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British IELTS is one of the best coaching institutes in Chandigarh as it comes to listing one of the top IELTS/PTE coaching institutes in the Chandigarh, British IELTS always acquire the top position and it is located in Chandigarh as well as in Mohali, British IELTS institute has appointed qualified and experienced faculty who with their diverse knowledge has been successful in helping students get their desired band score. It provides Quality study material, training programs, practical classes, and flexible class timings to assist the student to manage their schedule.
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Poonam Image

Uncertainty clearing classes and simple courses are astounding here so it’s amazingat BRITISH IELTS located around here. These snares helped me to quickly clear the examination and cross check my answers.

Akansha Narwar Image
Akansha Narwar

They provide suitable guidance, critical study material, practice tests, and enticing sessions so it’s amazing. The staff is valuable, experiencedat BRITISH IELTS located around here.

Swati Image

It is amazingly easy to pass on and clear our inquiries so it’s amazingat BRITISH IELTS located around here. Books are given by the foundation which is arranged by the course structure.

Kamna Image

1. The faculty, here is very supportive and hardworking around in here at this coaching. If a student study according to them, one could get a good score at this coaching institute.

Neha Image

1. Best coaching institute in the area, faculty is really hardworking around in here at this coaching and they really make efforts for their students for their bright future.

Ayush Sharma Image
Ayush Sharma

1. They are doing their best to give us all the knowledge they have in the coaching institute around in here at this coaching. It’s great experience.

Charu Image

1. It is good for beginnerswhich is great stuff here at this institutebeing at this place. Teachers are very helpful. The teachers are open to doubts . They motivate their students to work hard.

Preet Image

1. The staff is very helpful, experiencedwhich is great stuff here at this institutebeing at this place.

Ankit Singh Image
Ankit Singh

1. It normal coaching centre with a unique teaching methodologybeing at this placewhich is great stuff here at this institute.

Gurjot Image

The educators of the coaching institute here have been a steady supporterfor these kinda exams you are preparing for. They lead persuasive sessions and give tips and tricks to the tests.

ghanshyam Image

They have had leaded normal tests and assess understudy's exhibitionsfor these kinda exams you are preparing for. Individual consideration is given to students.

Manav Image

The coaching institution has had extremely experienced stafffor these kinda exams you are preparing for. They mark your positive and negative zones and help you to improve.

Isha Devi Image
Isha Devi

The staff is highly experienced and have been in the business for last 20 years and this is a great thing in this examination.

Renu Sharma Image
Renu Sharma

They ensure that you start studying with a strategy and this is a great thing in this examination. Unorganised study leads to wastage of time and money.

Sehaj Image

They have good knowledge of exam pattern in this examination, syllabus and explain concepts accordingly which is a great thing.

Aastha Image

Tricks area unit shared with the scholars for higher learning and data gain in here. They’re trained for the worst social service over here in this place brilliantly.

Tarun Image

The educational programs area unit quite smart over here in this place brilliantly. They supply their own notes that area unit written by them.

Priyanka Kuntal Image
Priyanka Kuntal

The student has to study very hard which is a challenge for everybody to complete that in here over here in this place brilliantly.

Hemant Image

I should say that more thanks to our teaching faculty for these kinda exams because basic Foundation you had for every concept is very strong and more helpful.

Prapti Karle Image
Prapti Karle

They have provided us with the materials to study for these kinda exams. It's very useful. mentors teach us basics in deep for all topics.

Mukesh Image

It is very very effective and best coaching ever for these kinda exams. Lots of study materials provided which is also helpful in our future preparations.


The coaching institution has been providing very of the great study material in this education centre.

Nahar Singh Image
Nahar Singh

Doubt clearing classes of the coaching Its convenient for these exams for these courses and the short-cuts are awesome here which has been great for these exams for these courses.

Neeraj Saini Image
Neeraj Saini

Over all the classes of the coaching institute for these exams for these courses has been good we have to do more things about it which has been great. Its convenient for these exams for these courses

Krishna Kumar Image
Krishna Kumar

I found the coaching institute very helpful to the students of this coaching institute in this education centre.

Manoj pundir Image
Manoj pundir

The coaching institute has the best faculty in town in this education centre. The team of the teachers are really beneficial.

Santosh kumar sharma Image
Santosh kumar sharma

Online test series is one of a kind in this education centre and is the best one in town.

rajesh kumar Image
Rajesh kumar

The strategy of this institute is unique and simplified in nature. Here you would find integrated coaching for all the three stages of the examination at BRITISH IELTS located here.

Akshay Image

This is the best platform for all students of medical and engineering because the institute provides them with all types of facilities and cooperate with them at BRITISH IELTS located here.

Amit yadav Image
Amit yadav

The online test series program at BRITISH IELTS located here is one of a kind as this provides the students with the actual exam situation.

Jyotika Image

The study material give by the organization is more than adequate, you don't have to purchase the different study material in this education centre.

Ashi Image

I’ll not say that they have world-class facilities as they don’t have, their main focus is towards teaching well and helping students in clearing the exams and for these exams for these courses.

komal Image

The teachers are of high class and understands the students properly here and let them discover new techniques and short out problems of students over this BRITISH IELTS.

ritu Image

Their specially designed classes, in which the whole batch is divided into different groups are really helpful as they impart collaboration and coordination skills for exams for these courses.

Sakshi negi Image
Sakshi negi

It is a very great coaching and their teachers are very experienced and they help the students to clear their doubt in easy way for exams for these courses.

Shallu Image

We have had got unlimited number of doubt clearing sessions personalised mentoring sessions which are very useful for us to prepare for our exams for exams for these courses.

vishwajeet rane Image
Vishwajeet rane

Best faculty of the city resides in this coaching. is it’s the best feature. Faculty takes on everything in a good care of their student in BRITISH IELTS located here. Presence of the mentors makes person confident enough to take on the things.

Mohit Image

In the field of the exams, the coaching institute has the best of the teachers in BRITISH IELTS located here.

Vaibhav Deo Image
Vaibhav Deo

This coaching centre has guided me to the right direction in BRITISH IELTS located here.

Anjali Image

The teachers always gives us special around here in this academic institution and extra time on the doubt counters.

Anil Image

Group discussion and the doubt clearing classes around here in this academic institution make students very confident about the subject knowledge.

Shakshi Image

You could understand everything by simply tricks around here in this academic institution you can also have facilities like speed tests and online classes that none of any other institutions provide.

Aan Xena m Image
Aan Xena m

Online home test practises at this centre are very awesome over here.

Vijendra Image

They have had an administrate very well. All are being well discipline and well educated at this centre. All staff are very cooperate over here.

Aditya Image

You could all the way around understand that everything at this centre by simply tricks you can also have facilities like speed tests and online classes that none of any other institutions provide over here.

Pooja kumari yadav Image
Pooja kumari yadav

They have had been provided us with an online portal at this centre which is available online and we are register user in it over here.

Rahul Kumar Image
Rahul Kumar

Every classroom of the coaching institute at this centre has had in the air conditioner this was very nice in summer over here.


Best of the place to take up the coaching institute for the preparation at this centre over here.

Sayma Image

They provide a lot of test series which help to understand this examination pattern over the BRITISH IELTS.


The teachers don’t take responsibility over the BRITISH IELTS and are not easy to approach.

Pooja Image

Personal attention to each student during classes over the BRITISH IELTS adds a touch of flair to the methodology and inspires them to work even harder.

Savita Image

In this institute, all the teacher gives daily homework and daily problem practice ( DPP) for practice over here at this coaching centre.

shubhamkumar Image

The quality of teaching is excellent over here at this coaching centre . They are equipped with all the Facilities.

Neha Image

They are having a good academic program over here at this coaching centre , helping especially your mental as well as physical development.

Vivek bansal Image
Vivek bansal

Every penny will worth it over here over here at this coaching centre .they are very hardworking and sincere towards the student.


Fees of this institute may be more as compared to others but the quality of education is very very nice in this BRITISH IELTS here.

Neha Gopinathan Image
Neha Gopinathan

Every penny will worth it .they are very hardworking and sincere towards the student in this BRITISH IELTS here.

Ajaypal rajpurohit Image
Ajaypal rajpurohit

The quality of teaching is excellent. They are equipped with all the Facilities in this BRITISH IELTS here.

vivek solanki Image
Vivek solanki

There are the other things in the coaching institution which has had been there, probably the best coaching over here over this place and the things that the coaching institute is the best one which has been present over here.

Megharam Image

The real Credit goes to the workforce and the framing for their study material which has helped me to an incredible surviving bringing great checks in test in over this academic coaching

ShabazRaza Image

They have provided us with an online portal in here which is great which is available online and we are register user in it is great.


Every classroom are air conditioner this was very nice in summer is great in here which is great. The institute has high class libraries from where the books can also be issued.

shashi bhusahn singh Image
Shashi bhusahn singh

They provide proper guidance, relevant study material , practice tests and motivational sessions in here which is great is great.

Mamta yadav Image
Mamta yadav

The Ethics of the coaching institute and then the essay module helped me which has been great a lot to carve more and then more marks in the exam in this town BRITISH IELTS, over thiss place.

usha Image

I owe myself to all its teachers for helping me clear my entrance exams over here in BRITISH IELTS.

Dolly Image

The institute is one of the best institute for Competitive exams over here in BRITISH IELTS. They provide best study material. The faculty is very cooperative and knowledgeable.

sunita choudhary Image
Sunita choudhary

Really a good institute. All faculty and staff members are very cooperative over here in BRITISH IELTS.

Aditi mukhopadhyay Image
Aditi mukhopadhyay

I have just joined the batch and had a good start over BRITISH IELTS. Teachers are very helpful.

Deepesh kumar Image
Deepesh kumar

They take care of their home work even over BRITISH IELTS. It is a Focused and dedicated institute. Best institute.

Nitish kumar yadav Image
Nitish kumar yadav

I am quiet satisfied with what director guided us over BRITISH IELTS. And i found the atmosphere very good related to students.

iqra shah Image
Iqra shah

The things fall apart in the coaching institutes over this place in here but not in this one with a really really brilliant factor about the institution at these places.

sudha singh Image
Sudha singh

The teachers of the coaching are really great and helps us to understand each and everything which we come across over this place in here over this place in here.

Shubham Saran Image
Shubham Saran

If you come across any of the doubts from books or the question banks over this place in here around, you can clear out from this coaching institution has had always been there at that point.

Arshjot Image

The examination practice structure is great and you get a lot of revision over here in this course and practice sessions to have a good grasp of the subjects hence it really helps you outperform..

tarun Image

The faculty members are one of the best in the industry over here in this course and always willing to help out students at a personal level.


Brilliant place to enrol your child over here in this course. Teachers are very amazing. They provide you with everything.

Omveer Image

I have been in touch with 9 other providers and if you want to become a real life coach who creates real transformation for your clients over here in this course, this is the most beautiful, self-reflective and insightful place to achieve that. I feel I have honoured myself and my heart’s purpose by pursuing this training.

Tanuj Image

Provides tuition for school students and coaching for different exams for job seekers. It has an amazing faculty and provides us with a great platform to learn and excel over here in this course.

Ramlakhan kumar Image
Ramlakhan kumar

The coaching institution is very helpful with the interlinking of the subjects as we could be for all the things which are important for the exams’ over the BRITISH IELTS in here.

Umesh Image

I believe that this coaching is the most brilliant coaching which we have come across all the way through over the BRITISH IELTS. Its hard to find such coaching.

Sanjay Sharma Image
Sanjay Sharma

The coaching institutes’ teachers are a way too professional. They know how to make students comfortable and smart over this place.


You get a really good exposure here at the coaching institution, competition you can check your results at an all India level or on your batch level if you see that the results the institution is being providing out there at the coaching institution which is present here over this place

Upekesha Image

The sheets of the coaching institutes and the races at the coaching institution are really more than sufficient to having had achieve the goal for the same at the coaching institutes over this place. There are many things which you could learn in this coaching institute which have had been there.

Diksha Image

Most of the in the coaching is really brilliant over this place. Since they are the best teachers who are working here in this coaching.

Nitin Sharma Image
Nitin Sharma

The way faculties teach here will give light on how the subjects are to be dealt with which is a great thing over the BRITISH IELTS.

miss chahar Image
Miss chahar

It feels great and privileged to be a part of this association which is a great thing over the BRITISH IELTS. To excel in boards there's no better option than this ACADEMY.

Harshit gupta Image
Harshit gupta

Daily practice papers are also given so as to check the progress of the students which is a great thing over the BRITISH IELTS. Over all, It is good.

Vishal Image

Teachers are awesome ,friendly, appreciating and motivational sessions are very helpful which is a great thing over the BRITISH IELTS.

Abhishek Image

The teachers are nice and all the classes are effectual which is a great thing over the BRITISH IELTS. They even give extra time after class to clear our doubts.

Thakur Deepak Image
Thakur Deepak

The institute covers all the papers which are already printed in previous paperfor these kinda exams.

Ajay jakhar Image
Ajay jakhar

Even though the teachers were good, personal attention was not given as batch size was bigfor these kind a exams.

Manpreer kaur Image
Manpreer kaur

The students of this coaching institute think of the flying hues, charge structure is according to the standards, each office given by the institute to students to satisfy their fantasies over here.

AnShu Image

In every single competitive test which is present, aside from information, system is significant and they will give you the correct technique over here.

Lakshanya jindal Image
Lakshanya jindal

Regular attendance is taken at the coaching and then a monthly report is presented in front of you. Students are also given for more questions which they called race for exams like those.

Deepali Image

The sheets and the races which have been provided at the coaching institution are really more than sufficient to having had achieve the goal for the same for exams like those. There are a lot of things to describe in this coaching but then in short, this is one of the best in my opinion and then experience and the time that I have had spent there which has had been there.

Amanjot Virk Image
Amanjot Virk

I had great experience with learning in this institute. The faculty is really good. Their way of teaching and giving attention to each student is nice. All the doubts are clarified in an easier manner. Overall this is an excellent academy to recommend others. I'm heartly thankful to "british ielts".

Paul Image

Superb tests practices sought after here to illuminate test for these exams. The doubt sessions are specially arranged and time tables are passed on well early.

Subhash chand Image
Subhash chand

Nice place has to be to get the real information about the subjects in a very friendly and competitive environment and I can't forget the things which I have learnt here.

Anuja Bhasin Image
Anuja Bhasin Verified

Only making money, sufficient staff but not giving useful material, sometimes clear doubts, Sonia counselor is not good.

Diksha Image
Diksha Verified

All good, study environment, they provided writing repetitive task int it and teachers efforts are very low for students.

narinder Image

They have had helped me at each and every of the step and because of them, I could get a great overall band in the actual test in this coaching.

sahil mehral Image
Sahil mehral Verified

Not good experience, writing, reading, listening not co-operative teachers, wastage of fees, not satisfied and even Madhu mam counsellor is not good not giving proper counselling but speaking module best.

Shreya Image
Shreya Verified

Teachers were well qualified, freindly atmosphere but some teachers intermediate lecture was not good not to teach very well of our course but overall was good.

Rishabh Image
Rishabh Verified

A Very good place for education, good facility, Teachers is very co-operative, given to us newspaper activity and small-batch strength to interact with teachers easily.

sandeep singh Image
Sandeep singh Verified

Faculties are very good, teachers and staff are also very knowledgeable and helpful,All we need to maintain consistency and focus, a given test should be improved


They have had motivated the students until we set a reasonable target. They have the best and most experienced gathering. The workforce gives proper thought towards each student and causes them in a bad position.

Neena Image

The coaching institute has had given incredible study material and one - on-one discourse/criticism sessions.

Kritika Image

They have had helped me at each and every step and because of them, I could get a great overall band in the actual test, so its very quite flexible out there.

Gursewak Singh Image
Gursewak Singh

My by and large involvement with them was extraordinary, Starting from the IELTS instructing classes to getting Visa, the entire procedure was sorted out.

Raman Image

They have helped me at every single step and as a result of them, I could get an extraordinary by and large band in the real test.

kapil rawat Image
Kapil rawat

This is the best commerce institute for the students who wish to learn, develop and excel in their lives. With its highly professional and qualified faculty members, you would find guidance in every which way possible in the coaching institute.

lovish Image

The institute provides great study material and one -on-one discussion/ feedback sessions.

Anushka Image

The staff Is very cooperative in arranging classes even if a student is not able to follow or have missed a class.

Kiran patel Image
Kiran patel

The staff is useful and responsible in this coaching institute.They will help you whenever needed and they make your dreams their dreams.

sandeep Image

This is the place to be! All those who are aspiring to achieve something in the field of law.

Anjali Image

The institute has the long distinguished for the best preparatory course and result.Environment of the institute motivates a lot.

Reena Image

Very hard working and competent faculty. Learning is fun here.

mukesh kumar Image
Mukesh kumar

The teachers of the coaching has been are having great knowledge and create a healthy learning environment in the class.

Balram Meena Image
Balram Meena

Good and cooperative faculty, always there for doubts. The centre is well managed and the staff is very helpful.

shiwalika Image

Study materials are better than any other coaching institutions. So far the experience has been amazing.


Wonderful experience which the institute have good faculty and feedback system really works. You will definitely learn from here.

dinesh kumar sinha Image
Dinesh kumar sinha

The institute provides a very supportive faculty . Their guidance and methodology are make it easy to understand the basics.

Richa Garg Image
Richa Garg

Each student gets chance to interact, participate in activities. Everyday new ideas are shared. It will definitely make one more innovative & efficient in daily life.

sukhchain singh Image
Sukhchain singh

The whole staff is well-trained and very well connected to each student which makes studying a lot of fun. I would recommend you to join here without any doubt.

bhoopendra singh Image
Bhoopendra singh

The teachers follow a learner-centred teaching methodology and their pedagogical practices are deeply rooted in values.

vandana Taneja Image
Vandana Taneja

Proper institute all the amenities are there from online learning to offline.

anandita Image

Good Gracious I find this IELTS coaching centre fantastic one right to all 4 sections of IELTS. Also helping any time of day thanks a lot

chirag mishra Image
Chirag mishra

Very good consultancy helps me in all visa related problems. Also very versatile country expertise

Sanjeev kumar Image
Sanjeev kumar

Thank you. Thanks a ton everything is less got my study visa for Canada. Professional and trusted visa agents

nakul duvedi Image
Nakul duvedi

Each student gets individual time and attention and you would never have any road blockers approaching the faculty here.

Monika thakur Image
Monika thakur

They work for the student success. Convenient slots are added advantage.

pawan kumar Image
Pawan kumar

All the Credit goes to the faculty and the coaching institute for the study material which has helped me to a great extent.


The test series arrangement is the epic one. It helps you to get the most out of the coaching.

Alisha Image

Their study material, practice questions level is sufficient. Student must work hard to get selected.

Chandan mehta Verified

I am Chandan Mehta.i heard about British IELTS through facebook. I hesitated in speaking. I felt shy but after coming into this coaching I am now confident to speak in English, daily speaking session build a lot of confidence. teachers are very helpful.

Priyanka Saini Verified

I am Priyanka Saini .i heard about British IELTS through my friends and the internet as well. after joining into this coaching I am now confident to speak in English .. my confidence has increased more. I would suggest this institute for ielts to everyone .

Manvir Image

British IELTS is one of the best institutions in terms of facilities and teaching faculty. British IELTS has changed my life both personally and professionally. It will not just help you practice for the test but will also conduct mock tests regularly so that you can overcome weak points. Apart from this, you will get updated study material, extra grammar classes, visa assistance, individual attention and much more. In short, everything is sorted out – everybody knows what they have to do. Without thinking twice, I whole-heartedly recommend British IELTS program.

Rajesh  Image

We feel on the ‘top of the world’ when we achieve your dreams. Thank you British IELTS for maintaining a healthy environment. Your teaching techniques are on the next level. I never felt bored in the class and all your study material helped me to learn the English language deeply. I came to know about my potential under the guidance of Sanchi Ma’am. She is an amazing teacher and mentor who taught me amazing things regarding the English language. Apart from this, personality development program boosted my presentation skills, self-confidence, communication and many more. Those who don’t want to waste their time should join British IELTS.

Divyanshu Image

British IELTS is the best IELTS coaching institute in Chandigarh. I have taken IELTS caching from this place. The highly skilled teachers do their job effectively, the faculty, and study environment is appreciable. In short, everything is shorted out; everyone knows their job roles. If you really want to get 7+ IELTS band then I would strongly recommend this institute. They will help you in your coaching and will further guide you settle abroad. A special thanks to Sanchi Ma’am who taught me and guided me towards the right path.

Renu Bhardwaj Image
Renu Bhardwaj

British IELTS, a genuine institute with excellent staff and experienced teachers. They are amazing and can help you achieve your dreams. British IELTS even has the latest technology equipment and small batches so that everyone can get personal attention from skilled trainers. I found a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in this place which transformed my life completely. I have recently got my visa and all credit goes to British IELTS and their teachers. All in all, it has been a beautiful experience. I would recommend everyone to join British IELTS.

Pankaj Image

I have been studying in British IELTS for about a month and I have seen some positive changes in my speaking, writing, and personality. Now, I can talk to my friends, participate in social gatherings, and even talk to strangers without feeling petty about my communication skills. I am thankful to Banerjee Ma’am for the guidance and coaching. I am an introvert so initially I was confused but the staff members helped me to get out of my shell. This is what I personally liked the most. I am happy that I am studying in such a beautiful and healthy environment.

Banita Sharma Image
Banita Sharma

British IELTS has grown a long way and it is quite impressive to see how it has earned a huge goodwill. I remember I used to study in British IELTS and I was fascinated by the moral values, discipline, and professionalism. Banerjee Ma’am is a real pro. She handled everything in a highly professional manner and taught us how to crack PTE examination easily. It feels really good when you take the right decisions; I personally like my decision to choose British IELTS. I miss my days with British IELTS.

Ekta Image

Reasons I love studying in British IELTS: 1) British IELTS has a wonderful staff which is professional and skilled to the utmost degree. 2) Whole class gets deeply involved in the study due to the effective teaching technique. 3) Small class size and free grammar classes help facilitate enhanced interaction with faculty members. 4) It is situated in the heart of the city, Sector 34-A Chandigarh. 5) It also provides Student Visa and PR Visa assistance. All in all, British IELTS has something that no other institute can replicate.

Harinder Image

Since I started my IELTS classes I feel confident speaking English in front of everyone. My friends keep on asking me what I am doing to improve my English. It really feels good when people appreciate you for your hard work. It’s incredibly rewarding how life-changing the British IELTS Institute can be for so many students. Thank you British IELTS for giving personal attention and unique teaching style. I would love to recommend British IELTS to those who are searching for the best place to get their IELTS coaching done.

Yudhvir Singh Image
Yudhvir Singh

I joined British IELTS to Score well in IELTS so that I can get my PR. Initially, I feared that I might waste my time and money. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. I got proper guidance and education. Shama Ma’am helped me at every stage. For me, it was a place that turned my life and helped me to achieve the dreams that I wanted. British IETS is a name to reckon with in the Chandigarh region. The staff knows how to properly guide and teach the students. No one can beat British IELTS in terms of quality education.

Parminder Image

Hey mates, I have done IELTS coaching from British IELTS and during my course, I never faced any kind of trouble. Teachers were very generous and kind. Apart from this, British IELTS institute provided comfortable and flexible timing. Extra grammar classes, upgraded study material, professional experts, and PR Visa assistance are some reasons it is called the most prestigious institute in Chandigarh. If you are pondering to enroll yourself in any coaching institutes in Chandigarh, it is prudent not to consume much time and get yourself registered with British IELTS today.

Rajeev Sharma Image
Rajeev Sharma

I usually don’t give reviews but British IELTS Definitely deserves one. They conduct mock tests on a regular basis. Special Query and doubt class is what I like the most. Shreya Ma’am is very helpful and I got 7.5 Bands in IELTS because of her effective teaching techniques. British IELTS further guided me how to get Permanent Residence in the USA. I can’t forget my days in British IELTS. According to me, British IELTS is the best IELTS coaching Institute in Chandigarh.

Shweta Sharma Image
Shweta Sharma

This is a very good IELTS Institute. Staff is very experienced and cooperative. They made learning fun and interesting. Very reasonable fee. Thank you.

Praveen Thakur Image
Praveen Thakur

The best coaching Institute for both general and academic IELTS training in Chandigarh. British IELTS is definitely a perfect place for IELTS training. Thank you So much

Anil Guleria Image
Anil Guleria

The best coaching Institute for both general and academic IELTS training in Chandigarh. My IELTS bands credit goes to British IELTS. Thanks again for your help.

Neeraj Image

In my opinion, British IELTS have the top professional teachers. They not only have the knowledge but they also have the techniques to engage the students in the learning process. Even the beginners (just like me) can become proficient speakers within a few months. Thanks for giving equal and individual attention to the students.

Tanya Sharma Image
Tanya Sharma

British IELTS institute is a treasure of knowledge. From IELTS to SAT coaching, everything is available under one roof. At the same time, fee is comparatively low as compared to other institutes.

Gurdeep Image

Definitely a big thumbs up for British IELTS teachers. Under the guidance of highly skillful teachers, one can achieve his/her desired goals. Proper mock tests, study material, infrastructure, flexible timing, and a healthy environment make it a No. 1 institute in Chandigarh.

Baljeet Image

British IELTS is the best option if you are looking for PTE coaching. The institute holds a very good reputation. The thing which I liked the most is the teaching methods. They have the best team of expert professors who teach in an extraordinary way.

Lakhwinder  Image

British IELTS is a perfect platform to give a kick-start to your life. Qualified teachers, good insfrastructure facility and professional counselors make it the best coaching institute in chandigarh.

Sandeep Image

I am really thankful to British IELTS for all the success that I have achieved throughout these years. British IELTS is definitely a perfect place for IELTS training.

Anamika Image

I really thankful to British IELTS for all the success that I have achieved throughout these years. British IELTS is definitely a perfect place for IELTS training.

Tarun Image

Hey Friens, I would strongly recommend British IELTS to all those aspirants who want to score well in IELTS. I live in USA and credit goes to British IELTS because I got coaching, counseling and career guidance under one roof.

Gurpreet Image

Joining British IELTS institute was a good decision.I learned a lot of things through my course. Especially it helped me to build my confidence.The environment and teaching techniques were quite effective.

Sanjeev Image

British IELTS training program is a highly effective way to score 7+ IELTS bands. I scored 8 bands and I am well settled in New Zealand. My achievement is directly related to my British IELTS experience.

Ruchi Image

It was an amazing experience to study in such a positive environment. I can honestly say that British IELTS follows strong ethics. It is not like other money making institutions that suck the money out of your pocket and provide you worthless education.

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Hey Mates, Initially I was very worried, as my comm. Skills were not good. Thankfully I joined the right coaching institute. Teachers were very supportive and helped me to achieve 7 Bands. I must say British IELTS institute can do wonders for you.

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Dipak sharma

I want to know about your fee structure

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