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B.S Institute Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
9th and 10th Class ( Per Subject ) --- - 1000/-
11th Class ( NCERT + Competition ) --- - 25000/-
12th Class ( NCERT + Competition ) --- - 30000/-
JEE --- - 35000/-
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About B.S Institute

B.S Institute is located in  Sector 37-C, Chandigarh. The institute has a splendid report condition and highlights question counters to get out every last single issue that an understudy has. B.S Institute likewise composes consistent tests with the goal that understudies can assess and dissect their execution and missteps. The educators are extremely useful, persuading and strong. They are experienced and utilizes an understudy arranged strategy to improve them get it. The expense structure of the institute is additionally direct and sensible as indicated by the nature of the instruction gave. The understudies give the refreshed information and awesome notes with everyday home papers and question banks, which has enough inquiries to influence an understudy to comprehend his escape clauses and influencing him to encounter enough to confront the exam. The understudies will without a doubt accomplish his point on the off chance that he takes after the instructor genuinely.

Courses offered:

1. 9th and 10th Class ( Per Subject ) (Joint Entrance Examination Mains (JEE Main))

2. 11th Class ( NCERT + Competition ) (Joint Entrance Examination Mains (JEE Main))

3. 12th Class ( NCERT + Competition ) (Joint Entrance Examination Advanced (JEE Advanced))

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B.S Institute Reviews

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Khushi Image

It provides excellent coaching, studious environment for those exams which you are preparing. On top of all of this of the class, faculty are not only teachers but like your parents!

Shivani shekhawat Image
Shivani shekhawat

Amazing faculty and teachers are always there for help and guidance in this education centre herein.

Alasnadh Image

Completion of syllabus was on time leaving ample time for revision . This, with really good faculty and cooperative staff makes this institution in this education centre herein.

Madhumitha Image

The way faculties teach here will give light on how the subjects are to be dealt with in this education centre herein.

Vishal prajapati Image
Vishal prajapati

Their individual attention is provided to all of us in this education centre herein, Regular tests, interactive doubt classes and felicitations boosts our confidence..In all its a perfect step to score 100 on 100.

Ritesh Salunkhe Image
Ritesh Salunkhe

A best to to learn and sharpen your mind. Tutors here are flawlessly trained as per your need. Highly recommended in this education centre herein.

Bhawna Tiwari Image
Bhawna Tiwari

The workforce knows the execution of every student and encourages them as needs be here at this academic centre. This establishment holds customized checking based framework, with gives astounding outcomes.

Yukta Yadav Image
Yukta Yadav

Very good faculties simply awesome, great facilities and security system are very tight for those exams which you are preparing.

Fardeen Rana Image
Fardeen Rana

For those exams which you are preparing, students are well disciplined and they study by their heart means fully concentrated on the study for those exams which you are preparing.


The study material is the best and daily test series is also more important for those exams which you are preparing.


The teachers of the coaching institution really teach us how to work really very hard with the planning and analyzing the previous year’s questions of the students of the coaching institute out there here for this exam.

Aastha kapoor Image
Aastha kapoor

Personal consideration was given to each and customary assessment here over this institutional academy was done at the foundation denoting the focuses to be improved this is an marvellous coaching.

Rashpal Singh Image
Rashpal Singh

The schedule is finished so as to give all its point of view directly here over this institutional academy to the aspirant who participated in the institution this is an marvellous coaching.

Mrudula Image

They have an alternate vision for these exams hopefuls this is why this coaching is marvellous. They have exceptionally Cogent and clear projects under their prosperity rate here over this institutional academy.

Ramesh Image

This coaching is the best one in this town due to the variety of reason which you may see which has had been a great thing B.S Institute, over this place.

Somya Image

Best coaching institute I have studied in so far which has had been a great thing B.S Institute, over this place.

Ajay Image

A robust teaching staff thank you for all the help at this coaching in this education centre.

Sumit Suresh Deotale Image
Sumit Suresh Deotale

Methodological tutoring is followed in this education centre a very good one for students preparing for the exams like me

Sanjana Image

High octane learning sessions ensuring understanding of concepts easily which is present in this education centre.

Reena Image

There are multiple excitements which we come across in this coaching each and everydayaround this study culture.

Tanu kumari Image
Tanu kumari

There are monthly magazines which help us to stay updated of the world around us inside this institution which is great and this is a really beneficial stuff for the same.

Subhash Image

The teachers are nice and all the classes are effectual great institution for this. They even give extra time after class to clear our doubts this institute is too good.

Ishneet Kaur Image
Ishneet Kaur

The coaching institution has been provided us enough of the study material so that we can independently do the preparation from our own for various banking studyfor this great culture here.

Kulwinder singh Image
Kulwinder singh

Several programs were organized so that students get encouraged to study and also to release all your stressfor around this institution. Orientation sessions are also organized in which they told what strategies you would make and what you have done to get sure success.

Ankit Singh Image
Ankit Singh

The only issue with the coaching institute is that the batch size of the institution is quite large and no proper attention is provided to the students with here in this place.

Ankit Image

This place is really awesome and teachers are too friendly inside the institution.

Shabaz Image

Methodical in every way right from their coaching manuals to teaching methodology to revision exercisesfor these types of courses.

Dhirendra kumar Image
Dhirendra kumar

They help you to experience every section of your weaker point inside this institution hereat. The students are set aside a few minutes table which encourages them assemble an everyday practice

Jaipal Sharma Image
Jaipal Sharma

There is Excellent personal attention classes with integrated test series B.S Institute the best coaching indeed.

Rakshith Darshan Image
Rakshith Darshan

Remarkable study materials are present in this education centre a combination of smart work & simplicity

vikash kajla Image
Vikash kajla

They help you at every single dimension of your arrangement and shows real worry towards helping you get past the exam tests which particularly in case you're an apprenticefor the exams in this institution.

Pinaz mirza Image
Pinaz mirza

The institute follows the modern techniques to teach the students here. Online coaching model is one of the best example of their offerings over this B.S Institute for this course herein.

Suman Rani Image
Suman Rani

If you aspire to live your dream of becoming an officer its a perfect place to live it round fare this coaching.

Shanker Lal Image
Shanker Lal

This institution makes things very easy with the right strategy here around this institution. I feel really well here.

Dhanjee pal Image
Dhanjee pal

Regular tests are being held in the coaching institution which boost up the ranks of the students in a sigle shot here for this exam.

akash Image

The coaching institution has had been really brilliant in hiring the most caring teachers in the industry here for this exam.


The study material of the coaching is really very brilliant and when we talk about the all the tests which are being planned and in a systematic manner here for this exam. The ventilation system in the coaching institute is really very brilliant.

Somya Sharma Image
Somya Sharma

The teaching pattern of teachers of the coaching institutions have had been quite great in here at the coaching academy. The communication between the coaching and then each of their students are really very brilliant here for this exam.

Kajal Image

Much to my satisfaction goes to the entities like in this coaching institute, the faculty that I got at my Centre is highly experienced.

Sachin Image

The students attending coaching classes, many are sometimes already working with a company or completing their education in the academy. Such students require institutes with flexible class schedules. The institute cooperates with such students and helps them out at this amazing institution.

Suman Image

The faculty in the academy is really interactive and are always ready to resolve your doubts at this amazing institution.

Amangupta Image

Their administration in the academy is good as they help to provide every information to students and management is also good at this amazing institution.

Manish Image

They ensure that you start studying with a strategy in this at this great academic coaching. Unorganised study leads to wastage of time and money.

Nakul Image

Personal attention to each student during classes adds a touch of flair to the methodology and inspires them to work even harder in this at this great academic coaching.


Missing even a single lecture can cost a lot in this at this great academic coaching.

Bhanu Image

The teachers don’t take responsibility and are not easy to approach in this at this great academic coaching.

Kavita Chaudhary Image
Kavita Chaudhary

The study environment is great in this at this great academic coaching. Students are very motivated and teachers are very experienced.

divya Image

Motivational sessions are conducted to improve students performances in this at this great academic coaching.

Deepa Image

The mentors in the academy will help you with each and every problem that you face during your preparation at this amazing institution.

Kartik Image

The coaching provides us with the regular magazines inside this coaching. This prepares students for the exam.

Shalini singh Image
Shalini singh

The coaching team teach them with ease inside this academy.

Nitish kumar Image
Nitish kumar

The study material is so good that we can independently prepare inside this coaching.

Gulshan Image

You can also have facilities like the regular tests and online classes inside this coaching.

Riya Sharma Image
Riya Sharma

The exams inside this coaching is one of the most difficult exams in the country and this coaching helps me through that.

Kiran Image

The teaching methodology here at the coaching is really very brilliant which has had been a great thing for these exams at his place. The students get to understand each and every topic very clearly.

Ramit Kajal Image
Ramit Kajal

The mentors were there whenever we needed them for these exams at this place. It's much more than a classroom interaction is a way too better.

Abhishek Kumar Image
Abhishek Kumar

Fees are not high which is a great thing being here. The knowledge imparted is beyond expectations. They possess amazing skills.

nikhil kumar singh Image
Nikhil kumar singh

Experience faculty is there and great ambience for study for these exams and giving good guidance in this examination.

Kunal negi Image
Kunal negi

Atypical of others, this coaching institute has a unique coaching methodology and perfectly suits me is present in this education centre

Mohammed Rehmatulla Manasiya Image
Mohammed Rehmatulla Manasiya

All the staff are good into here. Assignments were really helpful best recommended for THIS COURSE in city.

Kishan Image

The finest, The Best, The best classrooms best faculty best environment For studies highly recommend into here.

Daridrya bhanjan Giri Image
Daridrya bhanjan Giri

I think that the best thing about this coaching institutions at B.S Institute in this cityis that it prepares the students for the exams.

Aparappar kaur Image
Aparappar kaur

Whatever doubts you are facing in the class at B.S Institute in this city, make sure that the coaching provides you the best of it.

Salonee Sharma Image
Salonee Sharma

There are many of the Orientation sessions at B.S Institute in this cityare also organized in which they told what strategies you would make and what you have done to get sure success in the coaching institution. 

Sameer Image

The coaching academy is proving that everything is possible out there if you follow the guidance of the teachers at B.S Institute in this city.

Harshita S Image
Harshita S

There are separate doubt counter for the students for solving doubts by the teachers of the coaching institution at B.S Institute in this cityand then the coaching institutes have had always been in there in the coaching institute.

Avantika sharma Image
Avantika sharma

The best thing on my part is that whenever I get everything here in this coaching which I want and been working at here at this point which is a brilliant feature of this institute.

hardeep  Image

This is the best place for getting coaching of medical and non-medical. Teachers are very help full and their study material is excellent give individual attention to the student. I score 95% in my final exam with the help of B.S. Institute faculty.

Sidhant Dadwal Image
Sidhant Dadwal

I guess that the teachers of this coaching institution in here have been so humble that they have had helped the students to get resolution which is a brilliant feature of this institutefor it of each and every problem they come across in this coaching.

Pari yadav Image
Pari yadav

The percentile predictor is very pretty accurate too and my percentile was within the range given by it also the analysis done for all the mocks for these exams are the best according to me as I had take time test series too in this examination.

yashi srivastava Image
Yashi srivastava

Great faculty!! focus is on holistic all round development of the student for these exams rather than rote the learning in the right way in this examination.

Harman Image

The coursework is throughly discussed with the students which makes the study process clear which is great stuff here at this institute being here.

Deeep Image

The faculty teaches at a very high pace which is great stuff here at this institute being here. It is difficult to understand topics at times.

Maheshwar Dixit Image
Maheshwar Dixit

The staff and the coaching institute administrators as in this exam at the institution are astoundingly chosen. The study material is so definitely organised.

Kanwar Image

The preparation style of the coaching institute is amazingly essential as in this exam. It is class based not training based. The establishment has an exceptional report condition. The staff is solid and obliging.

Amit kumar pareek Image
Amit kumar pareek

They also have good infrastructure at this amazing institution. The institute also organizes some entertainment programs for students so they can refresh their minds between studies. In my opinion it’s a good institute.

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