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Benchmark IELTS Coaching Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
STUDY VISA --- 2 Mo 32000/-
IELTS --- - 8000/-
Spoken English --- - 35000/-
Immigration Consultant --- - 35000/-
Permanent Residency --- - 35000/-
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About Benchmark IELTS Coaching

Increased in value by numerous students and guardians alike, the quality training and unparalleled foundation is a portion of the purposes behind its prosperity Benchmark IELTS Coaching Chandigarh urges the students to anticipate the most pined for exams. We set up our students to part exams which are tricky and additionally difficult to clear. We have likewise made certainty among our understudies to exceed expectations in any sort of focused or school level examination by laying on the mainstays of magnificence, advancement and responsibility.

A prominent and experienced workforce, very dedicated care staff, thorough testing procedures, bolstered by all around looked into thinking about the material are the signs of the foundation. Each understudy has an aspiration. However, they do need to breeze through a few tests to get into the field they want. They require commitment and assurance towards their objective. It requires high scores to get into the field one needs to. The institute set up with the point of helping our hopefuls to satisfy their objective. We trust that their objective is our objective. The institute is enhanced with assets and gives learning to breaking all the vital exams that choose the destiny of an understudy. We energize understudies for the top to bottom realizing with the goal that they would have the capacity to investigate ideal favorable circumstances from the learning they have procured. We go for building a classroom where there is a trade and not just a workshop room where a monologue is driven. The mission is to propel the refined specialists to give real heading, directing the students to diminish the tangles and moreover go for accomplishing results by giving beneficial rules.

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Benchmark IELTS Coaching Reviews

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Pramod Image

Teachers are outstanding which is a great thing for around this coaching centre. If you are looking for a unique institute this is the best place for you.


So many institutes are their, everyone is giving coaching but I found home getting here around this institution but i got quality education here.

Khushi trivedi Image
Khushi trivedi

The curriculum is so much necessary raw material here in this environment of institute, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child thus this institute is really best for the exam preparation which is very amazing.

Sarita saroj Image
Sarita saroj

There is more focus on weaker students who have trouble for these exams, particularly in a competitive working environment. They are arranged with special classes.


If you want to join the right coaching institutes for these exams herein, for the same one this is the perfect one for the same thing in it.

Yash sharma Image
Yash sharma

Motivational sessions are there which are being conducted to improve the students performances for this unbelievable education. They provide proper guidelines to the students regarding the exam pattern , tricks to solve questions.

Love Image

Are you looking for something to solve all of your doubts regarding the Maths and physics problems Benchmark IELTS Coaching located in this city? Join this coaching institute which has had been always there in the coaching.

Harpreet singh Image
Harpreet singh

The course is structured and has a number of booklets to suit for this amazing environment it. The course is completed in time providing plenty of time to self-study.

Shikha Gupta Image
Shikha Gupta

It is very easy to communicate and clear our doubts in this perfect institute.

Varsha modanwal Image
Varsha modanwal

The personal mentoring of the coaching academy which has been great and which has had been there were also a great initiative for the coaching institution around the study ambience which has had been there.

Yash Sharma Image
Yash Sharma

Best place in the coaching institution here at this place over this area.

Rahul Kumar Image
Rahul Kumar

Teachers are outstanding at this centre of brilliance. If you are looking for a unique institute this is the best place for you.

Arun Kumar Image
Arun Kumar

The course fee is not that high as compared to the other Institutes which is brilliant and great. Other institutes are not affordable at all at right Benchmark IELTS Coaching herein.

prakash dagdurao zanje Image
Prakash dagdurao zanje

The coaching institution has been creating a timetable over at this place which helps the students to the peak and takes regular assessments are held and its better for this course.

Sadhika Chopra Image
Sadhika Chopra

I have a habit of asking too many questions and that too in the class for the purpose of these papers. The teachers are very brilliant which solve them for me taking no hassle.

Ashish Chandan Image
Ashish Chandan

My cousin told me about sir and his classes thankful to sir for his guidance great study culture hereat.

Ayushi Saini Image
Ayushi Saini

All the current affairs materials are up to date and the relevant information with respect to the examination are all given meticulously and precise inside Benchmark IELTS Coaching is great.

Puja Kumari Image
Puja Kumari

This coaching academy in this town is the fabulous institution for the students to clear all the concepts right from the beginning of the era in this great education background.

Imroz Tanweer Image
Imroz Tanweer

This coaching is amazing than the online or offline lectures you watch on the internet brilliant environment in this institution around.

Arjun yadav Image
Arjun yadav

Fruitful sessions are there which are by the very learned Benchmark IELTS Coaching has really great environment around and friendly faculty.

Tanishka Image

This foundation is the best spot to take up training for preparationfor these exam preparation institute. The workforce is profoundly qualified and keeps the students spurred.

Prashant kumar Image
Prashant kumar

I find it unique as it helps you to get your questions evaluated on a daily basisin Benchmark IELTS Coaching with good teachers around.

Anu Image

Their study material and practice question level is likewise sufficient. The expense charged is ostensible for the time being in this institute.

Kittu Image

It is the perfect blend of teachers and knowledge to achieve success for this brilliant academic centre.

Mohammad Adnan Image
Mohammad Adnan

This place is really awesome and teachers are too friendlyfor these exams for students .

Vikrant Yadav Image
Vikrant Yadav

Some teachers are very reluctant and they don’t put in much efforts as othersand this is a great thing at this great institute for this level.

Saumya Image

They give extremely cautious consideration on each understudy action for preparation of these exams.

Ravi Raj Image
Ravi Raj

It was a great experience at this institute for this centre at this coaching. Here you not only improve your personality, also it enhance your capability and help you to explore your multidimensional approach to any challenge so that you understands life which is a great stuff

Anamika Kumari Image
Anamika Kumari

It is a pioneer institute in the coaching and since its establishment, has imparted extensive coaching and assistance for the prelims, mains, and interviews in those examinations.

Harpreetjotsmann Image

Institute’s Daily mains answer writing is just an amazing working as a revolution for answer writing for these’ aspirants which is great about the institute .

ishant Image

Teachers are really helpful, they may not be able to address all your queries in class itself but outside the class they are really helpful round fare this coaching.

Navjot kaur Image
Navjot kaur

Choosing this institute to prepare for the exams which is good at this institute. It is one of the most difficult exams and the institute has helped me overcome my fear within this place.


Daily homework and regular copy checking improve a student Benchmark IELTS Coaching is great coaching for this exam and take out the best in them. Very good institute.

Chhavi Dabas Image
Chhavi Dabas

This institute is the best place to take up coaching for preparation for these types of exams here in this center. The faculty is highly qualified and keeps the students motivated.

Kriti Dhawan Image
Kriti Dhawan

The methods of the teaching, the assignments, and then the entire model of the courses has a manifest for the kind of hard work they put in to execute it in the coaching, in this town at herein this institute.

Amit Image

Excellent learning environment is there at the coaching institute. Outstanding Faculties coordination in large and management support in all the ways to excel the students which are brilliant and great inside Benchmark IELTS Coaching located in this city.

Arun Kumar Image
Arun Kumar

Mental stage of the students have had always rules your preparation which is brilliant and great. They pay emphasis on this inside Benchmark IELTS Coaching located in this city.

Nishant chaudhary Image
Nishant chaudhary

The concepts are taught with tricks helping us to solve them quickly being here this is a brilliant course institute.

Ravi kumar Image
Ravi kumar

Regular tests are conducted at the coaching institutes are conducted at this coaching institutes over at this place and its better. A time table of the coaching institute is provided with well in advance explaining the test schedule at the right time.

Sanjeev Image

The study material of the coaching is full of the important questions and its better and the concepts covering all the essential topics over at this place.

Som Sharma Image
Som Sharma

This was the best choice for this exams in these coachings, invest money and time for this exams in these coachings

Ambuj yadav Image
Ambuj yadav

The staff is highly experienced and have been in the business for last 20 years for this exams in these coachings, great coaching is this one.

Samta Sahni Image
Samta Sahni

The tests conduct help us to evaluate our position and efforts we need to further put for this exams in these coachings, great coaching is this one.

Uroosa Image

The concepts are taught with tricks helping us to solve them quickly for this exam in these coachings.

Ramesh kumar Image
Ramesh kumar

The institution clears the ways with its amazing faculty. They make sure that each student in every batch gets all the concepts completely and provide the right and updated study material, around these institutions.

Gunjan Image

The tests conduct help us to evaluate our position and efforts being here we need to further put this is a brilliant course institute.

Navin kumar Image
Navin kumar

There are online prep courses of the coaching institutes are very convenient and great grip and its better over at this place.

Pranjal Rayasing Patil Image
Pranjal Rayasing Patil

Choosing this institute to prepare for the exams this is a brilliant course institute. It is one of the most difficult exams and the institute has helped me overcome my fear being here.

bani singh meena Image
Bani singh meena

Good and Dedicated teachers which is a great thing around this coachng centre. The total experience was good and fruitful. I was with them for four months, the course really helped me to reach my optimum.

Radhika kumar Image
Radhika kumar

I like their test series and coaching it help me to cover up all syllabus in time along with depth which is a great thing dedicated teachers who believe in strengthening students fundamentals around this coachng centre.

Ramanpreet Kaur Image
Ramanpreet Kaur

Doubt centre is what really distinct this centre over this area hereat. Make my studies a lot better as well as the test series in this coaching over here

Kasim Image

This exam is the way if you looking to pursue courses over here. And this coaching centre will truly give you all the right tools over this area hereat to crack this exam

Rahul Image

According to me, revision exercises are as important as teaching faculty over this area hereat. You will find a great doubt centre here and the teaching over this area hereat is also good at this place over here.

Ravindar Singh rana Image
Ravindar Singh rana

Rich studies full of practical exposure over this area hereat for your preparation in this coaching over here. Also great interview preparations are done here over this coachingcentre

Shubhangi middha Image
Shubhangi middha

This coaching really gives you an edge. Your calculations are improved manifold. Learn shortcuts and tips to get a fast calculation. Over this Great coaching Institute over this area hereat.


Excellent place for the coaching competitive exams are tfor these couple of exams for these couple of exams. Dedicated mentorship with solid results.Best to recommend for all category students aspiring to get through the exams.

Hardeep Singh Image
Hardeep Singh

The Best Coaching. They have cleared all my doubts on timely basis extremely pleased to have joined this classes brilliant study culture by this institute.

Sunita Image

The infrastructure of the coaching has been excellent and teaching methodology is very good and above all you get the best faculty present at Benchmark IELTS Coaching around this city.

Shivam patidar Image
Shivam patidar

There are Regular tests which inside this amazingly great institute are conducted and the analysis would be provided on a weekly basis in the institute.

shubham Mahindrakar Image
Shubham Mahindrakar

The institute gives Boot Camps which gives the students inside and out examination of their qualities and shortcomings and then casts sessions in order to set up the students effectively for this exams in these coaching.

Yukta plaha Image
Yukta plaha

The teachers are like the wizard in here, they know how it works. They love their jobs of groing us inside this institution.

Pranav H M Image
Pranav H M

Super batch of this coaching institute and its good of course helps us to cover all the sections, increase your speed and accuracy... Kudos to the one who created this concept.

Shashwat garhwal Image
Shashwat garhwal

The test material is up to date and also a yearly revised with this place .

Akash Image

Most question I.e. practice or mock tests are very similarity that of previous year paper exams you are looking for.

Lokesh kumar yadav Image
Lokesh kumar yadav

The Academy is the place where they Faculty work on the concepts of students instead of getting learnt around this centre herein.

Anmol Thakur Image
Anmol Thakur

A lot of the mock tests was conducted which made us feel for these couple of exams that the final exam was just a piece of cake.

Ghan shyam khanna Image
Ghan shyam khanna

The method of the teaching is very good as well as they provide enough time to solve related problems under each topics for these couple of exams.

Viki khandare Image
Viki khandare

Thanks a lot for being with us and then clarifying each and every small doubt for these couple of exams. Best shortcuts to solve the problems are provided in the concepts.

Sam Joseph Image
Sam Joseph

Useful for the time spent during course duration for these couple of exams. Materials were very useful for various perspectives for approaching problems.

Rohit Raj Image
Rohit Raj

Sometimes classes here are exhaustive when they want to finish some topic of the syllabus, no doubts faculty is awesome for this kind of exams hereat.

Jitender singh Image
Jitender singh

The foundation gives great study material for this kind of exams hereat. The educators are extremely useful and experienced. It has an extraordinary domain. Their examination material is brimming with vital inquiries and ideas covering every single basic subject.

Nirav choudhary Image
Nirav choudhary

The coaching institution over at this place has been the best of the mentor for me in terms of education and the lifestyle and its better.

Deepak Kumar maurya Image
Deepak Kumar maurya

The coaching has been starting over at this place with the basic formulas and then it has been taking off with the other topics and its better.

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