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AM Classes Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
JEE MAINS (MATHS) --- 3 Da 55000/-
JEE ADVANCED (Maths) --- 3 Da 55000/-
JEE( Mains + Advanced + Maths ) --- - 35000/-

About AM Classes

AM Classes in Sector 38-A, Chandigarh is the perfect coaching institute for the students who want to achieve a good place in their career or studies. It offers experienced faculty with good infrastructure to provide students with the best to direct their future. Besides just offering coaching it also provides industrial training courses.

The courses offered here are as follows:

1. Maths, Science (9th and 10th Class) (Joint Entrance Examination Mains (JEE Main)): This includes the preparation for the fundamentals of JEE mains as well as the course of the high-school level.

2. Maths (11th and 12th Class) (Joint Entrance Examination Advanced (JEE Advanced)): This course offers the intermediate level students to prepare for their boards as well as engineering entrance side by side.

3. C (Industrial training courses for Computer Science students): This is students who want a boost in their CV with industrial training in C language.

4. C++ (Industrial training courses for Computer Science students): This is another industrial training course in C++ students. 

5. B.Tech and BCA (All Subjects) (Industrial training courses for Computer Science students): This course offers guidance to Btech and BCA students for their course and studies.

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AM Classes Reviews

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There are separate doubt counter for the students for solving doubts by the teachers of the coaching institution and then the coaching institutes have had always been in there in the coaching institute in this examination in here

Sonia Image

The academy in here gives that the additional push of the institute, the additional inspiration to exceed expectations. Aside from concentrates the guiding, the free arrangement tips exams preparing for , adored the entire experience. Extraordinary spot!

Shivansh Image

Great workforce is there at the coaching institute exams preparing for . Figured out on how to settle by utilizing better strategies. Incredible test arrangement. Totally plans for the test.

Hemant Bhukhar Image
Hemant Bhukhar

I have had an enhancing background with them up until this point in there exams preparing for . They're are the best in the market as far as the study material, workforce and the study hall condition.

Ajay sharma Image
Ajay sharma

I picked this organization since it structures their very own examination material to take into account for these kinda exams hereat for their very own encouraging philosophy and the study material is extremely useful.

Gurpreet Singh Image
Gurpreet Singh

It is the best foundation to get ready for the test with reasonable charge structure here at this academic centre. This foundation has the most stunning staff.

Vandana Image

I've had also been a part of this coaching year ago in this examination in here and I guess that all of them have had been amazing at that part of it.

Monika Image

There are many of the Orientation sessions are also organized in which they told what strategies in this examination in here you would make and what you have done to get sure success in the coaching institution.

Anuj jangir Image
Anuj jangir

The coaching academy is proving that everything is possible out there if you follow the guidance of the teachers in this examination in here.

Gurkirat singh Image
Gurkirat singh

The study material which has been provided by the coaching institution is at all of coaching institutes itself which has had been there at the time of the coaching institutes which have been around in this examination in here

Khushi Tripathi Image
Khushi Tripathi

They have had been skilled experts to guide the students who are about to choose their future great and brilliant institute here.

Hemendra Image

The coaching has had an excellent coaching material in this examination in here which is provided to all our students, which has had been serving which has been great as the supplement to the classroom teaching and then enabling for the students to keep in touch with what has had been being taught in the class and then practice questions in which it was there.

Roshan jha Image
Roshan jha

The problems which have been occurring in there is that the coaching institute has been facing and which has been great then tests which are really certainly the best and then has had given you a very good exposure in there in this examination in here

Sonal Image

All the other study material, books for the various subjects, and the other material which is being provided for these exams for these courses institutefor these exams for these courses at this time.

Samrat vikas Image
Samrat vikas

This coaching institution plays a very huge role in the field of the banking and the other sectors of the examination related to for these exams for these courses.

Vishal Singh Image
Vishal Singh

There are many of the multiple ways to get through in there of the for these exams for these courses. The questions are tricky and the teachers guide us so that our time could be saved in the exam.

Abhishek Kumar Image
Abhishek Kumar

This coaching institute has been really worth for the value your money and career and that’s just brilliantfor these exams for these courses.


Overall the short notes of the centre help a lot to remember things in a limited capacity to focus time into here. They have traps that assistance to take care of the issue rapidly.

devendra kumar Image
Devendra kumar

This centre comprises of good educators and very much characterized staffs and they can ready to convey the ideas plainly into here.

Kanchan kumari Image
Kanchan kumari

The students are updated about the daily things which have been happeningaround this study culture all around the earth. Due to this they get to know about more.

Payal Image

According to me this coaching is the best one which I think I could find in the nearby areas and the same of taking the coaching at the same time of being present here at this institution inside this institution which is great.

rajan kumar Image
Rajan kumar

One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers great institution for this, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings this institute is too good.

Juhi Image

The coaching institution has been conducting the tests through which are improving my speed of question solving is really greatfor this great culture hereacademy.

Ankit Image

A great thing which I have noticed is that the staff of the coaching has been really such great at their jobfor around this institution. Nature of receptionist is so impressive that she helps us with everything we want.

Sanjana singh Image
Sanjana singh

Everything which has had changed since I have had joined this institute with here in this place. Easy study material is there, regular test series have motivated to score well and take interest in studies.

Anamika dubey Image
Anamika dubey

A best to to learn and sharpen your mind inside the institution. Tutors here are flawlessly trained as per your need. Highly recommended.

Akshar raj Image
Akshar raj

Great Institute with all the right tools for selectionfor these types of courses. Also a very good interview preparation is done here

Ajit Dhebe Image
Ajit Dhebe

The idea of the bargaining the inquiry is fantastic and gives visual and sound association both inside this institution hereat. Furthermore, we can ready to especially refreshed about the present status in the field of the rivalry.

Raj Chitosiya Image
Raj Chitosiya

Over all the classes are good we have to do more things about it AM Classes the best coaching indeed.

Sudarshan bagwale Image
Sudarshan bagwale

This centre has given us enough study material so we can autonomously plan to study from our own for different and the tests over this place into here.

Naitik Image

They have had regular tests and video-based update classes for the candidates in this brilliant coaching institution for the exams in this institution.

Amit kumar Image
Amit kumar

The faculty focuses on the preparation for the exams as suitably required over this AM Classes for this course herein.

Ajeet yadav Image
Ajeet yadav

The congenial and friendly environment of learning in class make this academy different from others round fare this coaching.

Gazal Image

I was scared about the exam, since it is very competitive but then I took the admission and now I feel very confident here around this institution.

Manju Image

The study material of the coaching academy and the test series offered by them was up to the mark and I am really thankful for all the support and guidance given by them great and brilliant institute here.

Azharuddin Ansari Image
Azharuddin Ansari

They have had highly been experienced faculties who trained their students with quality education great and brilliant institute here. I highly recommend all the aspiring candidates to join here at the coaching.


The teachers of the coaching institution help out the students in all possible ways, always ready to clear your doubts great and brilliant institute here.

Jasmeen sran Image
Jasmeen sran

The well would been qualified teachers over there made me to learn very interesting short cut tricks which turned out to be very helpful for the solving of the tricky and lengthy questions great and brilliant institute here.

Taniya Image

The amount of valuable learning and guidance for those exams in here that I got from teachers here is overwhelming in the course institute.

swaraj singh Image
Swaraj singh

It really is the best one amongst all because of its faculty, methodology, flexibility, results, and personal attention at this amazing institution. Though the fee in the academy is a bit high it’s all worth.

Anu priya Image
Anu priya

Besides these tests in the academy, special mock tests such as the Replica Tests for these exams and All India Mock Test Series for these exams are also held to bring students up to the level required to ace entrance exams at this amazing institution.


They regularly take tests of the students to make sure that all the taught concepts are cleared and grasped by every child of them in the academy at this amazing institution.

Bishnudev Laikhuram Image
Bishnudev Laikhuram

They have had provided the assignments and books which helps in cracking the competitive exams in the academy at this amazing institution.

vishnu kumar Image
Vishnu kumar

I have had been to this coaching centre so the learning experience was great and also they help the students in career guidance as well in the academy at this amazing institution.

Kiran Kumari Image
Kiran Kumari

They teach to believe in our own goals in this at this great academic coaching. They motivate until we set a definite target.

Bhawna Image

The teachers carefully assess your strength and weakness in this at this great academic coaching and help you work on it.

Pooja Image

It is very easy to communicate and clear our doubts in this at this great academic coaching.

Monika Image

At this institute the teachers come fully prepared with the course structure in this at this great academic coaching.

Kusum Image

The coaching institution has its own books for those exams which you are preparing preparation for those exams which you are preparing institute present for those exams which you are preparing.

Sunil kumar Image
Sunil kumar

This is one of the most professional course institute for those exams in here, the key to their professionalism by giving personal attention to each and every students.

sudha roy Image
Sudha roy

The faculty at the course institute works very hard for those exams in here and doing best for students to achieve their goals.

Anjali Image

This course institute is not only focuses on the studies for those exams in here but also helps us to enhance the enormous qualities which are enshrined in our soul.

Balkrishan shandilya Image
Balkrishan shandilya

This is probably the best coaching institute in terms of the everything possible when it comes to the exams which has had been there in this coaching for a long time around probably the best coaching for those exams over this place.


I would like to advise students to take classes from this fantastic institute what Ch can really help boost their careers here at this institutional academy.

Rajwinder kaur Image
Rajwinder kaur

I was very careful from starting at this coaching centre and I attended all the classes and follow instructions of faculty from time to time.

Sahil Image

I have seen that the teachers in this coaching are really great which has had been a great thing for these exams at his place. They are really very lenient and help the students to get the best out of the coaching.


The teachers at the coaching are great and very knowledgeable at this place. The test series of the institute was also very close for these exams

Prem Shamnani Image
Prem Shamnani

All of the the students present here have a positive review about this coaching and same does me at here and I guess to everyone else too which is a brilliant feature of this institute.

Deepak Image

I had observed there previous results before enrolling myself for classes into here. I would like to add this was the best decision on my part as well.

Emtiaz Image

The Classes are a great value for money and truly provide the best in city guidence to there students. I would recommend each one of you to try them out into here.

sumit Image

This is amongst the finest in state. My brother brought me here after he got selected in bank job thanks to classes he had taken up here into here.

Sulekha verma Image
Sulekha verma

If you think that the mock tests of this institution are not worth it then you are wrong at AM Classes in this city. The test series of the coaching institute is one of the best test series in this town.

shimpi Image

The coaching institution has had been really brilliant at AM Classes in this cityin hiring the most caring teachers in the industry in here.

Keshav Sharma Image
Keshav Sharma

Career oriented counselors are always here, available in this coaching academy at AM Classes in this city, so that if you have any further questions related to your course you may consult to the mentors which have been assigned to you.  

Renu Panwar Image
Renu Panwar

Though the fees at the coaching institute might not be really very much of affordable but then if seen the quality of education, then it is the best one out there at AM Classes in this city.

Manpreet kaur Image
Manpreet kaur

The teaching pattern of teachers of the coaching institutions have had been quite great in here at the coaching academy at AM Classes in this city. The communication between the coaching and then each of their students are really very brilliant. 

Mohd Amrej Image
Mohd Amrej

The institute is very good preparation for competitive exam which is a great thing being here. The administration has put in lot of efforts to build an institute with such great knowledge, positivity and experience.

Pooja kumari Image
Pooja kumari

There is really Good study environment for these exams in this examination. Mocks and study material is according to latest trends.Faculty is also brilliant at their work.

Rahul Image

With a high experienced faculty, refined class sheets and hand outs for these exams in this examination, online student portal facility, multiple prep books, video lectures, pre class tools and post class tools, the institute leaves no stone unturned in helping a student prepare for his/her target exam.

Kushal khagta Image
Kushal khagta

Amazing faculty and great services .Everything is well planned for these exams and all queries are sorted on time to time in this examination.

Ravi Kumar Image
Ravi Kumar

Great faculty is there at the coaching and then very helpful staff for these exams in this examination. Amazing study material and frequent doubt sessions is a big plus.

Gurvir kaur klair Image
Gurvir kaur klair

If a student has been missing the class of the coaching institution due to a health issue or some other issue, the special classes are arranged in this for those exams which you are preparing.

Sukeshini bhimrav kharat Image
Sukeshini bhimrav kharat

The administration of the coaching institution has been really brilliant in this for those exams which you are preparing.

Richa Srivastava Image
Richa Srivastava

The coaching institution has been really very good. You are made to learn each and every concept of the coaching institute which has been here for those exams which you are preparing.

abid neyaz Image
Abid neyaz

Some of the students for those exams which you are preparing institution are the most talented in the class. There are experienced teachers of the various subjects.

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