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Class 6th-10th
Class 11th &12th
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About Chaitanya's Academy

When it comes to the leading coachings of the town Chaitanyas Academy happens to be the boss of all reason being its excellent, well-trained teachers themselves pays to heed to every individual that comes, resulting in excellent focus and proper nurture of each student.
These days the competition is cut-throat when it comes to attaining a seat in the government jobs. The seats are limited but the applicants are unlimited. We have a professional faculty and follow strict guidelines of the exams. We offer a
variety of courses in various fields. We aim at making our students successful by putting in all our efforts and time. We are enriched with resources. The institute provides an environment that helps the students concentrate better and aim properly in the future. It is situated at the education hub of the city making it an easy t5ask for the students to move to and fro.
    1. Classes 6th-10th (PRE FOUNDATION
    2. Classes 11th-12th(FOUNDATION)
    3. IIT JEE
    4. NEEt
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Chaitanya's Academy Reviews

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Mohit Kumar Image
Mohit Kumar

The institute has laid a key emphasis on correcting some mistakes made by other institutions over here. Now, with a motley of courses being offered and impressive results paving its way.

Priyanka kumari Image
Priyanka kumari

Instructors are very helpful, they will in all probability be unfit to address all of your request in class itself yet outside the class they are incredibly valuable over here.

Rohit Singh Image
Rohit Singh

We as a whole understand that organization part work is one of the regarded livelihoods In my view preparing is most indispensable for this in light of the way that by teaching we all in all catch our own with an authentic way over here.

Rajender Sharma Image
Rajender Sharma

There are wonderful tests practices which are being followed here at the coaching institute to the make clear exam at the best of the time as in this exam. The doubt sessions are well designed and time tables are distributed well in advance.

Om narayan Image
Om narayan

They are doing their best to give us all the knowledge in here they have in the course institute. It’s great experience.

Ďharmveer Image

Their sham tests would help you a great deal over here. They furnished us with preparing workshops which mixed us a ton.

Gouri Image

The Organization grooms and sets you up for the trickiest solicitation and social occasions as well over here.

DouglasTwito Image

The Maths part of the coaching is really very brilliant kinda here. It has helped me to get over the fear of maths of this coaching is amazing.

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