors great at this academy brilliant institute.

Rudrika Panigrahi Image
Rudrika Panigrahi

This brilliant coaching is this provides the experienced teachers and it has been very good for fulfilment of good results also the work ethics of teachers and dedication is worth appreciation at the time of the brilliant coaching is this.

Gaurav Image

Best trustable ever coaching centre with most qualified faculty for these great examinations herein around. Student must visit for brighter future.

Aditya Image

What I really like about is their handling of students over this coaching centre. Almost able to handle all students at this coaching with this environment. Also a very efficient test series

Rohit kumar Image
Rohit kumar

If you are searching for banking preparation then you should go for this institute for the environment in this institute, the way of teaching of their faculties are enough for the preparation

Mandeep Singh Image
Mandeep Singh

It has an average fee structure in today's gives you scholarship even. the staff is very helpful inside this course at Chandigarh IELTS Institute.

Aarti Kumari Image
Aarti Kumari

The coaching institute has been only and only a waste of time and money which is a brilliant thing. I got no benefit studying here which has been great within this place.

Surbhi Sharma Image
Surbhi Sharma

The education system of this institute is very well Chandigarh IELTS Institute the best coaching indeed.

Jyoti Image

This coaching institute has had always been very excellent here around this great academy here around in providing eduThis examion in the field of completion.

Priyanshu Image

I have had been nervous regarding the exams which I have had seen coming in the upcoming months, this coaching helped me to clear the same for this exam purpose at here.

JIArozYpgTXxLUsG Image

The instructors of the coaching institution are really very experienced and very qualified brilliant things present around here. Additionally the study material is of exclusive expectation. This instructing was very useful for me to clear different bank tests.

Rama Image

You will get highly qualified teachers, who are teaching the subject matter for these papers for the past 15-17 years.

Eiti mishra Image
Eiti mishra

The way the faculties here at the coaching institutes for this examination purpose would give light on how the subjects are to be dealt with the academy.

Kajal Image

Administration here also quite ok not much good not much bad for these exams here around. You will hardly get the time to meet the director many have already complained for these exams here around.

bhavya Image

The institute fulfils the dream of many students by giving proper knowledge and education to them. Its specially working for the students for the Coaching herein around.

Garima Pathak Image
Garima Pathak

Thanks for great personal attention and doubt clearing classes in this coaching institution for these exams training. Excellent individual monitoring and analysis on learning in the coaching institution.

Kishna Image

Best spot to take up training for preparation great study sessions here. The workforce is exceedingly qualified and keeps nature inducing is marvellous.

Dolly Image

They provide a healthy learning environment well in the principles of value-based education imparting knowledge, infusing positivity and boosting confidencefor exams like these in here around this place.

Todu Singh Image
Todu Singh

The coaching institution has got the most of the experienced teachers who have been the experts in their specefic subjects in this over this area.

Patel music Mahtoli Image
Patel music Mahtoli

All are very co- operative to make a confidence to crack examsaround this study culture in this coaching institutes.

Ramanand Image

The Students get best guidance for career options from highly qualified expertsfor around at Chandigarh IELTS Institute.

Simarvir Image

The student has to study very hard which is a challenge for everybody to complete that for this examination environment.

Anjali Image

I have had joined this coaching institution for the faculty they have for these courses in this coaching. They were also very good at that time I joined the coaching institute.

Ashok Image

The academy focuses on interactive learning sessions with faculty members who believe that creating an encouraging environment can lead to successfor these examinations specifically.


The faculty teaches at a very high pace. It is difficult to understand topics at timesfor this great course around here.

Dikshant Image

All the faculties are highly qualified and they are well talented. teacher properly know the meaning of time so they didn’t come late in classgood environment at Chandigarh IELTS Institute.

Jashan Aujla Image
Jashan Aujla

They strive to address the concerns of those who feel like the lack of placements is due to the language barrier, them speaking Hindi as opposed to the qualifying English medium studentsand this is extraordinary.

Nuzhat Bano Image
Nuzhat Bano

There is Excellent personal attention classes with integrated test series for this Chandigarh IELTS Institute located in this city.

Satanvi Sharma Image
Satanvi Sharma

The coaching institute helps in improving the personality of the studentsgood and amazing faculty here in a way that no other institute can. They pay attention towards each and every student.

Mynk Phagna Image
Mynk Phagna

The staff and the executives at the organization are exceptionally decided. The study material is so keenly structured looking far and good.

Sariya Rasheed Lari Image
Sariya Rasheed Lari

Personal attention to each student during classes adds a touch of flair to the methodology and inspires them to work even harder for the time being in this institute.

ram gupta Image
Ram gupta

The faculty teaches us the connection between all the subjects, and how it's important for us to know everything to be a good student, and a good human being, and do well to our society this coaching is too good.

Janhavi karvir Image
Janhavi karvir

They have the best faculty this coaching is too good. The approach of their staff towards subjects and syllabus is very helpful and clear-cut .

Yogita Chand Image
Yogita Chand

Talking about this exam then the students who have had been taken the history subject, the coaching is a really very boon for them at the same time of the coaching institute inside this institution which is great.

Rajkumar Image

The fundamental driver of the progress of the month is the month-to-month mock test as per my perspectives around this education institution hereat. It causes us to be experienced about the forthcoming tests.

Js Sharma Image
Js Sharma

The tricks and the tips in the coaching institute this academy has been amazing are taught by the awesome ways.

Malkeet Singh Image
Malkeet Singh

The coaching institute is generally excellent and it is a planned course. The faculty gives individual attention with legitimate correspondence .

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