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About Chanakya IAS Academy

Chanakya IAS Academy has the most successful success rates of the students. It has the most trusted and the most well-planned study pattern that helps the students study in an organized manner and also put their labor in an organized manner. The teachers here are highly qualified and are well trained to train students in a well-organized manner. The institute has the most energetic and study friendly environment.


    1. IAS

    2. IPS

    3. IFS

    4. UPSC

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Chanakya IAS Academy Reviews

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Prashant Image

The preparation has turned out very well for me inside here since I have done the coaching through sincerely. This is what I have got with the help of this coaching institute.

Usha mohanty Image
Usha mohanty

Excellent personal attention classes with integrated test serieswhich is great stuff here at this institutebeing at this place. Test series are based on the actual exam pattern providing an insight to the students.

Neeraj Sharma Image
Neeraj Sharma

The teachers of the coaching institute have been able to solve each and every doubt of the student with great pleasure and passion for these exams at Chanakya IAS Academy around this city.

Rajbinder singh Image
Rajbinder singh

Students are provided with right material and proper guidance for careerin this education centre, along with this regular classes, proper doubt sessions and regular updates creates a plus point.

Amit Roy Image
Amit Roy

After joining the academy now at the coaching institution may solve the doubts in this coaching academy from time to time for these exams at this centre.

Arminder kaur Image
Arminder kaur

This coaching is one of the best coaching for the exams in this one as far as I have seen in this town which has had been there in the coachingin this examination in here.

Kanchan Kumari Image
Kanchan Kumari

The program is quite satisfying and up to the mark here which is great stuff here at this academy.

Deepanshu Image

The idea of the coaching academy is to secure that the best rank possible or to get selectedin this examination in here and then I guess that both of the objectives are really being getting cleared in here at this coaching in this town.

Bahadur Singh Image
Bahadur Singh

The course institute can help you to get the clarity in your concepts in here and the depth in knowledge, They are also very friendly and assist you in all means possible.

Satya Prakash Image
Satya Prakash

Taking my choice to select for this establishment for this kind of exams hereat to plan for the passage is the best choice made. The instructors for this kind of exams hereat are extremely helpful.

kalpana choudhary Image
Kalpana choudhary

They give a special training on ethics before the mains exam which is just mandatory or we can say like one should try kind of classes to be attendedfor these kinda exams.

Preeti Tuteja Image
Preeti Tuteja

Several programs are organized for the students and then they also get too much encouraged to study for these exams for these courses and also to release all your stress which is a great thing.

Ayush dutta Image
Ayush dutta

Teachers are extremely experienced .They educate with parcel of intrigue for this kind of exams hereat. Propelling addresses given by the workforce are demonstrated exceptionally accommodating to us.

Pushkar Image

I've had also been a part of this coaching year ago for these exams for these courses and I guess that all of them have had been amazing at that part of it out of the brilliant work

Dr Jayesh kadam Image
Dr Jayesh kadam

Here they Will teach you how to tell truthin this education centre in life and they tell you that there is no need to hide anything or fake yourself. So if you want to be a good person must come here once.

Aniket Sharma Image
Aniket Sharma

It has had given me a great career head at the coaching. They taught me from basic to advanced level. They entertained all my doubts as many times I asked them. My experience with them has been amazing as in this exam.


The charges structure is very moderate and the organization gives grants for this kind of exams hereat. This is the best activity an organization takes.

Shabnam Image

Environment is motivating ,supportive and caring around this centre here around. Their thinking is that not only studies are necessary but sports too as good mind resides in healthy body.

Sheikh mohammad Image
Sheikh mohammad

I have had been learning from this institute for two months and I had a great experience over this Chanakya IAS Academy here around.

Nidhi Image

The strength of the batches are really high varies from 30-450 for these kinda exams. So, it depends upon the classroom size, not suitable for those who have habit of interacting with people or to study in a small munch of students.


From my experience here which is great stuff here at this academy, I advise the students to take admission in this coaching and can make their career bright.


This coaching class is the best coaching in India. It has the best faculty as well as the best environment for studying here which is great stuff here at this academy.

Ravi parmar Image
Ravi parmar

If you are searching for banking preparation then you should go for this institutefor these kinda exams, the way of teaching of their faculties are enough for the preparation

Shani gupta Image
Shani gupta

The institute is dedicated to answering some of the biggest and difficult questions in bioscience here which is great stuff here at this academy.

Ashish kumar Image
Ashish kumar

Study solutions are very effective if you look to beat 100 students for 10 seats. An altogether proficient group for your preparation for this studious environment..

Giteshwari Madavi Image
Giteshwari Madavi

Regular doubt counters are held here and teachers are always ready to help you here which is great stuff here at this academy. They are easily approachable.

shweta singh Image
Shweta singh

They are very useful inside Chanakya IAS Academy. There may be a pre-described format of how the elegance may be conducted.

Kavita Image

The study environment of the coaching institute is awesome and faculties there are better than any other institutes. Really this institution impressed me over this Chanakya IAS Academy here around! Here, I like their service and I strongly recommended to this institution.


The individuals of the coaching institute with a very very fantastic qualifications is by all accounts the standard in the spotthey have done an amazing job regarding this. The staff is accomplished and go from top instructive schools.

Neetesh beniwal Image
Neetesh beniwal

Provides tuition for school students and coaching for different exams for job seekers. It has an amazing faculty and provides us with a great platform to learn and excel over here in this place brilliantly.

Nikita Image

Ethics and the case study in the pain for the many of the aspirants because it has been demanding the creativity in those exams, and then no one couldn’t develop the creativity in being the day in the institution which has been great at this particular place. I have had taken with the Ethics & Essay module in those exams and which has been there and then I am aiming for the same in the coaching academy which has been there.

Anmol Image

They provided me the best, Highly Motivated, Dedicated, Skilled teachers around in here at this coaching. They also helped me to build my concept and cleared my doubts.

Tanaji Patil Image
Tanaji Patil

The Courses in the coaching institute which has been great in those exams. Affordable and then the quality wise with the great coaching institution at this particular place which has had been there in the coaching academy which has had been there in the town.

melissayb60 Image

Recommended to all of the students who have had been seeking coaching for their competitive exams which have had been here in this, this is a which is something brilliant about this coaching.

Navneet Image

The Ethics of the coaching institute and then the essay module helped me who has been great a lot to carve more and then more marks in the exam in this town in those exams at this particular place.

Keshav Image

It's definitely the best coaching Institute around here and serves the learning purpose here for which it was made over this Chanakya IAS Academy here around. Great coaching and learning.

Rahul Das Image
Rahul Das

Thank you for all your efforts at the coaching institution. Teachers are very good and motivated especially for these types of exams’ requires every bit of grind you can givinghere in this at this great academic institution.

Charnjeet kaur Image
Charnjeet kaur

The Academy has a standout amongst one of the best instructing focuses due to which profoundly they include the students in the preparation at this place of the programsand over this course in here.

Gurupreet singh Image
Gurupreet singh

The management, faculties, classrooms, notes everything is good here. The environment was great over this Chanakya IAS Academy here around. I had a great learning experience in the coaching institute.

Jaswant Singh Image
Jaswant Singh

They have the regular tests and the video-based updated classroomsand over this course in here for the candidates so that they may have the deep understanding of the concepts at this place.

Adarsh Thakur Image
Adarsh Thakur

Classroom environment is conducive gives you space for individual growth as well as pushing you beyond your boundariesfor these examsat Chanakya IAS Academy around this city.


Best coaching institute in my perspective and its good. It shows you how to live. My best involvement of life.

Nivedita Singh Image
Nivedita Singh

The Academy opts for a logically and convincing approach while equipping here for the aspirants for clearing the exam over this Chanakya IAS Academy here around.

pravin akhauri Image
Pravin akhauri

There are faculties are highly cooperative and kind for those exams. They are highly experienced and never let you get bored in the lectures.

Vinnie singhal Image
Vinnie singhal

The teachers of the course coaching are really brilliant in teaching the subjects of the such exams like this one it’s been great.

jasveer singh Image
Jasveer singh

There around are the monthly tests which help the students of this coaching to take over any question taught here around

Krishna Dewasi Image
Krishna Dewasi

The educators are even of the accessible to answer your worries through messages of the coachingthey have done an amazing job regarding this.

Bharat Image

Study material of this very coaching institute is very very enlightening and adequate to clear the test just in the event that you pay attention to that they have done an amazing job regarding this herein.

Vijay Image

Expert faculties, easy modules language and there are so many of practice papers for helping the student are the attractive features of this institutionhas been great here, which is present in this town.

Sweety Gupta Image
Sweety Gupta

The institute has have good knowledge of exam pattern of these exams, the syllabus and to explain concepts accordingly with the students here in this at this great academic institution.

Prasad Kawale Image
Prasad Kawale

The instructors of the coaching institute are exceptionally steady and they realise very well how to cause one to comprehend the theme and its good.

Sudhakar Image

It’s a very of the gold institute for the executives tests they have done an amazing job regarding this herein, government employments tests and some more. It orchestrate pre sessions for students before selecting.

Aditya Image

I chose this coaching institution because it designs their own study material to cater to their own teaching methodology and the study material is very helpful here in this at this great academic institution.

Jamuna Sharma Image
Jamuna Sharma

They have had much better staff then other coaching academies out there in the academy in this particular institute. They have been really very better of the furniture and then has had been better environment for the studies in the coaching academy which has had been amazing.

Arti Sharma Image
Arti Sharma

There are multiple ways to get through. The questionsin Chanakya IAS Academy with good teachers located hereare tricky and the teachers guide us so that our time could be saved in the exam.

Harsh Image

They have had contracted extremely experienced and exceedingly gifted resources for instructing studentsthey have done an amazing job regarding this.

S.shekhar Image

The association helps in improving the personality of the student which is something great about this coaching around. They center towards each and every student.

Priyanka Image

All the faculty having very good knowledge which is great about this institute. Keep it up.

Pawan Kumar verma Image
Pawan Kumar verma

This type of the coaching institute is one of Asia's famous instructive consolidation which centers around diverse to the parts of training they have done an amazing job regarding this herein ; clearing inside its ambit each branch from therapeutic to law.

Sakshi lomte Image
Sakshi lomte

The exams’ syllabus of the coaching institution has been a long one. This coaching centre not only prepares the whole syllabus on time but gives you a very practical approach on how these types of the exams should be attempted here in this at this great academic institution.

Sanjeet Image

Faculty at the institution is usually good as they have to explain each and every of the concept in the Detail and the make subjects seem so easy in the coaching institute in this townhas been great here.

Siddham Shah Image
Siddham Shah

Expenses are not high. The learning gave is past wants which is something great about this coaching around. They have astounding aptitudes. The teachers put in most extraordinary undertakings to clear up the thoughts.

vidya Image

Good teachers for each subjects and topics around in here at this coaching. A good atmosphere too. Helps to crack with the ease.

Manpreet Image

This exam is the one of the best isn’t an easy exam to crack which has been great to which is a brilliant thinghere at this academic centre. The efforts put in by both the students and the faculty counts.

Gagan Image

I have learnt the techniques of facing interviews around in here at this coaching. How to express myself in group discussions is one the best thing.

Nishtha Image

There are Orientation sessions which are also organised into here in a way which they have told.

Divya sakhrani Image
Divya sakhrani

The institution has a Nice Teaching methodologyaround in here at this coaching. The Faculty is very supportive. They arrange various alumni sessions to help us relax and stay focused towards our goals.

Kaveri Setia Image
Kaveri Setia

Some teachers are very reluctant and they don’t put in much efforts as of the others which has been great which is a brilliant thinghere at this academic centre

Vijay pal dahiya Image
Vijay pal dahiya

Teachers of each and every subject are very supportive around in here at this coaching and motivating and keeps you engaged in some way or other.

shikha Image

Mental stage of the student always rules your preparation no matter for these exams in the coaching in ithere in this at this great academic institution. They pay emphasis on this.

Harman Image

Teachers are outstanding around in here at this coaching. If you are looking for a unique institute this is the best place for you.

Dishant singla Image
Dishant singla

It has given me a great career. They taught me from basic to advanced level which is a brilliant work done by the institute. They entertained all my doubts as many times I asked them. My experience with them has been amazing .

Abhishek Gupta Image
Abhishek Gupta

Incredible individual thought and doubt clearing classes are given to the students which is something great about this coaching around. Shocking individual checking and study on learning.

Deeksha sharma Image
Deeksha sharma

The teachers of the coaching institution really teach us how to work really very hard with the planning and analyzing the previous year’s questions of the students of the coaching institute out there in this examination in here.

Arin Dakalia Image
Arin Dakalia

Picking this foundation to get ready for the testsit’s a good institute for these subjects. It is a champion among the most troublesome tests and the association has helped me vanquished my fear.

Anuj jain Image
Anuj jain

By the time I have had sat for my test at the coaching, I had given 10 tests in the class they have done an amazing job regarding this herein. This had helped me set up my fundas, my system for the test and furthermore the psychological preparation.

Sushmita Singh Image
Sushmita Singh

These exams are tough exam and to make through this examat Chanakya IAS Academy around this city, a person has to get through many things. This coaching institute can help you to get everything. This institute makes sure that no stone is left unturned.

Manish kumar Image
Manish kumar

Talking about my experience being at this place here, I advise the students in the coaching academy to take the admission in this coaching and make the career bright in a better way.

Shaily Image

This coaching was the best decision of life for these exams includingat Chanakya IAS Academy around this city, invest money and time in this institute.

Abhishek Shekhawat Image
Abhishek Shekhawat

The examination material given by the foundation here is hard into here in this institution, setting you up for the most fretful outcome conceivable.


I joined the institute faculty was also very good at that timefor these exams for these courses. I had cleared cutoffs of various examsbut did not makeup to final selection so I decided to again take the revision batch at the institute.

Hanjala khan Image
Hanjala khan

This institute consists of good teachers and well-defined staffs and they can able to deliver the concepts clearlyfor these exams for these courses

Vijaylaxmi pawar Image
Vijaylaxmi pawar

Value for money for these exams. The coaching utilises our precious time in a very significant manner. The coaching institute value the efforts of the studentsat Chanakya IAS Academy around this city


The best institute for the career guidance and competitive tests with the best staff into here in this institution.

Hitesh Sharma Image
Hitesh Sharma

The coaching institute has constantly given the best involvement in learning and in seeking after you had always wanted. The staff has consistently helped students past desires into here in this institution.

Amandeep Image

The institute provides the books and the for the better results for these examsat Chanakya IAS Academy around this city.

Aman Ojrot Image
Aman Ojrot

Great framework and the best of the personnel into here in this institution. Complete bundle for your exam yearnings.

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