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Chandigarh Civil Services Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
IPS --- 2 Yr 140000/-
IAS --- 1 Yr 115000/-
UPSC --- 1 Yr 115000/-
PCS --- - 60000/-
HCS --- 1 Yr 60000/-
HAS --- 1 Yr 60000/-
Judicial Services --- 1 Yr 120000/-
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About Chandigarh Civil Services

Chandigarh Civil Services Chandigarh building a classroom where there is a trade and not just a workshop room where a monologue is driven. The teachers are easily available and helpful. Contemplating the criticalness of these exams, the institution provides their students with dedicated staff, the best course content and proper test arrangement. The personnel give cautious thought towards each and every sort and plans the best course material to impact them to understand those request that is to be tried and those not to be, or, at the end of the day some bit of such examinations. 

It is enhanced with resources and offers to figure out how to clear all the basic exams that pick the predetermination of an aspirant. The diligent work put in by the staff and the students are detectable through the outcomes of the students. With advancement enabled structures and furthermore great training, the accentuation is on residual submitted towards its objective. Study material is provided by the institute. The material is prepared by the staff keeping in mind all the important topics. The test papers are set up by very experienced educators, with the goal to prepare the aspirants for the real tests and enable them to benchmark their execution against different students.

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Chandigarh Civil Services Reviews

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Akshay kumar Image
Akshay kumar

The institute has high class libraries from where the books can also be issued. It is good for beginners. Teachers are very helpful. The teachers are open to doubts for these types of exams here in this center. They motivate their students to work hard.

Arshnoor Image

It has one of the best administration teams in town in here. A well-maintained past record about any student can found here in no timein this good coaching environment.

Tanisha Image

They clears doubts of every student and classes are regularat this great institute for this level. Every single topic is covered by the faculty. The teachers provide study material which is relevant.

Falak Ansari Image
Falak Ansari

The staff and connection put in solid help and they took an average student like me to mind-blowing estimation for preparation of these exams.

Ritik Kumar Image
Ritik Kumar

The workforce knows the execution of every student and encourages them as needs be for the time being here. This establishment holds customized checking based framework, with gives astounding outcomes.

Muskan Tiwari Image
Muskan Tiwari

The mentors have helped me in understanding the fundamentals well and worked on my weak points Chandigarh Civil Services has good environment around.

Kavya Image

One time fees and life time study is unique feature of this institute.Time bound test and capable faculty for the leads to sure result which is a great thing for this centre at this coaching.

Sagar mishra Image
Sagar mishra

One could come in by many times and study there Chandigarh Civil Services has really great environment around, discuss with their group or with the faculty.

deependra Image

Quality of the questions are very good since the institute studies before preparing, and the paper checking is done by the faculty which has helped me a lot to improve my answer writing skills for these exams which are being present which is great about the institute.

Richa sharma Image
Richa sharma

The environment of classes is very well in around this coaching. The students are careful and this makes a sound study condition.

Ajay pendiya Image
Ajay pendiya

Motivational sessions are conducted to improve students performances within this place which is good at this institute. They provide proper guidelines to the students.

Gulafsha Image

The teachers of the coaching institute here have been a constant supporter for these exams here around of the coaching institute over here.

Mukesh Choudhary Image
Mukesh Choudhary

The faculty of the coaching institute and it’s a well define course and particularly the administration are profoundly effective and sorted out.

Rohit soni Image
Rohit soni

The teachers of the coaching institute and its better for this course in here have been a constant supporter to the students of the coaching on this place.

Abhay chavan Image
Abhay chavan

The coaching institution has the best of the teachers who know that how to make the students of the coaching institution which is really great for the understand the subjects and how to score good marks in the institution at herein this institute.

Deepak Image

Doubt clearing classes are there and the short-cuts here at the coaching are awesome here which is brilliant and great inside Chandigarh Civil Services located in this city. These tricks helped me to quickly clear the examination and cross-check my answers.

Praveen Kumar Image
Praveen Kumar

They have had ensured that you start studying with a strategy inside Chandigarh Civil Services located in this city which is brilliant and great. Unorganised study leads to wastage of time and money.

Bhagwati Lal Meena Image
Bhagwati Lal Meena

Choosing this institute to prepare for these exams. It is one of the most difficult exams and the institute has helped me overcome my fears over this area..


6I personally feel that teachers give attention to each and every students getting here around this institution. Batch strength is also limited.

Gandhali Image

A very good institute for preparation of entrance exams which is very amazing here in this environment of institute. All faculty are excellent and friendly in nature.

Yash Kumar Image
Yash Kumar

The teachers teach concepts in students’ ways and ensure that all topics are covered with a lot of focus and depth for these exams particularly.

imranjot kaur Image
Imranjot kaur

If you think that this is the wrong coaching which has had been here at this point, then you must think twice since the previous years selections which have had been many in here for these exams herein.

Sumit Sharma Image
Sumit Sharma

This coaching institute is the best place to take up coaching for the preparation of the exams like this. The faculty is highly qualified and keeps the students motivated for this unbelievable education.

Surya Image

Best coaching in town with experienced teachers and prepared notes in this town which you have been looking Chandigarh Civil Services located in this city.

Aditya Bhardwaj Image
Aditya Bhardwaj

They are always ready to help each and every student of academy in every aspect, either related to studies or motivational help for this brilliant academic centre.

Aman kumar Image
Aman kumar

The faculty focuses on the preparation for the exams as suitably required great environment at Chandigarh Civil Services.

Akanksha Priya Image
Akanksha Priya

Students take weekly test for checking their improvement here and it is nice great environment at Chandigarh Civil Services.

Manisha Jangid Image
Manisha Jangid

The institute provides a lot of test series which help to understand the examination pattern at Chandigarh Civil Services which is a good institute for these exams.

Alok Image

They have had providedproper guidance which is brilliant and greatfor Chandigarh Civil Services the best one here, relevant study material , practice tests and motivational sessions.

Annu meena Image
Annu meena

. It has given us enough examination material with the objective that we can unreservedly prepare from our own for the entrywaysand that’s extraordinary.

adnan khan Image
Adnan khan

The institute helps in improving the personality of the student for the time being in this institute. They pay attention towards each and every student.

Balvinder Thakur Image
Balvinder Thakur

This isntitute gives us with the best and exceedingly qualified instructors who can instruct well to students and unravel their everything riddle around this educational institution hereat.

Shivam Raj Image
Shivam Raj

This academic coaching here in this study equipped great instituteis an exceptionally magnificent in giving instruction in the field of rivalry this institute assume an impressive job in the field of these examination.

Harsha Image

Studying at the time of the institute was a great experience, right institute for the beginners. The faculty here is very cooperative, hardworking and dedicated in the coaching academy in here.

Janvi garg Image
Janvi garg

The teachers of the coaching institution would want each and every of the student of the institutionhere in this environment of study to be successful and be able to achieve their dreams and for the coaching has a part too which is a great thing.

Anup Singh Image
Anup Singh

They have had provided the assignments and books which helps in cracking the competitive exams in the academy they teach us brilliantly.

Kamlesh Image

The faculty is some of the top level staff and the institute is known for its success rate to crack the exam in these modern times this coaching institute can be of more assistance for this amazing environment.

Jitender Gambhir Image
Jitender Gambhir

You will barely get an opportunity to meet the chief many have just grumbled. Organization here additionally alright very little great very little terriblegood environment.

Ujjwal singh Image
Ujjwal singh

It is an ideal spot for who needs to learnfor the time being in this institute. It helps the students in learning for rivalry tests.

Anukrit Image

The coaching has been starting in this examination with the basic formulas and then it has been taking off with the other topics and its better for this course.

punam bhoir Image
Punam bhoir

Expert faculties, easy modules language and there are so many of practice papers for helping the student are the attractive features of this institution at herein for this institute, which is present in this town.

Harsh katara Image
Harsh katara

This institute is one of Asia's famous instructive consolidation which centres around diverse parts of training for exams preparation like them; clearing inside its ambit each branch from therapeutic to law.

Shivani Sharma Image
Shivani Sharma

The workforce is influencing for exams preparation like them. Diverse mind-boggling sessions are in the like route held to help resolve. The establishment gives library access to us, and we can in like manner issue books.

Tanishka Image

They lead tests which improved my speed of inquiry understandingThis institute has good environment. The tests incorporate immensely imperative inquiries and numerical abilities that are basic devices to clear the test.

Ayush Image

Mental stage dependably manages your readinessThis institute has good environment. They pay accentuation on this. They educate to have confidence in our own objectives. They spur until we set a distinct target.

Navdeep Kaur Image
Navdeep Kaur

It has had been an amazing place to boost up your career in public sector and take a step towards growth over here in this coaching, this is a as in this exam here.

Tejinder Singh Image
Tejinder Singh

Regular tests, alumni assistance and convenient batches have helped me to focus on my goalsfor these exams for students.

Pratiksha Pal Image
Pratiksha Pal

The study materials provided by this coaching academy were very helpful. This really helping me to achieve my goal inside Chandigarh Civil Academy is great.

Alka Image

Academic program is impressive. It is the most ideal path for the end goal great coaching and good things . Their branch is arranged in significant urban communities in India here.

Raju Image

The institute is very good preparation for competitive exam inside Chandigarh Civil Academy is great. The administration has put in lot of efforts to build an institute with such great knowledge, positivity and experience.

Ganesh Choudhary Image
Ganesh Choudhary

This institute is very excellent in providing education in the field of completion inside Chandigarh Civil Academy is great. The concept to deal the question is excellent and gives visual and audio connection both.

Shivraj Saini Image
Shivraj Saini

I am very satisfied with the cooperation of the teachers and the rest of the help inside Chandigarh Civil Academy is great . The faculty here is very good and helping and teaching is at par with the other institutes.

Pawan Image

The faculty teaches at a very high pace inside Chandigarh Civil Academy is great. It is difficult to understand topics at times.

Pratiksha Sharma Image
Pratiksha Sharma

It has given me a great career. They taught me from basic to advanced level inside Chandigarh Civil Academy is great. They entertained all my doubts as many times I asked them. My experience with them has been amazing .

Tushar Image

The coaching institution has had very helpful teachers inside Chandigarh Civil Academy is great. They taught the techniques and strategies for every section in depth, full marks to his teaching skills and moreover the counsellors are very good, in all a great coaching institution.

piyush kant arya Image
Piyush kant arya

The staff is highly qualified. They appoint experts who have been in the line since last 15-20 years inside Chandigarh Civil Academy is great. The tests conducted help us to evaluate our position and efforts we need to further put.

Mahendra kumar Image
Mahendra kumar

The staff of the coaching institute provides detailed performance analysis for all the tests highlighting the strong and weak areas inside Chandigarh Civil Academy is great.

Shashwat vats Image
Shashwat vats

Owing to the flexibility of the hours and then the element of mentoring aside from normal classroom coaching, this is definitely a notch above other centres when it comes to delivering a holistic coaching experience inside Chandigarh Civil Academy is great.

Mohit meena Image
Mohit meena

This coaching academy has really helped me in completing my preparation for these exams through its detailed and comprehensive classes inside Chandigarh Civil Academy is great, all thanks to the great and co-operative faculty out here in every other way here at this coaching.

Sapna Image

I advice to participate in this institute on the off chance that you have thought to work in bank.It is extremely a heavenly instructing focus great coaching and good things .


All the chapters are given in the sequence inside Chandigarh Civil Academy is great, it is very easy to read and implement everything.

Darshan Mantewad Image
Darshan Mantewad

They ensure that you start studying with a strategy for this exams in these coachings. Unorganised study leads to wastage of time and money for this exams in these coachings.

veermal gamar Image
Veermal gamar

The faculty makes an honest effort to take along every student for this exams in these coachings at this academic institution

Nisha Image

The preparation has turned out very well with help for this exams in these coachings, great coaching is this one. Each and every aspect of the institute is properly designed.

Sagar Image

Some teachers are very reluctant for this exam in these coachings, great coaching is this one and they don’t put in much effort as others.

Rakesh Image

These exams aren’t easy exams to crack. The efforts put in by both the students and the faculty count for this exam in these coachings.

Sudarshan Bamniya Image
Sudarshan Bamniya

I could find the fact that it has had been really appreciating all the faculties for being so interactive throughout the coaching, around this institutions.

Gupta Ritik Image
Gupta Ritik

Some teachers are very reluctant and they don’t put in much efforts being here as others this is a brilliant course institute.

Nishu Raj Image
Nishu Raj

The efforts put in by both the students and the faculty counts being here this is a brilliant course institute.

Vanshika Mittal Image
Vanshika Mittal

Best teachers I had ever seen, always there to help and guide their students around this coachng centre which is a great thing.

Vikrant gadra Image
Vikrant gadra

Completion of syllabus was on time leaving ample time for revision which is a great thing around this coachng centre. This, with really good faculty and cooperative staff makes this institution.

Mehwish Image

It keeps adapting and maintains a check on the performance of teachers through yearly reviews in those examinations.

Sant Kaur Image
Sant Kaur

This place has motivated me to work harder everyday in this perfect institute.

Manya Image

This has had been there, where one can get the solution for all the stuff in the coaching institute around the study ambience. For the concepts, you could get the concept building classes which has been great, for the answer writing presentation.

Gurpreet kaur Image
Gurpreet kaur

Teachers are outstanding and their way of teaching is effective and knowledgeable which is a great thing for around this coaching centre. They can emerge the skills of a student.

Divanshi Arora Image
Divanshi Arora

Teachers are outstanding and their way of teaching is effective and knowledgeable at this centre of brilliance.They can emerge the skills of a student.

Vaishali Image

The teacher at the coaching institute has been specified on the particular topics how to deal with which is brilliant and great at right Chandigarh Civil Services herein. This makes it easy for us to understand the exam pattern and prepare accordingly.

Deepasha Sharma Image
Deepasha Sharma

Mental stage has always been ruling your preparation over at this place, no mater how intelligent you are. They pay emphasis on the same and its better for this course.

Rajveer Kumar Image
Rajveer Kumar

I guess I have taken a really brilliant decision in taking the coaching from here for the purpose of these papers, since the day I have been feeling really confident in it.

Kapil Joia Image
Kapil Joia

Got to learn A lot from this coaching very happy to have joined these classes great study culture hereat.

Priyanka Sharma Image
Priyanka Sharma

Except for geography none of the subjects were upto the mark into these exams here. They have a good module but I will say faculty itself wasn’t up to the mark.

Mikki Singh Image
Mikki Singh

Every lecture or concepts are taught in an amazing lay in this great education background. Full syllabus coverage is done, nothing is compromised with syllabus.

aryaman sharma Image
Aryaman sharma

If you are really willing to study hard for these exams, then this coaching is a boon for you brilliant environment in this institution around. You would get the best of the doubt clearing sessions in kkinda here.

Ankita bajpai Image
Ankita bajpai

The best choice you could ever ask for which is a great thing around this coachng centre. The classes are really good, the credit of which goes to the bunch of talented and dedicated teachers.

Jguuu Image

The coaching is situated very near to my place brilliant study culture by this institute. And is situated in a great location.

Saurabh Image

Best Coaching institution is this one with the best of the faculties and best personal monitoring. A place where students can find the right solution and right mentor in the coaching at Chandigarh Civil Services around this city.

Ashu Image

Most of the teaching faculty inside this amazingly great institute in the coaching is good and motivating.

Ankush Image

It has been set apart as a standout amongst the best proficient institute and has a cultivated personnel for this exams in these coaching.

Neetu jeph Image
Neetu jeph

The best thing I have ever come across this coaching is coming with the brilliant terms as far as I have seen for the same time of it inside this institution.

Hitesh Khanna Image
Hitesh Khanna

The study materials and the Exams provided were really tough and Good and its good of course . Wish we had time to solve all problems in the materials.

Nakita Image

Motivational classes will also go on so that students shouldn’t demotivate. Overall its a best institute for jee mains and advanced with this place .

Nitika Image

Administration here also quite ok not much good not much bad. You will hardly get the time to meet the director many have already complained exams you are looking for.

Shelly Vig Image
Shelly Vig

Administration of this training focus is generally excellent. It is a best training place for making a splendid future in common administrations segment great coaching and good things .

Ashutosh Image

They give books and different materials to getting ready exam great coaching and good things . And likewise lead standard test for understudy to improve themselves and discover their mix-ups.

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