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Bewal Classes Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
Banking --- 3 Mo 9000/-
SSC --- 5 Mo 12000/-
RBI --- 3 Mo 9000/-
LIC ADO --- 3 Mo 9000/-
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About Bewal Classes

Bewal Classes is situated at Gopalpura Byepass, Jaipur. Bewal Classes has been extraordinary compared to other training to offer to mentor in an assortment of subjects, it has been giving incredible outcomes and has conveyed instruction to an unheard of level. With in excess of a thousand understudies who could make it to their fantasy universities, the organization has gladly owed its prosperity to the workforce heads and the instructing strategies picked by the foundation. Aside from simply instructing the understudies, Bewal Campus likewise centers around the inside and out the improvement of the understudies through the master direction. The establishment goes for conveying the best to the understudies to look for the best outcomes from them.

Courses offered:

1. Banking (Banks Probationary Officers Examination (Bank PO Exam))

2. SSC (Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Exam)

3. RBI (Banks Probationary Officers Examination (Bank PO Exam))


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Bewal Classes Reviews

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Vaishnavi Dange Image
Vaishnavi Dange

Group discussion and the doubt clearing sessions which has had made students very confident and its better for this course about subject knowledge in this examinationand its better for this course.

Madhavendra choudhary Image
Madhavendra choudhary

The in-depth analysis of each Mock paper gave me an insight into my strengths and weaknesses, along with a topic-wise breakdown of the areas that I had to devote more time to get all the way for examinations for this course.

Pratiksha Rai Image
Pratiksha Rai

The tests given by the students are evaluated for examinations for this courseby the Faculties in the span of two days.

Bhumi Image

Regular tests with analysis will be provided here around this education institution hereat.Well furnished and equipped air conditioned classes are provided.

Divya Image

We could choose our own timing according to our convenience for the time being here in this institute. There are flexible batch timings here in the coaching academy.

Devansh Kagrana Image
Devansh Kagrana

The faculty is very good. They help all students all the time. From time to time they conduct motivational sessions for all students to persuade them to achieve their life goals in the academy for this course inside the institute.

Gagandeep Kaur Image
Gagandeep Kaur

It is a heaven institute for those who have a determined dream of becoming an engineer or a doctor or clearing for examinations for this course.

Shilpa Image

Rich studies full of practical exposure at this teaching environment at this academy for your preparation in this coaching over here. Also great interview preparations are done here over this coaching centre

PARIKSHIT Hazarika Image

The schedule of the coaching institution which has been there with the so much of the organised that with every day which I could attend my classes in being there which has been great the study environment a great facility in this coaching, given that the tests on the weekends and then every evening in the coaching academy.

Abhishek Agarwal Image
Abhishek Agarwal

The employees of the coaching are additionally associate with the students and educate them about the problems of the questionswhich is something huge about this institute.

Harsh vikram singh Image
Harsh vikram singh

The mentors have helped me in understanding the fundamentals well and worked on my weak points for these exams paper.

Sachin mittal Image
Sachin mittal

If you have any of the potential to do the hard work and to get the top of the batches in the coaching academy and then you could take the admission good environment.

Swati Gahlaut Image
Swati Gahlaut

The arrangement which has been contained as a great deal of tests of different sorts that were carefully founded on the online Examination designit’s a good job done.

Jay prakash jha Image
Jay prakash jha

The coaching institute gives us the homework as well. It helps us to grow for these great institute here at

Divyanshi Singh Image
Divyanshi Singh

The best part of this coaching is the doubt counter which has had been here for like everydayfor this course all around here.

Aayushi Image

They have the best and most experienced teamand it’s a well define course. The faculty pays proper attention towards each student and helps them in difficulty.

Deepanshi Image

It includes easy explanations, simple examples and other research-proven techniques for these though exams of presentation at this course institute.


Best coaching for bank & banking sector

sanjay wankhade Image
Sanjay wankhade

.The Institute organizes career counselling sessions for the exam papers on a regular basis in which you will be guided on how to study and other information regarding your career.

Greesh Pal Image
Greesh Pal

Very good coaching institute with a brilliant sense institute present here is great, teaching is of good quality and very cooperative faculty and a overall good environment to study.

Hari Singh meena Image
Hari Singh meena

They offered books to better outcomes so it’s amazing in Bewal Classes a great centre for education. Every booklet is overflowing with substance in the course of action like the request papers. This prepares students for the test.

abhishek Image

Rich studies full of practical exposure for your preparation this institute has wonderful environment. Also great interview preparations are done here

rohit kumar Image
Rohit kumar

Environment of classes is well for study regarding these exams.

Ritik Image

Thee coaching institute provides the books and other materials for preparing for the examination teachers present here at this institute. And also conduct a regular test for the student to improve themselves and find out their mistakes.

Abhishek Trivedi Image
Abhishek Trivedi

Our teachers are really very helpful in over this academic coaching. Study materials of the coaching and classes are really great over this is very amazing centre here .

Nitika Image

Excellent faculty and reasonable fee for entrance exams coaching the exam preparation is great here. Highly recommended.

Nischay singhal Image
Nischay singhal

I have joined last year for the exams. The Faculty is excellent for almost all papers of the exams preparation is too good here. The will be covered by the directors themselves which are extraordinary.

Preet kaur Image
Preet kaur

Excellent personal attention classes with integrated test series around hereat these exams.

Shankar Kumar Image
Shankar Kumar

This subject is a tough nut to crack for me but this coaching institute really ensures I make it all the way is present at Bewal Classes its brilliantly fine around

Mahesh Image

They are always in the support of students if any student has doubt in any topic that they teach that topic every day great environment at Bewal Classes.

Adarsh Image

The coursework of the coaching is being very thoroughly discussed in this examination herewith with the coaching students and its better for this course. This makes the study of the course process clear and makes us confident.

Neehal Hussain Image
Neehal Hussain

The teacher are of high class and understands the student properly great academy, good teachers and let them discover new techniques and short out problems of student

rajvir Image

I believe that the best part of this coaching is to go and have not to suffer in the shade of the dark knowledge which is being provided in here probably this institute is great for this examination.

Ronak Image

I have had doubts in the writing part and the coaching did all the things it could do to solve it for the better around this educational culture.

Priya Image

Their bogus tests would help you a lot. They outfitted us with getting ready workshops which awakened us a ton in Bewal Classes feels good to be here.

Bhavana Image

I was baffled about my calling choices. This establishment has provided at this coaching centre me guidance and spurred me in satisfying my objectives.

shailesh chaturvedi Image
Shailesh chaturvedi

If you believe that you are at the best coaching then you are wrong since this is the best coaching, probably the best coaching in here that I may find in Bewal Classes in this area.

krantidevi Image

The things which we see through here in the coaching institute includes a lots of things like the part probably the best coaching in here of the other things which have been great in the coaching institute out there which has had been present in Bewal Classes in this area.

Munna Pal Image
Munna Pal

The things is which I used to see probably the best coaching in here, I can anymore with this coaching’s perspective in Bewal Classes in this area.


For this exam, probably the best coaching in here the topics like the cement are being taught really brilliantly in here in this coaching academy being there in Bewal Classes in this area

Anisha Rai Image
Anisha Rai

If you think that the coaching institute would increase your skills and help you with the best possible, probably the best coaching in here. Then you are to your best and you should do that right thing for everything you do in Bewal Classes in this area. Probably the best coaching in here. Image

I have seen many of the others gate coaching but this one really stands all apart from them which have had been here in Bewal Classes in this area.

Narinder singh Image
Narinder singh

This coaching is brilliant in Bewal Classes in this area. This one is the best one according to me.

sushil Image

The study condition is phenomenal. Students are exceptionally induced at this coaching centre and educators are especially experienced.

Navratan samariya Image
Navratan samariya

This is the best coaching no matter what whatever you say, since the teachers here are the best here in the part of the coaching institution being around for the same probably in Bewal Classes in this area.


They spread each subject with the goal at this coaching centre that it will be helpful in all components of arranging.


Its present endeavors and test game plan at this coaching centre materials are the best and lakhs of students apply for its test course of action to test their ability and it is of good quality and open at a moderate expense.

Digvijay NAYYAR Image
Digvijay NAYYAR

Ethics for these exams is a very scoring subject in these exams. And it really demands proper attention in this centre. The faculty trains the students for the exam.

Rachel Image

The course structure of the coaching institute is amazing at its own here, the individual one to one evaluation, regular mocks and the faculty assistance as in Bewal Classes

Rekha Image

Very well educated faculty and cooperative staff in Bewal Classes. Working very hard along with us to reap best harvest.

Ashok kumar singh Image
Ashok kumar singh

This is one of the best coaching institute probably the best coaching in here which is here and I have to be beliving that this coaching needs to provide more to the students in terms of the notes which have been provided at Bewal Classes.

Elsy minj Image
Elsy minj

Faculty members always ready to clear all your doubts don’t matters that it is small or not Bewal Classes.

Prakriti Image

The teachers teach concepts in innovative ways and ensure that all topics are covered with a lot of focus and depth in Bewal Classes.

Parshant yadav Image
Parshant yadav

They have had been provided us It’s convenient at this particular place around with an online portal which is available online and we are register user in it which has been great at this particular place around.

Santosh yadav Image
Santosh yadav

Personal attention to each student during classes adds a touch of flair to the methodology and inspires them to work even harder at this coaching place

Ishpreet Kaur Image
Ishpreet Kaur

If you think that this is the wrong coaching, then you must think twice since the previous years selections are many in here here around this institution here.

Anhad Image

Management and the rest of the team and staff are very kind and humble over this Bewal Classes for this course herein. Amazing workplace environment.

arun Image

There are wonderful tests practices which are being followed here at the coaching institute to the make clear exam at the best of the time which is great enough around in here at this coaching The doubt sessions are well designed and time tables are distributed well in advance.

Abhishek Kumar Gupta Image
Abhishek Kumar Gupta

They have had not provided any of the standard level study material which is great enough, so that one could practice on particular topics around in here at this coaching .

Pankaj pathak Image
Pankaj pathak

Excellent learning environment is there at the coaching institute. Outstanding Faculties coordination in large and management support in all the ways to excel the students which is great enough around in here at this coaching

Sabir Ansari Image
Sabir Ansari

When I have had joined the coaching institute which is great enough, faculty said the course duration is four month but course did not complete the course around in here at this coaching

Vivek pal Image
Vivek pal

They have had conducted the tests which improved my speed of question solving which is great enough. The tests include all important questions and numerical skills that are essential tools to clear the exam around in here at this coaching .

Gargi Image

They take care of their home work even at this place. It is a Focused and dedicated institute. Best institute.

Bhaavik Image

Talking about the study programs in the coaching academy and the course curriculum, then it is designed to adapt for this exams in these coachings.

Nisha Image

It has been providing the best with highly qualified teachers for this exams in these coachings in the coaching academy.

Aditya Image

If we would dedicate our time with the full concentration we could be able to crack the exam in the coaching academy for this exams in these coachings.

Priyanshi Image

In this institute, the study material, the entire set of the chapters are given in the sequence that it is very easy to read in the coaching academy for this exams in these coachings.

Vikash kumar tiwari Image
Vikash kumar tiwari

The coaching is providing the students with the best of the test series and the doubt counters to help them with a better environment for this exams in these coachings to study in the coaching academy.

Reena Mishra Image
Reena Mishra

Very strong staff of the coaching institute for these kinda exams you are preparing for. All of the focuses are taught inside and out. The institute is overflowing with backers who help you through every thick and dainty.

Khushmeet Kaur Image
Khushmeet Kaur

We are not just prepared here for the exam but for the other exams too which are the best here in our part of the coaching academy and the institute probably in Bewal Classes in this area.

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