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About Anil Narula Ias Study Centre

Anil Narula IAS Study Centre, located in sector 38D, Chandigarh, is the top institute which provides excellent coaching not only for IAS, PCS, HCS, HAS etc. but also for judicial services. The team is fully devoted to students with full dedication, sincerity and honesty. The faculty has the experience of teaching civil services and judicial services aspirants for more than 8 years. More than 200 toppers have taken expert guidance from here in these years and are serving the nation. Guidance for civil services is provided on all the three levels i.e. Pre, main and interview. Rigorous tests, up to date printed materials, highly innovative techniques developed by the teachers, regular motivation sessions, special problem-solving sessions, keeping pace with the recent trends of the exams etc. are the hallmarks of the institute. The institute doesn't bombard students with superficial & unnecessary facts, notes & books but guides them to read quality books & encourage them to apply common sense and find creative ideas to interlink the concepts with the contemporary issues to develop their analytic skills. The fee structure of Anil Narula IAS Academy is affordable, economical and reasonable. You can find the fee structure of Anil NarulaIAS academy above this article in the fee structure of Anil Narula IAS academy section.
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Anil Narula Ias Study Centre Reviews

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Sandeep Mehar Image
Sandeep Mehar

Great association for THE EXAM prep. Qualified staff and incredible results made every year which is something brilliant about this coaching.

Rajan Image

I think that I am here with the best coaching ever possible for someone preparing, probably the best coaching for those exams which you are preparing for these exams which has had been provided in this coaching academy over this place

om tewari Image
Om tewari

There are many exams which are same as the exams I am preparing for, exams which we students can think can give with the help of this coaching institution which has had been there in this coaching probably the best coaching for those exams which you are preparing

Divya Image

16. Doubt clearing sessions with this Anil Narula Ias Study Centre here are the best of the kind.

Harry Sahota Image
Harry Sahota

34. Personal attention to each of the student is required during the classes and it the coaching adds up a personal touch of flair to the methodology and inspires them to work even harder with this Anil Narula Ias Study Centre here

Harsh Image

1. The faculty of this coaching institute is basically nice, as some teachers are perhaps the best I’ve ever seen, while a few others are average at the pointwhich is something brilliant about this coaching.

ZkQJcbdDEGiRMUhz Image

1. This coaching institute has had always been very excellent which has been great in providing education in the field of completion.For these courses in this convenient coaching.

Rakesh singh Image
Rakesh singh

46. I found it really hard to settle the request, the educators never surrendered me, they affected me to fathom the formulas and traps to disentangle the requestfor these exams for these courses.

Kashika Duvedi Image
Kashika Duvedi

There are great requirement of the officialswhich for these exams for these coursesand this coaching make the students who enter, the same officials which are running across the nation at here

Shristi sharma Image
Shristi sharma

1. The faculty of the coaching institute has been ready to support you round the clock. The labs are well equipped with proper number of computers in working condition for these examsin this examination in here.

Nikhil Image

1. Reasoning ability was my favourite session in the coaching institute and its good. We were provided with a workbook and solved problems under various categories. It was a little complex yet fun.

Lovejeet singh Image
Lovejeet singh

1. The coaching is really too good and I recommend that if you wish success and results, then you must try to get admitted in to make a bright futureand its good!

Pooja Yadav Image
Pooja Yadav

 It has had been amazing which has had been there on how they are so good at prioritising the syllabus for their students which makes it very easy for us to get visibly better results in the mock tests inside this amazing institute.

yuvraj Image

The staff of the coaching institute as in for these exams gives mock test papers that help us to comprehend the example of question paperas in for these exams.

Kuanl Santosh Ransing Image
Kuanl Santosh Ransing

The study environment of the coaching is really very greathere at this academic centre. Students are very motivated and teachers are very experienced.

Meena Image

The curriculum is continuously reviewed, revised, and updated to keep it on the same level as the current exam patterns in hereat at Anil Narula Ias Study Centre in this city.

Vishvendra singh dagur Image
Vishvendra singh dagur

I was never the brightest when it came to education. But the involvement of teachers and staff here helped me alot in clearing the exams here at this academic centre.

Ritu Image

76. Individual thought was given to each and standard appraisal for this exam over this centre was done at the center and signifying the concentrations to be improved.

Anil Narula Image
Anil Narula

Best IAS Coaching Centre in Chandigarh

Gurpreet Image
Gurpreet Verified

Overall institute is good,study material is good,faculty is best,good environment.

Dffdddf Image

Teachers are outstanding in here. If you are looking for a unique institute this is the best place for you.

deepak Image

It is the best coaching rather than any other coaching. They have very high skilled teachers in here.

Divya Image

The institute has made a speciality brand by marinating a little cluster measure and focusing on a profoundly focussed study routine to increase top outcomes and this is a great coaching.

karamjeet singh Image
Karamjeet singh

All the charges structures, their highlights have been clarified legitimately. I have as of late joined the Test arrangement from the App on the web and this is a great coaching.

Mukesh pal Image
Mukesh pal

The classes are sorted out and they deal with the students great while serving them at the cost they charge and this is a great coaching.

Rana Image

In this foundation, the classes are sorted out to deal with the students successfully, and they additionally convey a decent incentive for cash and this is a great coaching.

Md Sadique Image
Md Sadique

The training plan contrasts as indicated by the cluster you pick and this is a great coaching and differs from 4 months to 14 months.

priyanka Image

Best spot to take up training for preparation this is a brilliant institute. The workforce is exceedingly qualified and keeps nature inducing.

Maneet Image

This association gives theoretical learning just as trains for social occasion talks, interviews. The establishment has an incredible arranged course structure this is an amazing coaching.

Shilpy Image

The educators are even of the accessible to answer your worries through messages of the coaching they have done an amazing job.

Anmol sharma Image
Anmol sharma

The establishment has skilled resources that has had enabled the understudy to even in the instances of any minor uncertainty they have done an amazing job

priyanka.tuli Image

I believe that I am on the best part of my life taking the coaching from here at this point of the institute which has had been around that rate for the same time which is a brilliant thing for it.

Shivani Image

When you are out of the coaching all you do is study concentrately in this coaching institute which is a brilliant thing for it has had been at the same time of the same one. This is what this coaching do to you at the same time on the coaching institute at the same time of the coaching.

loveveer Image

It is the place where you can learn and then the train your brain which has had been to the best then you could learn something from the experience so then it's the best place where I am sending my child to this coaching academy.

Khushbu Image

The best part of being in here is that the mains exams preparation go to the point where it could have been great on the peak being substituted in here.

shagun Image

I guess that this coaching is the best coaching academy which has had been really brillaint in town for many of the reason for one being that your personality is groomed here.

Angrej singh Image
Angrej singh

The teachers of this coaching academy has had been really very intelligent. The way of teaching is incredibly amazing in here at this coaching.

shishupal singh Image
Shishupal singh

The coaching institute is great sign of the mentorship by offering the students the best they can do. I believe that on their part this is the best thing that they can offer to us really.

Daljeet kaur Image
Daljeet kaur

The coaching institute provides us with the daily cut out of the newspapers consisting of the important news.

Manpreet singh Image
Manpreet singh

Ethics for the UPSC Exam is being there with a very scoring subject in the IAS coaching institution. And then it being really demands proper attention in the coaching institution. The faculty trains the students of the coaching institution for the exam in there.

Priyanshu Image

This has had been there, where one can get the solution for all the stuff in the coaching institute. For the concepts, you could get the concept building classes, for the answer writing presentation and then the time management one could get daily writing workshops and then the steps answer writing.

Swarn Image

The darkest days of the preparation of IAS can come with you not understanding what’s been taught in the coaching. This one would do it all. All the things would be served on the desk and you would have to understand it sincerely.

Akshay Image

An affordable coaching which gives you everything you ask for. The price tag of the coaching institution is a way too less than the quality of the education being provided.

krishna Image

I would suggest that you do whatever you see and how far your path is visible, after that the road would be cleared again. If not, then theis coaching would give you the best of the advice.

Alka Image

. They have had the best of the most experienced group in there. The workforce gives appropriate consideration towards every understudy and causes them in trouble.

Purnima Image

Personal attention has to be given to each of the student during the classes which has been adding a touch of the flair to the methodology and the inspires them to work even harder at the coaching institution.

Tanya Image

This coaching institution has had been a really great place for the learning in there. People are supportive here and positivity in the environment. You can make it as a first choice for career counselling and the learning.

Naveen Kumar Image
Naveen Kumar

The best part of the coaching institutions have had been that I can come in here any day of the week for self-study, mock test or for books from its in-house library in the coaching institution has had been always there.

paras Image

Each and every of the teacher of the coaching would give you ample amount of time and help you with the each and every query however trivial it maybe in the coaching.

Suman Image

IAS preparation has had been turned out very very well for me since I have had done the coaching through sincerely in this coaching institution. This is what I have got with the help of this coaching institute in here.

Piyush Image

This place has had been in the coaching academy motivated me to the pitch to work harder every day.

Pankaj Image

Some teachers in the coaching academy are very reluctant. They don’t put in much of the efforts as the others

Akshiti Image

This place at the coaching institution has had been motivated me to work harder every day in the coaching.

Himani Image

Regular tests of the institution has had been of the conducted at the institute. A time table is provided well in advance explaining the test schedule.

Jainis Thaper Image
Jainis Thaper

The coaching academy teachers are fully responsible about the students of the coaching.

Daman Image

Some teachers of this institute are very reluctant and they don’t put in much efforts as others in the coaching institution in here at the institute.

Asmita Image

This coaching institution has placed a special grit in my heart and has motivated me to work harder every day. The study material of the coaching is well created and the concepts are very well explained at the coaching.

esha arora Image
Esha arora Verified

Good experience overall was good faculty specially geography lecture too good teach by anil sir but political subject teacher teach us very fast cant understandable, provided daily notes and current affairs and indivdual attention each students .

gurinder Image
Gurinder Verified

Co-operative and faculties, they are the best. They are very much cooperative , provide all notes and current affairs, solve all topics in classroom.

hitesh Image
Hitesh Verified

Excellent & High qualified team of faculties, tea , good environment, sufficient books mater given and doubt clear by teachers any time.

Ridham Singla Image
Ridham Singla

Regular tests are conducted at the coaching institutes are conducted at this coaching institutes. A time table of the coaching institute is provided with well in advance explaining the test schedule at the right time.

prerna Image

This place has been motivating me very much to the pitch to work harder every day.

R.S Shakya Image
R.S Shakya

Their study material of the coaching institution is being stacked with the best strategies, systems, and considerations. The establishment gives an all-out study.

divya kaur Image
Divya kaur

I was really really baffled about my calling of thechoices. This establishment has provided me guidance and spurred me in satisfying my objectives

mukesh Image

They have had been conduct workshops and seminars regularly to boost the students with their preparations.

hukam singh Image
Hukam singh

It has been kept adapting and maintains a check on the performance of teachers through yearly reviews of the coaching institution.

Gurpreet Image
Gurpreet Verified

The teachers here are very experiencing and supporting, clear the concept through video presentation video, giving us sufficient books material and notes, small-batch strength solving each doubt of students but poor infrastructure, the chair is not comfortable.

Ankita thakur Image
Ankita thakur Verified

The best coaching centre experienced faculty properly given notes and test, great Environment which benefits to consistently in the study and all doubts are clear in doubt session.


It is the best institute, faculties are expected and friendly nature, all doubts are clear by the teacher but the issue on low staff and sufficient notes given to us.

Radha Image
Radha Verified

Faculties are best and well-motivated specially anil sir good teach us atlas world map and political surbhi mam elaborate each topic sharply, The issues and concerns which I've raised earlier have been resolved with immediate effect, given us booklet own notes/ current affairs, and focus on conceptual knowledge and doubts clear after the clear.

sakshi Image

The coaching institute is very good preparation for competitive exam. The administration has put in lot of efforts to build an institute with such great knowledge, positivity and experience.

Roma baweja Image
Roma baweja

Their branches of the coaching institutes are situated in the major cities in India. It is the best way for getting prepared for IAS exam. They provide best faculty for difficult exam and provides motivation.

Vishal Image

At this point the coaching institute and the teachers come fully prepared with the course structure. The structure is explained properly in the class .The coursework is throughly discussed with the students which makes the study process clear.

aditi aharma Image
Aditi aharma

Missing even a single lecture have had been can cost a lot. Their online prep courses are very convenient and good. The staffs of the coaching institute is highly experienced and the have been in the business for last 20 years.

chaman lal Image
Chaman lal

The coaching institute provides very very good study material. The teachers of the coaching institute are very very helpful and experienced. It has a great environment. Their study material is full of important questions and concepts covering all essential topics.

Naman Image

Each and every of the instructor would give you abundant measure of time and help you with the every single doubt of the coaching institute.

Rekha Image

The educator is dedicated in addition to she is sweet to every one of the students. She causes every one of the students to then the clear their ideas in maths and science.

Reeta Kumari Image
Reeta Kumari

The entire coaching staff is well-prepared and very much associated with every student which makes studying a great deal of fun. I would prescribe you to join here most assuredly.

Reeti Image

The best piece of the institute are the tutors, who are the ideal mixture of polished methodology and sincerity.

anjali Image

The framework is great and instructing resources are all around experienced.

mukul Image

They give study material and ordinary exercise test papers. Refreshed current affairs are given month to month.

AnandDhiman Image

Each and every instructor would give you abundant measure of time and help you with the every single doubt.

Sanjeev Sharma Image
Sanjeev Sharma

Have Had an amazing experience with the faculty.

Th th Image
Th th

Teachers of the are very helpful & cooperative as well, though the size of classrooms are not as bigger as any other institute but you would get personal interaction of the faculties.

Aditya kanwar Image
Aditya kanwar

I pride myself at my decision for having joined the academy. The institution has produced a number of successful candidates. I hope that my name will join the list of the coaching institute.


Teachers are well experienced and care take of proper content of IAS preparation of the coaching institute.

nehawalia Image

Superb individual consideration classes with incorporated test arrangement. Test arrangement depend on the real test example giving a knowledge to the students.

Rohit Image

It has given us enough study material so we can autonomously get ready from our own for the doorways.

Vidit Image

This institute uses our valuable time in an extremely noteworthy way. They esteem the endeavors put in by the students.

Yuvraj Verma Image
Yuvraj Verma

They guide us how to crack questions in minimum time with the shortcut techniques and concept strategies.

geetanshu Image

Each and every teacher would give you ample amount of time and help you with the each and every query however trivial it maybe.

Dr Ranvir Singh Image
Dr Ranvir Singh

They literally pay attention on each and every student. Its a close knit communication so you can walk in anytime, get appointments anytime, get your doubts cleared or just sit to strategise, and even if you don’t, they will.

Pranshu Image

Astounding an individual thought classes with joined test plan of the coaching institute. Test plan relies upon the certifiable test configuration giving a comprehension to the students of the coaching.

chandan Image

Best civil service coaching. Public Administration and General Studies both are par excellence. Csat is good enough.

vishal ghai Image
Vishal ghai

The Academy provides frequent interactions in between the candidates and the former students who have cleared the IAS exam successfully. I find it a highly motivating exercise.

Sonia Image

It's a well managed branch and the admin staff is very cooperative. Good faculty members! They're helpful when doubts need to be cleared.

Jagdeep Singh Image
Jagdeep Singh

The instructors are exceptionally steady and they realise very well how to cause one to comprehend the theme .

munish sahni Image
Munish sahni

It is one of the best institute in chandigarh region and only and only single institute who provide weekend coaching..I am highly thankful to anil sir who made geography easy for me , he is one of the best teacher who have all the qualitites to tackle students with best solution of every problems ....staffs and other teachers are also very coperative ...

Sourabh Singh Image
Sourabh Singh

This institute takes care about the weak students like me and supports them all the way through. What attracted me the most is that every teacher tries to motivate students to do more, so that students can clear IAS.

kartar thakr Image
Kartar thakr

If you really want to go for the ias this institute is it. They have a brilliant study environment and facilities. The notes are okay and the teachers are also expert in their field. Overall tghis institute is great. You can go for it.

pradeep sharma Image
Pradeep sharma

It is great institute for upsc and pcs , i m really impressed online test series

Tarun kapoor Image
Tarun kapoor

Good one institute.. Proper noted are given by teachers but not satisfied by this institue. Teachers do not clr any topic as per students requirements

Tarun kapoor Image
Tarun kapoor

Best one institute of chandigarh... Teachers are also vry good n hard working.they give proper review about any topic

vijay Image

Absolute wastage of money and time n almost all study centre provide you a truck load of printed materials in order to make you satisfy for the money you have paid which one cant even read in one year

ajit jain Image
Ajit jain

Proper conducted moke test Weekly which i found to be the best part of the center of study Beacz trachers there are well educated n has a good transformation skill

neha sharma Image
Neha sharma

Classic and core programs It offers variety of moke test throughout the year every week Which makes a student preapare well for his exam

Meenu Image

In order to achieve the objective right person placed for the right job and work is divided among the people in order to get specialisation in that work.

Pooja chahal Image
Pooja chahal

Goals are acheived as set up by the institution. Pay scale is satisfied. And manging staff is quite good.

Sushma manchanda Image
Sushma manchanda

Infrasture is satisfied facilities are quit good Highly qualified personnel Discipline are maintained Better relation between superior and subordinate

Bharat khanna Image
Bharat khanna

Study material are bit tough but teachers are very good and well spoken I have a bit problem with notes they do not provide good notes which is a big issue They need to set up their study material first

Pardeep Image

Best institute in chandigarh optional subject are very good Soothing n peaceful environment Respectful teachers Good study material

Avinash mishra Image
Avinash mishra

Soothing environment for study i like studying there speacilly the students they are very talanted Those who want to study IAS must go for anil narula IAS INSTITUTE

gunu manchandna Image
Gunu manchandna

Best centre of IAS study I ever experience Faculty are very helpful In all cases Success of this institution is at high peak Must join for IAS Purpose

nitish garg Image
Nitish garg

Best ever institute i have seen. Staff completly helpful in all case. I m pass out student n the most imp thing director of this instituteinstitute mr anil narula is the best ever teacher . he guide u in all ascpect as allrounder. So without any confusion join this inatitute n make ur life on better track

utkarsh bansal Image
Utkarsh bansal

Its a good institute.. teachers are fine... Study material and notes is a bit tough.. tough to understand but explained well

deepti dadhwal Image
Deepti dadhwal

Very comprehensive notes. Great classroom teaching.

vipul jain Image
Vipul jain

Institute gives consummation in every respect , and subject . just need to go by the way

Anshul Singh Kaushal Image
Anshul Singh Kaushal

Best coaching institute for geo optional subject in chandigarh..

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