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Aran Institutes Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
B.Com --- - 35000/-
CA --- - 25000/-
CS --- - 35000/-
BBA --- - 35000/- --- - 35000/-
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About Aran Institutes

Aran Institutes in Sector 35-C, Chandigarh is a distinctive supervision institute for commerce stream students. It is a master in providing students with valuable education guidance. It has helped students overtime to do well in their studies and get them to a better place in their career. It is enriched with a good faculty and infrastructure which provides the students the environment they need for the proper inculcation of quality education.

The various courses offered by them include:

1. Commerce (11th&12th): This course includes educating undergraduate students to perform well in their studies and secure a good grade.

2. CA and CS: They also provide the course for preparation for qualifying CA and CS examinations.

3. and This course includes helping graduate and post-graduate level students to perform well in their studies.

4. MBA: This course is for the students who want to prepare for MBA entrances such as CAT, XAT, IIFT etc.

For availing the courses you can visit the place or give it a ring.

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Aran Institutes Reviews

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Astha kalra Image
Astha kalra

I think that I get excited every single day thinking about the coaching I would take, because it is helping me a lothere inside this institute.

Sahil Milind More Image
Sahil Milind More

They have best infrastructure with world class rooms in here being. Which makes it even better to concentrate and study hard.

Shreya Malhotra Image
Shreya Malhotra

I was baffled about my calling choices in those examinations. This establishment has provided me guidance and spurred me in satisfying my objectives.

Niyaz Image

The infrastructure is excellent and teaching methodology is very good and above all that you get the best faculty in around Aran Institutes always. .


Mental stage of the students have had always rules your preparation which is brilliant and great. They pay emphasis on this for Aran Institutes which is a great coaching.

ajay kumar Image
Ajay kumar

Missing the one of the best even a single class of the coaching institutes could cost a lot great things around being here. Their online prep courses are useful and extraordinary. The staff is significantly experienced and has been in the business for the latest 20 years.


The coaching institute is way too brilliant inside this great study culture. This is because of the study environment inside this great study culture.

Sandeep Image

They conduct tests which improved my speed of question solving around this coaching place.

Deepanshi Image

Best of the place to take up the coaching institute which has been great to for the preparation which is a brilliant thing with this place.

Nikita Dhoundiyal Image
Nikita Dhoundiyal

The test series of this coaching is the coaching institute brilliant in terms of the variety of questions offered for these exams herein.

Kanika Image

Every colleague endeavors to the accomplishment of the being of the zenith of magnificence in his/her circle of work and pass on their skill over the association in the coaching institution for these strategical exams.

Sanika Sanjay Sarode Image
Sanika Sanjay Sarode

Everyone here in this coaching has been Well qualified staffAran Institutes the best coaching indeed who are pretty aware of how to teach all the subjects in an organised way.

Prateek Image

I believe that this coaching is one of the best coaching institutes in this town for many many reasons like the test series and the doubt counters this coaching is good for this.

Anugrah Mishra Image
Anugrah Mishra

They have a substitute vision for the hopefulsfor the centre of this coaching. They have uncommonly. Fitting and clear ventures under their thriving rate.


Best faculty members do not only teach you but they guide you, motivate you which is great about this institute, help you, ask you and advice you.

Aman Yadav Image
Aman Yadav

The coaching centre has been providing efficient and complete support including exam-oriented teaching, time-saving tricks and then been in there shortcuts, quality study material and more over here in this coaching, this is a as in this exam here.

Surender bijarniya Image
Surender bijarniya

The study environment is greatat this level in the institute and this is a great thing. Students are very motivated and teachers are very experienced which is a great thing.


I discovered one of best resources in classesfor the time being in this institute. Material is fantastic. Whatever they train you in classes is adequate to comprehend the idea.

Madhu sahu Image
Madhu sahu

There are great requirement of the officialswith this coaching here aroundand this coaching make the students who enter, the same officials which are running across the nation at here.

Harshit Singh Image
Harshit Singh

This institute is a one-stop solution for the issues identified for the examination for the sameAran Institutes has a good studying aura.

Aashish bharti Image
Aashish bharti

The material is taking certain important topics Aran Institutes has a good studying aura. Expect to understand it better much. Though the faculty takes out extra time to explain things better.

Neelam jadon Image
Neelam jadon

Ethics for being here at this instituteis a very scoring subjectfor being here at this institute. and it really demands proper attention.The faculty trains us for it.

Gopal LAL Faldoliya Image
Gopal LAL Faldoliya

Brilliant faculty is there at this coaching institution. Very supportive and knowledgeable. Always solved my queries and problems, right institute for the beginners. It's the best anyone could get in there at the academy.

Ashish Sharma Image
Ashish Sharma

The centre has given us education in a great way around this educational institution hereat. you can comprehend everything effectively as they instruct traps to tackle the inquiries .

Shatvik Mishra Image
Shatvik Mishra

With the help of the coaching institution, one could cover whole of the syllabus through writing daily in between the 3 months and then could repeat the same as the practice of the 4 times an year which the different types of the questions in the coaching academy here for this exam in the city which has been great.

Himani Mittal Image
Himani Mittal

If you are searching for these papers’ preparation then you should go for this institutefor this education aura here, the way of teaching of their faculties are enough for the preparation

Nitin Yadav Image
Nitin Yadav

They have had provided the books for the betterment of the results which is brilliant and greatfor Aran Institutes the best one here. Each booklet is full of content in format similar to the question papers . This prepares students for the exam.

Neeraj Image

Instructors are very helpful, they will in all probability address all of your request in class itself Aran Institutes.

Parveen Image

If you get selected in tier 1 and you have a financial probem in this place, then the coaching is willing to offer you discount with the tier 2 and then for the other subsequent stages.

kanika Image

They ensure that you start studying with a strategy which is a great thing being here. Unorganised study leads to wastage of time and money.

Dr sohail Image
Dr sohail

Polices of this exams’ coaching centre is very progressive. Everything is systematic. Proper infrastructure facilities at Aran Institutes.

Navjot Image

The coaching institute has provided the students with all the updates regarding the exams and train accordingly for these exams at Aran Institutes.

roohi Image

The staff of the coaching institute is very helpful at Aran Institutes, experienced and robust for these exams.

Bawanjot singh Image
Bawanjot singh

The coaching institute is really good for the students, who work hard and are passionate for these exams at Aran Institutes.

Sourabh Image

I was quite a really happy and then satisfied with my experience and would highly recommend joining it for these exams at this place.

Palak Image

I fee that the teachers of this coaching are perfect in this institution at Aran Institutes. The teachers are really very helpful.

Raj saxena Image
Raj saxena

If you wish to study in the real in this coaching academy, this is the one at Aran Institutes.

phool  singh Image
Phool singh

If you come across any kind of the difficulty in this coaching academy at Aran Institutes, this coaching institute would do so in no time. I believe that this coaching is the best out of every other coaching present around.

Seema Rawat Image
Seema Rawat

I have been taking coaching since the 6th class but this coaching at Aran Institutes is the best for the high school foundation in this coaching academy.

Parul Image

The part of things which we have understood are really very much of the brilliant stuff in here in this coaching academy at Aran Institutes.

Harshit Image

The test series is also very famous amongst aspirants Aran Institutes, notorious for being extremely tough and challenging in this coaching institution.


Excellent personal attention has been given in the classes for these exams with integrated test series. Test series are based on the actual exam pattern providing an insight to the students of the academy.

Swathi Image

They give an unprecedented getting ready on ethics before the mains test which is just required or we can say like one should endeavour a kind of classes to be visited Aran Institutes.

Priyal tiwari Image
Priyal tiwari

I use to feel preparing for focused tests would be troublesome at this place. The staff helped me beat my dread.

ankit Image

The Organisation grooms and sets you up for the trickiest solicitation and social occasions as well in this coaching institution at this place.

geetanjli sharma Image
Geetanjli sharma

I guess that you should be sincere and leave everything else to tis coaching in terms of the coaching in these types of exams at his place.

Babita Image

The study material is completely original here at the coaching istitute.

ramakant Image

Preparing for the exams, choose the best coaching institute where at the coaching istitute you will find good stuff to study. The faculty here at the coaching istitute is experienced and cooperative.

Jaspreet singh Image
Jaspreet singh

The test series of the coaching institute was planned every month in a way such that to help the students and the results of the tests were supposed to be out on the website at the student corner of the website here in this academic institution.

Niraj sah Image
Niraj sah

The teaching here is totally based on practical life here in this academic institution. It has a great teaching team that teaches well to every individual.

Amritpal kaur Image
Amritpal kaur

The institute has long distinguished for the best preparatory course here in this academic institution and results for various entrance examinations.

Deendayal Dhakar Image
Deendayal Dhakar

Good environment in the classroom as well as in the study room. They also provide a video library for the student so that if a student misses their class then he can learn from that video library and clear their doubts here in this academic institution.

Mahipal Nahata Image
Mahipal Nahata

The centre was good, classes were big enough and infrastructure is good for these kind of exams in Aran Institutes around here.


The teachers present at the coaching institute inside this amazingly great institute are highly experienced.

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